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JourneytWe might use the phrase: it’s as natural as breathing. If we do breathing exercises with a roomful of people, everyone ends up on a similar frequency of breath – which creates a type of closeness between the people. And it seems that all forms of planetary life take advantage of breathing the oxygen in the atmosphere in some way, shape, or form. And perhaps the cycle of seasons are a process of in-breath and out-breath for the planet herself. On the deeper, inner levels, we know, too, how to breathe with the universe. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: My sleep dream, that corresponded to that, had my name being called out several times in the night. And each time that it was called out, whatever it was that I could’ve woken up to and tried to write up, I would’ve written up in the modality as if I am pounding my way through to a recognition. And, instead, what was going on was each time that this happened was an attempt to draw out of me – whether you would call it a jerk, not necessarily – to draw out of me what was already known.

In other words, to get me to wake up and recognize what I already see inside. When I rattle the cages, as if I am trying to probe, or understand, something, I’m always toitering with some aspect of motion within the breath. But when I really let go, there is an acuity that comes and just lifts something in, and out, and through, as a quality of stillness.

That’s why I guess I’ve come to realize that I don’t really know how to meditate. I just am fortunate to be able to sit and go somewhere, and, when I go somewhere, it comes out of somewhere deep inside of myself. I don’t project myself to it. I don’t do anything to cause it to get there.

If I do anything, it is to figure out how to let go of the loudness that is around me. and the only tools I have to let go of that is to quit putting attention upon those projections of a loudness, as something that drowns everything else out.

And so the art of the breath has to do with the vibration that exists, in the breath, that one catches up with outside of the bifurcation that we have done to linearize it, in some way, shape, or form. Now we make it linear when we put on the breath a mood, when we put on the breath an attitude, when we put on the breath a thought. That makes it linear; or a fear, or anything like that.

So, when we look to a letting go there is a stillness, and in that stillness there is tremendous energy. And that tremendous energy, the catching up with that, is what causes us to really let go to the stillness. The principle of putting everything on the breath, or inside of one’s self, onto a principle of love is a quality of that principle of catching up with the stillness – a stillness that is, as a stillness, a tremendous source of vibration that generally speaking is more than what we, in our defense mechanistic world of in-breath and out-breath, are able to handle.

When you are really, really dreaming at a real, real deep depth inside yourself, the danger that exists is you stop breathing. You can go into the stillness and maybe forget that you have to breathe.

So it’s an amazing science that a person breathes, and yet is in the stillness. That somehow or another is the challenge in life. And to do things with an attention upon the breath, the in-breath and the out-breath, per se, causes a kind of magnetism that isn’t on the level of stillness. You need it to be from a level of stillness, the letting go, otherwise it is a means of bicycling around and functioning in a duality, in the duality of reflections.

So teaching that has to do with adhering to the breath, as opposed to adhering to something behind the breath, gets you in trouble. So like if you hear inner music inside, and you listen to the inner music instead of letting go to that and be swept up by that, you are dangerously close. When listening to just the music, you’re dangerously close to also then being attentive to the breath. And when you’re attentive to the breath you’re trying to blend the breath of in and out, up and down, yo-yoing with the music. It doesn’t work that way. Letting go involves letting go to the stillness place.

And so this was the theme of the dreaming last night. The sleep dream just had to do with me recognizing that the idea that there is something to see, and do, and get others to realize that they don’t already know, just perpetuates the amnesia and the in-breath/out-breath way of projecting.

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LemniscaatIf we think of the human as a mirror of creation, we can understand that there is a realm of energy and a realm of matter; i.e., there is the physical, and there is the unseen. Since we find ourselves in the physical, we come to believe that we are separate from the wholeness. But what about Creation? How does She connect the seen and the unseen? Through the process of out-breath and in-breath, the manifestation of matter, and the return to the source. And we humans can connect to the whole through this same process – if we do it consciously. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The meditation dream had me noticing the flow again, how things flow, in terms of inner into outer, and what that means again in terms of looking at it in a slightly different way, because it’s easier to say inner into outer, but there is a step-by-step process in that.

And, in the meditation dream, I kind of notice that in terms of there being a conundrum when you don’t notice it. In other words, the first thing that happens is you go somewhere deep within, and it’s kind of like you are connected to the essence of all essences. And, in that place, you’re soothed in the stillness beyond time and space – but you don’t stay there.

And then, at some point, you start to make a return into the outer, or you return by way of a vibration starts to come out of that stillness. And then the thought, which is connected to that vibration, begins to formulate, or formulates from what had been an unconstellated firmament, that being just the stillness that’s the overallness of everything.

And then as the vibration comes more and more to the surface, that’s when projection starts. That’s when you take notice. That’s when you start to try to grasp it or something, or try to quantify it. Before you take notice, though, everything makes sense and is wonderful, and you’re able to abide in the empty, all-inclusive stillness.

But then, as the thought-upon-thought comes, and becomes more of a projection, then because it grabs your attention in terms of utilizing it in a plane of thought-upon-thought of sound, there comes a point when the vibrations make themselves known in a way that grabs one’s attention contractively. Projections are contractive.

What I mean by contractively is that you are focusing, from the overallness, in which there’s the unconstellated formulator of essence, and you’re taking it into a formulator mode, which is like a type of creating, and although you think you’re making it more real, you are actually hurting it. By trying to funnel it down you see that as a momentum, but you’re actually demagnifying it in terms of its overall permeation.

And then, ultimately, as you come to create by these thought-upon-thought vibrations that get concretized into what is manifestation, you come to notice that the vibration comes out of the inner stillness. It then causes the sensation to become more noticed, and more projected, and flows in a way as if it is seeking to awaken, and do so by pulling itself into a process manifestation.

In other words, it’s our way of trying to pay attention to something that is delineated, as if we can reconcile the inner into the outer. Yet by contrast, when we’re more in the overallness, or you might say the inner, where the essence predominates the outer manifestation of thoughts that concretize, you realize you don’t need to come to grips with them because they decolorize the true inner.

And then also what I noticed is, along the way, when maybe something has come out of a firmament or something and becomes noticeable as a projected thought that’s coming down into life, that along the way it’s as if there is a spirit energy flow. And you could say that spirit energy flow is something that rides the in-breath and the out-breath, per se, and in riding the in-breath and the out-breath per se there are all kinds of things that can touch it, both coming in, as the breath is coming down, you might have a centralized aspect to yourself, but then you pick up on other things as well, as you’re coming down, because of the collective nature of consciousness. And that’s as an out-breath; and then as an in-breath you have to let go of all that.

So that’s why one can see the thought-upon thought as kind of a collective consciousness, concretized manifestation, in which the singular vibration is affected by other vibrations which clung on as you go into this kind of crash mode out-breath that concretizes. And then you come out of this concretization with the in-breath. Without the in-breath you would remain as a dense concretization.

And so then, from a prior dream, I come to know that the spirit energy breath is what I perceive to be the journey. The spirit energy invokes spiritual illusion. It does so with the up and down breath that actually does not really exist, yet that is the condition we are in. To be in manifestation, and yet to be something so much more, we have to breathe an in-breath, out-breath, in-breath, out-breath.

And yet the beginning and the end is all there is, and that beginning and that end is actually captured in the bliss of the in-breath to out-breath interval, and the sweet longing of the out-breath to in-breath interval – and that’s where there is an all-abiding stillness, in that brief interval moment. That’s where the stillness is.

Yet the spirit energy, the energy that goes up and down as breath, is where the spiritual illusions lie, and where the ideas that I am on a journey and that I awaken, that’s where that comes from, in terms of my sense of something going on.

When the up and down condition is removed, nothing exists. There’s just the stillness of the beginning and the end, the interval point on the down breath and on the up breath, the turning point. And then we fight all this other in between that we drill down, and that’s how we live it, in terms of our sleep dream. This is kind of like a presentation of the big picture of it all in terms of a set system, so to speak. And then, how do we handle that? Not very well, of course.

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68617We have said that the universe is incomplete: it’s not finished. But part of what it is doing as it unfolds is seeking completeness. Things that are matter seek to return to energy; energy seeks to be released in matter, and humans awaken to their purpose and make their journey back home. So the process happens at the universal level, the human level, and even at the level of the breath: breathe in, breathe out, a full cycle. This is the process that we are trying to join – at a higher level than the physical, because that won’t last forever. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my main dream I’m sleeping, and I’m in this bed, and I’m coughing and it’s like I can see that there’s like four balls that represent the pillow on my side, and there’s four balls that represent the pillow on your side, or circles, whatever they are.

There’s a certain way that I can cough that causes these balls or circles to kind of collapse into each other, and pull together. And I can do that on my side of the bed. I kind of get that to happen, and that’s what’s supposed to happen, but I just can’t quite seem to get it to happen with the fourth and on your side of the bed; the pillow that represents your side of the bed.

And I’m trying and I’m trying, because sometimes I have to start over on my side if I can’t get it to do it on your side. And I’m trying and I’m trying, but I just can’t seem to get that last step to pull where things kind of collapse in a way where they pull together. I can only seem to do it on half.

John: So what you’re doing is you’re trying to access a level, or a part, of yourself. In other words, instead of talking in it as levels, you have to talk in it as masculine and feminine. And instead of talking it as masculine/feminine, you can even talk about it as in-breath or out-breath.

And so from an in-breath standpoint, which is the feminine breath, it’s where something is accessed. It’s where something seeks to go home as an in-breath. It’s where something rises up to free itself from the chains of physical limitation – meaning a type of subjective clarity. That is working, and is reached fairly naturally.

However, the pulling down of the sight and the will, the recognition of what is, from a seeing level, meant to happen, designed to happen, as an inner into outer or out-breath will, that’s the part you’re still trying to bring clarity to. In other words, a part of you is functioning from a part of yourself in manifestation going back to the crown or, in other words, a type of rising up to touch light.

But that whole kind of connection, which is moving towards bliss, which is what is accentuated, when the in-breath turns to the out-breath, that whole aspect is fairly unconscious – meaning it’s subjective, meaning that it’s not something you put your finger on, and you can image it, but you don’t necessarily understand, even though it is a completeness in and of itself.

Credit tends to be given to the seeing of things, and you’re in a zone in which there is something going on that is right, okay, in the unfolding, in the awakening, but it’s a subjective awakening. It’s very much like the feminine nature can tell when something is true or not true, but may not be able to then turn around and explain it back, because it doesn’t have the faculties of a type of clarity that catches up with things quite that way. Yet it knows it and can feel it in its body, so to speak, a body that is correlated to the physical nature of all of life, to manifestation.

The masculine has a problem in that area or, I should say, rather than calling it the masculine, the out-breath has a problem in that area because the out-breath has struggled to come and become grounded, and in touch, with the creation. And, if it can do so, if it can come all the way down and through, it can bring in the divine light or the will. It can bring it straight through, and in a knowable and more visible way, that then is embraced by the feminine, that then renders the effect as an in-breath, as a carrying back.

So the full effect is kind of like a will, or an impulse, or a design coming down and manifesting itself as creation, and then the recognized acknowledgement of what has happened, when it isn’t lost because it’s gone so far away from the so-called home at the crown, is reconciled as the in-breath goes back.

So what you did is you imaged this as a kind of in-breath. Your dream kind of portrays the dynamic that the in-breath goes through as a function of itself, in that it pulls together a completeness from within. So the two pillows on each side make a completeness. When they come and work together it’s the full breath.

The pillows that are on your side, that represent the in-breath, the half of it now, find their completion when there is the catching up with the four balls that’s within them; which means then that the in-breath finds its completion as it goes back to home, goes back to the top. That’s the symbol. That’s the image.

And as far as this being a totally effective cycle of creation, and manifestation, from beginning to end and back to beginning, and it all being a type of pure energy or something, nothing going on just one image to the other, I mean flip sides of the same coin, above and below, in terms of that you don’t have the direction of the will, the above coming down, and you don’t have the access to that. You’re not in touch with that.

You’re in touch, however, with what is waking up, or a part that is then rising up and going back and handing back to the top as a means of facilitating what needs to be recognized, and seen, as a hearing and seeing from the top. But you don’t have the perception of the sight from the top coming down into manifestation that starts the whole process off, because it’s not outer to inner, it’s not the progression. The progression starts from inner into outer, and you don’t have the start. You don’t have the inner into outer. If you could pull that together then you would be in touch with seeing the pure light. Instead you bring it back. You bring something that awakens and inflects. You bring it back.

So what you have is only the one half. You have the rising up of what has been absorbed, the awakening of what has been absorbed. So what you’re trying to do is, if you can find the masculine side of yourself, with the feminine side activated, you will have made the full circle, the full breath.

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