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HathorThe true understanding of what it means to be a saint isn’t generally known, and what does the halo represent? As we spoke of yesterday, a life attracts energy by the potency of its intentions (the word “saint is associated with certain religions, but the attainment is represented in many). And a life can attract very high energies when those intentions are aligned with human purpose and universal purpose. If that is done for a long time, such energies connect, and stay, with that person, and the radiation of those energies can be seen (by some), which is the halo represented throughout history. We are all capable of this, but what truly makes a saint special is that they have consistently chosen to live their life toward a greater purpose, rather than for personal interests. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the meditation dream, I’m having to take who and what I am against something that is more balanced and firm that I have never actually faced before. So, in the dream, without any preparation, I travel to a place where I must confront a presence that is more firm, resolute, and intent than anything I have ever dealt with before. Such a presence is so overwhelming in its beingness that it overwhelmingly weighs down everyone who comes before it.

To make matters worse, this is what you would call an away game. In other words, it’s not something that you deal with in terms of your regular routine day, routine life. You’re going to this other place which is more than you can handle – that’s why it’s an away game. In your normal day-to-day you wouldn’t be that confrontive with yourself.

So what I mean by that is, I have to travel to where this naturalness is most at home and deal with the force at a time, and in a format, in which this force is most invincible. In other words, I don’t sneak up on it, I don’t backdoor it, I don’t try to figure out how to get to where this is at by figuring out its weaknesses or anything. I go up to this force straightaway, in terms of the invincibility and the power of this force.

I don’t know of anyone who has ever gone up before such a force when the conditions that exist are so overwhelming. Yet I did this and, in doing this, somehow, in a way that I don’t necessarily understand and can’t say in words, I somehow remained unwaveringly focused, and in doing so found an intent in my natural self that somehow succeeded.

This was a surprise because I didn’t know I had it in me. Not only did I handle this quality, but I also had to be an example as a result that influenced others. So, in the same dream, I had to instruct others in how to handle themselves when placed into such a setting.

Significance: The thing that I went up to is more like a kind of saint, must live in a pristine way, unwaveringly, all the time. They never change. They always maintain that projection.

So what makes an individual amazing is that a human being must go beyond their limitations, when a saint is just remaining true to a wholeness that the saint always embodies. The reason I had this dream is so that my attention is not drawn to ideas, or mannerisms, or what is right or not, but to the all pervading atmosphere that I am able to work with, or embody, because I have the experience. I’ve touched that quality in terms of being able to go up before a saint.

It is the constancy of such an atmosphere that explains the difference between a saint and everyone else, because a saint knows that there is nowhere to turn except to this all pervading atmosphere that the saint embodies continuously.

And so there’s a deeper underlying thread. Because the image comes into the outer as the primary, or as the only, underlying flow, to be in touch with that directly a person needs to sustain an atmosphere in their beingness for it to be known. Such an atmosphere abides in life in a positive, and in a pristine, way. Those in touch with the atmosphere are in touch with peace.

Because in manifestation a human being has 1,000 good reasons to throw away this atmosphere because a human being is looking at 1,000 ways that make sense to them anew, in other words because they’re in all these abstractions, the atmosphere of peace that is an all-pervasive vibration is rebuked as man’s freedom of choice acts to conduct, according to his best knowing or what he thinks he knows best, and that’s what keeps you deviated. And when that happens, in your case you itch. The stillness is lost. So that’s the meditation dream.

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John: Last time (see The Big Screen) we spoke of an idea that came from the mystic Bhai Sahib, where he says that a person needs to be put into a state of disturbance in order to reach more deeply within themselves.

And this idea seems to have triggered your dream. In it there is the disturbance of too many video screens – more input than you can handle. The dream depicts you trying to manage this overload.

In our lives, when disturbances arise, we are meant to handle the process with dignity, in a way that leaves us open to get guidance on how to proceed from within. However, mostly we just crack from the strain. We go off and pout. We get into a certain a mood. We get angry. We cast blame.

Unfortunately, the world around us supports these behaviors, thinking they are a normal part of life. But they aren’t. They are a type of avoidance or denial of a very natural process. The result is that we keep ourselves sick with our own poisons, instead of intuitively finding our way to the best answer and evolving ourselves forward.

In your imagery you’re shown that if you’re able to allow yourself to fall back within, you have a depth and capacity inside that’s huge. But you have a limit, and that is what creates your “need to know,” which is what can help bring the guidance through.

There’s another statement from Bhai Sahib where he speaks about a human being conducting their lives in such a way to compel the teacher to always give them the next thing they need in order to cope.

That’s why spiritual journeys are often done as a part of a tradition: it prevents us from having to have all the answers ourselves – which, of course, we don’t. When we need to figure out something new – in a challenging or difficult situation – we compel further guidance to come to us. That can be in the form of a statement from a stranger, an inner knowing, or a direct recommendation from the teacher.

If we don’t put ourselves in the situation of needing the next thing, we won’t get it. When we do, we can have the ability to act in ways that are different from the norm, i.e., getting angry or upset.

So we have to have the audacity to put ourselves on the edge of the unknown. It may appear to others that we are being “unruly,” but that’s where the magic is. That’s what’s needed to reach the depth.

That’s why when something strange happens, when we do something outside the normal, the teacher can hear that. The teacher is aligned with the student more than the student ever realizes. The teacher knows and has the wisdom to see what is required.

Each human being is created in the image of God, and whether we have amnesia to it or not, we all have the innate potential to make these connections. When we form such linkages, they then become the vehicle upon which something is set in motion between the inner self and the outer self.

The student is inclined to think that this is a form of awakening consciousness, as if they’re going somewhere. Yet they’re not going anywhere, they’re just reaching a state where the inner potential awakens. That potential then sends a signal to receive what is the necessary next step.

In your dream, where you see the array of monitors, you are witnessing your vast capacity to hold, sustain, and maintain a kind of depth. But what portion of that depth are you able to realize?

Said another way, to what degree can you give to, and integrate, the masculine? Because it’s a type of forgiveness, or letting go, that you must do that will give, to the masculine in you, what it needs to open more screens up. On some level you are compelling what you need to cope to come through.

This can lead to further breakthroughs in which the teacher begins to see that the student has their own particular capacity, or thought-of-God quality. The teacher looks at the student and wonders how the student can best be used – because the teacher is bound to the student in an amazing way.

So the outer world of the student is changed and finessed and altered for this growth, and the teacher absorbs certain neuroses that stand in their way, feeding them back to the student at the appropriate time to keep the “letting go” controlled and safe. It is all a dance to get the student to a point where they can reach over the edge of themselves, and leave themselves on that edge, with the teacher available as a rescuing conduit if needed.

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John: We’re continuing the conversation about your dream yesterday, The Adventure. The imagery ends with you about to begin a chase scene, taking with you what you found in the hidden rooms and hidden boxes – things you will need for the journey.

And this dream opens up three levels of information, and on these other levels you can’t reduce what you find there back to the mundane. In other words, having followed the thread from the beginning of the dream, you’ve developed something deeper, and then reached a point where you become entwined with the inner space itself.

However, the process that you’re in – the insight you are accessing – isn’t something that’s meant to be obvious or apparent or understandable to anyone who can pop their head in and try to understand it.

In fact, they probably have no right to understand it because they don’t have it in them to view life in such a way, so all it will do is confuse them, and create more complexities and problems. They might not be able to handle the energetics of it – they’ll be overwhelmed.

And when someone gets overwhelmed by energetics, the tendency is to create a stigma that gets in the way, that puts a barrier in place that doesn’t need to be there. These come in the form of judgment, expectation, attitude, or mood, and that’s just the sort of thing that can haunt a person in the way of a chase, where things pop their heads up.

However none of that will occur if you’re able to hold a hiddenness, because your understanding of things is transcending three levels.

First we see the level of the path, or thread, in terms of the rollercoaster. Here, a part of you recognizes that as too much, so you work around that in a gentler way. This accesses the second level, where you take responsibility for gathering up certain things that are useful, or necessary, or that need to be held onto to facilitate the whole process.

Then you realize that there’s an even deeper level, found in the second set of boxes, and this is where the heads pop in to get a glimpse of what it’s all about. But at this level it no longer has to do with what you’re maintaining, or what’s unfolding that’s literally described, it’s about something that you’re intertwined with – the effect comes to you but also from you – and this you must do in a hiddenness.

We’re all linked to all of these levels naturally, but we need to be a certain way in ourselves to access them. So you are having an effect, just by “catching up” energetically with the space you’re in.

At the third level, you strip away that outer appearance and reach a type of connection that’s… well, the only way to describe it is to say it’s hidden and intertwined but nothing can really be known about it in language, so to speak, because you’re working with something that’s in a hiddenness itself. Yet you know that you’re in the hiddenness.

Only others who are in the hiddenness can see you in the hiddenness. You can try as much as you like to try to tell others about the hiddenness, but they won’t really get it. They might be amazed, but they’ll also try to define it and pigeonhole it through the details. The only way for them to understand it is to bring it down a level to where they are. But once you do that, the true essence of it is lost.

The jewelry that you gathered up is actually a lower-level way of saying that you have found a deeper value at a higher level. The jewelry is a lower-level trace of a higher-level connection that you have intertwined with. It’s almost a cellular connection, in a way.

In other words, it’s outside of matter, as we know it. It’s a space and you’re affecting things in it. Said another way, you’re approaching the epicenter of Creation as a space.

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