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Universe_web_1024It is an intriguing concept to wonder about, in terms of why are we born into the physical plane and then are supposed to spend all our time connecting back to the energetic realms from which we arise? And there’s a fundamental truth of physics behind this: energy alone cannot change its state. Only through the physical realms can energy evolve, learn, and refine. So that is why we come here, on behalf of creation herself, to assist in the process of transforming energies in the refinement of the universe. And the human is the most sophisticated practitioner of this process – that’s why we’re considered the crown of creation. The catch is, we are not meant to process the coarseness of the man-made world – creation has no use for that – we are instead designed to process the natural world and create new possibilities according to universal purposes. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just had one dream I remember and, in this dream, there’s a man who manages a woman singer and he’s trying to match her up with a male singer. But the way he matches her up was influenced by my looking at the Apple Store yesterday, because in the Apple Store I went and looked at a table where they had all different kinds of iPads. And the iPads are all lighter, and thinner, than the one we have, and they’re different sizes. Some of them are smaller.

And then on the iPad, as he opened it up, it represented a male singer, and it would have discs or symbols on it, and as some of those symbols matched up then they would collapse, you know, like a game does, like they collapse together and run down the screen running into other symbols, or balls, or whatever they are. As three or four would match up, then they kind of continue to run down the page, or disappear. Then others fill in, but at some point, when there’s not enough matches, everything stops. And that’s like the end of whatever songs or singing matches up.

So he had been bringing her over all these kind of regulation-size iPads representing, you know, a singer, another singer, to match up with her. And then he felt like he was done, but I come in and I have a couple different size iPads, maybe smaller or thinner, things that he hadn’t thought about that represent some men that he just hadn’t thought about in terms of their singing with her.

But when I bring them over, you know, one or two actually match really well. They’ll run for a long time. It just hadn’t occurred to him to try them because they look different, or they had a different way of singing than he had thought about, but they would run for a really long time. All the symbols would run down the page. And so that was the whole dream.

John: I hadn’t thought of that. After my meditation dream, I was spending a lot of time fighting a rear guard action against the idea of opening up, or waking up, on kind of a plane of the soul, because it didn’t seem right. It looked it gave up something, it looked like there was a collateral effect that looked like there was a way of losing a sensation or something, in terms of how one is in the outer.

And so I was quibbling with this idea that one has to not give up the outer, and if this is kind of like a shift, or a whole different plane reality that is there, you can’t have one for the other. In my sleep last night I was finding that, on the plane of the soul, there’s no recognition of the outer. I can’t even tell I’m here. You know, I could chip a tooth or do all kinds of things, you know, to try to hold onto the fact that it is such a traumatic shift.

And so, when I came to bed, I had image after image after image showing that I was actually fighting this process of this kind of shift into this plane. What your dream is doing, is your dream is pointing out that there’s more going on here than meets the eye. Your dream is pointing out that there are variables in other levels that haven’t been thought of, that also correspond reflectively as a consciousness develops, that exists on this side. Because you’re situated firmly without this mannerism that the masculine has of having to contend with the on high, or bringing down the seed of something or whatever, or staying there even, you’re looking at what all there is in manifestation and you’re actually making a strong point. A strong point pointing out that there’s more going on here than meets the eye.

And that when I’m sitting, in my sleep, struggling to not give up the contangle of things here I don’t have that information. You have that information. You can make the argument a whole lot better than I was making the argument in my sleep. You were singing the praises of how there’s this, and that, and the other, and it introduces a whole other dynamic that no one has really taken into account, or realized, that is important about how it is and what there is.

Yes, in an ordinary way, the physical plane is something that’s very limited, and very dense, and seems very trite, but as the consciousness opens up in the inner you have a corresponding reflection in terms of what is a way of permeating into the outer – and that there are ways that something can be brought through into the outer that are unimaginable, and can only be imaginable if you allow yourself to fully appreciate what the outer is all about. Isn’t that interesting how you dreamt that?

Normally we dream kind of in a cohesion, but apparently what you did was you took on my concern and, instead of dreaming in a cohesion, or a theme, you took on my concern over what is kind of being introduced in the awakening process, and you responded to that concern, because my approach is too negative, and I am downgrading the significance of what manifestation is about, in my quibbling even, and, therefore, even though I’m trying to hold onto and know that there is something more in manifestation, I don’t have good enough facts to not keep quibbling and quibbling and still affected by this pull to just lose all sense sensations completely and be on a quality that is a dying before you die plane of the soul kind of nonbeing. In fact, you don’t find where is the self in that.

So you provided a better explanation than I seemed to be able to provide on the issue, as to the virtues and values of what can be realized and recognized in manifestation.

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99334uThere is no end to the development possibility of a human being. At every new level reached, more becomes possible for the individual life, and more becomes  possible for the service that that life can provide to the universe. We speak about connection, yes, it all begins with connection to higher energies. But with those higher energies comes higher intelligence, and a need, and an ability, to respond to that higher intelligence. At every level is a new beginning – as we align our life closer and closer to the ways of the universe itself. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: All I really remember of my dreams is, it felt like I was trying to get a certain alignment to happen. And the alignment… something would begin moving through my body from right to left, and I couldn’t seem to get the shift, or the alignment to happen.

I finally figured out that maybe I was sleeping on the wrong side of the bed for the alignment. I mean, that’s the best I could come up with. I think I even asked you if I was on the right side of the bed or not.

It just had to move through in a certain way, and things had to be lined up in a certain way, and I couldn’t seem to get it. And so it’s almost like that frustration drove out any other thoughts I had, or any other dreams. It was like I just couldn’t get that alignment to happen. I was so frustrated.

John: What you were trying to comprehend as a sensation is how something comes in, as an access, and that access that comes in, to put a word on it, is called the Will – with a capital W.

And you’re not the Will, but you have access to the Will. And, if you’re able to reach that, everything else drops away. In fact, if this Will is viewed in an outer context you can look to be kind of reckless because the access to something like this is all there is for a human being to catch up with.

If there’s such a thing as consciousness, it’s the access to the Will that is the consciousness. And that when one meditates, or does whatever that they do, if there’s an alignment and such that you want to use as a word, that is all about being in a place in which what can flow through you, can flow through you, without there being any fear or any reaction. Fears, reactions, things that affect the heart are stop points, or end points, that occur in terms of something unfolding.

The sweeping from right to left is interesting. I’ve never experienced it from right to left. I’ve experienced it from left to right. It’s a quality, it’s a spirit energy quality, that one can easily push away but, within that, is an access. And so if there’s even such a thing as a training, the training is this access. The more you let go to this the more you appear to be trained in some capacity, but you’re not really trained, your just able to follow the access to the Will of what is in the overall. And the overall is just a vibration, and your access to that is an access to an inner vibration.

And, therefore, that’s why even in outer appearances you can be quite peculiar to a person who is observing something like this in an outer way because you’re not going to make sense of it, except in some sort of relative fashion. You’re not going to make sense of this because it is not something that is tangible, in a way, to the senses that is absolute. It can only be tangible to the senses in a relative way.

It can be experienced in an absolute way, however, but the senses of one’s reactions or fears, the way they take something upon themselves, gets in the way. So it is really an amazing state of being, so you kind of had a glimpse of something that’s very peculiar, in that regard, in that if it would have fully made itself known it can kind of drive you a bit crazy because, as you come to recognize or to see this, you’re going to have your reactions. You’re going to have to put veils on that because, following the access of something coming in, and to, and through you, is a kind of quality that to the mind would have to be seen as, if the mind has to see it that is, it can’t because to the mind it’s magic, you know because to the mind it doesn’t follow any ordered principle.And yet this is the ordering of all of the principles of everything that there is because it’s the essence of the inner, and its full aliveness.

So you catch up to it in bits and pieces – the spirit energy of things – it’s kind of an interesting way of just being situated in life so that what occurs dances around inside of you as a language. It has its own language, has its own knowingness, but it’s an access. It’s not the Will itself, but that access can be such an access that it’s pretty hard to tell the difference between what is an access and what is the Will.

So this is how inner and outer come together. The access comes in as an inner, and the Will has to do with what is created. And so the access and the Will can come very, very, very close to each other and, I suspect that ultimately yes, I suppose that there is a coming together that is a oneness between the two – and that’s an absoluteness, then, because then it’s an aliveness of everything that there is.

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2wqqIt may seem hard to imagine that we all have a unique purpose in life – within the greater purposes of the universe. Yet we know there are no two people alike, and each hour of the day brings into play different astrological alignments, and the planet is flying through space so it’s always being affected by new energies. This is part of what combines to make us unique. And the universe wants our unique expression, as part of its unfoldment. So for us to figure that purpose out is to find our greatest liberation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream, in the middle of the night, all I really remember about it is I seem to be with some people in a place that’s some kind of a structure that’s deep in the woods. And there’s someone to my left that’s in some kind of a framed container, feminine, lighter color.

And it feels like I’m trying to make some connection there with something, something that’ll get me out of the woods. But I just feel like I couldn’t quite do whatever I wanted to do there, you know, and then I woke up, and had the hardest time going back to sleep, and then I had another dream.

John: This dream has to open up, as a precursor, to the way the process is designed to work in terms of reaching a knowingness in which to function in physical existence. In other words, in this dream what you were trying to do was, you weren’t able to quite get things to open up as much as they needed to open up, right?

And that has to happen first. And this process is something opening up to the degree that it needs to open up is a process in which you go somehow home. In other words, it’s like you actually do seem to catch up with, at the interval where the in-breath turns to the out-breath, you catch up with a knowingness there.

And basically another way of saying it is that there is the soul, and the soul has its wholeness, and that wholeness extends to everything that exists, and that between where we’re at in the physical and that wholeness where everything is one is a journey, and involves having to sort things out, and you’re working with the heart, and you’re doing all of this with your values and the orientations and you’re miscontruances.

And, ultimately, through all of that, you come to find out what is important on a soul level. And that when you come to find out what that is, that’s a knowingness. And if you stop, and if you indulge in some capacity or another, before you catch up with the knowingness, then you do not complete the journey, then you go off on a tangent, and then you have to suffer the degree to which you bifurcate it off to one side – still believing in something else to have a greater meaningfulness. Something, in other words, that you might imagine, or perceive, or associate, or identify with separate from yourself because only yourself, your true inner self, only in that is there something that is truly real.

So you’re trying to do the first part, and that is to catch up with the knowingness of something which is on a soul level, which is information that just automatically is imbedded and linked inside of you. And, until you do that, then you can’t really come down or contract into life in a meaningful way, because you have to have the full picture to be able to do that.

And when you do that, then you can take the quality of what you have caught up with, on a soul level, and you can bring it right down into life then, and do something in life. And when you do something in life, it’s different then. It is invibed differently than from how it would be invibed otherwise. It’s invibed with what is meaningful from the other side. And the doing of something like that, in the process of, we’ll say, the journey between inner and outer, is the game that’s being played in which you do the full breath, the in-breath to that space, and then back down into life in a contractive way.

And when you’re coming back down into life in a contracted way you introduce another term that isn’t talked about readily in Sufism, until towards the end of the process, and that’s called you become sealed. What does that mean? Well, sealing is a way of looking at things and being, in terms of things, in which how you are in that regard is meaningful, and so is meaningful, you know its meaningfulness, and so you can concentrate, or focus, your attention around it as something that is meant to be, that is important to be, from the level of knowingness, from the level of an inner knowingness.

Now this is a most difficult thing to do, and that’s why it is said that you don’t want to seal too early. And that is why it is said that you put it off as long as you can, too, because eventually everyone does, and when they do they then are able to follow and abide by the inner orders that are coming from on a soul level as an importance – in terms of that which is designed to be manifested into life.

But you didn’t dream all of that. All you dreamt was you’re trying to shake out the knowingness. You’re trying to get to where you have the unvarnished essence of soul.

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