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It is both a grace and an delusion that our systems will incorporate anything that has long term effects upon us. If it is a pain or a burden, we are able to continue on, without the constant awareness and struggle that might be caused. It’s a form of management and it is constantly at work to help us. Sometimes, however, we let go of, or drop, the weight of our burden and we suddenly can feel such a difference that we find it hard to believe we had carried it for so long. Many things weigh us down on our journey, and we seek to become as light as possible. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so, in the meditation dream, to compensate from an emptiness coming into the heart, in other words it’s like you can have this quality of the hovering beingness or something, that can cause an emptiness where you’re haunted in some fashion, because we’re all haunted by some mannerism of ourselves. This emptiness changed, this emptiness is there based upon a lack of value, in other words, where something is affecting you instead, so that you can’t catch up with who you are. 

And I changed the energetic by, so to speak, Photoshopping images into the scene that had been missing vibrationally. In other words, bringing something back, something had gotten taken away, or taken out. That’s when something is haunting energetically upon you that isn’t right, and it actually takes something away. Or, to say this another way, I recognized that personal afflictions and sadness drain because a value gets lost. 

So what I did was to seek to bring back what was missing. Now, that’s what I would be trying to do, but instead I’m finding this as if something got lifted. In other words, the sensation is different – I’m still lost in the way I’m used to doing it. 

So last night I sat in the weightiness that closed off a natural flow until I was able to discover redemption from this barrier. In other words, it’s just being exorcised or lifted. So, in the dream, there was a vibration hitting the heart that needed to be taken out. This vibration was caused by something that’s not fulfilling itself as it’s meant to be; you could call it an unfulfilled need. 

So in touching the hungry-ghost quality that keeps that need from being reached, so it could go, I brought a waywardness to a completion. In other words, a part of myself that is whole, but there was something askew. Just like you get sick in different ways, and so you can get energetically sick, I guess, based upon something haywire environmentally – spirit-wise, or something. So, in the sleep dream, I’m feeling free of a weightiness. It is as if an excess force that had been possessing my nature is dispossessed. What my dreams will be like without this will be interesting.

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How quickly things can change in the dream world, shifting from idyllic images of yachts and fjords to suddenly finding oneself in the bad part of town, interacting with crude characters, feeling trapped and hiding in a closet. The idea of a hungry ghost is a representation of some aspect of ourselves that we are leaving behind, or outgrowing, but it should be understood that anything we have ever fed, energetically, will cry out to be fed again – most particularly just when we are about to get on that yacht and sail even further away. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So what I did was a lot like taking a journey to come to see more. Now we’ll pull this together more in relationship to this thing that I had.

I leave the comfort of my place that I live, and I go to a store. No one is coming in, and no one is there, because it is a holiday. And it’s at night. And why I would go there, I don’t know, I kind of have some companion walking with me. But that’s kind of like a shadow or something, because it’s not something that’s the dynamic in the dream. 

And the place where I was at, it’s at a point in time where normally I have a chair that I would sit down and meditate in, but I’ve actually gone out at that hour. Initially, I’m with this guy, I run into this guy who tells me something or another on the street; there’s nobody else on the street. He then turns off and goes into and opens up a barber shop he owns. It’s all dark, but for some reason he’s going into his barber shop. 

That’s when I realize that, why am I even out here because all the stores are closed? But there is kind of a type of grocery store or something that’s open, at least the lights are on, but no one is in there. And I go into this store as I’ve walked on. 

And they have a massage chair. I sit down, as if I’m going to use this for meditation. I don’t quite fully know how to operate this chair, and as I push a button it starts shaking back and forth real hard, so I can’t get comfortable in this. And, as I get out, I realize I’m in a horrible part of town, the vibe of this town is just terrible. So I start wondering, what in the heck am I doing? 

And then I see three guys down some sort of corridor in the distance, anyway. And they’re really crude guys. One of them attempts to talk to me from afar, and I realize, boy, I’ve gotta get the heck out of here. There are dangers in whatever it is that is their habituation or mannerisms. So I go upstairs. In other words, this is a place I’ve been into before that I actually stayed there ages and ages ago, when I didn’t know any better, didn’t have any place else to stay. People live up there. You kind of feel bad for them to have to live up there. 

I know this place, too. So I don’t just go outside or something, because if I went outside, you know, these guys could catch up with me – they’re crazy types. So I go upstairs. And then I realize that there is a point about halfway up that they’re not likely to go, they’d be inclined to think I’m going to give them the slip and go down. So I do the opposite. I go all the way to the top. And there’s an open area or attic area or something up there. And there’s actually a kind of a type of closet spot to hide out at. 

And one light is all there is in this area, it even shines a little bit into the closet area, but I think I can hide there. Just in case I’m wrong, in case they come up. And I’ve got this figured right, they don’t come up, but a couple of old grannies come up and seem to be aware that there’s a problem that I have in terms of those characters. And they say I can come down to the ninth floor and hide out in their apartment where it will be safe. 

I don’t like that because I don’t like what that suggests in their hungry-ghost mentality. In other words, this is a very otherworldly kind of dank, dark place. So I’m feeling trapped. I would like to go home but can’t seem to get out of this strange environment. Whatever caused me to come out on the streets, at such a strange hour, thinking I could be anywhere. It’s just a strange denseness.

And the meaning is, I am of the opinion that subtle energy is able to be directed to permeate the surrounding environment. I am spread out but able to affect the outer vibration I am here to transcend. What is even deeper is I’m meant to be able to shift vibrations, in the outer, and do so in a split second. I can’t do this from a hungry-ghost aspect of myself – or it will prevail and the projections will pull me down from the inner stillness. 

Yet somehow I have to do this. I find myself always having this, where way deep is a kind of ancient past, or something, too. So, if I don’t, then when am I going to do it – next lifetime?

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