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Right from the start, in this dream, a change is set in motion. And whenever we are facing change it can be precarious for a while, so here the dreamer finds herself on a roof and needing to be careful not to fall off. And what’s ultimately important is that the change happens evenly, or in a balanced way. Once that is accomplished, our dreamer can come down from the precarious setting and move back out into the world, which poses issues of its own in terms of being able to fit in with the new changes. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had a dream that I almost felt like I’d had before. And it’s like I have a boyfriend, and I’m going to be performing something in the place where we both live. 

In order to get ready for the performance, I have to dye my hair. In order to dye my hair, I go up on the roof, it’s almost like in the attic roof. So I have to be really careful as I’m putting stuff in my hair, and combing it through, and trying to get it right to change the color of my hair, that I also watch my balance on the roof so I don’t fall off. 

And his mother, for some reason, is jealous of this whole process and is trying to sabotage it. She either wants me to get my hair color uneven when I change it, or I have to just be careful with my balance because it takes both your hands to put things through your hair.

And she thinks I’m getting it uneven, which makes her kind of cackle a little bit. But I can see what she’s doing. So just about the time she thinks I’m having problems with it, I kind of do something where I can actually pour something over my head and get the hair color on evenly and comb it through it. 

But then when I come back from the area where I’m doing that, and I go up the steep part of the roof, I do get a little vertigo, and I do have a little problem. But I manage to keep my balance and I manage to get the hair color on even, and I know that she’s kind of upset with that. 

So then when I come down from the roof and I have to go somewhere, there seem to be rules about how you get back out in traffic. And I’m trying to kind of read the traffic right so that I can kind of get back into the flow and get to where I’m going. That’s kind of difficult just because of how the rules are about how you get back out into traffic. And that’s all I remember of the dream.

John: So, it’s a very good dream. And to understand it it’s good to put the question that is being answered inside yourself. It’s good to bring that question out. And then the question almost makes the whole dream make sense. 

So the issue, maybe I can’t quite say the question, but the issue is, when circumstances are imposed upon you, or there’s an influence upon you, by other outside conditions that are attempting to direct, or alter, guide, understand, however you want to say it, how you are, the dilemma is that this can throw you off. This sort of thing can throw you off, especially if, somehow or another, it has an effect or an influence upon how you are that is able to go over the top of how it is that you’re unfolding. 

It’s almost as if you’re taking as your scenario, and looking at the principles and practices, so it’s as if you’re taking and you’re giving it a shot. And so you’re attempting to take and make those kinds of changes in the lifestyle that you’re in. And you’re finding it to be unnatural for you when you rely upon some part of a sense of your own. And that sense could be a part of what gets shaken and jarred in terms of effect upon you. But still, you don’t get overwhelmed by that effect. You learn how it is meant to be distributed, in terms of your makeup and your being. 

But still, knowing how it’s meant to be taken in, or how that is to affect you, or impact you, it still requires that the effect be such that you take steps inside of yourself. You take what all of that is about. You take that in a way in which you don’t discombobulate yourself to the point where you could go haywire and fall off the house, or something like that. You learn how it’s meant to be mixed, so that the colorization that occurs is something that you can work with. 

Now, this has to be put into action then. In other words, what we’re talking about is the process of opening up. And so you have to pay attention, and you have to know yourself. And so the effect that has caused you to then take on a particular overall colorization, or changed demeanor, to see how that works – it has to be put into life, it has to come down into life. 

And, in order for that to work, you have to incorporate from what has taken place, it has to be so natural with yourself that some part of yourself has caught up with it, and is caught up with how it is that you are – it’s not based upon some sort of redirected personality or something that is the effect of something from somewhere else, as an overriding influence upon yourself. You have to have caught up with this as yourself. 

The catching up with this, the recognition of this, as yourself, you have to utilize the changes that have occurred upon yourself to be able to read what is right for you, and what is not right for you.

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FreakouteyesWe are all out of life. We are not in the flow of things. Why is that? Because the flow of life is guided by the whole of the universe, not just by this planet, or by our personal lives. So if we are, in any way, stuck in our own personalized view of life, then we have separated ourselves from what is really unfolding. And, worse than that, we don’t get the protective guidance that can keep us from trouble. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Both of my dreams were pretty loud. The meditation dream… see if I can tell it. What wakes me up is I am standing with another person, and I am of the opinion as I had been standing there, that is where it goes, and this is how it ends, and this is the way it is.

But this other person that is in front of me is all dressed up, way, way more than I’m dressed up, with wonderful attire and mannerisms and appearances, larger and everything. And this shocks me to see this because I had been of the opinion, in terms of how I was, that this is how it was, too, and this other implies that things can be so much more – that this is what bodes for the future.

I hadn’t considered this future. I had felt that I was on a path or way of proceeding that was just fine, and had no idea that there was this other even. But now that I saw this, I’m taken aback because I realize that there is so, so much more and, for some reason, I had blocked it out of my mind, or didn’t know about it, and was assuming that where I was heading and the way I was going was fine. But that, by comparison, is so much more limited to this other way of being – that is also me – that is so much more expansive, and takes in so much more, and has so much more presence and power and charisma – I’m flabbergasted. In fact, I’m stunned that there is such a thing.

I go through the meaning, which is I’m limiting myself and how it is that I can be because I have a concept about how things are designed to be. The dream is saying to me, I am selling myself short. In other words, what takes place you can’t necessarily define or have opinions about ahead of time because who knows what all of that is about.

The dream is saying that I have gotten conditioned into thinking things are more defined than they are. I was stunned and in a state of disbelief by what I saw. I was in a set condition, based upon conceptualizations, expecting something else. What I saw set me straight in that I must quit defining who I am able to be.

And the deeper meaning is that I am seeing that there is so much more yet to happen, to come. This will blow away my current expectations. The way things are unfolding and meant to unfold is more than I am giving life credit for providing or offering.

In this dream, as you listen to it try to see how the two dreams come together. In this dream I am driving a big truck and you’re in the passenger seat, the shotgun seat, and we’re in a parking lot area waiting behind a string up of vehicles to try to get out of this yard onto the highway.

And there are vehicles waiting behind us and there are vehicles in front of us. There’s a traffic cop out there trying to untangle it all so we can pull out with this big truck, pulling this big, long travel trailer behind it. We’re near the front, but it’s still pretty jammed up in front of us because you have to clear that somehow and still pull on to a very busy highway.

And you suddenly decide that you have to go to the bathroom. And so I gauge the situation and I say, go, thinking we’ll be fine. You no sooner leave, and I had thought that both lanes were jammed and the other lane would open first, and then the lane I’m in would open, but the cop clears both lanes simultaneously. And I have no choice, I have to go.

So I drive out onto the highway and I figure I will take the nearest exit because I can’t hold people back, you know, I’ve got to go, so I’ll take the next exit and turn around and come back and pick you up. Well I do that, and have no trouble finding a spot to turn around. I need a wide area to turn around in because I have got this big trailer I’m pulling, and so I start coming back and I’ll be darned if this time I don’t make another wrong turn and now I’m off on a one lane road and there’s snow on the edge, and there’s nowhere to turn around.

And I drive and I drive and I drive and finally I come to a gated spot and there’s a guard there. I hear the guard talking to another person, “Now what is this person doing here? What does he want?” And so they come up to me and I say, “Well, I just need a spot big enough to turn around.” And he says, “Oh, well, we can help you with that.”

So, I drive into the yard and it’s all private there at the end of the road, and it’s the only spot where I could possibly turn around. So I proceed to navigate around, driving at a pretty good pace, yet at the same time not too fast so that I tip the trailer over because I have to make some sharp turns here, and I have to make more than one in order to get out of here.

And so all of a sudden I get the truck straightened out and back going in the right direction and I realize, uh oh, the trailer… where’s the trailer? Well, the trailer has turned into a bull, and the bull got disconnected from the trailer – but this is a well-focused bull, and even though the truck is out of sight I wait and here comes the bull. He seems to know how to get reconnected again and he’s navigating around, and then he comes within sight and I could see him, and then there’s just this last little maze that he has to go through, and it’s a little bit slippery and the bull’s feet start to slip out from under him. He gets a little bit confused, plus it’s tight quarters, and then he starts bumping into those tight quarters to get through the maze and he gets twisted around. I’m still confident I can talk this bull through, but he’s twisted around and he has gotten into a disorientation so he is losing his sense of sight because of the disorientation, and that’s when I wake up.

So the dream has a lot of interesting meaning. So the dream means that I need to stay connected and grounded to all parts of myself because if I get disoriented, or astray, or make a wrong turn, there is no telling how long it will take for me to get reoriented, or where I might unintentionally wander before I can, hopefully with a certain focus and attention, get back on track.

The focus and attention can help in terms of holding an attunement, but if I lose that then I really, you know based upon how my lower-self is, which is that trailer and then that bull, then I really get in bad shape because that’s when you lose the guidance as well.

So I’m able to travel with my lower-self providing something doesn’t create a disorientation that causes the lower-self to fall back and/or develop a mind of its own. The dream is portraying that I am seeking to return to a place where I belong. This is a place where there is a temporary congestion that is about to clear, and when that congestion does clear I am connected as I need to be with the intended guidance to proceed naturally. But that isn’t where I’m at, of course. I got left all twisted around with the lower-self.

So the next question then is how does this fit with the meditation dream? In the meditation dream I know that there is so much more to come, but I have tended to adopt or to, so to speak, seal or get set in a way so that I think that this is what is happening, and this is how one proceeds.

And of course if you tend to draw assumptions like that then you can set off a domino effect. Number one is you start to get out of life when you’re having assumptions like that because there’s a certain magnetism, or pull, when you’re striving and working towards reaching and getting somewhere that is ever expanding, and in touch with your need, in order to do that.

But if you lose touch with that, then you can kind of get stuck in traffic and congestion, and you can start to lose the focus and the attention in the little ways, little by little, until you get to a point where you no longer have a good handle on maintaining a flow that takes into account all parts of your being, of your nature, including your lower-self, which is important and is something that, if it is properly attuned or connected, and doesn’t get too disoriented or lost or, in other words, if it’s properly aligned, it makes for a really wonderful flow in life.

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