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im909sAll matter has energy, yet all energy does not have matter. The more matter an energy has, the more it is slowed down from its pure state – which is always faster that its material state. In our processes, we try to let go of reading all the information we receive from the physical world, and instead try to connect to the more refined, more pure energetics of the electrical realms. From the electrical realms we can get more information and intelligence in an instantaneous way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I went around and around with this, almost in terms of getting a bit of a reprimand as well, in terms of the process. So what I was describing, in terms of how the stillness is, was this unusual experience in the meditation dream, in which, instead of taking and being aware of something in the environment, it’s like my meditations are most effective in terms of something being realizable if I just let go to an inner stillness, and then out of the inner stillness come images.

And now I’m seeing that it’s possible that these images can flash before me so fast, that if the flashes were to slow down, to like a palpable pace, that’s when you would have indulgence, ego, and corruption of the flow. That’s when the personal would come in; that’s when the lower self comes into the equation.

By being able to take in a wholeness of all of life in at this incredible speed means that I’m able to catch up with the inner knowingness. In other words, it’s just there, it’s infused, so to speak. So what I’m shown, however, is that this inner knowingness is basically a way of taking the outer reflections, of an inner essence, and realizing that if they go by fast enough, or if you speed them up, that there is no time for an indulgence. In fact, this can be so fast that, in layman’s terms, what I’m being shown is that this is a speed that the ordinary human senses, that sort of outer nature, cannot discern, cannot see.

Which means that my human condition has these barriers that hold me back. And so, the stillness, or a still dream, when it is happening, and when I’m able to report something back, I’m actually catching flashes that are quicker than the outer, which is of sound, maybe flashes of real light, that I’m able to somehow denote, but I don’t hold on to. They go by so fast that there isn’t the contamination, or the rub off, like there is in the outer where you noodle with it all. Our tendency is to try to keep up; that’s how our lower self dictates. But what I’m talking about is an inner essence that is going in a capacity that is too much to notice. It’s, therefore, also too overall and all-encompassing.

So then I ponder: what can this be like to try to put this together? The knowingness is the result of a speed of light inflection going by so fast that there is no time for indulgence. The speed is so fast that my lower self cannot control what is flowing; it cannot see the flow as an inner speed. Consequently, the effect of a knowingness is consciousness. In other words, when it’s like that, I guess you’d have to say that the knowingness is like a consciousness in a stillness. It’s infused from like a stillness, yet, actually, it was like images, but you just couldn’t pick up on it.

It’s kind of like they’ve discovered, in terms of running commercials, that they can put one frame of a subliminal frame, that might show a juicy hamburger, to entice your taste buds. But because it’s just one frame going by so fast on a screen, that it only has a subliminal effect because, in terms of your sight senses, you don’t actually see it. And yet some part of yourself does grasp the speed of that. And so it has its desired effect.

A human being actually does have some sort of discernment to a greater speed, and if you can sneak up and catch and grab that, you can set in motion something inside of them much greater than speaking to them in a black-and-white dense way.

And the significance, and the suggestion, of the dream is that this has me wondering if absolute consciousness is a speed within that has no time for indulgence. The flashes of light go by so fast that, in the higher self, there’s nothing for a denseness and indulgence to get a hold of. The speed is so fast that it is as if it never happened – yet it did happen. And yet, as that happens, is that what it’s all about?

Such a speed, as a stillness, beyond the capability to take in, that being what is really real. In noticing from within an overallness that is all-inclusive, as a flash, it’s like that because it’s absorbed it all to the point where it doesn’t register to the senses. That’s when I realized that my physical nature, how it’s missing so much; only my soul keeps up, or, this light, that is perceivable if i can catch it, is what is going on.

My physical isn’t able to let go, to be enabled, so the pure light can’t be there. Or, in other words, is there, but is unpalpable to the physical senses. That which is not perceivable to the physical senses, because it is occurring at speed beyond such faculties, is, from the perspective of the physical senses, well, you’d have to say it’s a stillness. Or it’s a non-existence.

That’s the suggestion: that to a higher-self stillness, the essence of all there is, is this. By slowing the process down, I now know what stillness and consciousness are about on the plane of the soul. The overallness is too vast, and fast, and I know now that the place of the soul is a plane of pure light. I mean now I know what they mean when they describe it as a pure light that you can’t see.

And I now know that the flow that involves the God essence, a seeing and hearing outside of the human faculties of power and control, I know what that means now. In other words, that power and control is something densed down to where you try to grab a hold of it. And to the human faculties, they have to have a somethingness to work with. They don’t know that they’re lost in a nothingness, because the human faculties can’t work at such a speed, a speed that is noticeable by the universal soul.

Stillness is the conditioning which the physical senses are unable to perceive because they’re not able to be there. The lighter, or the higher-self, speed supersedes and overrides all that there is. That’s why it’s always inner coming into outer. It’s just that the outer just really can take and confuse things.

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BatalhaMIt is still common to imagine a religious, or spiritual, life as being done somewhere else, on a mountaintop, or in a monastery. And those situations have been utilized because they allowed the devoted person to not be “tempted” by all the entertainments of the world. And it’s not that the things that distract us are inherently bad, it’s just they tend to pull us away from our journey, to knock us off our game. Still, our journey is based on our intentions, and the actions that follow from those intentions, so a most high journey can be done, from anywhere, at anytime. If it is in us, it goes where we go. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then in the next dreams, which seemed very brief, it feels like a friend is talking with me. And it feels like we’re in the East, but more like the East of the United States or something, but there is gambling there. And they’re saying that there’s a system that we can beat the roulette table. It has to do with whether you bet on black or red, or it may be something that we can do that actually rigs it somewhat and we can make some money.

I can hear what they’re saying, and it may even be true. Maybe, particularly if I were a little gutsier, but I don’t have confidence in the system; that if we go to the casino, we start messing with the roulette table, that’s actually going to be okay. Maybe we could win, but they seem to feel it would work fine. And I seem to be having my doubts.

John: So hopefully you can make this a four part dream, because this is like the second part, and you’re causing me to realize that often the four parts come together as a one can actually come together, you know, or maybe in your dreaming can come together, as the pulling together the four primary archetypes.

Now the first archetype was that in which there’s kind of a prostitute energy gone awry, where you’re caught in a complexity that’s just a weight and a burden, and can’t break yourself out of that amnesia. Knowing that there is more, though.

And in the second part, you’re putting it into action, in that you’re now going to have to do something in life – you’re here. Before you were complaining, in terms of how it needed to be, according to your conceptualization – that’s like a prostitute energy.

Now, you’re putting it into a motion. And you’re employing kind of a gambler energy. You’re going to see how this, that, or the other can be affected, in terms of changing the overall effect of things.

But even in this dream, you’re burning that off because you’re kind of realizing that that’s a little doofus, too, right? So what’s next?

Jeane: Well, at this point, I seem to have hooked up with you. And, because of that, we’re looking for a place to live. And, at first, we’re on the East Coast, and maybe that’s where we were living at the time, and there are some homes there that I even know the people that own them, but we seem to be wanting to just use that for storage. And we’re looking for a place where we can live together.

And suddenly we seem to be out on the West Coast. We’re visiting a house where actually Ellyn is living with his family, although his kids are kind of getting ready to go out on their own, or have. But we all go out house hunting. But as we go out house hunting, it feels like the homes that we’re looking at are either all sold out in that particular subdivision, or we just can’t quite find the right house.

So when we come back, I think Ellyn’s in another room, his kids are out, one of his kids is kind of excited because they actually maybe have sold all of the homes in a subdivision, but, you know, there’s just not quite a house for us. So you and I are talking and maybe we’re going to have to come back to the East Coast for another couple of years before we can move. And are we’re going to get a temporary place, or are we going to come out? But it feels like we have to go back to the East Coast for a period of time before we can come back.

John: And so that’s like the thief archetype in which you’re now seeing what it is that you have to have, what house, or whatever it is that you have to have. But the interesting thing is that the fourth archetype – do you have the fourth archetype? That was it?

The reason why I was wondering if that was it, is you are associating this as something that needs to be figured out, in terms of going to the East, in which something arises. And so the excitement of something new coming in is like the drunkard archetype; it’s overwhelming, to begin with.

That’s again an aspect that has to be carried, and dealt with, in terms of bringing out a wholeness. So how does the drunkard archetype? That’s interesting. The drunkard archetype, you go 1, 2, 3, 4. And after four things, you’re supposedly able to hit a quality of a kind of completeness, inside of oneself, or at least you take a step in the journey.

And so, you’re finding what it is, in this third dream, in terms of a house in which you can lay claim to, like a thief, and of course it has a lot of wonderful things, there’s the teacher around in that area, too. But it’s in the East where something is rising or coming into life.

You’re going to have to go back to the East and deal with the drunken energy of something coming in, before something can set in the West. West is an ending and a completion. Wow, it’s an interesting dream, playing what’s the archetypes. Makes one ponder your archetypes and what they mean to you now, again. Of course, that’s information for you to ponder.

I think what it does, as I would see the dream, is that it causes you to look at how you get speeded up. What all of that is that does that. You let go of this, you let go of that, you let go of that, and then you get speeded up. It’s causing you to look at that. And then, that has to set, and then something more is known.

I never thought of you having the drunken quality, but I can see how you do that, and I never thought of it being kind of like something that stirs around like this, at a point where, in terms the teacher, in terms of the setting of things into the West. That there is this Eastern thing, the arising of something, from the East, coming up, that that has to come up, as well. But that comes up before it, then, settles.

And the settling to the West would be going into a stillness. And the East is action, vibrancy, drunken vibrancy. It sweeps it all; it sweeps over it all. The sun sweeps over all things, and then finally, eventually, sets in the West as a stillness, as a letting go. Interesting way of doing it.

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4e55sWe all have felt it: that sense of angst, or ennui, or feeling of despair, or sense of loneliness, or of being lost. We know it comes from an unfulfilled urge, deep within. Of course, it can seem like it is an ache for a better job, or a need to find a partner, or to be recognized for an inner beauty, but these are just lower manifestations of the bigger scenario: the urge to return home, to return to what created us. Until we follow that urge, we will always feel a bit empty, we will always think that there’s something more, and we will always hope for something just around the corner. Meanwhile, the answer waits inside us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So the meditation dream’s kind of interesting, and then everything else kind of had to break it down in little components because the theme was about vibration, and that was a pretty deep way of looking at vibration. And then comes the shallower way in terms of, again, how one is contending with it in an outward sense. In other words, it’s like I’m beat up in the outward sense, and so the report in the outward sense, in terms of the state of it, has a much blander way of putting it.

The sleep dream was about sustaining a meaningful sight, and, in this case, it’s a sight that’s like the essence that you have a sense of. So, in the dream, sight is something that can be purposely denied. In other words, you can hold a space in a way that leaves you removed from the sight. The image is the taking of a needle and injecting it, like above the eye, or the cheek, or something that causes the eye to close, so that it cannot see what it doesn’t want to see.

And the meaning is, in having taken a step on the path where I am aware of how vibrations affect everything, there is no way to shut off the inner flow realization without purposely blighting one’s self, in other words, because the eye is no longer the normal eye that you think that it is.

And then there was this other and it’s hard to describe what the dream is because the dream had to do with very low vibrations, and just kind of caught in the malaise of that, kind of like sickness. And so I report it as a conscious vibrational awareness is also blighted when a person purposely sabotages self by going into a scenario where the consciousness is dumbed down.

In other words, there’s kind of a common joke in life that people rise to the lowest common denominator, and so I’m in that lowest common denominator. So to offset this reflective resonance, and sustain and shift the vibration, involves accessing, you know letting go of that lowest common denominator, and accessing an empty space.

So that’s like an answer, a quick answer, but it’s in response to a dream which has me swept up by an outer in which there is an unconsciousness to the vibrational breath, and, as a result, a vulnerability to a collective thought-upon-thought energetic slam down. The energetic, of course, is the thought-upon-thought, which is a very low thing, so it causes you to be really dumbed down.

You can’t see, and you can’t point out, and you can’t pull yourself out of something that is like that when it predominates. And so these last two, you might say, dream images, are designed to show even though they’re from the profoundness of the meditation dream, this is how I find myself in the outer however, generally getting caught up in something which is blighted, and trying to function in a blighted scenario – and it’s not meant to work that way. There are natural veils based upon the loudness of misalignment, and/or it’s as if the effect has closed the eye so that nothing can be seen, or readily denoted.

And of course the meditation dream, you’ve even forgotten it it was so profound, right? That’s how you break out of the amnesia by being rescued from a plight in which you are shifted away in what is really going on, because there’s this higher-self awareness that has gotten lost in the outer collective that just needs to be realigned, and that this is the condition in which you find manifestation all the time. It’s always in this condition, and that this is akin to being in a spatiality in which you think everything with your senses, and your way of trying to bicycle around and cope, you’ve talked yourself into believing that everything is copasetic – but it’s actually like a whirlpool and so it has riptides underneath the appearance that suck you down and take you outside of a cognition to a deeper inner self.

And you could even say that this is a type of dream that describes the condition of a human being coming into the physical body. They come from somewhere that is unknown, you know a depth of an innerness, and in the outer things open up, or happen, some things open up because they’re meant to open up in terms of the way one’s journey is designed in some fashion, imbedded into their molecular nature, so to speak, already. And that which has no real value, in other words, that which is just reflective, eventually you catch up with it as just being reflective and it goes away, just goes poof. As the statement goes: where there is light, there is no darkness. And if something just automatically inflects through, it’s hard to recall the condition that you may have been in.

The roots of our nature, in this thought-upon-thought illusion, go poof when you connect with something that is outside of that and closer to the essence – and that’s why it just all goes. Now as you catch up with a quality of the energy behind your breath, or the soul of your nature, that is something closer to the essence again and you do hold onto that, and you do kind of take that with you.

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