On the Take

recha33So much of our spiritual journey is about consciousness, and there are many descriptions in the books of religion and spirituality that talk about dramatic openings up of consciousness in people. Yes, there is that possibility, but it is also in the moment to moment awareness of what is occurring around us energetically, built one piece at a time: are we drawing energy from others because we are worn out? Or are others coming to us because our energy is high and theirs is low? It’s not always clear cut, and it’s not necessarily good or bad, but it is a state of energetic awareness that adds to our understanding of reality. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I know the dream right before this, I was in an environment that was almost a little alien, like the people look a little alien. And all I remember of that dream it was, at one point, a couple I seem to be rooming with was looking for something that they’d lost.

And after they left the room, and I looked at my cupboard, there was something that had been brought back from India. Then, after that, when I looked at a bureau, and I saw amongst all the things in the bureau what I thought they were searching for, so I went out to tell them. It’s just I wasn’t able to see it at first because there was too much junk on the bureau.

And then what I seem to remember is going through various rooms and feeling like I was at this large building, feeling like I’m being pursued, and I’m trying to look for places where I can get away. That was the dream right after the fire dream. Then I had the dream with the Walmart, and I can tell you a little bit more about that.

John: You’re still, in your way, dealing with something that has affected your usual, typical, way of balance. It’s your way of reporting how this makes it hard for you to pull something out, when something has undermined your energy.

The underlying theme, as to why your energy is undermined, is it’s getting drained by something that has sucked out your normal vibrancy. And, therefore, you have a sense of not being able to find something, or something being broken down, or being pursued, or being harassed, which is a type of weightiness.

And it’s a draining of Chi, and it’s a draining of heart energy. And these are images that come up to show that something is askew. And what we went through, that kind of drains an energy, and drains a heart energy, is our experience around H – he does that. Any course of time around him, he kind of leaves you flat, because he’s always on the take. It’s always about him.

And there is something that’s always missing, and he’s always looking to figure something out, in terms of what he needs, or something like that. And an approach that’s like that, that’s indulgent like that, even though supposedly a good Buddhist should know better, an approach that’s indulgent like that sucks the energy out of an environment.

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A Knowable Flux

Human-Aura-Energy-FieldWe live in a body on a planet, yet that is not the limit of our being. Being in a body on a planet is the limit for animals, but humans are designed for much more. We can receive energies and create new things, we can bring energies together that have never been together before. Yes, we can exist solely at the physical level, but that puts us at the level of animal, not at the level of a “being.” Our development can elevate us and connect us into the energetic realms, above the physical, where we become a greater possibility for the purposes of the universe itself. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The prior meditation dream cannot be left in just the context of that. What is important in terms of consequence of consciousness is that the inner needs to come down into manifestation and become visible, and accessible, in manifestation. That is what being in this loci, in other words, in the physical plane, and being conscious on other levels of a greater beingness is all about.

So, in the meditation dream, the consciousness is activated in the image, but the importance of this activation is not to take it home in an inner only way, but to bring it all the way through into manifestation so that the effect is clearly visible here.

So, as I go back into the meditation dream, what is there is a bride and an eager groom. I am like a wedding marriage facilitator, only in the dream I am there to facilitate the connection so that the Kundalini energy of the inner, and the Kundalini energy of the outer, come together in the fullest connective way possible.

The bride is in a container to protect the treasure of her beingness. In other words, it’s like a little compartment. And she’s in this little compartment, housed inside of it, and so I take the container and place it on my stomach, as I lay on my back, telling her to not come out, the time is not right.

I then reach over, as I’m laying on my back, to the groom. I’m using the energetic twining, because they say that in the stomach everything going on there. I’m using the universe there to hold the space, and so I now reach over to where the groom is at, instructing her to stay in the box and veiled until the appropriate moment.

I bring the groom close and what I’m doing is actually linking them together without yet fully releasing, or making it all apparent, so what is to be seen and experienced in terms of the inner into outer experientiality of life, there’s no gap. What I am doing on my back with the bridal chamber box on my stomach is grounding the energy in a way so that the consciousness isn’t lost to manifestation only. In other words, when the masculine comes down and touches something in manifestation and something awakens, then there is a kind of a giving back.

The key is, how do you keep all this here and there simultaneously? Because you have the propensity of an in-breath, just like you have the propensity of an out-breath. And so you have a grounding in manifestation, through me, able to be in an innerness as well. In other words, that’s the ceremony aspect here now. The difference is that the vibrational that goes into all there is is retained on all levels. That’s why the stomach, and the box on there, represents all of the levels as you pull the bride and the groom together.

It isn’t caught on strictly an outer passion where the sight that is important stirs the unconsciousness but does not fully awaken it, and the energetic of the masculine is not overindulgent and extended outwardly into the feminine wholeness as a release that isn’t sustainable vibrationally.

What I am doing in the dream image is taking consciousness that is in the masculine, that was in the meditation dream too esoteric, and in a consciousness in the feminine that awakens arising up from the depths of itself as manifestation, which again can be going away, too, instead of holding something in life, and bringing the two together as a thread that twines and intertwines as a constant tapestry utilizing a plug in, in other words that box sitting on me is like a plug in electrical grounding chemistry set that includes above and below simultaneously. Isn’t that interesting?

So the observation is, it’s as an innerness that has to come down and be immersed into the reflective outer, there communicating itself fully for all to see. Or another way of saying it is, it’s done in a way in which both are seeable and hearable as an overall oneness awakened on all levels.

I say “all levels” in that in the meditation dream I explored the innermost, and in the sleep dream the Kundalini energy on this side is connected so that a tangible revelation and knowability comes all the way through and into manifestation – deemed to be the lowest level – which means that you’re closing all the gaps then. So you’re dealing with all the levels. And when this is able to happen then all levels are activated, or quickened, or become tangible, become knowable, recognizable. 

See, deep down, if you get really esoteric about this again, there’s never anything going on. There’s no beginning, there’s no end, there’s just the path. And then if you really, really get down to it, the path is there as a play, as some sort of means upon which to facilitate something for visibility and experiential purposes. But if it always was a nothingness it still is the same, it’s just a reordering of the energy, pulling a quirk this way and pulling a quirk that way in it, in order to play with itself, I guess.

And, of course, it’s a hard way to have to play with itself because if it gets caught too densely then it actually gets fearful and acts like it can die, and if it gets too esoteric it knows that it can’t die and it gets out there and becomes too removed. And so in between is all of these levels and all of this stuff going on that needs to be in flux, in a knowable flux.

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Pulling Together


If we follow the analysis of this dream, we can see how each element adds to the overall picture and understanding of what the dream is trying to communicate, yet it is not using images as literal messages, but as the essences of the images. For example, a dynamic redhead represents an inner catalyst for something to happen, and she helps the action move forward. And everyone is going to a play at the theater, and a play, in its essence, is a troupe of individuals working together to create something greater. So as dream imagery unfolds, it speaks to us through the essences of things we already understand – because our unconscious creates them for us personally. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In a dream, in which I’ve gone from where I’m staying to next door, and there’s a lady there that’s a seminar leader I’ve known in the past, who’s kind of a dynamic redhead, and she’s scurrying around. She’s always rather high energy, and I’m kind of pleased to see her, and she seems to want to see me.

And she comes over at one point to show me something that she’s bought, that she’s going to hang on a wall. And I’m trying to figure out whether she got it for herself, whether she’s actually living there and she’s going to put it up on the wall there, or whether she got it for someone else – I can’t quite hear clearly.

And then she suddenly has to run off, but I know everyone’s going to the theater later, I think, but she pulls me with her as she starts to go out the door because she has to run and catch a cab or something, and she whispers to me that she wants me to meet her at this, it’s either a prosecutor’s office, or an attorney’s office, in the morning. I think it’s a prosecutor’s office.

Obviously there’s something she wants me to help her with, that is legal, but that’s all she whispers to me and I don’t know anything more about it than that. So I go back inside.

And then the dream continues, but in a slightly different vein. It’s because I heard them drop the thought that people were going to the theater, and it’s a play that’s being at a place called the Hawaiian… something like the Centennial Hawaiian, or Celestial Hawaiian something, Casino. I decide we should go because my sister’s there, and I think it’d be fun if she and I went to the theater to see a play.

John: So the dream is looking at two parts. It’s looking at something that’s very amnesic and something that’s very dynamic. In other words, there’s the woman that’s come into the building that’s high energy, and then there’s you and something about you knows something, or acts it. Nothing comes together in terms of what is there. Everything’s kind of in a swirl.

And yet there’s all these component pieces that are there. There’s the high energy woman, there’s you that supposedly knows something in relationship to something else that needs to unfold, there’s something artistic that’s there, there’s the play that one can go to that would have an affect. A play is something that has an affect in terms of an overall. It’s like none of the pieces are coming together.

Jeane: So the next stage in the dream I realize that since there’s a play that night, now she and all the other people would have their tickets, but my sister’s with me and I thought, well, why don’t we just go down to the theater and see if we can get tickets? Why not? The worst thing that’d happen is she can’t get in, right? Or you might not get the best seat because it’s a last minute decision.

And I know that the play is being put on at the theater that’s at this casino that’s called something like either the Celestial or the Centennial Hawaiian, and that there’s a great big sign on the freeway that shows you exactly where it is.

So I go down to get in my car. Meanwhile my sister has rushed ahead of me, hopped in her own car, and sped off. And I’m hoping she knows where it is. I’m wondering if she drove right by the turnoff for it, because I look up and there’s this huge sign as I’ve gotten in my own car and headed down after her, and I see there’s a great big sign over the road that says Celestial Hawaiian Casino, right. I know the theater is in there, so I just have to hope my sister figured it out.

And I drive to the theater and I don’t see her but I get in line. There’s three or four different lines. I figure out what line to get into and go down and ask for tickets, or buy some tickets, and I think I buy three tickets, one for her and me, and one for my dad, even though up until now I hadn’t been aware my dad was around.

Well, then I go to wait. I go and find a table to sit at, just in the foyer or something, and suddenly my sister shows up and plops down, and that’s when my dad shows up, too, but they have bought their own tickets, or actually she’d bought her own ticket, and so I don’t know about dad. It doesn’t seem to be an issue.

So now I have an extra ticket, I have to decide what to do with, or do we take her ticket and turn it in? Meanwhile the play is going to start before too long and I’ve suddenly gone up in almost like a little bit of an elevated area, because it feels like for some reason to go to this play one of the things is that you sit down, and you did something with your shoes, and you attached your ticket to the shoe.

So I’m up there sitting down trying to make sure I get the ticket attached right to my shoe, and then I’m wondering if I have the ticket on my shoe if I’m going to be able to tell where it is that I sit. So I’m trying to study the numbers on it, and I think that was when I woke up.

John: So the whole thing centers around the play, and the thing that is interesting is everyone has to be independent. In other words, they have to take what it is that they contribute, and what they do is they contribute their involvement, their interest, their attention, they aren’t carried along, they step into it, they buy the tickets, they buy their own tickets, and that enables something then to proceed.

But when something is handed to them, or bought for them, the idea of it having to function like that doesn’t seem to be what causes and enables things to unfold – in terms of coming into the play. In other words, the motion, the involvement involves a ticket that is put into motion, in other words, tied to the shoelaces or the feet so that something then can proceed in motion.

The first part of the dream shows everything is kind of in a swirl, that there’s no way of sorting anything and everything out, because there’s this and there’s this, and there’s that and there’s that and there’s that, and all of that leads to a kind of a bewilderment.

And then in the second part of the dream, there’s the succinctness where something comes and constellates, or gels, in which there is a recognition, or realization, or understanding that people take on. In other words, in the dream you may have been trying to do everything yet, but what really works, and what really causes the play to happen is the people show up with their own tickets. They come committed in their own way.

And the fourth ticket still remains to be seen, right? Like your sister, your dad, and you have a ticket, and then there’s a fourth ticket.

Which is like: do you give up on something? Do you call it a halt as it is and go in and appreciate the play? Or is that still something yet to unfold? But in any event the format, the template, for it unfolding is people have taken and mobilized their interest and involvement, that being the ticket. That ticket is put in motion, and there’s still the fourth, and how is that to be handled? Because the tickets are attached to the feet and put into action.

So what’s this kind of saying? Well, I guess it’s kind of saying that the energy that you’re feeling, in other words, we grow in our consciousness by the way the outer conditions touch us, confront us. And the outer condition that you’re feeling is that there’s dynamics in this area and in that area and all around, in the first part of the dream – but so what? Where does it go? How does it come together?

It seems to be a little interest over here, a little interest over there, and it seems to be an around, and an around, and an around. The underlying thing, in the first part, is the play. Now the play is something that is an evolvement that is for all to see, that’s in the overall. But the play is also you, which means that that quality of yourself participates in the overall. However, it has to participate in terms of each of those qualities being and finding their own way of functioning or holding their own. You can’t attempt to do it all. You have to work in relationship.

All of these parts has to work in relationship to its own individual focus, and so you exist in a life in which you have all kinds of things that are there, but nothing can be properly appreciated unless it’s brought into a motion that is embraced, that is taken on, and so that it then embraces or enhances the overall.

And the overall is always evolving, and that’s the fourth ticket. But you’re not going to get to that fourth, or to a stage of completion, if you have this stuff not quite constellated or gelled. And the way that it gels is it comes into a recognition of what’s important, in terms of how it perceives, and feels, and experiences things.

And so that second part of the dream is like an answer to the first part. It’s an answer to the first part from the standpoint that it is showing that in order for something to come out of that maze, that there has to be a recognition that steps forward on its own volition, and that each aspect that’s you, meaning that you are everything in the environment all around you, those aspects all have to come into a focus, a centering, in which there’s no disarray.

The first part of the dream indicates that things are intriguing and interesting, but are running into a kind of general disarray because something isn’t pulled properly together. The second part of the dream shows that something can flow because there is, and has resulted in, a pulling together.

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