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What IsIn learning about the amazing capabilities of spiritually developed (energetically connected) people, it is hard to grasp that we are capable of the same. Aren’t they special in some way? No. We all have the possibility within us – it’s fundamental to our design. But, just like any skill, such as playing an instrument, we don’t access those parts of ourselves until we begin to practice and have a need for them. Then they awaken to our need. That’s how it works; and the greater the need, the more will awaken in us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well, it seems to be an important area, because in my meditation dream I see myself going over to an area to see if the access is as needed, in order for there to be a coming and going. In other words, coming and going implies up and down, you know with the breath even, and so there needs to be some access. In other words, you need to break through a veil, or a barrier.

So, even though I do not know anyone personally in this area, they somehow know me, and when they see me they greet me by my name. I would have preferred to stay hidden, but that isn’t an option I have anymore – or at least in this scenario.

And the property that’s involved has a flashing light that requires or invokes the need for a current time representative to handle the scenario. So what we’re talking about in terms of current time representative is some aspect of one’s self, because there is an aspect that doesn’t come down as well into all of this, and that is an aspect that is there kind of for casual reference purposes. And then there is a part of yourself, or a personage that you are with, that has the need to be more caught up in the present time scenario.

And the way I come to know this, is I come to know this when I see within the inflection that rises up, and you can see it as if it has a whole spark connection that goes way, way back energetically. And when you see this flicker of an interest, in a scenario, you know that it is something that needs to link or connect.

This part of myself is set forth as a person who is waiting to be involved in the situation, and so what happens is when he gets involved it’s almost like a document is created where he’s now the state representative and is endorsed as having this role to live out. This is recognized as a rising up of an energetic that goes way back in time, a rising up, or waking up, or a flickering back. I mean it just suddenly is there and you see it. It’s as if it goes way back in time to where there is still the pent up identification that needs to be dealt with in manifestation.

I know what I see to be important, in terms of a process, when I see that. In other words, that’s why when you take and you see a person taking and caught up in things you don’t really have a right to try to change their course because they may be living out an inflection that is ancient – and they have to do that. That’s their reason and their purpose, in terms of catching up with themselves.

And when you see this as a part of yourself, in order to be conscious you have to be able to be at multiple planes, so you have to be able to take that part that is still needing to be involved or inflected, you need to know that that aspect has to live itself out, in some fashion, as a state of being in manifestation.

And, of course, when something like that happens, in a reflective outer world it’s often portrayed as the teacher being from somewhere else, and the students being the arms and the legs of something that acts in the physical. But, on a deeper level, this is all happening in a subtler way inside, and the representative connection – on a subtler level inside – is like the eyes and ears needed for the situation. This does not affect, however, the overall presence when that resides on a deeper inner level permeating over all there is.

So, the meaning of this dream is, in this dream I am coming to know myself more and more in terms of how I am to be in every circumstance of creation, or of manifestation, or of the universe or whatever. I am realizing that there is a part of myself that is called upon, in terms of satisfying the needs of things in life, and that is because everything that is in life is part of me. I was created out of all of those components, and so I have a responsibility over all of that.

And so when some part is quickened from within, in other words, some state is correspondingly in need of being connected and grounded, that is something that has to be brought through with the out-breath. Through this state there is a focus and attention that gets facilitated. This does not compromise an overview quality of an inner self that is the universal overseer. The overseer is intertwined in a capacity that is grounded here, as well as there, because you’ve got the various aspects of yourself that come into an alignment, in that you have aspects able to be here for intertwined reference purposes. So the greater soul part takes on a completeness that emanates from the essence of all there is.

What I’m describing is a process in which I am physically all things, yet still an embodiment essence to all there is. Or to portray it in a more generic depiction, what I’m identifying is how the comings and goings of the in-breath and out-breath correlate.

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589018One of the hardest things to realize about our spiritual journey is that it is truly a full-time job. Yes, we can go to a meeting for a few hours, or read constantly, or have our personal processes, but at some point we switch back to our old self until we start again. And, really, all the processes we do are designed to get us to a different place in ourselves, and to get there in a deep way that we can, and want, to sustain. It’s about maintaining an inner location when we do everything we do – it’s not about seeming holy, or stopping our engagements in the world. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well I have more of an impression of my last dream. In that dream I seem to be a young woman, and there’s a man I live with, and we live in a society where it feels like people do something, like it might be even play a competitive game, and then, if they win it, some magic comes in and you create something.

But it feels like this guy and I, that we’ve decided to kind of stop playing this game. And when we go to our house, I notice that our living room actually is bare of all furniture. But over in the corner is still a basketball room, up on the wall, and it feels like he just wants to goof around and we’re going to play one more game, so we’re playing this kind of wild basketball game where maybe you even run up the wall, and do a flip or something, and you throw a basket.

And when you make a basket it feels like a dragon or something that comes in the room and is playing with you. And then when we make the basket, in our society, normally, when you make a basket and the dragon or whatever else has come into the room and been with you, that’s when people kind of use that magic to create something. But it feels like we don’t want to play that game anymore. We don’t want to be taking that magic and creating something for ourselves anymore. We’ve cleared all the furniture out of the room even, but now and then we like to play the game anyway.

John: So the dream starts off in which you’re in a place where there’s all this stuff going on and then you try to find an empty space. You’re recognizing the need to break free of the collective environment and be in a quiet empty space. But as you’re in this quiet empty space, what happens is you pent up a certain overallness which is, again, like a chi, in which you can take and run and do this, that, and the other and slam the ball down. It’s all back into a bit of an indulgence in the world – but you’re using the kundalini energy, the dragon energy force, that’s kind of smiling in the background, to do this sort of thing, almost as a kind of reintroducing of a quiet space into an action into the outer.

Well, you have basically taken yourself out of having to conduct yourself in separate and pronounced, illusionary, differentiated ways, because you know the value and importance of being empty. However, it’s awful enticing to take and do a kind of inner magic, or spiritual magic, with the kundalini energy – even though you know better, even though you know that it’s better if you don’t.

There’s an interesting way that this is talked about in terms of the awakening process, and it’s called states and stations. And that as you go through the various stations, you’re actually letting go of things and becoming emptier and emptier, because you’re developing, even though at the time in you’re in a station you’re indulging, but you’re on the path of letting go of things, moving towards a station.

Well the dilemma that a human being has is, can they ever really keep from establishing a sealed condition? Which means where you get to a quality of yourself that you still exonerate, or do, in some fashion, because as you go through the stations you get to the point where you develop a certain chi energy, so that wherever you really put your attention you can become very creative because you do not have the indulgences that are generally associated with a person who is weighed down by the collective.

In other words, you can shoot out a little better, you can do some things a little better, and when you do that then, you actually seal your nature. And a teacher who understands this principle in life will say to a student that, although everyone seals, in other words from this perspective everyone at some point seals themselves, it’s better if you don’t.

And in Raj Yoga the understanding that that can be an issue is one of the reasons why it is said that it’s better to remain an aspirant for as long as you possibly can, because when you become a student you seal in a certain capacity. In other words you can’t help yourself, you adopt a certain aspect image of yourself on the path.

It’s like the person who goes to church on Wednesday, they have a sealed nature in which they have this pact with God, and a lot of Christians that get like this are impossible to deal with because they don’t function in manifestation in a clear way because they have this other side of themselves that they think that they are connected to, that makes everything that they do proper and appropriate.

It’s also one of the reasons why there are no rings, or ornaments, or special clothes, or anything like that among the Naqshbandi, so that nobody knows who anybody else is in terms of where anything is at in relationship to a journey of awakening.

Now the thing is, it’s kind of impossible to know, unless you really can see the soul and where it is awakening, and how it’s awakening, because the stages that you go through, some of those stages take such a huge step back that in the eyes of someone looking at that, that isn’t having to contend with that stage, you can look a little backwards. However, you may have progressed in other areas far more significantly, and so it’s just impossible to gauge who is higher or who is further on a particular path.

So your dream is, basically, in order to keep you from losing a certain perspective in terms of the letting go and the emptiness, in terms of there being nothing but a nothingness, is kind of letting you know that you understand the process in which you let go of everything in the room, in other words, of the collective. You’ve come to see that all of that plagues things in some fashion, and so you have gotten to the point where you can let go of all of that. And that you’re betraying that premise, that principle, a little when you take then the chi of the energy and you go back into what is now possible in kind of a unique, creative way.

The whole point of it is we can develop this intertwined overallness, and you develop that through an emptiness. And the real theme of the dreaming has to do with one catching up with the fact that you are an all-pervasiveness in everything that exists, and that we tend to see ourselves in a separation. And that the key is to be able to be completely content in the all-pervasiveness that is.

And when you first come out of that, of course, it can seem kind of exciting because the tools of the trade of coming out of that are you have the aliveness of a greater beingness more at your disposal, and as you were indicating you can make the dragon smile, kundalini energy almost smile, by the tricks you could do with the basketball. But you keep that up and pretty soon you become dulled and dumb just like everybody else.

Another example of this in a lesser, easier to denote, way is you can have a hard day and you think you have a right to settle back. And so you sit and you decide you’re going to do something that you’ve kind of wanted to do all along, but just never had the time, or took the time, to do, but now you’re giving yourself permission to do it and that is maybe sit and watch TV.

And you’re excited about something that’s on the TV, and you’ve earned the right, in your opinion, to indulge. And after watching the show for an hour or two hours you find out you’ve been dumbed down a little bit. Before you had a certain quickened aliveness, and then when you indulged and let go, instead of held onto a space, you actually lost something. And now what is it going to take to get that back?

So this is the area you’re looking at, you’re talking about. And the greater overall subject matter is that you’re working with, and talking about, an area known as the intertwining with everything in an all-pervasive way as yourself. That is who you really are. You’re in that.

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one-with-UniverseIt is easy to forget that we are designed to make a spiritual journey, because it seems so removed from the culture and society we find ourselves in. But, like all living things, we are born with all the physical and mental abilities to fulfill our purpose and thrive in life. So, as adults who choose to return to their human purpose, we need to undo the things that block us and prevent us from our natural capabilities. Fundamental to that is to come to understand and recognize the defense mechanisms we have created to cope with our experiences – because they serve to separate us from the oneness that we seek. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I lost my second dream, I’ll have to see if it pops back in. But what I remember a bit about the first dream is that I seem to be a woman who, I’m out in the countryside because society feels like it’s been really disrupted.

And it feels like back in time, you know like a younger you know 50, 100 years ago or something or more, and I seem to be trying to protect a child that’s with me, who will become more in the future. He’ll have some position of leadership.

And so I’m trying to like pull people together around me, and watch after him, but everything’s in a disrupted state – like there’s been war, or something, going on and we’re wandering the countryside. And so I’m trying to keep people awake and pull it together. That’s about all I remember of that dream.

John: So the deeper theme of all of this is, the beginning and end are connected. And so to take and have a glimpse, or an understanding, of how something is unfolding, and is set to unfold, there’s actually never anything new under the sun. It’s already in place. It’s just that we become veiled from how something is.

And we’ve developed this whole battle that has to do with whatever the mind is, meaning the mind is like somehow or another limited in terms of our perceptions because we perceive in such a limited way, having our nature confined and contracted like it is, so that the impressions that we have are based off of our senses, then, in this contractive state.

And when like that, then we’re biased and influenced by our surroundings, as if the surroundings are real. And we actually have created our surroundings, so as we’ve continued to shut parts of ourself down we continue to limit our grasp of an essential, all-pervasive overallness that permeates life.

In other words, it’s the mind that’s behind all that there is in manifestation and we have developed a limited mind, an illusionary mind to that all-pervasive mind, that is based upon having shut things down, contracted, and gotten into a mode of having created a world in which our perception is based upon our five senses. And so what we come to know, then, is illusionary. In other words, it’s just not real.

And so what you’re really doing in the dream is you’re going back inside of yourself to try to awaken that which you already know. It’s repressed, or hidden, in some capacity because of trauma and events – like you might say a wartime scenario, or whatever – that caused you to develop defense mechanisms upon which you took yourself outside of the way you need to be in terms of a greater overall all-inclusive beingness, or basically this all attunement kind of mind.

So you’re playing with this dynamic of past and future, or beginning and end, and so you have a sense of something more that’s possible, but that more that’s possible is a recognition that the way you are at present, in terms of being affected by the collective in your environment, is unacceptable.

But your conditionality is holding you from breaking that trance, and the reason is is because you have shut things off. Over the course of time, you have continually shut things off, and shut things off, and annihilated this, and annihilated that, so to speak, in terms of your awareness and awakened state in the overall – to the point that you’ve become so veiled that it’s like you have this need to go back and awaken to refine the parts of yourself that have been repressed, or subrogated, from consciousness.

And so, you know, this is the part of the journey, or the Sufi path, of being able to go into the depths of one’s self. And when you go into the depths of yourself you discover things that are traumatic or, in your dream, like a wartime past. Which is the same thing as traumas and stuff that you’ve had to take and make decisions on, in order to try to protect yourself, a protection however that is one of thinking that you have some control mechanism at play here, some choice in this regard, instead of just recognizing that you were created out of everything, you are actually the one mind that permeates everything in all of eternity.

However, you have exercised your freedom of choice in terms of trying to establish a sense of control for yourself and, as you’ve done that, you have confronted barriers that you have established, meaning veils, to create this segregated separateness of yourself. And the segregated separateness of yourself has gotten to the point where it has choked out the vibrancy of your wholeness, and has put you in kind of a sickened condition.

And in order to discover what all there is, you have to go back to where an aspect, like a wartime trauma of some sort, first originated. You have to go back and touch that. You have to go back and notice that, and you have to go back and let go of that mechanism that you put in place, which influences how it is that you’re capable of acting in terms of being real – because you are actually living in a bifurcated state now in which you have conditions and patterns that you follow, that are based upon having cut yourself off from the prime inner directive of your overall beingness.

And so in order for the future to unfold, you have to break these habituations that are entrenched, that just are there, that make sense to how you see yourself, that is in terms of how you see yourself in the present and in the outer. And if you look at yourself closely, you realize that your reactions and your mannerisms have some sort of conditional habituation about it, and if you take all of the manners, and patterns, and habituations and you total it up, that’s what ends up creating this idea of ego. And the heretics way of seeing ego and mind as correlated, that’s how you end up with this personality or persona that functions in this alienated way from what is real.

So, the theme of the dreaming was going back and finding oneself, in terms of who they really are, and not taking and sitting and contending with being yo-yoed about in terms of these habituations that one has that predominate. And as long as you just sit there and don’t like this, and futter with that, in terms of some sort of predilection that you carry, you’re just going to go around and around and around in a circle, that even psychologists know that in order to heal something they have to take it back to the vibrational source, you know, from which the trauma started. And then the acting up, and the carrying on, that a person does that continues to reflect in the outer for reasons that a person can’t put their finger on anymore, can be dropped, because you realize that you don’t need that defense mechanisms or pattern for your well being.

So in your dream you’re attempting to understand something in terms of what’s able to unfold, and emerge, and awaken in the future by going back and addressing the contractions that are like an inner war that you have come to believe exists as a result having put yourself in a position of shutting down for purposes of coping. 

So, yes it’s true, as you become more conscious you are able to see yourself functioning in the future. You have a quality of an emergence that has this futuristic viewpoint, or perception, to it. But the beginning and the end are one and the same and, in order for something meaningful to unfold for the overall, you have to go back inside and redeem yourself.

So the going backwards, or going into the depths of yourself, which is like going back and saying this is where the whole path starts, is the ability to take and look at yourself, probe yourself. But what you’re probing is you’re going back and you’re untangling, and removing, the fetters that you put in place, from being able to be in an all-pervasive way. And when you’re in that all-pervasive way, the past and the future come together. So you’re doing that in order to have a recognition of what is meant to be.

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