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We’ve seen in recent dreams how the ability to zig and zag, or to keep a motion and flow, prevents being stuck or locked into a situation. Another way to think of this is, if we stay in one place (in ourselves) long enough, dust will begin to gather; everything thrives better with a circulation of energies moving about. For some of us this is more natural than others, and our dreams can show us which character type we are. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So this next dream involves you directly. In this dream, you and I have parked in front of a store. In other words, this is a store that is open normally in the daytime, and it’s nighttime. And so it’s after hours for this store to be operating, and you get out to go into a supermarket or something, and I stay in the car and wait for you to do what you got to do and to come back.

Suddenly, there’s movement in this store. In other words, the store has decided to take advantage of this area where all kinds of people come at this hour of the night. They mill around, it’s nice outside and whatnot. So they start doing these antics behind the illusion of this glass to try to get people’s attention. But I just ignore it. I just wait for you to finish whatever you’re doing in the nearby supermarket store. 

Suddenly, a guy comes out and gets on a loudspeaker and says that his runners are going to round people up. And they’re going to get on all of these buses, and there is bus after bus arriving now and stopping; they’re going to round everybody up and they’re going to transport them all to some other area. 

Well, it makes sense to him to do that, but I see no reason. I’m fine where I’m at, you’re getting what needs to be gotten, and when you come out, we leave. So to avoid being disturbed, I decide to drive around, thus making myself unapproachable. And instead of the car, now, it’s a motorcycle. And a motorcycle can kind of go this way, and that way. It doesn’t have to just stay on a given street. 

And I start off thinking I’ll go around the block. But, no, if I go around the block, I might miss you, plus this is a big block and it’s very cut up and very strange. It’s dark out, I could get lost. Plus, I don’t feel that I know the area that well. So I feel I have to be careful. So I just try to take the bike, avoiding people and whatnot. I just try to do that waiting for you to pop out of the store. 

Suddenly you come out and you’re baffled. You can’t see where I’m at. I try to wave, you don’t see. And, for some reason, I am not coming out from where I’m at to greet you, to pick you up. And you’re starting to turn around now. I’m acting like, if I move I will be found out, and so I’m frozen. 

So the dream is about drifting away; it has to do with being able to zig and zag. But I don’t know how to do that, in terms of waiting, to keep something from affecting something too overly much. And so it’s not something I know how to do very well. So a focus, attention and flow that is going on around me, but I don’t relate to – and I’m not willing to be affected by – yet I am affected because I don’t have the ability to zig and zag.

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We may understand that we bring our personality with us wherever we go, but do we realize that a place can also accentuate, or enhance, our personality traits because of its energetic nature? If a place is built on rock, perhaps we become more rigid in our ways, or if it is built on sand, perhaps we can let things go more easily. We are always acting in relation to our energetic environment – sometimes we seek places that have a positive effect on the way we are, and avoid places that trigger aspects we want to be free from. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, first of all, getting to the bottom of the spell, I first come out of this after one hour and I find myself in a frame of reference that is around a restricted flow, which is nauseating and frustrating. 

So then I go back into the meditation, or into the dream, and come up with the details. I find myself looking into what is going on for two people on the island. But what I see is I see amongst two people, I see them react first this way, and react first that way, coming from within, and the two don’t fit. It doesn’t go anywhere, you just reverb back and forth because you’re not pulling the clarity of something through. That’s what I saw. 

And the reason I went inside to look is I do not like the subtle vibration in the place, and apparently wanted more information to understand the whys and wherefores of why I am uncomfortable. What I was shown is that the responses that are coming out are able to be genuine because each of them is hiding a history – something about them is hidden. 

Well, of course, that’s always the case. Something about us in always hidden in our synapses. Often times when we can’t confront it, we create a personality that’s able to get by. And a personality can be a me, myself and I personality, or it can be a personality based upon the locale. 

So the island is a safe place to retreat to and harbor hidden, undisclosed cause and effect minutiae. Because there is repressed history that blocks a free flow, being in the vibe of the place leads to a veiling and confusion that’s in keeping with the echo in the atmosphere. In other words, do you just go along with it? 

In the underbelly of the atmosphere there is something that one has gone to great lengths to repress, and has done this for so long they do not know what it is any longer. As a result, there is a problem in terms of the soul being able to free flow. So there was kind of an essence or spirit quality personality aspect to the area that worked in a magnetic way and drew things to itself. And that atmosphere has its own way of edifying itself. 

So I’m noticing that what comes out, on a latent, vibratory communication level involves personality issues that are clothed in an inner secrecy. Well, you’ve become acclimated to an atmosphere that fits in keeping with however it is, and whatever it is, that is not breaking free inside of yourself, that, for whatever reasons, you’ve failed to deal with because maybe it’s too traumatic or whatever. And so, that atmosphere feeds on itself and is heightened as a personality; areas have personalities, too.

This sort of thing is projected out from this place onto those who come into such an atmosphere; they have to have the atmosphere inside to find that that makes a good home for them. So as long as something like this is held on to, there is no getting out from under the reflective, inconsistent nature, where the sorting of oneself out, as required, as a conscious path is possible. You take it in and pretty soon you’re lost by it. That’s how personalities work. When you’re in a me, myself mode, you get lost in that mode.

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One of the downsides of operating unconsciously and allowing our patterns and defense mechanisms to play out on their own is we can miss the subtle opportunities to become more conscious of our other working parts, such as the way the elements of earth, air, fire, and water operate in us. It makes sense that each of these has a role to play in our lives, otherwise we’ll always be a one-note responder to the multiplicity of life experiences. A little consciousness is like a ray of sunshine to an emerging energetic. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: My meditation dream had to set up the precursor to show the importance of the nth degree height importance of groundedness. So, in the meditation dream, I put together two aspects. In the past, I either dreamt about a groundedness limitation, or I dreamt about catching up with my soul’s wholeness through a flow, which is a waterway; a glimpse of it that way. 

By putting the two together, I went into a place within myself where I observed upon a witness watcher within myself, how a break of a quagmire I’m able to experience a sense of relief. And I now can attribute to what that means. It is as if a “getting it” has occurred. 

In this dream, I noticed a relief. And I also noticed I was more acceptingly at ease. But I am also a realist, knowing that in the overall atmosphere a lot of what one wants in terms of a greater capacity just isn’t possible yet. I’m still pent up as a result of what I went through, but relieved that a greater breakdown has been averted. In other words, where something is too pushed away and not an access, not completely through, and that breakthrough is not taking into account all the elements. 

So connection within to a contracted groundedness and a greater fluidity, like water, is the sensation I am feeling within as a relief. I hated being both repressed contractively and unable to flow as a result of this oppressiveness. The shift that I’m having is a temporary relief. But, like I say, there’s still something missing more and I don’t have it identified yet as the air and fire. 

I notice this within when the inner and outer found a cohesion in my meditation dream. What I don’t know is to what degree this has to do with the making of pent-up decisions. I’m hoping that that isn’t the case, and that instead it is an inner breakthrough. 

If it is the other, where there’s still something pent up, in other words not yet being able to live through, then that means that another energetic from within has to come out in order to balance manifestation. That would be a coming out of my molecular into the etheric overbody into a state that has to be lived out. 

I hope not – that it doesn’t have to work that way – because this is apt to lead to other unpleasant consequences associated with that kind of reality. So I’m hinting all around about something. And what I’m hinting all around about, that I don’t know that I’m hinting all around about, is fire and air.

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