A Common Flow

Is it possible that a form of life can exist and not be inherently interconnected with its environment? Anything that arises in an ecology must be a part of that ecology. Humans may feel themselves separate, but that is because we have stifled those natural connections through the centuries, and have turned to a reliance on our ego and brain for interactions with the things around us. But, as humans we are much more, and our spiritual journey must include reconnecting to what is natural in us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Okay, I really just remember my last dream. And, in this dream, I think you were there, and I was in a city that seemed to be being built out over water. Whatever formula was going on, whatever we were trying to do with people, or with building something, it wasn’t really working. And I could see things were going to crash and burn. 

On the other hand, I didn’t want you, or the people doing it, to give up too soon because I had this feeling that we could actually figure out the formula about why it wasn’t working. If we gave up too soon, and then people just tried something again and it still wasn’t working – but they wouldn’t know why. 

And I kept thinking that maybe if we could figure out what the formula was about why it wasn’t working, then we could figure out how to fix it. And if we gave up too soon, that wouldn’t work. But I don’t really know whether it was going to work, either.

John: The theme of the dreaming has to do with the fact that there is an interconnection to everything that exists, within everything that exists. It’s interconnected, intertwined, and that there’s a common flow.

First of all it’s interconnected, and it’s interconnected because it has a common essence, and it’s through this common essence that a common flow can occur. So the common essence could be, say, for example you can say the heart is the common essence from which a common flow is able to exist. And that common flow is where you end up with what is called an intertwined oneness. 

And so, we all have this as a core component, whether we acknowledge it, or recognize it, or sense it, in other words, just to what degree do we denote this is a whole other thing. Now, we are inclined to have this common essence as a naturalness, in terms of the oneness, this common essence in which a common flow is able to be there. And the way this common flow works results in an intertwined commonality. 

So, in a way, this may not make a lot of sense to physical appearances, in the world of physical appearances, that is, where you’re only taking something like that into account in a black-and-white way. However, because we can denote this other, within, where we have something more in common in an intangible way, and that there is a flow within all of that that is also there. 

If we’re just trying to look at it in a black-and-white way, it can be most bizarre. We have to let go, and take in, and abide in this common oneness of flow, and do so in a way in which we don’t thwart, with the outer, this naturalness that is in the inner. 

If we attempt to thwart in the outer this naturalness, which is in the inner, we choke ourselves off. We pinch the heart because the heart doesn’t function that way, even though it, in its denseness, can appear to be estranged. But the heart, basically, doesn’t function that way because the heart is the vehicle upon which everything connects and transmits through, and accesses through, or it absorbs all that there is and every mannerism in the wholeness of life. 

So, if we resort to the strict outer tools of things, and hear the echo of something that is meant to be in an intangible inner way, but can’t get out of the way of the outer reflective, then it’s going to be very bewildering. And it can give you a headache – and that’s what you were experiencing.

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Outside the Frame

Humans are highly trainable. The world has changed so many habits in the past year that it should be clear that a willingness can overcome many obstacles. This is equally true for the work of personal development, or the effort required to make a spiritual journey: we are retraining ourselves to use our consciousness to focus on different things. When we do this, our systems begin to supply us with the deeper, more connected, information that comes from the energetics we are aligned with. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The earlier dreams, it seemed like I was at the dojo that we’d been at last night. And if I wasn’t there, I was at a place nearby talking to people that went there. 

And I was trying to figure something out, but it seemed like, in order to really belong, you had to, in terms of martial arts, you had to find this woman that had been there for a long time. She’s actually a woman I have seen there. She used to teach, I think, the form where you work with a fan. 

And I felt like maybe you had to have some kind of combat with her, or a dance with her, or something to really become part of the group there. It was like I was coming and going trying to figure out how things were there. So, when I left, it’s like I would visit someplace in the neighborhood where people who were part of that martial arts group went, and then I would be going back there, but trying to figure out how it was that you really became part of it. That was the earlier dream.

John: The underlying theme of the dreaming last night was to be able to go outside of your usual frame of reference – that is in an outward context – because that outward context draws you into reflective responses. 

And so to really learn, or to access, something, you have to catch the flow that resides in an unseen capacity. You weren’t noticing that, per se, because for some reason you were still having to notice, or be in, a state of attention with a type of unfoldment, as opposed to a type of unfoldment that has to do with an individual orientation – instead of recognizing that there is the inner unfoldment that is what dictates.

Now you could have had that sensation because you had the components there, but you still had some other sensation in terms of an outer context way. And it is for that reason it can be concluded that your mind senses, in terms of an orientation of what comes through, still has that quality of a filter. 

And because the sheer flow that puts you into a connection that affects how the outer is in relationship to everything, that causes the mirroring of yourself to a deeper depth of self, that’s part of this hidden zone that you’re still, apparently, seemingly feeling that you have to not get to, or go to, directly, but utilize a means to the end or something, find something that triculates something yet left to have to resolve or to contend with. 

That’s the right focus and the right attention, but the result of the hearing, and seeing, and experiencing of the inner as a flow, you’re not quite seeing that it has to be like that. You’re still acting like there is something in-between yet. In other words, there’s the sheer outer – you’re not going to buy into that. There is something that can teach you, or cause you to have a grasp or understanding of things – you can accept that. But then there’s something that goes beyond even that where there is just a natural flow.

And, in that free flow, all of the other falls into its proper ordinariness as a space. And, if you’re in a flow, your responsibility changes, too. Those in the flow, or caught up with the flow – up to a point, that is, of being caught up with the flow – orient themselves to another listening center that’s in the outer. 

We’re still talking a type of flow that’s a little bit probationary in that it still is heavily flickering, it’s not there constantly. As the flow becomes more constant the inner connection is recognized as the primary way that something needs to come through – and that puts you into a different space of being challenged. 

It’s not an outward challenge. It’s an inner challenge to stay with the flow and recognize that the flow is everything that comes from within, and is able to not be affected by the reflections because the flow is louder, yes, but also subtler. 

And when it has gotten subtler through a quality of honing, that comes from a rhythm of the in-breath, then the flow has found a type of subtle humility, and a type of peacefulness, and a quality of compassion in what it witnesses, and knows how to, then, work for what pulls something through.

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What Unfolds

There are many ways to think about being in a flow. Sometimes it means we don’t intrude upon, or impose our energetic print on, something – while it is unfolding. In other words, we don’t determine the unfolding for something else. Yet, other times, we can be in the flow by doing what is energetically urged upon us, or made possible, in a given moment. The skill is in knowing how to read the energies. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: This is a very bizarre sleep dream, but it does make sense. In the dream, I’m in a room and have work to do with a person who is intense in his nature, intense with a certain focus, because he’s got an agenda to get it done; that kind of intensity. And thus, he’s pulling that out of me. 

At this time, I don’t realize there are three other beds in there, actually there are four beds, but there are three others, and three of those beds, the people that are there are under the covers, you don’t even know that they’re there. At this time, I don’t even know that they’re there, all I notice is the guy in the fourth bed is sitting up and he is trying to direct the energy however he wants to direct it, and doesn’t like the intensity by which whatever’s going on, so he turns the TV on. 

Now, this is like a college room or something. And he’s a new guy. And then there are three others that are also new, but brand, brand new. And he’s new. And we’re the old timers. So because he doesn’t like what we’re doing, he turns on the TV. And I know from a depth inside that what Robert and I are doing needs to unfold and that this is the time for that to happen. 

So I hold the focus. And in holding the focus, I go over and turn the TV off. I’m not sure if this is going to start a fight, or a bigger problem, or not. What this does is it sets in motion something in which these other three get up. I didn’t even realize that they were there. In my case, I don’t foresee a problem, or I’m not going to allow myself to see it as a problem, what I did, because I trust in the flow, and am maintaining this flow, to follow it to wherever it goes – because it’s what’s in the atmosphere. And the other, that equivocated, is a misalignment. That other that equivocated is basically a very powerful force. 

Suddenly, to my surprise, those, like I say, in the other beds, who have come to this campus, and we’re really groggy and went to sleep, one of them is a woman. And for some reason I greet her with a hug, and her chin hits my shoulder and lipstick gets on my shirt. She suggests several ways to get it out, and I realize she has to do it her way. 

So I say to her, so I guess what you’re trying to tell me is I should just take off the shirt, give it to you, and see what happens. In other words, she does whatever she does to get the lipstick out. In other words, this is an approach that’s working with the energetics in all regards, which I have to go along with because they’re important to the flow of life. 

And the meaning is, and we should put it together, that to begin with what jars or sets in motion something is like a mannerism. And the mannerism can have a kind of alpha quality to it, like my reaction to things is a bit alpha. But the truer influence is deep within myself. And deep within myself is kind of an inner history to all that exists. 

To recognize and accept the inner focus needing to come out, while at the same time accommodating others in life, does not get in the way of what is intended. You step back and watch to see what is intended. In other words, you don’t go out there and try to impose something and fight something. And what unfolds is just there to be beheld. Such watching is a letting go so that what is meant to unfold finds the flow – which is what you pointed out, it finds a flow and runs its course.

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