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S-AMIn dreams, the house is a representative of the whole of us, the multiple levels (floors), and the different rooms. And, just as with a real house, we want it well-sealed from external effects. Our energetic home is the aura that surrounds our body, and when we are run-down or too stressed, our aura doesn’t have enough energetic support to protect us from coarse energies (lower emotions), or even illnesses. It is our daily spiritual processes and intentions that can strengthen the energy of our aura, and can keep us well-protected from stress of the everyday things that we have to deal with. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So the theme of the dreaming last night… I should probably just cover the levels of the themes of the dreaming first, before one goes through it, because it was a lot of things. First of all the theme of the dreaming has to do with being able to recognize and acknowledge how there is a correspondence between something that is coming in, and the way we are in the outer.

This is like the second night on this subject matter, as a quality of a theme, but this time one’s looking at the variables that are making it more difficult than it is meant to be, because it’s actually supposed to be an innocuous, simple way of being, but it is not because we have mired ourselves in such a way so that that isn’t so.

And so this idea of how something can kind of come across, and you could see the correspondence between the inner and the way you’re acting and conducting yourself in the outer, and how that is intertwined and linked.

I’m seeing it now from the perspective of what is holding and keeping that from coming to be. Now what I’m seeing is that there is a subtle agitation in my nature, and I can’t seem to shake it, and everywhere I go I carry this subtle agitation. It’s like as if something is constantly bugging me. And the fact that it is constantly bugging me, it stands in the way, it stands on the edge of things, so that the recognition of how a flow needs to be isn’t possible.

And so the first image that I have, in terms of what this looks like in terms of fixing, is it’s like if you have a house and you have a roof-line, you know, that slants, coming down from a top eave and then it slants and then you have an overhang, and there’s a shingle that’s missing in this eave.

Now, I suppose you could ignore that, because it’s on the eave, and the shingle has come loose or is missing. It’s not like when it rains the water is going to go in the house because it’s on the eave, it’s the overhang, and so my tendency is to try to leave it a little out of sight and a little out of mind, you know, to kind of maybe ignore it, because one can get around to it but in their own good time.

Well, it turns out that it becomes important to fix. So the way that one fixes it is I have to have this other person and I, and we have to get up on the roof, and we lay from the top down on this slanted roof. And so our feet are pointed up towards the top, and our head is down over the top looking down over the edge even, and at the shingle area where something has to be fixed. And we’re both like this, looking at it, and that way we’re able to directly look at this and face it for what it is. And down below there are a bunch of teenagers and they’re all cheering that we got it, that we’re doing this.

Now what that is an image of is it’s an image of addressing something that is on the edge, and when it’s on the edge it prevents something from flowing, from coming through in terms of inner into outer, in terms of a natural transmission. And so, to fix this, the proper and appropriate approach is to look at it front and center, look at it straight on, take it straight in. Quit ignoring it. And, in order to deal with it directly, you can’t be sitting on the ground looking up and saying it’s out of sight and out of mind.

You could see, you know, maybe from the ground that something is wrong, but you’re not going to know how to fix it unless you get right up over the top of it, and look right straight down upon it, so that you know how to put another shingle in or whatever that will do the job because these shingles overlap and everything when they’re put into place.  And you have to do this just right, in order for it to hold, because each shingle supports the other shingle. And you can’t let this condition remain because you’re going to suffer a blowback effect. You know, wind will hit it. It’s a weak spot and it’ll rip off a whole bunch of other shingles at one time, and then it will leak in the house.

Well then I am shown the reason why it is like this, and the reason why it is like this is now that overhang is on a north side. It happens to be the front of the house, but it’s on the north side, and so it doesn’t get the direct sun. Now the direct sun is on the part of the house that’s on the right of the overhang, and it’s then on the backside. So I’m kind of on a north slope, and so the direct sunlight is probably hitting on the east and on the south, and so the north slope and the west slope are kind of okay, but the side of the house that’s incomplete, the siding now of the house that’s incomplete, is this east side and north side.

And so to protect it from the elements, and the direct light, there is a black tarp that comes down that shields it until one gets around to it. And so, in my defense, you know, of ignoring that, it’s this direct light that’s affecting me that is causing me to not pay attention with the subtle nuance that is keeping me from being able to recognize the importance of contending with something subtle, as an edginess, that is affecting the in-betweenness of a flow between an inner and an outer. And from contending and dealing with that straightaway because on a higher, or my concept of a higher-self level, my hands are full dealing with this direct sunlight issue that has yet to be dealt with in terms of the elements and such, in terms of putting the siding, or getting the siding on the house, that is more important, that needs to come first.

Isn’t that an interesting way of dreaming? I dreamt all of those in images. Now the thing about the images is I was awake, in this hypnagogic state, so to speak, when I had the image of my feet pointing up to the top, my head directly over with this other person, to address the shingle that’s missing – with everybody down below cheering that, okay, you’re getting it right now.

And the dream with the edginess, and the tension, was in more of the other dreams. And then I also, almost as a type of self-defense to all of that, was then still laying there, suddenly seeing the sides of the house. Now, it was going to be a little hard to work on and put the siding up because the property line ran right next to that side, but yet it needed to have the siding put in place.

And then, of course, there would be the back side, but the side that stood out the most was the side that got the most direct sunlight, which was the east side. Now the east side is where something rises in one’s nature; rises into one’s nature. The north side is the spiritual direction you go in. The south side is your ability to be in life, you know, to take something into life. The west side is where something that rises from the east is able to set. Amazing how that is.

So this has to do with taking on light that I can see and sense, or a quality inside of myself that can feel something coming on, and it’s easy to kind of sit in this cradling effect, and be a little obtuse, and have kind of a collateral damage nature because that’s pretty overwhelming, in and of itself, and hasn’t yet gotten to a point where something is reconciled in that regard.

And, of course, can it ever become reconciled in that regard? It’s kind of like, which came first the chicken, or the egg? It does require a recognition of a flow that pulls the inner into the outer, that causes the recognition of how the inner and the outer come together.

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d233adIn a dream, a house can be considered the inner domain of our life, a place with many levels and many rooms, depending on the story being told. And while the idea of new people moving into the privacy of our home might seem unreasonable, it can be indicative of a new aspect opening up for us. So the best response is to make the new guests welcome, and help them get settled in and comfortable, because we want them to stay for a long time.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My next dream I think it has two little segments in it. In the first I’ve gone back and I seem to be staying, or living, in an apartment complex I’ve lived in before, which has several room compartments to it.

But while I’m in the back part of the apartment unit, talking to whomever is there with me, I notice that the landlord is letting some people move in to a front part of my apartment. At first I go up and look and I can’t quite tell if maybe there’s just a room that opens up to another unit and that room is open, so I’m seeing it, you know, the door slides open, or is she actually moving people into the front part of my unit, without having talked to me about it?

So I can’t really quite tell what she’s done, but it seems to be done anyway. It’s kind of a wealthy couple. I don’t know them. I’m not quite sure how to relate to all of that.

It seems to be a done deal, however I feel about it.

John: So, the key to this dream is that you should try to relate to whatever that is that’s the couple or whatever who have moved in, is because it’s just like in my dream. What’s happening now is, the dynamics by which you blocked, or stopped, a certain thing from being able to happen, or changes and shifts to be able to occur, you’re no longer doing that because you don’t have the shadow dynamics and the peculiarities that get in the road and keep you going around and around

And so the dynamics of what this young couple is all about is important for you to look at, because it’s now depicting an aspect of you in an overall way, which you’ve been able to catch up with as a consequence of not having those barriers, and those resistances, and defense mechanisms sitting in the way.

Because this is something that whenever there is something that is just suddenly there, like in your house, you have to look at it and recognize it as something more about you, just like you can have dreams in which you discover other rooms, and various sizes and shapes, and dimensions and peculiarities about the house.

Well, now it’s not a question of those kinds of dreams so much as it’s that you’re opening up to a greater beingness that you have to now accommodate about yourself, which may have been veiled from you – your ability to see it, and recognize it, and appreciate it before, but now that it’s there, you just need to embrace it for what it is, and how it is, because that’s you in a way that you had veiled before.

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hqdefw3ault copyWe’ve spoken before about the concept of humans being capable of effecting their environment energetically. And it has to do with a person’s inner location when something is happening. We so often get caught up in our personal responses that we lose sight of the bigger picture, and the bigger picture is that humans can bring improvement to everything. If we choose that inner location – on a repetitive basis – it allows higher connections to join and support our efforts. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in one dream, I’ve gone to visit some people that own this house, and the thing about this house is it used to be in the city, and it used to be like an apartment house, and it was always being remodeled, and it was a place maybe where in the past I could sometimes stay.

But now it’s located out in the country, and it’s being used as a place where women can go who kind of need like a halfway house, you know, like maybe they’ve been abused and they’re getting back on their feet or something like that. And I’ve gone there to visit one woman, and she seems to kind of be upset. Actually I have two reasons why I’m there, one is to visit this woman who is somewhat upset because she… I don’t know, I think she’s wanting some attention from someone that didn’t come, or they’re not spending as much time with her so she kind of hides out in her room.

And then I’m not putting up with a lot of that mood. It’s like I’m trying to get her to understand that there’s only so much time that she actually is going to have with anyone, and she kind of has to come out of her room, and she has to do it in a kind of structured way because she’s only going to get a certain amount of time with any of us. She’s having a bit of a fit about that.

So there’s that dynamic going on, and the second dynamic that’s going on and it’s almost even like a second dream, is that I’m looking at the house to see whether or not I want to buy it. But as I visit with the people that are running the house I kind of get the sense that they either don’t have it priced right, they don’t know its worth exactly, there’s something there that feels to me like it would not be a good thing to buy it. I just don’t like the information that I have.

So I’m doing two things in that dream, and one of them is kind of keeping my visits with the one woman really structured with just what I see that she needs, and the other is I’m assessing whether or not to buy the house.

When I don’t buy the house, it’s like I go out into the countryside, and it feels like I’m seeking out another house, and it’s more a further distance away from that house, and I don’t remember as much quite about that.

John: So you took the dream, you dreamt it in a feminine way, and in a feminine way there is a way that things can work out. In a masculine way of dreaming it, there’s the tendency of getting caught up in the outer and trying to understand, or resolve, something in an outer motif sense.

From a feminine way of dreaming it, there never are two choices; in other words, two opposing choices. In other words, it’s a distinguishing between working with something, in other words, the woman that is out of balance or whatever, that stays in this place. It’s a matter of working with that principle to create an alignment or whatever to try to bring something back into a natural way of being.

Or the alternative is to affect the environment, to change the environment, in an inner way, so that as the environment is changed in an inner way, because of the way the feminine principle works, then what will reflect will cause the natural transformation and alignment. That’s how you dreamt that.

The masculine way of looking at it is, they have to find with inside of themselves the depths of where there’s a potentiality, because the masculine, if it doesn’t connect to the inner in the depths of manifestation, the masculine is inclined to be on a path in which all alternatives are dire, and cause things to continue to fall apart.

The way of the masculine that does not have the energetic connecting to an awakening and working with the principle of the divine inner flow imbedded in life, is actually, maybe not realizing it or knowing it, is working against the divine principle, is bringing in ideas and things that are divorced from that divine inner principle. And, therefore, if it really takes and looks at what is possible in that way of being, it will conclude that no matter what it does everything is going to collapse, it’s going to fall apart on every level. That’s how the masculine has to see it if it doesn’t have a connection, a linkage, an intertwining that works in conjunction with the divine principle.

And the divine principle only looks at things, only looks at a solution, does not get caught up in the ideation of things from which, you might say, is the same line that created the problem, only looks at what it feels, and has, and carries with inside of itself that is the imbedded quality that sits as the essence to all that there is.

It either works towards facilitating an alignment through a reflective inner means of the way that it carries itself, in other words, coming into this place where there’s the deranged person, the way you carry yourself or conduct yourself, the way that that naturally inflects in kind of a subjective way, the mirroring of what is the aligned inner essence that can be quickened, or you transform everything, almost like in a magical way, that is in the outer such that the reflections, the dreamlike reflections of the outer, portray again the inner divine.

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