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Humans create things that are a reflection of the universal. Our computers have protection software as a kind of immune system for what they will interact with. And we have our internal voice, which is always trying to steer us to the best possibility for us – from a universal view, not an ego view. In this dream, we can see that the ego view is like a malware trying to compromise the greater connected system. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: For the first time in ages, I had no meditation dream. And so I figured that everything was going to be a bust because things were so confused and so bewildered, and the lowest common denominators of things were so loud that I was beginning to think that it was creating a complete blur. 

But then when I came to bed, suddenly, convinced that I was going to spend all night not sleeping, too, suddenly I had this kind of image dream, basically, in which almost simultaneously two people have come up to me. 

And one is a person that I had been casually talking to that was off to one side, and this person has come back over to tell me something. And they’re trying to tell me something about themselves, as if I would be interested. And this person is standing. 

And then there’s this other person who has come and is sitting down, or something, because they are connected to a computer program, apparently, or some flow in life. And there is some sort of feature about it that causes something to pop up, and protect, or block. And, apparently, this person is saying to me: I can see why you have this. In other words, it jumped up as a protective feature or something. 

It’s almost as if this person was involved in whatever it was that had to do with this program, and maybe kind of remotely knew or something that maybe I had something there – but rebuked it, or paid it no heed. And suddenly whatever this was, it jumps up and protects the situation, that, had it not been there, something else would have happened. 

And so the person is now getting it, and saying, I can see why you have this. Well, I don’t know the details about whatever it is that I put on the computer or have that it’s there for protection purposes, to screen out issues, or an unfoldment, and so I’m interested in the details. 

But, simultaneously, this person telling me this is this other person standing there trying to say something to me that is important to them, that they think I need to hear. They think I need to hear it because it’s important to them. Ordinarily, I would probably pay attention, even though it doesn’t connect directly with me, it’s them, but ordinarily I’d pay attention to it because one’s always intertwined with everything on some level. But at this particular moment, I can’t do both. It’s like two different energies. 

So I say to the person standing, wait a minute, I have to hear what this other person is saying with regard to: I know hear why you have this, whatever it is, kind of firewall or something, protection screen, on your system, which is a mechanism that protects me in terms of my systemic functionality. The other person, talking to me about something else, has a need to be personally heard.

So what is going on? In this dream, there is an innerness in place, and then there is an outer voice. There’s an innerness in place that’s meant to be there for a sort of fall back, protective purpose. And then there’s an outer voice seeking to project its perspective. 

This innerness has to do with what I supposedly already am concerned about. And it’s as if this innerness, because I don’t quite know, I want to hear more about whatever it is that I placed there, which I kind of knew that I had to have done because I had good sensibilities at some point in time, but it’s gotten a bit foggy in terms of its apparent obviousness. 

So, what is going on is, in this dream, an embedded innerness has been activated for protection and safeguarding purposes. This screening mechanism was put on my system to keep me from being taken advantage of. 

Meaning: my system is not able to handle a projection voice that interferes with systemic screening protocols. The projection voice is of a self-interest nature and is projecting itself upon me. If I listen to this, how is it that I am going to have time for the flow that I need to catch up with?

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Because of the way people, and information, move around the planet, because of the way we are connected globally, we have transitioned away from a situation where mere physical barriers can protect us from what may threaten us or throw us off-balance. Today our only true protection and stability comes from within. And this aspect can be made much stronger, within us, depending on our view of the meaning of life and its purposes. Said another way, our safety is greatest when we are aligned with the greater processes in the universe, rather than mired in the myopic view of separation and ego. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the last dream, I seem to be in an ancient part of Paris, where they have the huge cobblestoned streets. And these streets are like in the building that we’re in.

I’m with a group of people and, after a few minutes, I even recognize that it’s people from the Dean’s group. And we seem to be on a weekend retreat of some kind, although I don’t recognize that immediately.

All I recognize at first is that the group that I’m with, that I haven’t even identified yet, is going to be doing some breath work to regress, to remember something from the past. And I recognize that I have a lot more experience in using breath work to go back and pick up a past event than anybody else in the group. But there’s one or two people that have been selected to kind of either guide this, or do it as a demonstration for that day. So I just kind of step back and observe them as they do this. 

And then the group decides to move on. And then I recognize that this is probably a whole weekend workshop of some kind, I had just been seeing it as a moment, but that sense it’s a weekend workshop, I should, if I’m going to stay with the group for the weekend, I should find out where to register and pay for the event – and find out what the agenda is. And so I’m kind of looking for someone that can give me that information. Then I wake up. 

John: So you go back and you have the first part where you free-flow with ease. And in the second part you’re regulated in terms of how you kind of free-flow. And then the third part it’s because you haven’t sliced through the delays succinctly. And in the fourth part you’re inflecting how something is catching up. 

And you’re inflecting about an aspect of yourself that you have to pay attention to, that is important to pulling the one, two, and three together. It’s a quality of a kind of witnessing, but it’s a witnessing on an inner level. And that just like Dean said that we’re like the ambassadors of the Naqshbands, in a sense we have a recognition of how things inflect, or reflect. And one can denote that a bit in terms of the breath.

It’s a type of seeing. And so witnessing is a higher octave of seeing. And, when you’re like that, you’re in a pace that’s able to then go from four to one more readily. And one is where you have the sweet spot of a quality of yourself that free-flows more naturally. But without the witnessing, in the second aspect, you’re not sure where your moderations are at, you’re regulated, it’s a little more amnesia or something to that first. 

And in the third, third was the snake in the water and all of that, and that was having to recognize, through the collective of things, to be more succinct in terms of breaking through the collective of things.

But being succinct in terms of breaking through the collective of things doesn’t mean that you just reveal that because that doesn’t necessarily do something for someone else. Because in the second one, you’re in a bit of an amnesia. So the second and third is more in an amnesia. The first and the fourth are more on the inner. 

So if you’re able to hold the quality of witnessing, in other words, a sense inside, you don’t have to necessarily communicate it. In other words, you don’t have to add, you don’t have to try to point something out, that this technique takes you all the way to the first – connects something to a flow by holding the space differently than the second and third does. 

The second and third is the dilemma of actionability that one has to contend with, and the first and the fourth work in conjunction. And so there’s a greater stillness and silence in that. Now the silence doesn’t necessarily mean that all of a sudden you go silent. The silence just means in terms of how you’re able to come across. Because you have to be in a place in which what transpires is naturally facilitated. 

You can’t just go from a to z because even though you have the recognition and remembrance, you can’t just drop it out there. If you hold a proper witnessing state, everything in the outer will come around to what needs to unfold based upon what you have caught up with inside of yourself. It’s not your responsibility to try to hammer at the amnesia because then you stay in the amnesia. Nor is it your responsibility to try to communicate or relate to what inflects as you see, to race up, and race out, and do that. It’s important that you are able to denote it, but you have to recognize how to hold that, how to hold that as you denote it because you recognize how the collective of things is.

And the process upon which you facilitate this so that all of this works together involves the recognition of something on the inner. So you hold what is on the inner as you’re in something that’s more in the outer. So the inner is the first and the fourth, and the outer is the second and third.

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Rescued_from_an_eagle's_nestFairy tales, myths, movies and dreams all use the scenario of a rescue to tell a story, or share a truth. And, when it comes to dreams, we are always rescuing ourselves – or specific parts of ourselves. Think about it: how many of our inner aspects have been lost to us through our prior experiences and the psychologies they create? On our journey, we want to reclaim as much of that territory as we can, so that our lives can be as full an expression of our potential as possible.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I wish I could remember more details about the beginning of this dream. I’m somewhere, and it’s almost like a place where things are run by someone who’s a little bit of a strong arm. And I want to get out of there.

And, in order to get out of there, I need to get his two kids. And I think I get him, too, but first the thing is to get the kids; there’s a boy and a girl. And it feels like I have one of the female servants colluding with me. I go into a room and I know I knock one person over the head, a guard, and tie them up. And I have maybe the female the servant, so we’ve gotten the girl free.

And then I have to leave her somewhere. Then it feels like her brother’s even helping me – someone’s helping me, some young person’s helping me, anyway. Then I have to go get the other kid.

Then I had to go to another house, bodyguards and people were kind of swarming around the house, so I have to crawl up through the garden, and I see people come in through a door, but again a kid comes and shows me how to go in through a window.

And then we get the little boy. And it feels like maybe we want to take his dad with us, too. I’m not sure about that part. There’s someone we take with us. Then we have to sneak out of the house. Then we have to get all the way to where the little girl is, and then we have to get out of town without getting caught.

John: So, what this dream is showing is that you have this side of yourself, this young, innocent, established, inner side of yourself, which is represented by all of these kids, both boys and girls, both masculine and feminine.

Often times, in a dream, as part of a process, the initial dreams will have you looking at first the ominen and then the ominous side of yourself as something very, very youthful that you have to catch up with. In this particular dream, what it’s showing is that you’re able to catch up with this side of yourself – and you don’t have to knock anything over the head, or, that by knocking something over the head, you limit your potentiality of catching up with this inner quality of yourself.

In other words, it starts off with you thinking that that’s how it is that you’re rescuing something, but, in that process, you only are able to catch one kid, or catch up with one kid. You’re only able to deal with one part of yourself. In that case, what was the kid that you caught, was it a boy or a girl?

Jeane: The first one was a girl.

John: So that’s a sense that you think you have to have in terms of dealing with your feminine nature. But then the dream points out that you actually limited yourself by doing that, because now you’ve set something on guard, or on aware, when it comes to the other parts of yourself. And so you’re in need of having to get help in that regard.

And so it’s a boy that helps you figure out how to reach the other. So it’s as if you now need a clarity now, in terms of how to deal with it, because you’ve done something to avert a more natural flow.

Well, the way the dream ends, though, is the dream ends in that if you can sort this out and catch up with all of those parts inside of yourself, you’re then able to rescue the adults. That’s very interesting. To start off with, you view the more grown up, or outer part of yourself, as a problem. And the kids inside of you are actually your inner side, your more speeded up, more dynamic, your quickened, your more alert, your more viable, your fresher, your more innocent innerness of being.

And the adults are your outer, and so it’s as if you’re trying to solicit the help of the… you’re trying to pull this inner together, and you’re doing it in such a way that struggles with the outer. You’re actually doing things that hurt the outer, and thus inhibit the capacity of yourself to bring the inner, and all of its qualities, together.

And even though you foiter and fumble around like this, you do catch up with what’s needed, and essential, and necessary because, in the end, even though you make it a yo-yo approach, you get the kids and, in the process, you’re also then able to take into account the outer – or the adult side of yourself. Isn’t that an interesting dream?

Now, depending upon the tone in which you dreamt that, it could be like a teaching dream, and a guidance dream, and it could also be a type of warning dream. In other words, if you were critical of yourself you could see this as a type of warning dream, in which what you’re doing is making it more difficult to catch up with the kids – if you’re overly critical with yourself.

If you’re more accepting with yourself, you will realize that it’s a process dream that is giving you information. And if you’re neutral in terms of looking at all of this, and accepting the guidance, it’s a guidance dream. Isn’t that interesting, that you could take it one of three ways?

And you’re meant to grow, and learn, from this as a modality, or process, of unfoldment. Very good dream.

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