Up and Down

tew_handHow do we evolve? We evolve by trying new things, discovering if we like to do that thing, and finding out if we have any talent or facility with it. Some we keep doing, others are set aside. It is in this trying that we also get new intelligence, because we often don’t know much before we begin, yet suddenly much information will flood into us. This is why we have to put our spiritual understandings into practice, we have to use them in our daily life. Otherwise, it is just a philosophy; by doing it, it can become reality. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so, in the next, in deep meditation and the Dhyana meditation, what goes on there is so far within that it is inaccessible. In my dream, I note that I am in a scenario where I am not appreciating what is happening within; I’m unable to sense it. What I am noticing is how dismissive I am, when I find myself to be in such an outer scenario.

In other words, you’re dismissive of bringing in the subtle, because you don’t know it enough in terms of this value of the stillness. So, from this, I experience a catching up with, and a knowing of, what is going on. My sense of this is one of exhilaration.

What am I describing? Talking about a subtle level of up and down energy, as a pattern, is in the way of a deeper stillness. In other words, deep inside I can go somewhere. I’m realizing that there’s kind of like a couple three things that occur inside oneself at a very, very, deep depth, that aren’t quite the stillness, but are close to it, but still need to be brought out into the open; should be reflected in the open. Or otherwise they create a spiritual distortion.

And so I’m seeing this very subtle level of kind of an up and down. And I call it an up and down in that there’s something really, really hidden inside, and then there’s the down side of it of an acting out, in the outer, that doesn’t quite take that into account.

And so this creates a yo-yo effect in which you’ve got something of a deep inner essence, and something of an outer effect – and you’re not integrated. You’re not intertwined. And when a person’s not intertwined like that, then they may go through these episodes where they’re feeling wonderful, and then they’re feeling sad. And the degree to which you’re feeling elated and wonderful, usually it corresponds to, at another point in time, the flip side of that coin. You’re now feeling depressed, or sad.

And even Proverbs of the Bible talks about this as a condition in which a person is admonished at being able to hold the middle, which would be a stillness, not thrown around by the energetics of an excitement this way, or a depression that way, because they echo off of each other.

Or to put this more bluntly, in the dream, I am noticing an inner vibratory up and down nature of a holding back, and then an excitement coming out, or however you would say that, but not quite really a coming out. And my attention is taking me into the outer and away from the next, deeper level of stillness.

In other words, this is that same greater pattern portrayed in a subtler way. Observation: maybe the trite dreams I was having, that portray this symbolically, will come back. In other words, kind of what kind I’m writing up, but I can’t quite pull the full dream down. At two different times, the alarm in my had went off and I was able, at that time, to write down my dreams. But if I had just accepted that, but in my linear in-betweenness I deemed the dreams to be too trite.

To put the denial bluntly, I keep being dismissive and remain in a holding back reservation. The underlying theme is a stillness that embodies all vibrations, and everything that is vibratory, which to an ego is not newsworthy. It’s not exciting. So the ego is at home with up and down hoopla and, in other words, kind of holds space in a way that doesn’t get lost in the stillness.

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What Grows Here

human.consciousnessWhen we reach a goal, the next question is always: what’s next? Where do we take our achievement? On a spiritual path it’s different. We may reach higher and higher levels, or connections, enabling us to see and experience the world differently, but we absolutely don’t want to reach the end. In fact, it is our development and connection to the purpose of life that allows us to continue. We don’t want the real journey that is possible for us to end until the universe has reached its goals. That gives us a long time to experience and process. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And then, in my sleep dream, I go back into the meditation, to go to another end with it, the actual meditation dream itself sat with something in suspense opening it, coming into fruition, a process, a flow, awakening, an aliveness, quickening.

In my sleep dream I go back into the meditation and dream and, in doing so, I walk up a number of floors by climbing steps until I reach the top of a building. I need to go back because what I had accessed there I felt was important for others. What I was able to show people is a source where the water rises up from the depths, comes up on the roof like this, and is there for use by those who seek it.

I don’t seek it. In other words, I can show them this, but for some reason I realize that I don’t actually seek it. I only thought I did. But I know how to get here, and the properties that exist in this quality of water, this flow, that rises up, if you wanted to call it a flow that percolates up, I point out to those I bring here that the water has a heavy mineralization. In other words, they may not have anticipated that. In other words, that it’s high in silica, and that this is a source where there’s both water and salt combined. Then I wake up.

I pondered what there was that could be done with this water. In the dream I remember telling others that this isn’t water you drink. It is too salty. In waking up, I found myself thinking that the salt extractible from the source is important to the process in an unsuspected way. The effect of salt is it usable in minute quantities by the body. Every body has to have salt. It is also a product that can be used for medicinal purposes to cauterize and heal a wound, or to sterilize an area when there is a need to neutralize.

The dream was preceded by a dream in which I was pressured to bring others to a place where I knew water was at. In other words, something pressed me inside to do that. And, in doing this in this dream, the water that I find this time percolates up from the ground, and this time it’s like this huge expansive area, and those who seek this place think it will quench their thirst.

When I look at this area with all of them, or these other parts of myself, what I see in this dream is this huge expanse in which the water has come up slowly from the ground, and it’s only like an inch or two if that, and it is not benefitting the area as I would have been inclined to think, you know something that’s moist and wet, but here it’s got little standing water. It’s wet wherever you walk, but not deep. It just like percolated up. It doesn’t soak into the ground, because the ground is like too hard, and it covers this large area, not just a small spot when I first came here and thought I had found something meaningful and a value for others. What grows here is a kind of surface plant that is okay being saturated in water, that is for the most part stagnant and unfit to drink. Water needs to flow to be of value to the user.

Meaning: In these sleep dreams I am shown another side of consciousness in which getting to water that is still and stale is not the end all be all that I had been inclined to think, in other words, water itself as an aspect of consciousness, and my latent synaptic nature in terms of what it was able to perceive and look at, how it aspired to reach this particular point, that it’s not going to be what I imagined.

The symbolic meaning is that this area, that is aspired to in terms of me having to adhere in my meditation dream to some important aspect that’s meaningful in life, that which I recognize as meaningful in life, in terms of a vibrancy and a flow, is exciting, but the resultant of that, that other parts of myself think come to some sort of completion, that isn’t so, that’s not something I am capable of understanding as a process. The end isn’t, that is.

What flows is what is fresh and viable. The journey is that. The reaching of this place is anticlimactic because it doesn’t really do anything for anyone when it is in this state of modality, a modality that, deep down, if I apply what I am looking at, in the way that I am looking at it, this will be the result, and that result goes nowhere. A meaningful transformative change occurs when the chemistry of above/below, inner/outer, precipitates an awakening flow. That is what is real for me.

Getting somewhere is another illusion, a waste of time, because when I am there, and pause to take it in, I come to know that it doesn’t do for me what I expected. The journey and the anticipation of flowing in a meaningful way is what is of value energetically. The delusional aspect is to think there is an end all be all place that is reached in the end.

The lesson to be learned is that the upholding of the traits, which support a greater beingness, is something I can do when I am not able to do justice to an end result. For me, where I am at at this time, the journey is where a flow is at. The getting to somewhere is anticlimactic. This is a hard lesson to accept because the joke in manifestation is that there is a purpose in life that we need to reach or something, and when we reach it then we are able to be at rest. If that is so, I am seeing in the dream that it doesn’t work for me like that.

The unfoldment, and the journeying associated with the awakening process, was invigorating to the soul as an aspect of an overall oneness in which beginning and end are evoked as a journeying process, the breath going back, and towards, that interval where the inner turns into the outer.

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Outer Mongolia

Our dreams speak to us in a symbolic language of feelings. If we feel fear or resistance to some change in our life, that feeling can appear as a chase scene in a dream. When friends or family appear, it is often not so much about that person as it is about a feeling, in us, that our idea of them captures. To our spirit, which joins us here to be part of our journey, this planet can seem like Outer Mongolia. It can seem like some sort of punishment, compared to the freedom the spirit naturally could enjoy. But such feelings go against an understanding of what is really going on here: what is possible for us, as a spirit in a human body, is absolutely magical, and important, because we can help in the refinement of the universe itself. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I seem to remember more of an impression than all the details, but I know the first dream started out that I’m somewhere in a very large building with you, or some man, and it feels like I’ve entered a contest we’re really not eligible to enter. And we’re trying to do it in a way that’s not noticeable that we’ve done that.

And then somehow I go from there, and I’ve ended up in the wilds of something that feels almost like Mongolia, or China, in an area that’s still being run by this woman that, you know almost like going back in time, because things are run with a lot of the old manners. And I almost feel like I’ve crash landed there or something, because I don’t have any way of getting out on my own.

And when I first come to her attention I do the best to kind of look away, or act in a way, where I’m not as noticeable because I’m not sure how she’s going to respond to my being there. And I’m looking around at the Chinese people there; they’re almost Mongolian. I’m doing my best to kind of copy the mannerisms and fit in, even though I know I don’t look like them. And then I find out there’s some kind of a huge inspection coming, someone higher up that’s coming.

So I’m not sure what’s going to happen with me with that, so I’m kind of taking my cue from her, you know like she might want to do away with me to not have me be seen, but instead she kind of brings me to an area inside one of the buildings and kind of shows me where I should sit around a table, but also kind of teaching me a few manners, like looking away, or what I should be doing when people come through.

But then, somehow, I find myself entering some kind of a contest there, too, a contest in a sense of there’s like a drawing or something one could win. And winning that, just like before, could almost, you know, help me get somewhere else.

John: It’s better that this is a big factory or something, because what you portray is you’re portraying an overallness of yourself; you’re having to catch up with this energetic quality in manifestation.

And it’s kind of like you crash landed here, and so you have this overallness about you, in terms of your nature, and now you find yourself in this place. And you’re trying to actually make sense out of it all, in relationship to an overallness that you had about yourself somewhere, somehow, and now how are you to correlate that to being in this realm, or domain, of things?

And it’s almost as if there’s the abstraction, or distraction, that’s in place as well, so that you’re inclined to having to find out that the Outer Mongolia of yourself is actually this place. In other words, the sense is that you came from an overallness, a place of overallness, into something that’s a limited bifurcation, and that you’re having to contend with this as if it’s a confusion.

Well, the story of Adam and Eve actually has the same parallel, in a way, in that Adam and Eve found themselves naturally in, to begin with, the great, great overallness – providing that they didn’t partake of something, as if they could partake of it exclusively on their own. Because if they were to do that, that would be taking and hiding something, or attempting to hide something, from the greater overallness of their natural beingness.

And they chose to intrude, or take, and crash, or go into something like the apple or something, and then hide that, or try to hide with that, not realizing that what they were doing was shutting themselves off from the greater overallness, that was a total letting-go state, that was who they really are – who you really are.

You know, the big question, the big mystery here, is you’re in this greater overallness, then you come to the Outer Mongolia of things, which is manifestation, and then you try to go from manifestation out and back to the greater overallness. Now the big mystery is, why? Why do you do that? Well, you do that because you’re inclined to believe that in the Outer Mongolia of things there’s something missing.

However, if the Mongolia of things, that looks like a bifurcation, is actually a perfect reflection of the overallness that exists, but it’s for you to come to know how that is the case, it’s for you to be able to perceive that, to bring that together, as a wholeness in the overallness. And the bifurcation to come to realize that they have something to do with each other, in fact, they are actually one and the same.

Because if a human being is created in, as it’s said, God’s image, then the reflections that you go through are God’s image. And so if you realize what the reflections really are, then you’re realizing God. You’re bringing inner into outer. You’re creating a oneness.

Unfortunately, a human being doesn’t want to do that. They want to win the ticket back, as if it was a bad joke that they got shifted here. But they never really gave anything up, whatever that greater overallness of yourself is, that’s seen as a kind of factory, humongous quality like that, however and whatever that is, is here as well, is noticeable as well. And that maybe in manifestation it can seem like it has its absenteeism, avoidance, distraction, or abstraction quality, but that’s because one is not letting go to see how the reflections truly are.

It’s just like you can say that there is this mind, and this mind is a oneness, and yet this mind comes into manifestation, or the Outer Mongolia of things, and then that mind then now seems to be something perverse. It wanders this way, it wanders that way, it looks at this, it looks at that, and so it’s given an ironic term in which what the mind’s able to perceive is a very low thing. And it’s an abstraction from what is real. And yet in the fullness of the mind there is the coming together, there is the oneness. But in the identifications of the abstractions, of the quality that’s Outer Mongolia, you have a lot that you can say is haywire because you’re not accepting the reflections which are a perfect bifurcation.

In other words, it’s not like these reflections take and have a different story line going on from what is really at the essence of it all. They are reflections of something. They are perfectly designed dense mannerism reflection from which it all plays out, and from which you can more or less see what is transpiring in a way that you’re able to cope with it because you, as a reflection of a wholeness, are placed in a reflection of the wholeness, and the tease is: can you catch up with it, or do you have to blank out of here?

Now in the breath you are doing this. In other words, you’re going back to the wholeness, and then you’re coming back to the reflection in each breath, back and forth, back and forth, and when you’re in the fullest extent of the out-breath, which is away from that wholeness, it can seem like you are in need of trying to get back because something is missing. What’s missing is that in the reflection of the outer you do not repudiate that, you let go to it, and you find out that it then creates an integration back to a oneness, and back to a wholeness.

So the purpose of your dream is to show this quality of going back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth, and for you to notice and identify with the fact that it’s not really a valid option for you to try to win the ticket from Mongolia back to this inner overallness, that you won the ticket from this overallness to come into Outer Mongolia for a reason – and that it’s all here, just like it was there.

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