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John: My dream starts off with me realizing that I have to be shown the areas I’m moving in, as if I’d never seen them before. The truth is that I’m moving in these areas every day, yet somehow I’ve stopped seeing them to the point where I don’t recognize the terrain anymore.  

The problem is that, left to my own devices in terms of this huge overall territory, I have gotten into a pattern of going over and over the same places until what’s there has gotten boring. Through constant repetition, everything has become so mundane that I’ve forgotten any characteristics about it.  

As a consequence, I fail to appreciate the aliveness of the area – I’ve become numb to it. I’ve even lost touch with the fact that there are four distinct cities in this region. That information comes as a surprise to me.

As a result, because I didn’t realize that there were any cities in this area, it doesn’t alarm me when I learn that the fourth city seems to have disappeared. Someone has brought to my attention that there are cities, and I can’t even tell where three of them are, let alone the fourth one that now is somehow gone.

So, I have to be taken out of my usual travel routine and shown again the region. Yet I can only be shown in short glimpses, because it’s like my faculties, or my senses, can only process so much information. Consequently, I don’t have enough information to be able to go to the cities on my own, nor do I know their whereabouts. I only know they exist from a space that I carry. 

One way to describe what’s happened is this: Originally I could come and go in this region and it was no big deal. I was in the natural flow, but I was asleep. I just did it, without having any real consciousness.

I didn’t think about whether there were cities or anything else. I could just freely come and go. It’s just like the free-floating you experienced in your dream (see Into the Mud). Then, over time, I got accustomed to particular repeated patterns and failed to appreciate the degree to which something lies before me – I just let it all go.

Eventually I come to learn (as I begin to awaken to the fact that I’ve gotten anesthetized) that there’s more in this area. That starts to stir me a bit because I realize that something is trying to awaken me out of this trance and I’m being slowly shown various parts of this big picture. But what I’m able to experience is limited because I can’t handle much. I’m too shut down inside.

Slowly then from that I come to realize that at one time I was simply in the overall, and it wasn’t the maze to me that it now is, now that I have to take it into full account, consciously, when before I was just in it. Then I was able to go to and fro with ease.

Now, if I try to reconcile what I think I know, I would realize that I have forgotten what I’m a part of and, as a result, I’m not able to appreciate the immensity. It’s like I’ve gotten lost.

In terms of the imagery, I don’t know the whereabouts of the three cities, and there used to be four cities, which represents a type of completeness that’s now askew. So it’s like I can’t help but say, oh my gosh, the consequences of these patterns are really leading me astray, or closing me down to the possibilities.

Still, the state I’m in is a begrudging one, because no one likes to be shaken from their sleeping state, to be jostled out of their patterns. We tend to fight this because what’s familiar seems important to hold onto – if we don’t know any better.

The patterns, and what they allow you to perceive and face in yourself isn’t much, because they snuff out the rest of the space and the natural knowingness that can be there. You could sum up the significance of this as realizing that what has been lost is an appreciation of the process. And that’s the loss of the appreciation of a human life.

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John: I want to continue the thread from yesterday’s dream that pointed out the limitations we impose upon our selves, and our lives, when we cling to our personal identities. In doing so, we create the separation – the duality – that isolates and alienates us from our natural state of oneness.

The dream pointed out how we are constantly trying to normalize and balance ourselves. When we base our perspective in our ego life, thereby separating us from all that exists, we are in a state of imbalance. Our dreams, in fact all our natural human systems, then offer us an ongoing process to enable us to regain that lost balance.

When we perceive ourselves as separated from the whole of life, we become subject to the peaks and valleys of natural cycles – the ups and downs of living. Ideally, we should evolve through them in a state of vibrational balance where the ups and downs cause minimal disturbance.

Yet in our daily lives, and all our interactions with others, we can see and feel the effects of our imbalance as we watch people continually get thrown by their experiences. When we don’t go up and down with the energetic cycles, we actually minimize the disturbances, and instead experience an expansive insight, which is a much more natural state. We then are not subject to the confusion that prevents us from seeing objectively.

A spiritual journey requires us to resolve these imbalances, otherwise we get lost in them. When we look at the cycles of the planet or the universe, or even a local ecosystem, everything is constantly seeking a state of optimum balance – we humans are the same.

For us, the greater the disturbance and imbalance we experience, the more dense the fight (dense here to mean, ego-based and animal natured, rather than our much higher, light-filled human pedigree).

When we are calm, yet alert, energetically, our knowing is complete. It is our susceptibility to disturbances that lead to our emotional, mental, and spiritual confusion. In my dream I was shown that the greatest balance and clarity existed when an overall calm was carried within, in an attentive way (consciously). This touched life with joyousness.

As human beings we bring into life a differentiation that is misaligned from the wholeness. Therefore we seek the wholeness by means of counterbalancing ourselves vibrationally. For example, a person who is naturally speeded up and is an extrovert, seeks a relationship within the physical world of a softer and more introverted influence.

In other words, the objective is to recognize our energetic confusion, and to then integrate our selves into the harmony of the corresponding and counterbalancing opposites. This cannot be done effectively, however, until we allow ourselves to actually let go of our particular identity.

As long as we defend our separateness, we are influenced by our inner biases. These biases limit our experience, while at the same time cause an uneasiness in the heart (because they are not natural to us). Nevertheless, we seem to defend these limiting patterns in us out of fear of the annihilation that truly letting go would bring about. We may realize intellectually that it’s necessary to break free from the chains of our identity, but we’re afraid to let go of it because we think it keeps us alive – we think it is us. Thing clinging condemns us to a life of repetitive patterns and ongoing confusion felt in the heart.

In other words we feel the pain, the distance, the isolation – all as a reflection of the distance we are from our natural connections to creation. We think that we must belong to ourselves. So we hold onto our individualized separation and our (limited) idea of what is real.

Last night I was shown that our clarity increases as we let go of our separation identity and recognize that we are in a natural flow as life itself. We are not actually in competition or conflict with our environment, we are the environment. We are the essence of the outer physical world, which is realized initially as an inner reflection.

When the inner and outer truly merge, duality and conflict, which are ego-based, disintegrate, and with them, the illusion of our individuality. We then can experience the wholeness that is beyond the limitations of a physical duality.

It’s important to recognize that we must take the first step in the process of uniting inner and outer, by letting go of our need to energetically dramatize the disturbances. With a heartfelt appreciation, our horizon expands. When we are no longer upholding a belief system that fights against the wholeness of life, we can finally embrace life.

That’s the first step of our real journey back to god.

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Jeane: To understand this next dream I have to describe an outer reality. When I was young, we used to live in a house that had a daylight basement and I eventually had a room there. I would sleep down there and later it became a recreation room. You and I have gone to stay with my folks and we are staying in that room.

We are recording dreams there but the digital recorder won’t work, so we switch to cassette tapes. As we’re going along recording dreams – it’s the second day we’re there – there’s a problem with the electricity, so you decide to test out how the tapes are working. You can play them through a hi-fi setup that is in the corner. You push a button and start playing them and sure enough we do have a problem because we have lost some dreams by recording over the tape. I’m thinking that we’re going to have to do something different. We have gone out and I have a list in my mind of some things we will have to get to fix all this.

We go downtown to the department store that my folks used to have and you want to talk to my sister. She isn’t working there that day; my folks are less involved with the store than they used to be. You seem upset about that so I take you upstairs to the offices. It used to have two built-out areas on the side above the store, where we stored things. When we get up there those two areas have been somewhat deconstructed.

One is actually really old wood and the sides are now gone and it has been blocked off from people walking there. You actually wander over and I know it’s not stable. It’s obviously being deconstructed. I kind of pull you back into a place where it feels safer and more stable. It almost seems like you are a younger man. I have a list of things I think we’ll need and, although I could go some place to get all the items, I would have to travel. I’m thinking if I could walk to one of the stores nearby and get them, you’ll be less upset.

You just seem to want to talk about going to the park and flying a kite, or something about a kite. This keeps making me revise what we might need to do because I don’t want to get you any more upset. I am not used to seeing you upset or regressed like that. So I am trying to figure out the smoothest way to get all of this together so we can continue with the recordings.

John: So this is your fifth dream in the sequence, and what is happening is that this ongoing scenario has built up to something, but it can’t break through. It can’t break through because there is a lack of togetherness or energetic balance. As a consequence, instead of the fourth dream breaking through (see The Shape of Things), the fourth and now the fifth in this particular case became a fall back. It shows the power that agitation or confusion, or dense energy, has to cut off a flow. As a consequence, this is doing a lot of damage in terms of what is meant to naturally unfold. We can see the imagery now shows confusion sweeping over the situation – the problem with the recordings, the rooms coming apart – and that confusion is building instead of diminishing. You attempt to fix it by going into an area where the energy is meant to be resolved (the family store), but everything is in disorder there too and you can’t seem to balance it out.

So, what you are portraying is a breakdown because (a) you are not able to absorb that energy, and (b) it’s getting worse. To a degree, it’s an energetic reflection of our relationship in the outer. I’ve noticed I’ve gotten more righteous and weird in that regard recently and have been shutting you off in a certain way when ordinarily I don’t. As a consequence, this is creating a rift. Your dreams are setting up a possible breakthrough about it, but perhaps also a breakdown.

In a psychological way, this is subtly tripping a self-consciousness in you – reopening a defensive wound – that then creates a veiling from your natural overall flow. The human condition is such that it always defaults to the denser energy, i.e., the fall back position is a return to old patterns. So, the more subtle energy that brings things through naturally is being stymied by this default position, preventing the breakthrough to resolve the issue.

Usually when you get to a fourth or fifth dream you hit a state of completion or something comes through and it’s all brand new information. It can bring an awareness that is unique to you, but also new information for all of life. This is the first time you came up to the fourth and fifth and the lower-self aspect that looms in the background won out. That’s interesting.

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