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screen-closeupAre we ever truly ourselves? This dream looks at the subtlety of the mechanisms we use in dealing with life, in the sense that we’ll filter the way we are to accommodate the feelings of others, or speak differently because of the expectations of others, or even change our opinions because we’re hoping for a certain outcome. All these subtle maneuvers take us away from our natural state, and our natural ability to respond. And we can’t really be in the flow of things, if we are not being natural to ourselves. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I just remember one dream that kept repeating, in a way. It’s like I was observing life in North Korea. Because the dictator wanted to control everything, it felt like there was this woman that kind of wanted to… I don’t know if she became a chicken, or she was cooking chicken, but it was like you didn’t want the dictator to know if you got a chicken that was like a certain weight, or anything.

And I was kind of showing them how to hide that by chopping apricots up when you cooked the thighs of the chicken, or something, that you could kind of hide it in there. It was almost like she was the chicken and, you know, when she was cooked you could hide the apricots in the legs and not show that you had gotten a chicken that was as fat as maybe what the dictator would have. Because if he thought anyone had something that was better than what he had, then he would kind of come down on them. So I was trying to show them how to conceal that. But then the dream just kept repeating.

John: So what’s going on in this dream, that’s repeating, is you’re trying to get beyond this aspect of what’s called a frustration, or it’s a tension, or a reactive anxiety.

And you’re trying to look at a particular quality of this frustration, tension, or anxiety, a particular way in which it inflects, as an effect, that is your particular dilemma, or mannerism, by which you prevent, or keep, a certain quality of the secret substance that permeates through everything in the outer – or the inner coming into the outer – that keeps that from happening.

And when you feel a little tension, or a little frustration, in this case it’s like a chicken, or it’s like a type of fear. In other words, it’s a qualm. It’s a qualm of some sort that keeps this from being brought directly through.

In other words, this is all in keeping with the subject matter of: how do you work with things that are subtler, and subtler? And what you have is you have, for example, in the outer you just have the outer as a kind of density. And you relate to that outer density in terms of how you see things with the five senses. And the way you see things with the five senses is caught in this motif of seeing matter as matter – and staying strictly on that level.

But there is matter in sound, and there’s matter in light, and that the level of bringing inner into outer involves having to incorporate a bringing together of the sight of light into matter.

Now that sounds very, very strange. Well, because it’s a different kind of sight that we’re talking about. In other words, when you feel a vibration, something is going on in the outer and there is a way that it is. And then, on a vibrational level, you denote something more, you can denote whether something is a little this way, or a little that way.

Well, you denote it by a type of sight, but it’s not a type of sight, per se, of the senses. It’s a type of sight of a higher-self light of sight. So, in other words, if you’re in a room and you see something in the environment, in terms of the way something is, that causes you to hold back, or to measure what you say, or however that is, because you can sense something more than what’s apparent on the surface, and you can see the degree to which somebody can hear something, or recognize something, or you see what’s going on in a deeper way of something moving around in the nature, or the atmosphere – that’s a type of sight.

It’s a vibratory type of sight. Now what keeps this vibratory type of sight from becoming a substance, per se, in other words going into matter, making it manifest, is whenever you have any kind of friction, and we’re talking about a kind of friction that has to do with fear, that has to do with anger, that has to do with frustration, that has to do with things that have a denser mannerism about them.

So what your dream was doing, is your dream is reverbing back and forth, and back and forth, to try to see how it was possible to have a condition in the overall. And you were setting it up in a scenario in which, if you were to have this condition in the overall, you would have to have this condition in a way so that it didn’t cause a disturbance – because you were in North Korea. And whatever it is that you were able to have in that density had to be done in such a way so that it wouldn’t draw a type of attention that would cause it to appear that you were usurping the powers that be.

So what’s the powers that be, when you’re talking about the outer? It’s the density of things. And so the powers that be in the density of things is the idea, and the understanding, of what’s going on. What brings the inner into the outer is that you have to have that spatiality inside of yourself in order for it to occur in the outer. And, as you embody that and carry that inside yourself, that becomes the atmosphere all around you, as well. But, to the degree to which you’re responding, or reacting, to some heebie-jeebie, or frustration, or mannerism like that, some qualm, is the degree to which you blot that out.

Now why is it that that blots it out? Well, it blots it out because it slows it down. It slows it down in keeping with the density of things, and when something is slowed down in keeping with the density of things, it then goes back to the modality of the physical, and the senses, and the lower-self senses. And so you lose the secret substance that goes at a faster speed, that actually is a type of substance. In other words, all aspects of density have a terminal nature to them. They exist, for only so long, before they crumble back to dust.

Everything is that way in the outer. And on levels of light there’s a terminality, too, but it’s a long, long, long one because that’s such a subtle substance that it’s not like you actually see it, but yes, you kind of do by being able to experience it from within, vibrationally enough, that it’s like a type of seeing because it just permeates through.

Your complexity in the dream was, as something is coming through, to what degree does it need to be kept, held, or maintained, or protected in a particular way, in terms of yourself? And you’re using, as your screening mechanism, a type of fear, a type of chicken, a type of presentation, orientation that reverbs. The reason why it reverbed and reverbed is, by bringing that into the equation, you brought in something that kept it from just naturally being.

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0162adWe’ve all had those moments when we are in the flow of whatever it is we are doing, and suddenly we become conscious of that flow, or our ego flares because of our well being, and we totally lose the connection. It seems an imperceptible shift, yet everything changes. We go from being and doing, in the moment, to trying to be and do. In other words, we get in our own way and limit our possibility. In development, we seek to let go in a way that keeps us connected to the flow, thereby giving us the best potential outcome for any situation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So the meditation dream I have seems to catch up with this kind of slowly, in that I’m beginning to realize that I have to access, vibrationally, a spatiality that is not in the collective consciousness of life.

I mean, this is a little bit like yesterday where I got the first download on this, in which anything that is perceivable has a recognizable reality. And when it is something that is perceivable, then it can’t make much headway.

So, in this dream, it’s like there’s a big football field. And the other team kicks off the ball, and I go in between. I’m supposed to be a blocker that’s supposed to, as they kick to whoever catches the ball on my end, I’m like supposedly a blocker to enable my person to somehow come down the field as best they can.

They kick the ball and it goes to a woman. I turn my back and, as I turn my back, I suddenly could see behind myself all of the areas that are dead spots, that if you can hit those dead spots you’re not going to get tackled. So I turn and I see the woman who’s caught the ball, and I see the fear in her eyes, and I realize: this is the last play, and if we don’t get a touchdown on a runback, it’s hopeless. And yet I can feel all that. I can feel the dead spots with my back turned to it – not indulging in it.

So I go up to her, and she’s glad to hand me the ball, and then I turn around. And, as I turn around, now I’m taking into account the running rushers – and that’s a problem. Before I just could see the blind spots. And so now I’m trying to use my athleticism to race around the end and whatnot, and then I wake up.

And I realize that, somehow or another, in reevaluating and looking at what took place, I had gotten into a set pattern again – just like you and your wallpaper had a certain set pattern, Joan Rivers’ mannerism. And so when I turned around and then started to try to make things happen, in the way that you are able to kind of think that you make things happen, I couldn’t do it.

I couldn’t, in other words, hit this Michael Jordan zone, as he used to hit in basketball, whereby everything just parted. Instead, I was taking into account everything about what was in front of me, and I was going to get tackled as a consequence, because I was still now trying to function with the same mindset that was in front of me – and you have to learn to just let go of it.

And so, the meaning is, a couple days ago I learned that as long as I had a bias, between right and wrong, I undermine the letting go flow. And then, yesterday, I saw an inner vibratory reality that shifted through the collective nuances about things.

This was a sight that I knew, like an inner light inside, because it wasn’t present in the outer, that I knew was faster than a set-and-defined outer. What I saw was not visible in the outer. I mean it was visible to me in the inner, but the outer was relating to things differently, in a more set and established way. And so it was like an energetic, and because it wasn’t visible in the outer but something I could see in the inner, it was like a type of substance, because if you could bring it through then it could affect the outer. If you could shift something in manifestation, if you could affect something in manifestation, then you were obviously playing with a secret substance that could do that sort of thing.

In other words, you weren’t limited by something; this intangible could affect the tangible. So, in this dream, if I get out of trying to finesse, or cope, with projections, I can know naturally where the empty space is at. When I just hold that space within, I can get it. When I turn and try to use this as if it’s a type of consciousness that you can grab a hold of, that’s when I’m set up to fail again. In other words, that’s when I fall back into the outer dynamics.

The meditation dream last night is telling me that to go beyond collective conditioning in life I must let go of my outer sense projections that we function with, you know, because we’re constantly thinking we’re in a bifurcated world. That is impossible to let go because, when you see limitations, you are in limitations, instead of an intertwining. And thus there will be definitions, and those definitions will keep you lost.

So I can reach beyond limitations when I place my inner beingness into an intangible vibratory state that I have no need to control. If I see it, and I focus upon it, in other words, you’re trying to do some sort of control and whatnot, you contaminate it. But if you’re able to simply access the vibration, and nothing more, and hold to just that, you won’t be setting up resistances because you wont be trying to perceive things this way, and that way. And, thus, you’ll leave the heart free to be in the overallness, without any stigmatic fetters, or spells, from the outer and its collective. That’s the meditation dream.

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32wufpWhen things come together, it always feels like an uplifting moment. And that’s because, energetically, there is a rush of energy coming into an alignment, and in the aligning of things comes a new sense of flow, and it is the new sense of flow that makes us have that feeling of being up-lifted. In this dream, we see the dreamer literally lifted above the crowd, and it begins with being an observer. Or, said another way, it begins with being part of the scene, but not personally involved in its outcome. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in the dream, last night, I felt like I was either observing, or I was a man, and went down the road. It’s almost like they were all together, and if you got it right you could actually ride on top of the group, the man that I was, could.

But, if something went off slightly, then you kind of fell to the side of the ground, or had to walk. And it felt like there was a time period there where there was this ability to ride on top of the group, as it was going down the street, and then something shifted, couldn’t quite keep it, and got off, or fell off. And I was observing how that worked, like what were the energetics of the group, and how did that work?

And then it felt like I was observing him, that he was traveling somewhere and going across a bridge. And I knew he had to go by an orchard. When he went by the side of that orchard, then he would be going down into a town. So it was like he knew how to get there. And that’s all I really remember.

John: What you’re actually doing is you’re merging. You’re doing a type of merging. And the Tai Chi is like a way of taking kundalini energy, or you could say a kind of an energetic, that sits there in between things, but isn’t meant to sit in between things. It’s meant to be able to be part of the substance of matter – but a part of the substance of matter as a flow that comes together.

And so you were taking and attempting to notice, or you were realizing, that the higher octave of getting it was the ability to see, and recognize, how it kind of becomes you, in some fashion. Or, in other words, there isn’t any gap, or barrier; that it has a tangible presence over your beingness, in some sort of intangible way.

In other words, normally a person goes through life and the way they feel their body, and the way they feel things, in the denseness of the outer, is correlated to how their senses work, and how they draw from that set stimuli impressions, that they then sort out in kind of an outer capacity way.

And what the theme of the dreaming is, that there is like a secret substance that’s vibrational. The reason why I call it a substance is because it comes into an aliveness. It has an aliveness to it that adds something to the outer denseness, when you take it in. And, if you don’t take it in, it can be like kind of a bit of a crazed state, if it opens up in a way in which it is really loud, instead of something that can be worked with in a subtle capacity.

If it opens up really loud, and it’s something that just kind of causes your imagination to run rampant, and you just can’t sit in a still capacity, then it can be like a kundalini energy that is an outer control quality of your nature, in which case it can be perceived as a form of craziness or something, a craziness of your being that you aren’t able to ground.

But the assimilation, and the bringing of that, into the denseness from the inner, causes a type of shift in that it makes how it is that you are make more sense. Otherwise, you don’t quite make sense when you’re observations, and mannerisms, are conditional, in relationship to the density of things alone.

So it’s like a secret substance in that it can come into matter, as if it has a substance nature about it, and I guess it does. It’s a vibrational substance nature, and it causes you, as matter, as physical, it causes you to perceive things in a slightly different modality, a more inclusive kind of way, a way that takes into account this aspect that is an awakening.

And I guess you would call it a higher-self experientiality, and it’s not something that you experience through your senses, but I guess you could say that that isn’t quite so, either, because apparently you have higher self senses that can grasp this energetic in a way that is like a flow into life, that is in a way like something that quickens the outer.

Ordinary senses do not quicken the outer, and so you go around in a kind of bewilderment. When the kundalini energy first hits, it can be a type of craze. When it kind of comes into a point where the inner and the outer are touching in some fashion, which is what you were doing in your dream where you were learning to ride over the engulfment of a procession, or a vibration of something, when it gets like that, then there is a sense of making the intangible, being a vibration, tangible in something that is a denseness, in a way that can cause you to have an appreciation in a way that shifts you.

But what does it shift? You can always say it shifts you, but what does it shift? What it does is it causes you to touch the heart. In other words, when you’re going around and you’re affected by the senses and whatnot, you’re developing kind of a blandness, an understanding, a copability, a way of sorting and sifting, in terms of an outer separate capacity way. And when there is the catching up of a vibration, that comes from wherever, that opens up within, that enables you to let go again, that enables you to assimilate something more, which is something that you’re kind of always reaching to but don’t necessarily realize it, when you get it, when it smoothes out, when it’s suddenly natural, the heart is touched. It’s exquisite.

You could say well, okay, one of the reciprocal aspects of it is you have more energy. Okay, that’s like the word shift. Something shifts well, you have more energy. Again, how do you have more energy? You have more energy because if you look more closely your breath is fuller. When it’s not there, your breath is shallower, and your breath is shallower because you’re in a state of ping-ponging about in a way of having to sift and sort in a separate capacity mannerism. But, when this comes in, it tends to take the echo shadow of the outer, it tends to cause that to make sense in a higher-self way, a higher-self sense, and when that occurs it’s like your appreciation of life is enhanced. Again, that’s how the higher-self sense works, and when that appreciation of life is enhanced – instead of a type of suffering in a denseness that is in a state of bewilderment, yo-yoing about – you kind of glean to a more full breath.

And you don’t necessarily notice you’re gleaning to a more full breath. You notice things, like in your dream, where you’re sitting in a kind of overall presence about that which you are in, and just like this Tai Chi teacher is something that you merge with in terms of a quality of what he is causing you to recognize, that is what you want, or need, to have happen, it is almost as if you get the sense that as you’re listening, and as you’re figuring things out, that there is a sense of that going on, too.

Well, you’re not merging with the personality, or the mannerism, of the person, you’re catching up with something in which he is tweaking this quality that is there, and has always been there, and has this other way, means, or capacity for doing so. Doing so what? Of touching this inner substance quality that is always permeating, and, when it comes into manifestation, when it touches manifestation, then it is evoking and creative.

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