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soul_bodyWho are we, and what is our identity, when we completely let go? We can imagine it as being fully and truly ourselves, without the psychologies and reactivities we carry, and in the flow of the energetic whole. We may think that our psychologies are who we are, but they are just pattern formations to help us manage the world we are in. In the real world of energetic cause and effect, we won’t need our psychologies, because we are no longer managing the situation. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And then there’s the meditation dream, where it starts off where you have this person who goes up to kind of a game board in life, much like going into a casino, for example, and up to something where you go through the motions of playing some sort of variable.

Only it starts off, in this inner dream, in that the person is able to inject their head entirely into a void so that there is no thinking, or reacting, whatsoever, in terms of what happens. In other words, it’s almost like your mind stops. In other words, they’re totally consumed. When like this there is nothing that can affect them, and nothing can occur that would faze them out of this neutral beingness, a beingness that just isn’t taking every blow in the heart.

The reason is because this is an image in which there is no reflective outer reactiveness in the way, and you’re just letting something unfold naturally. When something unfolds naturally, you stay in this greater spatiality of your heart.

In the next image, the letting go is not complete. In other words, now we’re bringing in where you’re having to contend with this to some degree. There is still an inner evaluatory judgment to this image – and that will affect the outcome.

Whenever there is any mindfulness involved, the empty space needed is directly compromised. This results in a predetermined fate that involves thought-upon-thought effects. Wherever this exists, it results in an outcome as if the outcome is in the hands of the greater collective consciousness, of which we are the greater collective consciousness caught in that mind-upon-mind or thought-upon-thought modality. Such an outcome is what one goes through all the time. These are the outcomes. This is the way we are on the plane of manifestation, thus there is a constant decay, or breaking down.

So in this image the active imagination isn’t in a natural flow. Would you call it an active imagination? I mean how do you describe how something just, in the first image, just let go, and went into whatever it was doing, just took it in, just swallowed it, so to speak, as if putting one’s head into a void where you didn’t have the thought-upon-thought?

In this image I come up before a person who draws the tarot cards, who is pulling out cards for a part of myself that I know. The cards are bright and shiny, and the important cards had a number like 65,000 on it. So deep down I see this as a seeking, upon the outer plane of manifestation, an addictive aspect, meaning that no matter how I may yearn for a suitable outcome, the space I am in is being affected, or compromised, just enough that my thought-upon-thought causes me to lose touch with the greater heartfulness of the soul.

So the meaning is that the first part of the dream has to do with an image regarding a letting go to an inner process in which I surrender to what is meant to be. It’s not just surrendering. I’m just how one’s meant to be. In other words, I’m just not letting anything taking on anything that causes a thought-upon-thought way to have to sort out in the heart – which means I’m just kind of taken.

Wherein the second dream there are thoughts that come up, in terms of the action, and, as a result, the heart has to assess this in terms of how to contend with it. In the first image, I can be in a thought-upon-thought plane of manifestation and shut it completely off, meaning I go somewhere deep within the essence of life, which is like being taken. It’s like being under the care of something, of a stillness or something, of a wholeness.

And in the second image I am not able to quite repeat the process as I am entangled, and thus involved, and, as a consequence, will be compromised by the effects of the outer machinations, in which I am subject to being in the manifestation in a reflective appearance way.

To be in life, the challenge is to watch what one puts in the heart because, if what one puts in the heart goes into the subtle molecular reflective vibration of a thought orientation, that becomes the collective consciousness, and the result is a bifurcation from the real light.

So, in the heart, in the first image, there is no thought-upon-thought, and thus the heart is not in any way imprisoned. Where in the second image there is a pain that remains, because the heart is yet vying into a reflective outer thought orientation oriented manifestation.

In the first image everything is set aside so there is just the magnetized breath shaping what is meant to be, while in the second image either the imagination, or the collection of thoughts in a collective consciousness realm, causes suffering and illusion to continue.

The first image is of protection from that which compromises the heart. The second image takes a common hope and seeks to affect an appearance to be conditional to allow an acceptable delusional illusion outcome.

In the second image, thoughts are involved which tear away the overall fabric and introduce the collective goings on, that are veils, that are thought-upon-thought. I mean all of it makes up what we call manifestation, which veils the inner letting go emptiness from being able to be.

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887012It can feel very disappointing to not be able to control everything that happens; something in us wants to write the end of the story. But that’s not the way of universal things: we want to learn how to be a part of Its story, not make the universe part of our story. Ultimately, a human life is all about the unfolding process, and much less about the end result. If we are able to be in The process, the results will turn out just fine. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in this first meditation part of the dream, in spite of how much I would like something to be, in terms of looking at it in the inner and then somehow or another being able to volley a little bit into how can that come through into the outer, looking at this in a meditation dream I had to admit to myself that hope was being dashed, no matter how I might want something to be, it wasn’t happening. In other words, I know how the vibration of the outer needs to be, that corresponds with the inner, and wasn’t getting there.

So then when I go to sleep I go back into the dream, and that’s when I learn that there is a vibration that determines the situation. If the vibration is there, in a conducive way, I am able to embrace the process and I find inside myself that there’s all kinds of workers, and everything else, that are all aligned; which is another way of saying that all my vibrational nature is at the disposal of what is to be an intended way.

If I see a particular outcome, but there isn’t the appropriate vibrational alignment, and I’m seeing how it should be, for example, but it isn’t meant to be, and yet I refuse to accept the memo, so to speak, that we are in kind of a bifurcation that has yet to run its course, and I refuse to abide by that, as if my righteousness is everything or something, then I’m going to really suffer. And I could suffer in a lot of ways: physically, emotionally; a lot of ways.

So the reason for this dream is for me to know I can reach a particular knowingness state within that aligns into what is meant to be, and then there is a natural flow that is possible. What is interesting is how a charisma of pragmatic energy is naturally able to discern an outcome, and can do so by being able to step aside from value orientation.

If the value orientation of the heart were there, that then would be an even more interesting unfoldment. The reason I say this is, pragmatism, per se, is a wonderful understanding. By understanding, I mean it knows how things seem to be ebbing and flowing in an outer consequence way, in spite of the value orientation that knows how to set it aside and can see how the ebb and flow of something in the outer is, and it can set it aside because it doesn’t get caught in the value orientation.

But what would it be like if wisdom of the heart were introduced to the pragmatist? Well, for one thing, this would really enhance the breath. Instead of it just being one half, the pragmatist half, and then the angelic half on the other side, you could be pulling both sides of the equation out. You’d be making an inner into outer image, as the flip side of the coin, so to speak, the inner and the outer, flip sides of each other, is revealed; becomes the effused unfoldment.

See what’s interesting is to see how your dream worked with all of that. I mean you were sitting there trying to determine how to go this way and that way, and your idea of how you appreciate a ballgame is somehow or another always affected by an opinion, or a mannerism, you have, in terms of what you’re looking at, and what you would like to look at, versus how it actually is. That was the football game.

And then when you took it into life, in your second dream, you came to realize that now you’re applying your mannerism that you had in the first towards the football game, you’re applying that to the action of what it is that you want, and how you’re going about it initially ignores the two kids, ignores the mother, realizes that you’re using a veil to climb under in order to impose something that you think is wonderful. But then when all of that gets factored in, and you find the freedom of the kids, and the freedom of the guy and whatnot, it’s all been a projection.

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a-rippleWe often speak of being in the flow, and of connecting with the flow. And it may seem that there really isn’t a price to pay for our disconnection, but there is. To be in the flow is to be with the natural energetic support of life – wherever that may lead us. But when we put our own emotions and intentions as a priority, we cause ripples in our life, and they can affect the lives of those around us. It may seem subtle, but imagine the worst game of “telephone,” where the message is mistranslated at every stage of the game. What we end up with is completely unintelligible and of no use to us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in my dream, it’s like a young woman comes from, it almost feels like, inside an area into a vast area that might be inside or outside, I couldn’t tell, and she’s looking for her father. It feels like you can pass through and then go out the other side, like you can go from left to right.

And her father’s supposed to meet her there, but she just can’t find him. And then she looks again, and finally he comes out of an area, but he’s all preoccupied with trying to fit something in his ears or something. It’s like the little pill box headset or something. You know, she’s upset because he was supposed to have been meeting her, or looking out for her, and she felt like he was lost.

But the thing is, for some reason it’s all I really remember from last night, but for some reason the whole dream was jolting to me, or upsetting to me, in some way, so I just couldn’t quite settle into remembering anything else.

John: The scenario for the dream is the concern that you have that has to do with your dad not getting well, in that there is this sense that something is off about him.

Now the way you did this in your dream is you equate, on a symbolic level, the father aspect to be a greater overallness. And in that greater overallness you have assigned it as having a responsibility in terms of a well being. And so you have a sadness that arises, or a quality of concern that arises, if when you look at this overall well being and you’re not able to find a wellness, or quality of overall looking after. Or in other words a quality that you can say is a kind of general protection as being ever present.

In other words, somehow in that modality in which everything needs to go on, and on, and on in which there is a sense, at a deep, deep level inside of yourself, that there is no such thing as death, there is suddenly a quality of a going away; that you don’t want it to be like that because deep down you know that for somehow this is not meant to make any sense.

So what is happening is a personal ego quality is looking at this one way, and a deep inner honoring, connective, wholeness, which goes beyond the little self, is looking at it in another way. However, where the pain comes in, where the awkwardness comes in, is where the little self is still factored into the equation and, therefore, is not able to see, and fully connect, and appreciate the big picture.

So what is involved so that the little self can appreciate the big picture? Well, the world is designed so that the father of things… the true connection to the father of things, in the greater overall, comes from a deeper meaningful rootedness that brings the overallness, the macrocosm into the microcosm, or the manifestation of things, and does so in a way that doesn’t leave traces, or a shadow. To the degree that traces or a shadow are denoted, that degree is a kind of ego quality in which there is a pain of separation.

So you’re continuing in the theme that has to do with looking at the role of inner and outer, and how there is this importance of something in the great overallness of things. Only the difference is that you’re looking at your hole card, so to speak, that’s in manifestation, when yesterday you didn’t want to take that into as full a consideration as you are now, which means that this dream has a quality, that even though it’s hard to say that you get it, it has a quality of a letting go that’s in place, a releasing that is there.

And your dad, when he talks to me, follows a deep inner principle of never letting them see you sweat; in other words, keep the chin up. But with you, because of a bloodline closeness and such that is an avenue to, a means for, and reflective aspect of, the greater overallness of yourself the usual veils that exist, because the separation stranger quality in life has more fully fallen away, so as a consequence you are confronted with collateral damage reverberations as things unfold.

Now what is the unfolding? From the personal ego standpoint, the unfolding is uncalled for, or is something that you don’t like, but from the higher-self understanding it is a part of an aspect of the wholeness of a process. And so what needs to happen is kind of a quality of pulling the two together so that there is nothing that creates a reflective reverberation which holds back an unfoldment.

Where you see such an unfoldment being held back, or a process from more naturally occurring, is in a place where a person’s in a hospital, and the relatives are there, confusing the soul of that being. They’re trying to be one again with the world soul of it all. Confusing that soul by saying please don’t go and going through the grief and whatnot that creates, for that soul to the degree to which it has its ego involvement that malingers, creates a confusion so that something doesn’t as naturally unfold. So that there is an unmitigated kind of pain that doesn’t need to be there when something is meant to take a big shift into a whole other level of beingness.

The importance of a dream like this, in terms of a future consciousness, In other words, to the degree to which they affect a situation as if they have some sort of choice, in regards to the timing, is the degree to which they establish a barrier in which something doesn’t properly close.

The reason why it is necessary for something to find a more natural closure, or honorability, or respect, or however you want to call it, is because there is no such thing as the kind of death that the little self is concerned about. When the little self acknowledges, and properly recognizes, that then what happens is a connection; everything always remains.

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