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d616We live in a world that makes it very easy for us to take our life for granted, to think that there is nothing special about us or our possibility. But if we could see ourselves from the perspective of any other living being in the universe – flora, fauna, energetic entity – we would understand that we are royalty among all things. We have the greatest gifts and abilities, and, on this planet, we are only at the very beginning of that possibility. The universe awaits us to take up this crown, and the responsibility and service that comes with great power, and lead the way into the future of the universe. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, my first dream ended up being more of a strange experience, in that you and I were doing something, talking and doing something, and I was very involved in it.

And then you came to bed. And when you came to bed, I realized that whatever we were talking about or doing wasn’t real, that I must have been dreaming, but it was much realer to me than the sleeping, you know what I mean?

So it was like I was in this state of shock that it wasn’t real, and that I was actually in bed and I was actually dreaming. And so I don’t remember what the dream was because I was so shocked that that wasn’t the reality.

John: We’ve been doing a little bit of that, and it’s kind of increasing in crescendo, and I was told what that was in my sleep. Let’s see what the word is; it’s two words.

It’s a quality that has to be brought out into the outer, or retained. In other words, you hold that and bring that out into a knowingness. And that which you bring out, which is like the lucid state of the soul inside that creates the reflective dreams, and the ability to hold on to that, to pull out the amnesia, to go outside of the veil – normally you have a veil of something that kind of is your mood, or trait, or whatever that holds something in check, you know, just literally said in a point blank way, sounds like the ego.

But it is the trait referred to as catching up with what is, inside of oneself, the place that’s called born noble. Born noble. And one of the things that has been kind of constantly theming is a type of revelation, that is becoming more and more readily seeable, is the nobility of things, the more noble aspect in each human being.

And that opens up, that is the state that is behind, as a quality of essence or beingness, is behind every person. This quality in which they are connected to this emptiness, or space, within, which is who they really are. Or, to go into that, outside of the veils, outside of the mood, outside of an ego, is to go into the born-noble quality.

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blueIt has been said that one mark of a developed person is an ability to live in contradiction – to hold two opposing ideas as both being true. And we can see this contradiction in our very act of living: we are a spiritual being, yet we exist in the physical world. And we can be completely spiritual beings while in the physical world. But, we get into trouble when we forget the spiritual side and only live in the physical world, because then our “better half” loses its connection to our life, and the universe loses the opportunity it has in us.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So then I go to the sleep dream, and in the sleep dream I delved into the process in order to cover an important aspect. In other words, I delved into this process orientation, that one tends to think that they have, in order to expose an important aspect. And, in doing so, I notice that the breath just simply carries this overallness of a beingness back and forth.

And to lay the table of it, how that is, we touch the crown of all there is in the interval where in-breath turns to out-breath, which there’s kind of a quickening of the inner essence of all that there is. And then you have the out-breath, and in the out-breath you’re touching the interval, where out-breath turns to in-breath, the essence of a longing for something more that is exemplified.

Now for there to be a complete cycle of creation, where you get the inner, and you get the outer, and you get them all simultaneously, you have to be able to go up and down at the same time, so to speak. In other words, not just first one way and then the other.

So everything is founded in the breath, although we take the breath for granted. By taking it for granted, there’s no paying attention to our beingness. In other words, we remain in an amnesic state. And, when we’re like that, then we’re in a kind of a confusion, a bewilderment, for the heart to sort out.

It’s as if the heart, then, always knows that it can be both places simultaneously. But when we don’t have the up and down simultaneous, the whole breath, there is this quality that’s like a gap, in terms of the heart feeling its wholeness, and thus a bewilderment and a sorting out – or a sense of a sorting out, or a sense of a vying of first up, and down, as opposed to up and down simultaneously where you won’t have that.

And the tendency is to have this in this loci because there is this presence, herein, that is enhanced gravitationally, in a kind of mind sense orientation. And, in this loci, we turn to our mind sense duals. We are inclined to take the in-breath as just an inflection, as opposed to a depth, a beingness.

When like that then the out-breath is starting out by carrying down a thought from the essence of stillness, which, when it starts carrying it down, becomes lost or consumed, absorbed in the plane of sound and collective consciousness thoughts, but when you have the in-breath and the essence there, it’s never really abandoned. The in-breath, when unconscious, even unconscious, is always beckoning as a reminder of the way we are in the planes of light.

The sad thing is, we get lost in the mind sense outer orientation, and its thought-upon-thought compromising, thinking then that all that we pick up, or denote, especially in an out-breath, momentous way, is concretized – and we call that manifestation – as if we’re going to now try to sort our way back into something more from something that’s concretized, using, again, the tools of our mind and senses. It just isn’t going to work that way. We’re just going to be going around and around in a kind of spiritual illusion, even though we have plenty of hints and inflections from the in-breath, if we could only note it, which is the plane of light of ourselves – and then some.

So the inner is our beingness in light, and the outer is our beingness in manifestation. When in light, we quest for the human body. When in manifestation, we quest for the unseen light. From the meditation dream, I learn that the gray area we think is an awakening of our being, is a vibratory ignorance and spiritual illusion. The inner and the outer, the in-breath and the out-breath, are black-and-white distinctions that are loud and clear, not gray as we tend to believe when we hearken to our amnesic plight, imagining that we are in the awakening process.

From a bifurcated way of looking at it, we tell ourselves that the awakening process is true. The awakening process is true only in a spiritual illusionary sense of painstaking bewilderment. Such bewilderment is likened to a waiting for the heart to stop trying to sort out the buying/selling dynamic of the out-breath/in-breath, so we are in the outer, and in the inner, distinctly, and simultaneously. There is no gray area process in the end.

In other words, that’s just a bewilderment, or the mind senses in this loci imaging and creating a spiritual illusion. So we create a spiritual illusion here, and then we lack the substance of holding and concretizing something into a seeing and hearing when we’re in the planes of light. So it’s kind of like we have to pull both together in order to be what we really are, and, in that sense, we arrive at our God nature, or essence.

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55efvIsn’t it interesting how we act differently around certain people? We’ll think to ourselves “that person commands respect.” How does a person do that? It is possible because they have made certain choices, and upheld certain principles, in a repetitive way, such that the energies of those qualities have come to live with them in their aura. It is the energetic radiation that we sense, without knowing it, and it makes us behave differently around them. So, what do we want to uphold in our life, and what radiation do we want to carry?  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well I seem to have just one main dream that kind of would repeat, and what happened was last night I was reading a bit, and then I fell asleep without meditating. So, in the dream, I’m in a room with Mark Cuban, and other people like that; it’s like I want some kind of a transfer.

I sit in a certain area and I’m getting a transfer, you know, through the brain, of certain energy. But I keep thinking that it would be better if I’d either meditated, or I’m in the meditation chair, it was okay to get this download. But I feel like there’s a problem with getting the download in the space where I am.

So then sometimes the download stops, or there’s some static that comes in. I’m trying to look at what the issue is. And so in that way the dream kind of repeats on and off. I’m kind of looking at what is the problem, when you haven’t meditated, with this transfer of energy, and finally I feel like the problem is that there’s increased static. It’s not going to be as stable a download as if I were in a meditation chair, in another space. It doesn’t work as well. That was all.

John: What you’re dealing with is the principle by which everything is a vibration, and that vibration reduces and concretizes into an aspected way of being. You’re having to notice how this principle plays out. The subject is one of magnetization. What is magnetization, and how does that correlate to sound and light? But you’re not correlating it yet to sound and light, you’re looking at it strictly as magnetization.

And so had you meditated you would have found a spatiality upon which something is able to lose its linear magnetism. In other words, the principle of magnetization is opposite what we think that it is. A person goes around and they relate to things in a congregated way, in other words, the way something is concretized. They relate to that image of that, and each person is affected by the images around them, and so their attention is drawn to that as a focus of what is going on – and that’s what holds onto and supports the concretized world, and that’s what makes it loud.

And people respond to that in a knee-jerk fashion, and so when you’re responding like that, and you’re projecting like that, you often think that you’re magnetized, but that is not actual real magnetization. Just like when you were taking and noticing that you’re affected by the energetics, or the vibrations, around you, and then you realize that there was something askew or amiss in that because, had you meditated, you would’ve been in a different spatiality, and that different spatiality would’ve been more meaningful.

And, in the outer, people understand magnetization based upon what directly affects them. And, then, as you develop, you come to recognize that you’re thrown around by what directly affects you, so you attempt to work with the magnetization that has to do with the greater orientation, or spatiality. And all the time you’re playing within the domain of something that is still one of sound, and sound that is concretized.

People understand magnetism from the standpoint that if something needs to happen they have to act on it, they have to make their position understood, and that’s usually spoken, or that is usually acted out. And then a person comes to understand a greater spatiality about themselves when they learn to sit with their thoughts a bit, even though they are still going on. So they are still concretizing, but maybe not so loudly.

And then a person comes to realize that if they can get outside of the thoughts, and stop the thoughts, they can have an access to a greater spatiality yet further. And eventually, potentially, break into the essence, the essence being the light and the sound before it has become concretized. But all of it has to do with an understanding of what you hold onto, and the average person, in their insecurity, has to go around, and be thrown around by, the world of their senses that holds onto the idea of the way they portray themselves, and they feel that they have to portray themselves in a way that is heard. And that way that they see that is heard has to do with presence, and that presence has to do with their concept of what magnetism is – and so they go around and they accentuate that.

Not only do they accentuate it, but they have every reason to believe that that’s the way to do it because in this plane of existence people noodle around with practices that seek to accentuate that magnetism – as if that’s the real thing.

You have to catch up with the essence that is a light and sound beyond the motions and the movement. You have to be working with light and sound. And if you’re not, and you’re working with creating a reflection that has a density to it, that creates your conceptualization of magnetization accentuated in a plane of sound, then that becomes a type of spiritual illusion.

The idea of shifting things, the idea of understanding how things shift, was rather interestingly portrayed in that movie we watched, Out of Time.

In that movie it actually spoke of, and portrayed, actual tools, that actually do work. In other words, if you change your mood, if you change your focus and attention, you can actually cause an effect in terms of the way the magnetism of something works. And you can do that within the collective, up to, and including, certain parameters.

It was basically a movie that took time and space and put it into a different paradigm, and it put it into a different paradigm based upon stripping out the self-conscious aspects, and providing one with a degree of letting go, played with the magnetism of things.

It also introduced another principle. The other principle was to watch your breath, or to pay attention to every little thing that you do, and appreciate it, as a meaningfulness, in terms of an inner essence. In other words, when you go through a day go through the day, and then go through the day again, but this time pay attention to what’s going on as you go through the day – as opposed to being on kind of a robotic pattern that has to do with collective consciousness unfolding.

And a person sitting with just their senses as an orientation to the concretized sound effect of how life is created, and thus realize that there is something behind all of that as a kind of liquid light, or sound, that, as you see that, you see it in a different paradigm.

Very complicated subject, because as a first go on this what you’re basically dealing with is the breaking up of the physicality of things. This is how you break it up, is you start to orient yourself slightly differently. You come to look at magnetism slightly differently. You come to recognize that you’re playing with concretized sound, and that sound and light actually are fluid.

You come to realize that they change, that something changes, that there are principles in which the light is impacted; it’s impacted by changes in the collective consciousness just by the bringing in of a new soul, or a change of the life force, and it can change very subtly.

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