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2_taylorjamesIf we remember that we are all the characters in our dreams, male and female, we can see Jeane’s physical attraction to a man is more about making a deeper connection to an inner, masculine element. That, in turn, allows us to see more easily the distraction her female friend is creating – will she cause Jeane to miss her connection? It requires an alliance of both genders inside us to make the necessary journey forward. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then I remember a little excerpt from a dream, where I’m with some people I knew from the days when I did seminars. And one of them is a woman that really liked to dress kind of with designer fashions and stuff, and so she’s interested in me – both in terms of maybe helping her with what she’s wearing, or she’s interested suddenly in something new that I’m wearing.

However, I’m interested in the guy, who I was kind of visiting with before she came. And I kind of want to hook up with him. He’s like over in his bed, and I had gone over there and he usually just sees me as a friend, but it feels like I can’t really find time to connect with him in any way because, you know, she’s kind of dominant.

Although she’s pleased right now with some changes I’ve made in what I’m wearing, it’s almost like we’re a little at cross purposes, because she kind of wants to pull me into that whole dialogue, or go off and be interested in that, and I’m more interested in hooking up with the guy, because I feel like the window of time that I have to connect with him is limited.

John: How did it start?

Jeane: It actually started with I was kind of visiting with a guy, maybe even sitting on his bed, and then she came along. And she’s interested suddenly in a change in what I’m wearing or in my helping her with what she’s wearing.

John: So, this is actually similar to the prior dream, in that you’re finding the feminine aspect of yourself wanting to get out of its own skin, so to speak, or take another leap, from how it is in terms of creation or/and also, therein, what one is wearing, into a whole other frame of reference.

I suppose that makes actually a lot of sense, because the literal nature of the feminine is, is that it is creation, and that it does have to contend with the matter of things in manifestation. And yet there is so much more that is also going on, that is repressed or hidden, in terms of a literalness about just manifestation, per se, that one understands or appreciates in terms of their senses and their mind.

And so that, if you have an inkling that there needs to be more, that you would find yourself fighting to take that step, which means that you are rejecting or repelling what is offered to you, even in terms of how your opinion might even be solicited in relationship to some aspect of what is going on around you, because you recognize that what you need is something of a masculine or bringing in of spirit energy, or however that works as a process that comes from inner into outer.

You need that sort of revealing, in order to be more than what you currently are.

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images-22These images are an excellent illustration of how an aspect of energy works in our dreams. In each scenario, John is more energized than those around him. And, as we are all the characters in our dreams, that is an important relationship to note. Also to contemplate is, where is our energy placed? In aspects of the past, like an old Jeep, or in trying to awaken something that can’t be awakened? Understanding these energetic relationships in our dreams can help unlock their deeper implications for our life.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The next three images show where it is delusional. And it’s delusional because you go along and you think you can do more than you what can do. In some aspect you don’t realize that something has to be let go of.

And it’s like for some strange reason you’ve gotten into a pattern, an approach pattern, and you’re not dropping it. And so the purpose of these three images is to get you to identify with the nature of the vibration, so that you can tell the difference between something that is still important to work with, versus something that is broken down and is hopeless. And you certainly should have seen or gotten the memo.

I’ve taken this breakthrough and now I’ve fallen back on all kinds of things. Basically it’s all the same vibration, though, cause there’s only one vibration. But it has different senses about it, different attunements. Attunements that get all the way to the point, if they’re sharp enough, there’s almost like a listening and seeing quality.

Well in this particular case, I fall way back behind it, just not getting the memo. Each one has me placed kind of as an idiot in a scenario, and I’m not realizing what an idiot I am.

So in the first one I’m trying to make a situation work that is all washed up. The reason I dream this is so I am able to distinguish vibrationally that which is possible, and that which is pushing the bubble beyond what is possible. 

In the dream I have a Jeep that has good memories about it – I drove it a lot. It didn’t cost me much; I’ve used it for years. I think I might have paid $500 for it. And I figure, certainly it should be worth $300 yet. And it’s like, what a great Jeep this has been – it ran and it ran.

But I’m not taking into account the condition that I’ve run it into, that it’s now in. I’m coloring the situation with memories of the past. Because I don’t drop those memories, the person who is interested in buying this off of me, because it’s time for me to let it go, they draw the conclusion, because they’re not willing to make an offer of $500 or anywhere close to what I think I need for it, which is like $300, that I must have been taken when I bought it.

Because he’s only able to see the current condition, which I’m glamorizing instead of realizing it for myself, I’m caught in my past memories. But the thing that is lost about this vehicle is it has dropped the transmission.

Isn’t that interesting? It uses the word “transmission,” I just now saw that. In a Jeep in which the transmission has dropped out, is basically a piece of junk, then. And so the father is there with him, who kind of is more balanced because otherwise I would probably quibble with this guy, because I’m set in my condition and he’s set in what he wants to do – it takes a mediator.

And he’s about to make an offer and i could tell he is going to be offering a low-ball number for the Jeep. Plus he wants another vehicle thrown in that is still functional. And he probably is going to be offering the low-ball number for what that is worth, and then the Jeep just gets thrown in. And hopefully I realize I just have to let go of the Jeep.

Will I realize it? Because I don’t know – I wake up. But the thing to denote is that in the meditation dream I was making a distinction in terms of what is able to be accomplished using viable tools, that it still has a flow connected that enables me to function in yet another intended way. How that feels and how this is, is being compared.

So in the next image I’m trying to find the energy to keep something going. I’m still interested in making this happen. So there is the idea that is brought up and everyone around me looks insipid. In other words they just don’t have any flow, and yet I’m still pushing. 

So, to try to quicken the energy and the vibe of things I start running around in a circle. In other words, it’s like a little court area and I go round and round the court to get warmed up, to get the juices flowing, to get the momentum up. And invite them to join me, figuring that this will bring them out of their trance and their insipidness, and then once their quickened, then they can get into the energy. But it doesn’t work.

I say to them that I guess they don’t have the same vested interest in the actions as I do. Another person there comments about, there are about four or five people there, and he comments about one of the others who is there, who is a person who is a minister by nature. And he says the minister should and does because he should have been interested in coming out of the condition.

And the reason, of course, he’s saying that is this minister as he is pointing out is a people’s person. So he has a vested interest in staying connected. Which means that the other guy speaking doesn’t. I mean if he doesn’t feel it, it just isn’t going to happen for him. 

But the minister, whether he feels it or not, because he’s a people person needs to come out of it. So, because I’m all of those people, obviously I’m the minister, again it’s creating the contrast between something that can’t be sitting in a trance, that there’s a way of seeing through things.

So I realize that this is a valid point. This further indicates just how out of it the situation really is, and that I am absorbing a lot of resistance in trying to make flow that which is stale. So that’s two of them.

The third one’s a little bit different. In this scenario I come across a bunch of volleyball players who have been playing and enjoying themselves, but are all tired now, and worn out, or it’s time for them to quit for the day.

But I haven’t played, and so I’m excited about seeing this opportunity. There they are, and I want to play volleyball. So my energy’s still quickened by comparison. I still have the energetic aliveness, and so I act as if I can jumpstart things; I could use my force of nature to keep this going.

And there are five of them. I would make up a sixth which is just enough to make a three on each side volleyball game. You know you can make it work, but you have to dig deep to make it work. 

Unfortunately, the guys that I see there would be great, because they’re all incredible athletically. But the two women need to quit. They definitely have had enough. So the question is am I going to be sensitive enough to see and respect this, or am I going to keep pushing my over-the-top verve.

And so there is another significance to this. These three images are pointing out how things feel in the outer, now that a change or shift is coming. The outer is there, but it is all worn out, and there is a limit to how it can be jumpstarted. That’s why nothing works in the outer anymore.

And the meditation dream, by comparison, is guiding my attention into seeing through that condition and finding the tools needed to keep on keeping on. In other words, I can’t keep pushing it in the same motif, but there are tools. There’s another way of going at this in which something still has a freshness and aliveness that needs to emerge, which create its own viability.  

Now what’s interesting is this viability – there’s a viability in either direction – either kind of in terms of awakening things more, or a viability in terms of things collapsing. It doesn’t really matter, you have to be part of it either way, you can’t just check out.

So the three images are saying that there is a fine line, when the thread to something in life has changed, to reaching a more productive shift. It’s changed. In other words, in an attempt to find a more productive way of being, one has to let go of what has been.

And that if I don’t see that, and recognize that, acknowledge that, and accept that, then I’m deceiving myself, because I won’t be dropping the habituations of the past that have changed. To understand the difference, there must be an aliveness that is quickened in the overall scenario that is connected to something new coming into life.

In other words, you can’t just try to push the bubble on something that isn’t going to work. You have to actually find a tool or something deeper within, which is behind the scenes of it all, which is important.

It is something to look at in terms of one’s real self, when you look at it more closely, because in the three images I’m not doing that, I’m just pressing my self-interest, lower self-interest, and so there isn’t anything there.

Those scenarios, which are similar to what is going on in outer life, which has a vibration that has been stifled, that is no longer alive, you can’t make anything of that work anymore, because it truly is all washed up.

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Jeane: I had a dream where I want health insurance purchased as a whole rather than bought piecemeal, i.e., all individual policies. I want people to buy things as a whole.

In a second dream I’m trying to convince a woman, who is a tenant in a commercial space, of the possibility of doing a juice bar along with a bakery and some specialized health products. However there is opposition to this within her family.

She has three or four children and I’m friendly with one of the sons. I sit at a table with them and talk, but I know they don’t really want to talk about the subject that everyone is always arguing about, so I come in and change the subject. I start talking about something else. 

The woman looks at me and says, “I wonder if there’s anything else we need to talk about?” Mostly I’m talking to her son, but I’m noticing that the family plays a lot of really rough games in the water. I joke with them, saying that if I play I don’t want to play games that are so rough.

In subtle ways, I’m still trying to show them that this juice bar would make sense along with the bakery.

John: Well, the idea of not doing something in a piecemeal fashion and having an insurance policy that serves or works for the whole is enough to point out that the dream has to do with hearing, listening, determining, and going into that which serves the whole.

In other words: not the personal, but the universal. Being separate from the whole is where we (all humans) start to deviate from what’s intended and meant to be in terms of human process and progress. The idea here is to understand what’s being called for in terms of the whole, so the second dream has to do with looking more at the situation (the scenario involving something that should be done).

You have an idea of what should be done and you see it as being opposed by various parties, who are all aspects of you. This is a cute way of showing that you’re deviating from the whole and going into separations. If you were to listen to the whole, you’d know whether the idea fits or not. But you can’t hear the whole if there’s quibbling or questioning amongst the different aspects of you, so the theme here has to do with how you make decisions.

So, do you make decisions based upon your own prerogative (personal), or do you make decisions based upon something that’s flowing, with the insight that’s coming through as an insight into life? If you make decisions based upon your own “best judgment,” then you’re going to be creating separation, or getting an individual “policy” as shown in the first part of the dream. If you’re not dealing with the whole, you’re only dealing with parts of it, and that takes you into the limited realms of the personal.

If you’re trying to hear something, but parts of you (the woman and her family) are articulating (their) issues in some capacity, then that’s an aspect of not being properly aligned. Those parts bounce around with impulses that aren’t aligned, which then create an inner disorder relative to the flow of the whole. When you have this going on in you, it creates stress and friction, both of which indicate deviation from a state of being attuned.

If we base all our decisions on how something affects us personally, we just get further and further from the universal flow. The best thing we can do as human beings is to recognize that the true definition of freedom of choice lies in being able to connect to that which serves the whole – in our individual way – rather than to choose to serve ourselves, or others, in a personal way.

The first dream was very specific: you’re to serve the whole and not the piecemeal (total coverage insurance is better than individual policies). You are to learn to connect yourself to life in a way that rejects the piecemeal in favor of the whole.

I had a teacher who would tell the story of “Mrs. X, who would never leave her apartment unless she was under orders.” In other words, she never proceeded unless she could sense inside that something was meant to be. If she started to do something and suddenly realized that there was something missing in the connection or the flow, she would stop.

But had something really changed? Yes, in the sense that the impulse that came through her became tuned in. It’s not that she was listening to a voice in her head, she was just sensing whether her actions were supported energetically – sensing whether there was resistance or ease. If there was resistance, the answer might be found in another direction.

So that’s what being pointed to through this imagery. As humans we either flow with the energies that surround and support us, as a contributing part of the universal, or we go off on our own, separate from everything else. It would seem to be a very simple choice to make.

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