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ima=098gesWe don’t always consider the importance of balance in our lives. But balance is something that the universe strives for in every moment, and that happens energetically first before it manifests in the material worlds. In our own journey, we are always seeking new elevations, but we must always have built a stable platform from which to make that climb, or a state of imbalance can occur. The higher we go, the more dangerous being out of balance can be for us.

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Jeane: Well, I had another busy dream from which I seem to pull out bits, but I know that I was in a school setting, teaching with some other people, and we are overseen by a couple that I know that used to run seminars out of New York.

And there are several things that go on. At one point there are younger kids in the school kind of running around. I keep thinking we must teach with them, but we also seem to be apart from them somewhat with the group of us that are overseeing, like we must have some of our own activities that we do.

I don’t see that much of our interaction with the kids. They seem to be grade-school age. I know that we’re putting on some plays. I know that I think we teach something, but I don’t see that that much. I see more of my interaction with either the other teachers I’m with, or with the people that seem to be in charge of our group, the couple.

And then we also seem to come and go. Sometimes, because it feels like the school is down on ground level and maybe even some water nearby, and at times I know I went up into the mountains and, at one point near the end of the dream, I realize the teachers, or people who put on this play, we’ve been coached to go ask for a raise. And it had to do with the plays we are putting on or something we were doing there, anyway.

Before we went to get coached for that raise, it felt like I had left the school and gone up in the mountains and I observed kind of a crafty looking man that was kind of shady. I didn’t know what he was doing, and I had come back. And then when I came back to the school I realized that there’s probably a teacher in our group who’s closer to the supervisors, and I wonder if they coached her how to ask for the raise, but that the raise didn’t extend to us, but I don’t know quite how to figure that out.

And then I look around. I realize one of the rooms is empty, and I realize maybe school has let out for the summer, but it doesn’t feel quite right to me because I remember when I used to get let out of school for the summer, when you went to school that day everybody was kind of excited, and it was kind of chaotic, and I didn’t see anything like that in the kids during the day.

And then I leave. I go to where the rooms we stay in. I want to ask the other girl about the raise or something, and I just see her with the supervisor so that’s not quite the right time to ask. And then I go to my room; I saw some new people in one of the rooms, and I just see like a transparent beach ball in the hallway, so I’m pretty sure the school year has ended now.

I leave there and I seem to be in the mountains again, and I see that crafty looking man. I’ve gone past him and I’ve gone into a room and I see a filet of fish out on a counter, and a frying pan and something. And now another friend is with me and we decide we’ll go over and we’ll fry the fish.

As we go over to fry the fish, the man comes in and we try to hide the fish at first, but he just kind of jokes about how we’re about to eat his fish. So we go ahead and put our fish in the pan and we’re going to eat it with him, even though he’s this really kind of sleazy character, you know. That seemed to be where the dream ended.

John: So, you’re portraying an in-betweenness, in other words, where something isn’t as grounded, where you have a sense that’s not as rooted as it can be, nor is it as speeded up or expansive as it could be.

So you seem to be trying to sort something out from being in a position that’s able to look both up and look down. It’s kind of an interesting spot to be at, because you generally can only do one and not both. And to be at an in-between state it’s almost like you’re between two worlds.

So there’s two ways of looking at that. The one way is to assume that you need more grounding, but then if you had more grounding that would give up something in terms of the way you see something expansive. Another way of looking at it, is being in between going through the chaos of something that’s both up and down, or that lies in between is kind of a condition that’s very interesting if you can sustain something like that, because it’s a process that’s working on you.

In other words, this is almost like two dreams, in which in the first instance it’s being portrayed where you’re at, which you could say it’s almost kind of a miserable condition because human nature is to want to be in one direction, or the other, but not in between. And so, could it be said that that’s the setting, and then the second aspect, or the second half, is where from such a setting change comes through, or is evoked? Or, in other words, you’re able to be shifted, which would mean then that the first setting that would describe where you’re at is indicating that that may seem miserable or imbalanced, but the interesting thing about it is it is looking up, and it is looking down.

In other words, you’re able to kind of somehow or another have an understanding in both directions, and then that, then, because you’re not biasing yourself completely one way or the other, in other words you’re not getting your raise, and at the same time you’re not necessarily quite able to be in the setting with the teachers or with the students, that the combination of that ultimately results in a shift in which this enhances, or leads to a greater consciousness – even though maybe not at that point in time. In other words, it doesn’t seem like that when you’re in between.

And if it is subject to the second interpretation, which means that you’re like between two worlds, and that it’s good to be able to hold that place between two worlds, in holding that place between two worlds is where change is evoked, that’s where you are changed, that’s where you die before you die or, in this case, are filleted into a higher consciousness, the fish being a consciousness, the filleting of it, you being reshaped, re-groomed.

So even though you tell it as one sequence dream, it’s almost like a process of two dreams in which the first part would be portraying where you’re at, in which you’d be experiencing that as awkward because you’re in between both what is as far as a student, and what is in terms of a higher connection, and unable to quite make the higher connection, and unable to quite do the proper relatability to the average student – but you’re aware of that.

It’s kind of like being able in a dream to see something that you can’t reach, but the fact that you can see it and can’t reach it means that you’re going to eventually reach a point in yourself that you can make that step, because you’re seeing in both directions. It would’ve been one thing if the dream had been linear to where it was just one or the other, and then if you didn’t have, for example, the dilemma with the students going on and your attention was just upon trying to get the raise, or to get up above, and no attention to the fact that there was a gap in terms of relatability to the student, and you had just been dwelling in that direction, then one would have said that you’re not grounded enough, and that you’re aspiring too much so in one way where you don’t have the proper counterbalance.

But you seem to have both going on, which means that you’re balancing between two points, which is actually an interesting place to be in terms of how the dream portrayed that coming out because it led to a certain filleting, or letting go, or consciousness. Fish is always symbolic of an opening up of consciousness – and the fish are filleted.

And so your dream is kind of like letting you know what’s been going on and, instead of leaving it in kind of a miserable setting, is pointing out that there is a cadence that’s found.

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what-arngWhat does it tell us about life that our dreams are always trying to help us – in an impartial way? They don’t scold us, or punish us – the images are neutral to the subject, it is our reactions that we experience – but they do show us where we are and what we are wrestling with inside. It implies that there is some reference point that we are seen as being close to or far away from. And that reference point may have to do with our human possibility and purpose. Our inner life may know more about us than we consciously do. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the next dream, I’m actually living in the airport, and it feels like I go out into life and come back to the airport a lot. I’m living in the airport with a number of other people.

And then there’s a point when it feels like we’re going to have some downtime, and I’m kind of observing what different people want to do. And I’ve gone out at one point and I realized I wanted to go across kind of a chasm, and there is a railroad track to my right that goes across, like a railroad bridge. And then where I am I could actually take a board that goes down into the chasm and kind of ride it, almost like a swing, to the other side and then it will swing back. You know, it sways to one side and the other.

But I realize it’s so far across that, although I could do it, I even have the sense I’ve done it before, it isn’t really the wisest way for other people to get across that space. So I kind of drop that idea, and then I have several men that seem to want to go spend some time with me; they’re going to take me out with their car because we have this downtime.

And then I’m observing one man who actually wants to go hang glide, and I’m telling him a place to go hang glide off Nova Scotia where it feels like I even know people who’ve done it in the past, or there was a point in time when I could do it. And then although I’m going to go out with someone later, it feels like I’ve taken someone else’s car for a minute and want to go down to a spot, but it’s a pickup.

When I get into it I don’t have a key, but I seem to be able to get it to start anyway. Then I go down the road and I kind of go down a hill at one point to almost like a picnic area, and I want to turn around and come back because I have a date for later, but I can’t get the pickup to run anymore, but I do get back somehow. I don’t know if I get back with the pickup.

Now that I’m back, and I have a date in awhile, I start talking to a couple of women in the house because I notice I have this problem with the heels of my feet, and the heels have suddenly become like a lot of little layers of skin that have become completely mushy. And I can even pull off one layer and underneath it it’s going to be very mushy, but I realize this is a condition that actually has a name, and one of the other people in the house that hasn’t left yet, or in the airport, is a nurse, and because it’s a condition that has a name I know I can kind of go to the nurse and probably figure out how to fix it but I have to go do that before I can go out on my date.

So I’m going off to find the nurse and I think that’s when I woke up.

John: So the best way to understand this dream is to look at the saying, that one of the definitions of God is: God exists between the perineum and the heart.

And so what you’re using for your in-between condition is living at the airport. And so when you then go out of the airport, initially you can take a little light with you and start a vehicle. But then that light quickly dissipates when you go away from yourself into the outer, and then the vehicle won’t run anymore.

And so you’re finding yourself… you have your notions as to what it is that is drawing your attention in the outer, but you’re meant to be at this in-between zone at the airport. And when you sit in this in-between zone, when you’re able to be in this in-between zone, you instead of mixing it up in life and getting involved in the activities of this, that, or the other kind of in this no man’s land, actually not really existing. You’re not able to actually exist in terms of a persona. You have to invisiblize yourself, or become empty.

When you’re able to do that you find something of value. You come back to this because there’s something of value there, and you’re not meant to go wandering off trying to do this, that, or the other. Your feet aren’t designed for that. I mean, yes, they’re designed to be caught in the illusion of wandering around in the outer, but just like you lose your light, that breaks down doesn’t it? Things break down for you, and you come back to this zone in order to get healed up again.

It’s an unusual dream in that you have to now put this together in relationship to the other dream. In the second dream you’re kind of like using the airport scenario as this emptiness place. In the prior dream you’re using the scenario between the airport and the airplane as the emptiness place. So when you put the two together, the zone between the plane and the actual airport is the place where you need to hold onto an invisibleness, or an emptiness, so that you’re not seen in some capacity that affects the well being of anyone, so they actually then have no problem looking at something about you, and seeing something about your light that they like, and you’re not going around trying to make the light glow because you’ve taken yourself out of the equation. You’re not pushing anything.

And so they then can easily come across and, to the degree to which there’s something about you that affects or touches them, to the degree that there is somehow a reflective process, that process, that quality, that aspect is really said as they being able to be in your heart. And that the experience is not one of trying to perceive outwardly, but the experience is one to reach a point where someone can actually be in your heart. You are such a non-threat or factor that they can abide in that, in terms of themselves, and that is what causes a coming to know something to happen.

But then you’re in the airport, and so in the airport you’re kind of on the cusp of this deeper awareness. And then in the airport where you’re coming and going and beating yourself up, tearing your feet apart, tearing your feet up, kind of knowing it doesn’t work that way, but not completely – as opposed to on the tarmac where your focus and attention is on avoiding the process of having to be something in terms of acceptance and relatability.

So the importance of the dream is to understand where this quality that flickers around in you is aiming at and coming from. So when you go around and you feel that deep down you really don’t want to relate to this, or get involved in that, and you want to feel more alone, where is that space coming from? That’s a vibration. That vibration is kind of coming from the fact that you know that what is best is when you don’t have to act out in any capacity one way or another. You don’t have to be on cue, because that is not what I’m about; I need a greater quietness, a greater silence.

For you to see yourself like that means that you’re going to be immediately exhausted and drained and confused and out of touch with yourself. So when you feel that kind of quality of a vibration inside of yourself, it is like a tuning fork inside of yourself. It’s like an echo of something seeking you, trying to access, trying to reach you. It’s like a quality, it’s like a hint in terms of how to be.

So that’s the importance of a dream like that is it tunes you in to kind of the energetic vibration that makes more sense than the vibration that’s always looking outward and trying to feel itself in relationship to the outer. That’s quite a dream. Gosh, it’s amazing that these dreams can be like this.

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