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videobll01The culture would have us think that human evolution is based on technology and cures for diseases, yet that is only what people get up to while a different line of progress unfolds. And that progression is handed down genetically. That means evolutionary adaptations as well as traumas. It has been shown that people who experience shared trauma – such as war, or poverty – pass along genetic markers in their DNA to their offspring. So, we may want to believe we are on our own, but the universe, and the planet, and the species don’t see it that way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, I’m contacted by relatives that I hardly know. There is an inheritance that needs to be distributed, and, apparently, I’m one of the shirttail relatives or something that’s entitled to some aspect of all of this.

And it’s a side of the family that I don’t know much about, as they try to explain the relationship thing to me, but that whole thing is just too complicated for me to grasp. And, in terms of coming to me, everything and everyone is accounted for except for a particular connection that’s, again, like a shirttail relative, still part of all of the intertwining of things, that they don’t seem to know anything about.

And so I don’t know why they would think that I could have any ideas, in that regard, because I hardly know who they are. But, nevertheless, I’m being asked if I have any information in that regard.

Well as coincidences would have it, I am in the process of figuring this out in terms of another connection – independent from these particular relatives. And again, I have to figure this out because it has to be located. And it’s some infinitesimal, small part, and I’m trying to figure out how to do the math inside, and I can’t quite even do the math inside. And so now I’m presented with this other, and how do I put the two and two together, and then what does that..? I mean, I can’t compose this at all, nor can I compare where I’m at with them.

And they initially can’t believe what is taking place to be possible, what I have to show them, in terms of where I am at with this is, in a way, similar in regards of the figuring out in terms of their thread.

So the meaning is, in terms of understanding a deeper knowingness, I learn that there is an intertwined connection to a stream of evolution I hadn’t realized existed. In realizing this, a greater corresponding awareness is coming together. So, if one was to look at this in terms of the scenario, or explanation and meaning, in trying to understand the significance of joy and grief in terms of love, a greater connectivity to the correlative depths of the soul is being revealed.

The dream is revealing where I’m at in catching up with an intertwined connection. In the dream I have to cope with a commonality as I close the gap to an intertwined understanding. From the prior night, I learned that there are images in the stillness that the mind cannot grasp, and, as that is synchromatically brought into the unfoldment of tonight, in other words, as the nothing that is brought into the beingness, an intertwined awareness goes even more exponential.

I seem to be surprised by that; I shouldn’t be. The dream is pointing out that I’m still catching up the fact that we are all one. The dream is showing me where I am at in coming to terms with my greater overallness of being. From the flash images of the prior evening that brought me to a conscious inflection point, I am realizing that that inflection point and this inflection point are correlated, or intertwined. In the dream, as I’m scrambling to sort that out, I come to face a oneness. I am yet surprised, however, because I still have my amnesia to contend with. That’s the meditation dream.

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imcaveIn the overview of history, and the endless battles between different tribes of humans, what is lost is the essential reality that we humans are part of an evolutionary process. The very idea of evolution implies that we are headed somewhere, as a species – but not in a random way because of our own “great” efforts. We are evolving toward the fulfillment of our human capability that was latent, and possible, from the very beginning. But because we have disconnected from this understanding, we have detoured off the path and look to genetic modification to bridge the gap, rather than our spiritual development – which is all we’ve ever needed. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, I just had one dream. In this dream. I’m a young woman, and I have a great uncle, or someone, who’s died that was close to my family, that was much older. And I know that there’s material or things that he left that nobody’s discovered yet. And I’m searching for it.

And, in order to prove this point to somebody, I go into a closet in my backroom where I live, and in the closet on the wall I have three like foot-square paintings hanging, that everybody assumes are copies or something, but they’re actually original paintings. They’re like paintings of faces, like a person, or more than one person. They’re very old, and they’re actually painted by some masters, almost like those old Flemish faces or something – very nice.

So I bring them out to show them to someone, to show that this is part of what the uncle left me, and that they’re real. They’re not copies. And that I know there’s more. And this seems to be a catalyst for me to go to the insurance agent’s office, because I feel like she’s been searching for whatever else he left, too, but she wants to hide it from me.

When I get there, she seems to want to put people through a contest in order for us to get the information we want. And there’s a young woman with me, that I didn’t seem to know, but she has to be part of the contest, and some other young person. So she has the three of us go up and we’re having to answer quiz questions and things like that. I’m going along, but with a little bit of an attitude.

But then the young girl with me, she had like a partial plate on her front mouth, and she makes her take it out to answer questions and doesn’t seem to realize this is humiliating to the young girl. And that makes me so mad I stopped the whole game, because I don’t understand how she could do something that humiliates this young girl and not even be sensitive to it.

In my anger I seem to suddenly spot some closet, and shelf, and I’m pretty sure that’s where my uncle’s stuff is. And the insurance agent tries to race me for it, but I get there first and I pull down something like a duffel bag, or something that has things in it that he left. And even the insurance agent’s boss at this point comes in and makes her kind of step back because obviously this belonged to my family. That was part of what he left.

And I have a friend that seems to be close by that’s looking at it with me. And first I lift out two kind of thick books that are covered like with a white and gold leather cover. They’re even peeling back a little like they were real leather and they’re real old. And I open them up, and maybe they’re some kind of a classic book, but I know I’ll enjoy reading them because I remember that my uncle really did like to read books like that.

And then I find a packet with some photographs in it. And I can look at these photographs and see, there might be some of me in my childhood, but then there’s photographs of family going way back, that will tell a story. And I’m exploring that. And I feel like there’s even more now that I can discover that my uncle had left me. That’s the whole dream.

John: So, it’s said that the connection that a person has, I mean, this is just kind of a fact of life or something, saying that traits and qualities and characteristics follow bloodlines. And that if you were talking about this in terms of a journey of the soul, it’s like the soul will wait for the right conditions in which the circumstances are such to come through, in which the closeness, and the similitude in terms of things is such so that it can follow through and have a way, or a means, that’s there.

And, in the outer, this can appear, and comes across, as something that runs in the family like a bloodline. And then you can take that and say, using that as a motif that is recognized or accepted as something that has a pattern of unfoldment to it – of course a lot of other things come through families, in terms of all kinds of habits and traits and issues that are like a karma that particular families seem to incarnate or are born with. But that’s another story.

In this particular case, we’re talking about an awakening process, instead, that is a flashback that is based upon you, so to speak, awakening to something in which you have a connection that’s like a bloodline connection, that goes back. You’re using a bloodline kind of linkage because, in terms of describing it in a mundane after-the-fact sense, oftentimes it is done that way.

So it’s kind of an accepted kind of fact that there is something to that, well, you’re using this as an image to begin with, that you have this great uncle who has something there that you’re able to find, or are a meant to find, or is something that belongs to you, or is part of who you are. And the dilemma you have is, there is a certain degree of noticeability that exists in the outer, and so the collective outer, or the circumstances that you find yourself in, intercede then, get in the way.

You’re contending with something like that, energetically, in which whatever faint understanding there is, in terms of this quality, you have these interceding outer forces that are usurping the equation.

What’s interesting is what you do to break free in order to lay claim to that, as opposed to being pushed and shoveled off to one side. You react. You take a very strong, poignant side of yourself and you direct it in kind of an outrageous, adamant way. You aren’t to be denied.

Now what’s interesting is when you do that, or storm the gates, so to speak, in that fashion, not only do you find it, but you find a whole lot more than just that. You find connections that go way, way, way back. And not only do you learn about yourself at a point in time, in other words, there are pictures of you in there that you’d never seen, and weren’t aware of a kind of quality of energy that may have gotten lost, that is there when you were growing up or very young, and not attentive. Not only do you notice that, but that’s almost beside the point, because you now have a linkage to takes you way, way, way back.

And the significant thing, in terms of this dream, is that to accomplish this, you had to pull up the full force and fury of yourself, not just be pushed around and go along with the flow of things, because the flow of things kept you demeaned, and kept you from taking a strong enough adamant approach that would shake this inner into outer, or recognition of the inner, so that it could possibly be in an outer, as something livable.

What’s interesting is, in the dream, you came to the recognition of having to do something quite direct, forceful. In one way, maybe even considered against the easygoingness of human nature. You had to storm the gates, and essentially got mad. And that brought a clarity to the forefront in which to slice right through.

So that’s an interesting dream describing an aspect of a process, in which it’s laying out a recognition. And then, as well, a directness to that recognition that will lead to the opening up of, and access to, the way you’re meant to be, along with access to so much more of yourself, fairly straight away.

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tree-1To be born on this planet, as a human being, is to be in receipt of a great inheritance – the human inheritance of purpose. But how do we sort that out, when there seems to be no instructions left for us to follow? Actually, the signs of something more to do are everywhere: the history of more advanced, ancient civilizations, the endless UFO sightings, the deep urges within us to keep searching, together with the enormity of the universe and the inconceivably exact way that it operates. All these things point to something else going on, while all the things we busy our lives with point to nothing else, except the ultimately empty pursuit of happiness through the collection of material things. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, in the first dream, I seem to have been with a man who has recently died, and he had apparently had family, been married before, had relationships before, and he also had a lot of things.

Many of those things have been left with me, and I may even be the only one that knows where they are, or what they are, and I’m looking around and trying to figure out what he would want done with some of them. And it might just be something like a nice pocket watch, or some things that are much more substantial.

And, at first, I go to where his family from before was, and I look at them, but then I realize that it’s like they wouldn’t really sort it out. They might just even fight among themselves about it, or they’re not going to be much help to me in sorting out what I should be doing with what he’s left.

So I leave there, and I seem to go through these woods, and then I travel a distance and I come to a town where I have a high school reunion going on. And it’s a little town in the mountains, and, as I travel to this town, I come upon one square where someone I knew, that I grew up with, is almost like playing hopscotch, and they’re maybe going to have a dance in this little area. And I just seem to take that in.

And then I go up to the school, and I kind of look in the classrooms, and I go through the building because maybe people will be coming back and having a dance there that night, or part of the reunion. And I don’t really seem to participate in anything, but I observe things. I see the people that are there, some teachers that are there. I go through the building.

I kind of figure out when things are happening, and I know that I want to time it a little bit so I can come back through the square when there was some kind of meeting, or dance going on, with the girl that I had observed before. And I seem to communicate to her mother, in one of the buildings, where she’s going to be at a certain point in time.

Then, as I travel back through the village, I leave the village and I go back to where I was originally when the dream first began, the other town. And this time now I can see the form of the man that I was with that died. I mean, I realize in a sense it’s not quite like he’s alive again, because he can’t speak, but I realize that now that I can see his form, as though he’s really there, that I’ll be able to sort out what he’ll want done with what he’s left behind.

John: So your dream’s basically pointing out that it doesn’t matter whether you’re masculine or feminine, that there is a sort of plight that exists, and that this plight exists in such a capacity that there’s no way that you can sort it out.

And, as the dream starts, it’s as if a certain kind of ignorance is bliss, in that, in your innocence, you have no idea of the conditions that you’re placed into. And these conditions have such an infectious effect to your being that, if you were to pause and ponder, as if you have a responsibility over this plight, and in this plight, you would realize that you just don’t see it because you’re not able to go back to the history of it all, even – and yet there it is.

Yet because something like this plagues you, it puts you in motion to a type of traveling. And so, as you start traveling, you now switch to where you are trying to catch up with all of this, as if it’s a burden that you have to sort out, this plight, that in your innocence you just seem to find yourself in – not knowing the degree, or anything like that.

Now, all of a sudden, you’re trying to sort something out. And so this is when you switch from subjective to objective, or back to a type of masculine side, and there you find yourself kind of going to a village, or traveling, and there with all of this plight that you’re trying to sort out you see the innocence again, of another woman, which means you were a woman, and now you’ve switched and you’re a guy. And then you go back, then you find yourself going back, because somehow or another you’re realizing that there has to be a type of tremendous letting go in order for you to get it.

And so, when you go back, you can almost now see all of the shadow of things that you’re subjected into having to contend with, when before you were protected from even having any idea of it as being in a type of amnesic innocence.

So what is being portrayed is a huge reporting of your plight, the plight of a human being, and that, what is there that can be done in terms of this? And it is shown that it just is what it is. I mean, you’re that out of it. You go through the commotions, and the motions, and eventually, if anything rescues you, first of all the innocence is like a kind of natural ignorance bliss because you don’t have any idea all that you’re having to contend with.

And then when you think you have to figure out how to contend with that, you come to realize that, behind it all, there is really something more to be seen, and that everything that you had been dealing with, had been contending with, goes nowhere. It’s all a type of purgatory.

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