What is Written Within

Humans, by design, have a greater purpose in life, beyond career, family, and any physical trappings of success. That purpose is to become aligned, and in service to, the purposes of God and creation. How do we do that? Simply put, we are coded and designed to respond to the call of this higher purpose; we already know it, deep inside, if we can become quiet enough to respond to our inner guidance, through our higher self, which is naturally connected to everything in the universe. John’s dream shows him getting this message from within, in the form of a Fax. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the next dream I go to a place where I can receive an important fax that informs me about what a person is up to. In other words, there’s something going on that is a mystery to me, and so I go to get the fax to get the dope on it. Upon receiving it, I feel I also need a copy of it, because I receive it on the inner plane levels where it actually happens, and so now I need a copy of it in the outer plane.

I sneak into the commander, the chief of police’s office, where he has a copy machine. But this copy machine is hooked up to his phone, so I’m proceeding to make a copy of the document. It’s five or six pages and it takes a long time to do it, and somehow or another I think I’m hidden and out of sight and no one’s watching me.

And I have an inroad to be able to sneak into the police station because a person who works there I know needs to talk to me about something that they are interested in, so I have a certain comfortability of being able to go in there even though what I’m up to, I’m doing off to one side. But the police kind of know I’m like that.

It’s not like I am hidden from them, but I know that deep down I’m kind of taking liberties with the place. That’s the sensation I carry. So someone in another office picks up the phone, and the phone is tied up because I’m using it to make my copy, and realizes that I’m in the commander’s office. And it’s like everybody knows immediately. It’s almost like, yeah, he’s up to something.

As soon as he picks up the phone I’m caught. And so they have to stop me. So the word goes out that I need to stop, so I get every copy I have rounded up in one big mitt full. I didn’t get a copy of the very last page is all.

As I come out a person hands me like a door opener type thing, or access opener, and says to me to give him a call. He also says that it will take a while. In other words, he knows what’s in my document, and it will take a while for this person, in terms of what this document is about, to act out however they need to act out.

So I have time to utilize the inside dope that I have, before whatever that is, is able to occur, so I have the time and the freedom to do what I need to do. The cop was more or less telling me that.

In other words, they’re not confiscating the documents or taking the papers; when I left the commander’s office I just picked them up all in one lump deal. I probably need to sort them out with the exception that I don’t have a copy of the very last page. But I have the original, so I’ll be able to figure it out from there.

The meaning of this is that one comes into the world with a purpose – an inner soul purpose. We find it by connecting to who we are. This higher self has the primary blueprint. In creation I am able to slowly catch up with what is written within.

Appearances are not what they seem to be, in this reflective realm. The police only appear to be doing their job. Actually, they are instrumental in my access to re-recognizing that which I carry within. They are my key and means of access.

In the dream the police were the part in me that needs to learn the right protocol for opening doors to what needs to be known. Deep down they’re on my side, even though for appearances they serve the collective. I know that, but still I have to recognize that there’s got to be this plausible deniability when it comes to the collective order. So they have to kind of stop me and look the other way, but not lower any booms or anything, and I have a little time to act.

The fabric of the world is protected, supposedly, by these police, the collective police. However, I have a freedom to go behind the scenes, get the info I need, and am able to act upon this on my own before the issue is a public issue that the police need to take on.

The police are also like an all pervading power that can act for the benefit of the whole if need be. I do not feel it will come to that because I have the information and the time. I’m told that I have plenty of time even, that I need to do what is necessary as the police play dumb.

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Something Different is Needed

John’s dream explores the idea that something fundamentally has changed, energetically, in the world. Because of this, the way we respond to it requires a different approach. The images in the dream point to a greater need for cohesion, and the understanding of the intertwined nature of all things. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In this one dream, a second dream or so that I had, you’re sitting in a chair, in which you try to turn around and listen a little bit, and then behind you Shah comes up and he says, “Something would have been a lot easier if I hadn’t changed my mind,” or something hadn’t changed.

I said to him that, “Nothing has changed.” It’s just that when we talked about it he indicated that he can see people, on an inner plane, that should be part of that. That didn’t mean that one still wouldn’t do the expeditions and whatnot that were generic. It just naturally came together.

I said you know, “I kind of have a feeling though that maybe it’s not meant to work that way where something is selected, but then again…”.  And as I’m talking to him, his face gets to looking like the one guy in The Mummy, you know, sunken eyes and stuff like that, like he’s somewhere else, something else.

All of a sudden that dream kind of transports, and it’s like we’re in a room and I’m sleeping at a table, and he’s sleeping, and something comes around the corner, like a maid, to clean things up. And that’s where the scene kind of ends.

And I know that what I wanted to say to him, that I wasn’t able to get out – and it seems like he didn’t want to hear it – was that my sense is that everything is breaking down, and that something different is needed in order to touch things in a more precise or dynamic way.

Unless something is touched in a more precise and dynamic way, well, essentially, it’s my feeling that whatever is taking place isn’t working. I was about to try to tell him that I just knew a person who came back from Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and all these places, and the whole sense was that that was tenuous. But I didn’t get a chance to say that. It was almost like he didn’t hear it.

Now, as I was reaching and probing inside to hear it, it went really deep inside. I mean, that knowingness went really, really, really deep inside. Yeah, that’s a case and that something more has to be done in order to facilitate… in order to effect something. So that was like a subsequent dream.

My dreams had to do with trying to find, or establish, or to work, or bring about a type of cohesion, and that the process of establishing the cohesion had to do with the way energetics intertwined, came together. And so the dream started out utilizing a particular mannerism or trait that I carry as I went to bed, which was kind of pondering what was going to actually be happening, in terms of an unfoldment, of silver, in which I could tell that it was dangerous in terms of what silver was at.

So it seemed, in terms of what other people saw as a raw energy of things, and that I had had a sense of too. And yet at the same time one was tenuous because now one was playing with tight timing before things became more appropriate.

This dream starts off where whatever the objects are, are suddenly all over a back wall, and what does that mean? And so there’s a meeting that’s held, and at this meeting there’s a couple of people that I go with, that I’m familiar with, and then there are these others that are there, too.

And there has to be the pulling of something together to hold an election, an election in order to establish a cohesion, an intertwined energy. In other words, everything that is done has, and aims, and points, in some direction. And what that is about, it’s not just a sequence of all disconsolate energies out there, and we each are going in our own particular drift in the outer. That we each connect to something, in an inner way, in some fashion, even though we don’t know how that pulls together, comes together, cohesively, energetically.

There is a member of a group who speaks on behalf of his group, and he speaks real loud, and I could tell that that is kind of a raw energy and whatnot, and he’s attempting to promote that person as perhaps the president or something, that he could do that. And I realize that that isn’t quite right, but wouldn’t be bad as a vice president in terms of the raw energy.

And a person in our group that is really soft and easy going and energetically smooth, he then naturally becomes president. It’s like it’s a foregone conclusion that he even recognizes of course that he would be just put into that position.

And then I go in as treasurer, and I know that that leaves two positions left, a secretary and kind of a member in general, and that will make up the cohesion in terms of what can come together.

Now, this is important because it takes the energetics that one has, that go about doing this, that, or the other and it brings it into some sort of focus flow cohesion, for some reason, or purpose, or another. Once something like that is clear, it takes out a kind of bewilderment, because the intertwining then is powerful, and it flows. So this is the template that’s created.

Now, as I’m sitting, I’m trying to determine who in that setting is the calm person that’s balanced and works well with everything, and that to me, in my imagination of looking at the dream, is like Shah, and the raw energy that’s bringing in something that’s not yet here and settled and is all over the place in terms of shaking things up, can be like the teacher, and that I’m like the natural treasurer.

The secretary that reports what all of this is about has yet to be established, and something that gives it a general semblance balance, kind of a lilt, has yet to be chosen as like the fifth member.

And so this is the initial dream that I had, and from this dream is where this thing seemed to pop into something that had to do with Shah just kind of coming up to me out of the blue saying something would have been a lot easier if I hadn’t changed my mind, which I hadn’t ever really changed my mind.

It’s not just an adventure, there has to be something that actually works. And of course I guess I’m also in this dreaming trying to sort out the fact that I’m hearing that there is a certain kind of cohesiveness that is breaking down, in terms of how the collective can make a shift, and yet I think I’m coming to the understanding that the individuals themselves catching up with something as a depth inside themselves, can carry something that still has a poignancy even though it’s not graspable. I think it’s just a higher octave of what needs to happen.

I think it’s done as a hiddenness. Shah even said that one of the problems with the Khwajagan was that they became too out in the open, which was like a hint that this whole thing needs to work in a greater hiddenness. Like this one person, a younger gal that was there, that was a photographer, she was impressive, and she was impressive from the standpoint that Shah pointed out that she was there as a person that didn’t know exactly where she stood in relationship to the future.

In other words, it was important for her to be on the trip because this was something that was a catalyst emerging. She was like one of the templates for the future. So, what is confusing is how do you take and do this, and does the teacher have the right to help bring together the cohesion as a selective process? He does draw things to himself.

Is there something about the process that would be too apparent and too obvious, or does it already just naturally come together when he holds the stuff as if these people are all naturally selected? Are they like all naturally selected as it is, and just don’t know it, and they come together and that’s part of the great chemistry and mystery of life?
If so, then what is missing is this cohesion where a knowingness needs to naturally be there. And so it’s like my first dream is trying to show that something is a little unsettled when it is there in a vacuum, not quite cohesively in flow, and that just putting it into a cohesive flow, like in other words, the taking and creating the organization so something could flow with an intertwining, caused me then to see it in its calmness as a golden inflection.

I just saw it just really, really quick and was amazed at how calm it suddenly got when something had all intertwined and come together, so that an intended result, shaped somewhere as a flow, that occurs in the outer, that’s lived out in the outer, could occur.

It’s as if something comes together that you hold, and then it reflects, and you’re able to take it into the reflections in the outer, and it has a lot of power because you tend to know exactly how it is that you are.

The other thing that was so baffling, and that is something that’s jarring to me, is it’s like to what degree am I assigned a particular aspect or role in the equation of all of that? Was I seeing that in the dream, that indicated okay, I’m the natural treasurer?

The secretary hadn’t been chosen yet because the secretary reports this, however it’s to be reported, can always come together later. But what needs to come together to begin with is something really calm at the top, that kind of knows how to just naturally carry something in the balance, and then a raw energy as the vice president, of which it’s totally comfortable being that, it just needs to know where it needs to be placed so that it can continue to evolve and emerge.

If it isn’t placed then it’s apt to try to think that it could be this, that, or the other, and it just needs to be brought into where it fits in the cohesion of things. Then I was the treasurer, which I just needed to be told because I already kind of knew that.

And then because the other parts hadn’t quite come together, I knew that there still needed to be a secretary and a fifth member, but that didn’t need to happen at that point in time. The framework for taking a step, or for unfolding, was now in place and the rest of that could fall into place as it flowed.

And the whole thing was important in terms of a flow, an intended flow, that could be in the outer reflection of things, and the intertwined energetics worked together in an alignment that made something meaningful almost from an inner level of something, made something meaningful, capable, and able to transpire.

However, in and of itself, each of those particular things lacked something. They needed something further to have as a cohesiveness, and once you had the cohesion then everything about one’s self was at ease. But before you had the cohesion it was like the energy was disconsolate, and in need of an alignment, and without the alignment and the coming together and intertwining, you could be on tangents of confusion – and all of it was an aspect of the heart.

In other words, you denoted all of that. You knew what was taking place, or could take place, by having this balance that then worked in conjunction with what naturally rubbed off or flowed from the heart. But to look at a given energetic, in some sort of separate vacuum, would be extremely confusing.

However, in an intertwined positioning, everything became golden. Just for a split second – I glanced and was shocked and surprised to see how golden it was. I could only see it for a split second.

It’s a dream that kind of typifies the type of evolvement where something is kicked into order, and there’s actually, as a consequence, a type of sadness too. The sadness is that it’s as if a decision has been made where these roles have been assigned, or expressions or thoughts of how something then works in conjunction with it have been assigned, and it’s almost this part can’t be undone. It has to come together in order for it to be viable.

And it’s almost like once it is said, it has to manifest. And that part is saddening to me. It’s saddening because it creates the inkling of so much more that one hasn’t come to grips with that is part of the putting together, or the establishing, of a cohesion for flow purposes in the outer. It’s not random anymore.

I never did get a chance to express that something needed to be done differently, because things were still breaking down. I never did get a chance to do that because the calmness really does not want to hear that. It wants to be totally positive.

And yet that isn’t completely realistic because the raw energy knows, and is more of a realist, and the treasurer energy cannot work in conjunction with something that doesn’t actually effectively unfold. And the reporting of all of this, to however it’s reported, and the greater balance is something that just naturally fits in as an innocent fifth party or something.

All of that can be there when the timing is right. I had this as the initial template of dream that did that, and then it flowed into the calmness part, thinking that it could continue to go along. And I kept saying no, nothing has changed. I still can do whatever one wants to do.

It’s just that things are still breaking down. I can tell that. There’s got to be a way of pulling energetics together differently, of which Shah has said that he can see that on the inner plane. So that’s what needs to happen.
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The Game of Life

In today’s dream, Jeane describes an image that raises a fundamental question: What is the reason for life? Within that question is a fundamental choice: Do we live this life for our selves (satisfying our ego), or are we meant to live it for a greater purpose within the Whole? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

 Jeane: The next image was a little harder for me to pull out, but it feels like I’m going somewhere. It feels like maybe it’s a parade where they’re selecting Miss America or something like that. It’s going to have a beauty contest involved in it.

On my way there I seem to pick up the responsibility for this little girl. I have a friend that I think comes to help, too. The little girl seems like she’s come from a very privileged home, and is very naïve or inexperienced about certain things.

Rather than have to carry her the whole way, I decide to let her ride a bike. But I just have the parts of the bike, and I start putting it together, and it has these little copper knobs I have to figure out how to connect one part to the other and then it becomes a whole bike.

So I get the bike together – it’s actually a tricycle – but then I realize this girl had come from such a privileged background she actually doesn’t know how to ride it. So then it leaves me with a dilemma of maybe trying to get her to ride it now and then, but actually carrying her and the tricycle to the parade.

I think on the way there I have a couple of stops. I remember at one stop there’s a man that sits down and starts talking to us. He has a uniform on and even though he has a certain light about him, I’m kind of put off because I have the charge of this little girl and you don’t want little kids to talk to strangers, you know.

Then there’s another instant where I have to stop briefly at my house and have my friend watch her while I take a shower. Then it feels like we finally get to wherever the parade and the contest will be.

John: Well, it’s like looking at an older side of yourself and a younger side of yourself. In other words, you make things out of matter – the one element that’s important to making things industrially, it is considered the industrial component to making things out of matter, is copper.

The older part of yourself has learned how to function, and is functioning, in the outer world as if you can do this stuff literally. As if you can make things out of images and reflections, in other words. It is a little bit… goes around and around in circles as part of deluding one’s self, but you can do that.

The younger part of you is a part of yourself that doesn’t know how to ride the bicycle or the tricycle or whatever it is, because it sits in a state of innocence where it hasn’t yet bought into the inflection to the point where it indulges, and then when it indulges then it contends with what it’s like to mess around or play with the tricycle.

The older part of you thinks it has to take charge of this younger part of you that isn’t getting the memo, that hasn’t yet figured it out, that has to be taken care of. And that’s the game that goes on in life. The parents take care of the children, but the way they take care of them is they indoctrinate them into the outer.

And when a baby is born it identifies with the soul level, and it stays with that identification on the soul level until that ego starts to be developed in its nature. And then the development of that ego causes it to find its own way and mannerisms in terms of coping in the outer. And it’s said that a baby as it is in the in-between phase, is kind of in a type of protective security where it doesn’t hurt itself or fall down. It’s almost like it has a guardian angel over it, and then slowly but surely that even disappears.

And the child is supposed to have developed certain traits for coping purposes and it comes into taking this on on its own. As a consequence you then are caught in the outer. You described almost a depiction between some deep part of yourself that is able to be outside of the outer identifications, and then the part of you that has gotten caught in the identifications.

Then you’re seeing that you, in this state, are of the opinion that you have to indoctrinate those conditions upon the younger part of yourself as opposed to, what if the younger part of yourself had it right all to begin with, but is being compelled to be in the outer and adopt all of these traits as part of some sort of game or journey that the soul has to make?

If it’s a game and a journey that the soul has to make then why, what’s the reason? Well, the only reason that one can give is to gain a deeper sense of the divine, of the connection that one has to the Whole, to gain that in a more deepened awakened intimate sense.

That’s the only reason that one can think for that making sense, because otherwise it looks like a dirty rotten trick – and it’s the opposite. In other words, when you see it like that, you’re inclined to think that what’s going on is the opposite of what should be going on. And yet what’s to say that you can’t have the awareness of the essence, like the child in terms of its soul, in terms of an encompassing quality that sweeps in and takes in everything in the universe, and then also hold that, maintain that, carry that, emanate that into the outer in which you have everything all defined and confined?

Who’s to say that you can’t somehow or another do both? If you are able to somehow or another do both, then from the state that is confined and defined and identifying with things, there is a great sense of reverence and appreciation to the greater Whole of itself, that is everything.

And that would be getting closer to what is the essence. That would be the means of the essence of being able to experience that essence while in a human body, so to speak. That’s kind of the game.

That’s why following dreams is so difficult, because what you tend to see in a reflection could cause you to draw a whole different conclusion, could cause you to draw the conclusion that there is something about the child that’s amiss that has to be indoctrinated into the world that you’re in.

And what if it’s the other way around? In other words, the whole spiritual journey process is not based upon the teacher taking and showing an acuity about this, that, and the other in the outer. Instead, the teacher reflects the ability to let go of it all and therefore what comes across is a huge inner depth that is free – and that inflects across. A purity like that inflects across.

So we accept this under those conditions, but we don’t accept it when it’s portrayed as little child to us as adult, kind of thing. We find something wrong with the little child, but if we find something wrong with the little child, then why don’t we find something wrong with the teacher who takes us back to that essence?

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