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trompe-arch1Sometimes the images in our dreams get straight to the point: here, a barrier has been erected in front of a doorway.  So, where there was a flow, where movement was possible, it has now become difficult or impossible. And because the setting is a home, or apartment, the dream is speaking of the inner life of the dreamer. So the structure that is being put up is between one aspect of the inner life and another, pointing out the resistance to what is being found, or a fear of what might be found. Still, in the dream world is the safety of finding a resolution in a natural way.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had one of those deep dreams that was hard to pull out, so I just remember parts of it. It seemed like I think I was with you, and we had an apartment that seemed to be partly underground, or a house.

And, at some point, while we were doing something, like in one room, a repairman had come and he was fixing something up towards where our exit was – because we had to go up to exit. Although what he had done was pretty, he had put this really thick board with bolts across there.

I’m then mentioning to you that I don’t think I can get out now, because I go over and I have to jump up to even grab onto it. And then I try to see if I can haul myself up, and roll over, and that would be how I’d have to get out – and that doesn’t seem like a way to really kind of come in and out of the house. He needed to build it so that there was more space, or not quite so high.

And then I can’t remember the other things that were going on in the apartment, but it felt like in the background I could see somebody that was holding… it’s like they were holding energy, in a particular way. And the conclusion I drew from this was that change is a lot harder than one thinks, because of these traits that get kind of held strongly. And that was the most I could tell you about the dream.

John: Well, it seemed like you had an image, in terms of whatever was built, or constructed, as an outer idea, it was done in such a way so that you couldn’t come and go freely, right?

Jeane: Mm huh.

John: And so what you’re describing is something that’s put in place based upon ideas, concept protocols, essentially projected ideas, of the time. And what you’re finding is that what has occurred is in the way of a natural flow. Isn’t that what you’re describing?

Jeane: Yes.

John: And so your dream is attempting to direct your attention to the intertwined, connective flow, because that’s where your heart can naturally relate, and that’s where you find yourself to be at ease. And your not at ease having to try to contend with the conceptualizations, and the mannerisms, and projections, that are in the environment around you.

Now what you’ve done, with this dream, is you’ve taken the thought-upon-thought, and you recognize that that becomes concretized, in terms of the outer, and that certain man-acted-upon, or projected, thoughts-upon-thoughts have led to a structure, or a barrier, that makes it difficult to come and go. And the coming and going that you’re talking about is a coming and going in terms of the inner essence of yourself.

And so these concretized thought-upon-thoughts have imposed barriers to the natural free flow of a quality of heartfulness in and of yourself. In other words, your dream jumps you ahead from the standpoint that, in the physical, what you see around you is an accentuation of thought-upon-thought, or in the mindfulness of projection, concretized into the outer.

And your dream is jumping you ahead to a sensibility that comes from the heart, that knows that that sort of thing is in the way, and just needs to be set aside. That’s an interesting dream, right?

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M.C. Escher

It seems that when we become good at certain things in our life, there is a process where we learn, and grow, and practice, and hone. Yet, at the point of mastery, we are still letting go of all that work and just being in the moment of what we are doing. We switch from doing, to being. And in whatever process we can achieve that switch, we will have found a certain mastery of the flow of it. And never is that more true than in our spiritual pursuit, where we won’t find our way through understanding the journey only with our brain, but when we begin to live the process with the whole of ourselves. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Okay, one dream that I had, that I seem to keep coming back to, it was like I was studying these dots that were in-between two lines, or sometimes they were just out there. But somewhere you knew there were some lines that were boundaries for them.

And what these dots were, and they usually came in pairs, but I’d see at least four of them at a time, is that they would be where you would hook up like a sewer line, or some type of a water line, and they were supposed to be hooked up two at a time.

Well, everybody had their ideas about this, and sometimes people would just hook up to one of them, and they didn’t hook up two at a time. They just didn’t quite hook them up right, and then they’d wait to see how it worked. And I would just keep studying this to see, well, did it work if they tried it that way? Or do you hook up two or more at a time? Or, okay, if we do just go and hook it up the way somebody wants to try, is that going to work, or isn’t it going to work?

And it felt like I would go back and forth studying this and see. Wait, okay, we tried it with just one, is that going to work? As far as I know you’re supposed to do it this other way, the way they’ve already been laid, and I spent a lot of time doing that.

John: The step that one’s being asked to take, at this conference, is to let go of how things work and just go ahead and plug in to a natural flow. That is the way the human condition is able to function in an overallness that’s impossible to sort out. That is so much that it leaves one, by comparison, the condition that one’s in, remains always trying to sort something out, always fumbling about.

And so what you’re doing is you’re taking the principle of an overallness, where you have the energy lines and everything, and you have an ability to catch up with that which is a little more profound than the average person is capable of doing, and you’re able to recognize that there is a way of delving into a flow, or into the depths of that; there is a naturalness there.

And you see the naturalness in composites of four. When in a composite of four, that’s in an ordering in which there is a naturalness, in which you’re able to surrender and flow. But you also note all that’s there, and you can try this way, and that way, the variables, and when you do that you find yourself having to struggle, and contemplate how this can be, and how that can be – which means that you’re making things overly complicated. Because it’s meant to just be a natural flow. When it’s just a natural flow it doesn’t matter what right or wrong is, or anything like that. It’s just a natural flow.

The isolation of things happens when one tries to comprehend how something should be. And you can develop an amazing kind of understanding about it, but that doesn’t necessarily go anywhere, when you can just have the natural flow, if you just surrender to that.

That’s why Lewin is saying that there’s only three things going on: there’s prayer, there’s meditation, and then there is the dhikr, the attention to the name of God, an energized charged condition. And it’s charged by something that’s sourcing from the absolute, or sourcing from the innerness of innerness. In other words, it’s not just a human being anymore.

In other words it’s like, it’s a common misconception, and was kind of thrown out there initially by Lewin, that a teacher is a person just one step further on the path. The path is endless. You just have to flow. You have to let go.

And Lewin is no longer looking at himself as just a mere teacher. He’s actually referring to himself as the guru, and a guru is a very significant term. To be a guru you can’t have the personal intertwinements that could throw something haywire, or off. You have to bring in the full transmission.

And so I’m looking and realizing that, yes, it can be kind of interesting to try to understand why it is that things get pulled and tugged this way, and that way, and there are people here who are overwhelmed by kundalini energy and such, but that’s part of the process, that’s part of the tugging, that’s part of the download that’s happening, and they will sort that out.

There is a greater design towards sorting it out. One can take and look at trying to understand that, just like you can try to look to understand all of the energetic points that lie in between two parallel lines, two Ley lines of life. You can look to try to understand that, but the understanding of that, by going from this, to this, to that, to that, as opposed to holding one’s self in a wholeness, taking each one on as a wholeness, as a greater overallness – and you can do that with the dhikr. You can hold that overallness by a certain quality that you can touch that with, with the dhikr.

But if you lose that vibration, then you can still try to needle along, but you’re going one at a time, two at a time, and you’re messing around in which you are actually tearing yourself up if you attempt to do that – and you’re making this whole thing complicated.

Because what that image is also about is a means of being able to delve in. You have this in-between, and this vacuous space in-between is something you could delve into like water. You can go to the depths of something there, but you’re not going to go to the depths trying to figure it out.

Like the gal I was talking to the other day, wonderful, wonderful person, but is trying to understand the meaning of what it is that she senses in order to find a sense of peacefulness for herself – and you never can find that peacefulness. That kundalini energy that you have will sort itself out, if you surrender. You have to surrender to a naturalness; a naturalness that flows within.

Your human condition works when it works in that capacity. It doesn’t work when it is constantly having to follow a path, or to try to be in a particular way, or to have a grasp of something in a particular light of understanding. Those lights of understanding get in the way of the heart.

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756452It is easy to think that it is our uniqueness that separates us from the crowd, or that makes us different. But that uniqueness is really best fulfilled as a part of the whole, as a thread in the tapestry of life. When we make our life completely personal, we detach ourselves from the whole, and from the energetic flow that is the wholeness. We thereby lose the connection and support of the energetic unfolding – the everything that’s trying to happen – and end up in a dead-end path of our making. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, I find myself in a setting in which everything is provided. I cannot imagine, or anticipate, there can possibly be more – and yet there is. It’s as if a blind spot, in the universe of my beingness, exists, as there is more, and more.

In the dream, as I am coming out of a building, feeling good about everything, this person who suddenly just kind of walks on by amicably, without any pretense or anything, that I’ve never seen before, and this person just seems to flow in a way that opens life up, just by this natural flow.

In other words, it’s more at ease. And until this instant happened, life was such that there was like nothing new under the sun. In other words, everything was accounted for, and there might have been a certain way that you felt contained by all of that, but now the whole process changes as a naturalness, never seen, or not in my awareness, is suddenly there. And it affects the possibilities as a consequence of what looks like an effortless unfoldment and movement.

The meaning is, this is a dream that’s suggesting that a deeper revealing is now possible, as I have gone in my way of being about as far as possible, and now something has to shift to open something up as a greater dynamic.

Whatever I did in the direction that I went has paid kind of a price of admission, or something, so there can be this revealing, based upon an unexpected shift. And, in the shift, there is a quickening to catch up with what heretofore had been unseen and unknowable.

And what’s especially fascinating about this shift is I can tell that this new way is just getting started, and that I can no longer rest on what I went through, because, what was, now suddenly seems stiff in comparison to this. In other words, things that are making sense suddenly make more sense. So how one was proceeding kind of wilts away.

And then in the sleep dream, a woman introduces me to her friend, who is another woman I have never seen before. And this friend of mine, woman, comments in some nuance way about a product this woman is bringing into life, that she represents this product. And then suddenly I get handed a tube.

I think I get handed this tube by my friend, and it has no markings at all on it. And then I’m told by my friend that this woman has 30 stores that sell this. And so I’m looking at the tube with no markings, and I immediately say, “Well, is this some sort of hand cream in this tube?”

And that’s acknowledged, and then this woman says that this product here must have gotten out of the vat before it was ready, meaning it hadn’t  been completely packaged yet, and had to go through a certain protocol before it could be distributed.

So, as I am standing there, she is pressing her face into mine, as her way of trying to explain what is askew. And you usually have normal boundaries, you know, distance, and is going on and on with regard to the changes, or what needs to be, and what all of this is about. Well, I’m distracted by what I figure is a really weird image, her face smashed into mine like that, as she’s trying to explain.

In other words, you stand back with a little distance. You just don’t overpower like this. This is an odd sensation. As brilliant as she is, she doesn’t seem to notice that she doesn’t have good spatial sense, and I don’t know what to do about this without breaking the flow and disrupting the communications.

Meaning: The theme is about how naturally, nonchalant, and amazing the unfoldment is, if I am able to step aside from petty nuances. This is a revealing going on that is nonstop, but to take it in, under the outer spatial conditions that prevail, a step back is needed. And when I take the step back, I realize that I am able to let go and take in, in life, more than I realized was possible, meaning that one is able to go beyond the defensiveness of one’s nature that one had been carrying around as a demeanor.

And then in this last sleep dream, I’m in a room, it’s like a room and it has a big table in it. And it’s like I’m with a teacher and a group, and we’ve all filed into this room, and I pick up a hose to water, and start spray washing this large table in the room, the top of it, cleaning it off.

And then the teacher, at some point, says if there’s anyone else who would like to chime in, or jump in, to step forward and take the hose. The table is pretty much clear when someone takes the hose out of my hands, and, of course, my attention is upon the table, so I’m not sure what’s going on.

In other words, I don’t realize yet that there are other things that can be done to shape and design what is needed. So this person then starts doing something with the hose to something else in the room, and then this person explains why they’re doing that to this thing in the room. And suddenly I notice, one by one, each person identifying an aspected need, as if there is a cosmic list, and that they then would be taking the hose one by one in terms of affecting something that’s to be anew

And what impresses me is that, in the unfoldment process, and as a result of what each of us has a natural way or role in terms of this process, what impresses me is how the heart, which normally feels a weight when one is kind of on their own or something, and there’s a waywardness, there’s a wonderful effect that rises to the heart because everything is in a design – it works – comes together as a whole.

The meaning is, the dream is pointing out that there is so much more to shape and shift an atmosphere. There’s much more than I realize. In other words, I’m used to looking at my own particular thing, being overwhelmed by even just that. What I’m meant to recognize is that I am part of an overall unfoldment process. And that where I’m at in this is just an aspect of a much bigger picture, able to participate in an aspected role in the overallness.

It’s an awakening in that overallness, and it’s in conjunction with a group, the whole, of which I am not everything, but I am integral in what I do. And in catching up with all of that, in coming into conjunction with all of that, the heart is fulfilled as the support and coming together enriches the whole. And what occurs shapes and lifts up life such that each part, of each step, of us, in a process, touches the heart.

So that was the coming together of the three dreams. It kind of starts off in which you come to realize that you kind of have a blind sight to the fact that whatever it is that you’re doing, that that isn’t so important, and that there’s so much more to take place.

And then when you come to realize that, you lose the image of yourself, the identity of yourself. But the key, then, is to get into the right cadence of ebb and flow, and then when you get into the right cadence of ebb and flow, you find, then, all of a sudden there is this huge wholeness, or overallness, of which each of us, in our own unique connective inner way, has a place within that. In other words, we’re not just all independent, we’re intertwined.

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