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awakening_38As we begin to let go of our egocentric view of life and surrender to a purpose greater than ourselves, inner aspects that had been dormant since our birth start to awaken in us. What awakens are our natural higher connections and sources of guidance. We can’t make the journey in one day, it needs to be gradual as we shift from matter to energy as our balance point. These dreams illustrate the transition as we let go to our higher selves. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And the next dream is that the theme of last night was how to get beyond what locks one out of a deeper meaning and aliveness awakening from within. There was also the reminder that igniting the fire can be hazardous. To awaken this sort of thing can throw things around because manifestation is fairly set.

And so I see this in a dream in which I have to stick my arm into what’s a big kind of chamber. It’s a highly combustible chamber. And I have to create a spark inside of that that then ignites a fuel there. And then once it ignites, I have to pull my arm out.

I’ve come to know by experience that I make the spark three times and then pull my arm out, and if I do that just boom, boom, boom and pull my arm out that it works and I don’t get my arm burned or something because this whole thing just goes “boom” when it lights.

So in the dream image last night, I lit the fire but didn’t get my hand out quick enough. A split second later and I would have lost it completely. As it is, as I pulled it out, you know, as soon as it comes out, I have this huge painful sensation because the heat had hit me inside and it’s almost unbearable as it was. It was that close to being incinerated. I burned the hair off of my arm and barely kept from destroying myself.

The meaning is, is awakening to what is real is like going out on a limb to travel beyond the limitations of the ego senses. What we ignite to make the journey is the essence within, that’s what we awaken or ignite. When that comes alive, there can be a collateral effect upon the reflective outer because manifestation is fairly set. It reflects, but it reflects in kind of a—it’s like a time difference or something.

Although it does appear fairly spontaneous, it’s still reflective. And so as things like this occur from within, it invokes a disturbing aspect upon the way we perceive life because we may have perceived it one way and then, all of a sudden, something changed and now all of a sudden there’s a blow-back effect that is different in terms of the way this is unfolding as a force of nature.

I am using the word nature, or force of nature, in the sense that the awareness flows from the inner whole and the individual nuances surrender to this essence. Because creation is a manifestation that points to the oneness, the inner changes directly impact this state of beingness.

And then, in the last dream, I have the image of a weigh station that is like an office in a town. This is a repeat dream. What I see is, is I need to go and make contact with something that’s like a big, big ranch, but I just can’t go up to the ranch because it has its security and this, that, and the other. But it maintains an office in town, or like a weigh station in town, so it’s too transcendent, or too much in terms of one fell swoop to just go directly to it.

So I have to start—and you know, it’s like having a teacher, you start with the teacher. This office is associated with the workings, you might say, in fact, it is part of the workings; it is the outreach of the workings of this ranch that you just can’t go directly up to. That’s how contact is initially made – and it’s that way in everything, in terms of trying to awaken, you have to go through the teacher.

Well, what’s interesting is to make sure the dream gets it, I go to the weigh station and I suddenly have to wake myself up when I see myself making the statement, at this weigh station, “I hear you identify yourself as the whole,” I’m right at the weigh station. You know, I’m starting straight away because I have to go to this weigh station, which is just kind of a spot there. It’s a necessary part that you have to start with in order to go out to the ranch.

The inner is, meaning the inner inside, is too much for us to directly access, so there’s a means to sort things out. For a human being, that is where the teacher comes in. The teacher points to the greater teacher, which is like this ranch, which is in the beyond of the beyond and unaccessible to us when we first start.

In this image there is a reference point, the teacher being the reference point, that is open, that is available, that also takes into account the condition I am in and brings me forward at a carefully designed pace.

And that’s kind of what you were doing. You had the teacher and then the greater teacher. Well, the only thing is you started this off in a way where you made the deep recognition of a certain depth of seeing things as associated with an aspect of a higher element of the teacher, in other words, the lineage, beyond-the-beyond. That’s how your first and second dream were correlated.

Each person awakens at their own pace and realizes the connection differently. For me, in the dream, I cut right to the chase when I say, “I hear you identify yourself as the whole.” What is interesting about this statement is this is a recognition to a oneness, or a wholeness, being inherent as a memory already imprinted in my being to which I am seeking access. That’s how you read between the lines.

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fishesYesterday we saw Jeane trying to connect with a man she was attracted to (see Out of Its Skin). In the next dream from the same night, she is still trying to connect with a man, i.e., the masculine aspect in her, but some investigative work is required. As we delve into our inner depths, the balance of masculine and feminine becomes more and more important. The relationship between genders in our dreams can show us where we are in that process. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The next two little episodes seem to take place in the same area, which feels a bit like a campus setting, although it’s more outdoors in that setting.

And in one part of it, I’m kind of observing as a woman and her husband meet. And he’s a little miffed because she has wanted them to move and move to the same place, but somehow she’s gotten them both signed up with the FBI, and the FBI is assigning them to different cities.

And she feels like it’ll just be temporary until they can get together, but he’s kind of miffed with the whole arrangement.

John: Again it’s a dream about awakening. And the idea of an FBI is an FBI takes and looks at something that is hidden.

The conflict that you’re waging inside is that the feminine part of yourself wants to take and probe, or go into, something hidden. In other words, you’re signing yourself up for that kind of an assignment.

The masculine part of yourself doesn’t want to get scattered about. In other words, it’s an aspect that wants to work things out in a contained, localized manner. And so, it’s an interesting image that has a lot of different nuances to it.

There’s the part of it that is accepting kind of the assignment, but wants to, in accepting the assignment, recognizes and realizes the limitations that exist in terms of something could open up and cause one to be spread out, or have their attention go into areas that they have no comfortable and familiar control over.

So you want something to open up and you’re taking steps, signing up for that to happen, but then having to contend with the fact that you end up with an awareness that causes your identity to be located in ways that you hadn’t anticipated, or taken into account.

And you’re not sure what you think about that, on one level. And on another level, that seems to be what it’s all about when you take this sort of step. It kind of comes with the territory. In other words, you can’t go and look at something hidden. It needs to be investigated, and unraveled, and untwined, FBI-like. You can’t do that without subjecting yourself to going places, or having a greater dimension of yourself to have to take into account.

I guess another way of looking at this would be to pretend that the dream didn’t happen and that you’re just describing the existing scenario without something like this. In that case, you’d be totally comfortable within the environment that you’re in—staying asleep and not waking anything up—maintaining a copacetic mannerism about the environment that you’re in, and not aware of anything like this as a mannerism, or beckoning, that can be awakened.

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Today, John’s dreams point to the challenge of balancing the inner and the outer. Most often we are reactive to what is occurring in the outer, which diminishes our ability to hear our inner guidance. It’s a fine line to shift to an understanding of our outer world through our inner sight. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The dream I had starts out where I’m trying to reestablish an energetic balance. There may be things going on on the inner that are scoping about, but in terms of how I look to do this, I look to do this with images that have an outer context in the dream.

And of course during the day I was seeking to make the determination with the inner context of meditation, but because we live in a world in which the senses and mind dominate in the outer, we have to reconcile what is going on. And that tends to result in an outer way sense of projections, because that’s how when you’re in the outer, and caught up by the stimuli of the outer, the imaging of the flow tends to come across and is reduced as an understandability.

That is why it is said that there is a way of looking at the outer, in a way a person conducts themselves in the outer, to notice what, on the inner level, is astir. As far as having the dream that images it with outer images, to start with I had the dream from the standpoint that I was trying to grasp the underlying energy trying to unfold in a general way.

What I mean by general way is an unfoldment that is taking place as more of an in-the-bones, or mannerism, that’s not necessarily quite in the present yet. In other words, it may even conflict a little bit with what is currently unfolding in the current situation.

And when you’re trying to measure something like that it’s very difficult because you don’t know when it is meant to come through. And a lot, a lot of time could be in between that, even though you can get the sense that it doesn’t seem like that.

So initially I’m looking at this in kind of an outer context way by trying to determine what the price of precious metals are going to be, for example, in more of a longer term context. In other words trying to see where the switch is, the peaks and flows and the switches are going to occur. Therefore that are going to dominate or press through, and supersede, eventually, the impressions that are prevailing now.

That’s kind of how I started to try to noodle this out, but then some part of me realized that what I’m trying to do there is too hard on myself, that there needs to be a simpler way, an easier way to do this.

So, in the next dream I find myself trying to lighten that load by settling for what is a reasonable general going forward flow of fair value.

In this dream a decision is being made by a woman to sell hotdogs in front of an established hotdog stand. She is trying to set the price – basically she’s trying to do this by feel.

In other words, she’s not looking at any set of facts or parameters. So first she figures $.55 cents, but then that doesn’t quite feel right to her, so then she moves it up to $.65 cents. So she’s vacillating back and forth and trying to figure out what the number needs to be.

So I seem to come along and make some suggestions. I do this first of all by asking her about the size of her hotdogs, and she says that they’re pretty good sized; they’re nice, meaty hotdogs.

Then I notice that this compares to the hotdog stand who claims to have about the same kind of hotdogs. And then I check on their business that they’ve been doing, and they claim to have had a pretty good day yesterday and that they’re selling their hotdogs for $1.05. So I suggest that, taking this into account because she doesn’t have an official hotdog stand, she can price it in between and the number she was trying to do it was too little.

She should bring the hotdog price up to say $.85 cents for a hotdog. That’s still a better bargain than buying it at the hotdog stand, and maybe two for $1.50. She quibbles about that a bit but decides that that’s okay.

And then comes the idea of a drink. Well, when you provide a drink, I learned from the hotdog stand, that the consistent pricing exists wherever you go. And the hotdog stand is actually a little less. Normally a drink is $1 in most places, and the hotdog stand is selling it for $.75 cents and suggests that you don’t mess with the drink all that much because it is a fairly established thing.

Everyone gets a drink and they’re used to paying a particular price and that’s not really all that competitive. So to create the bargain, I suggest a bundled price of two hotdogs and a drink for $2.20, which means now I’ve cut another nickel off of the drink. Instead of $.75 cents it’s $.70 cents if you bundle it.

In repeating what I indicate, at the beginning, is happening, a human being tends to reflect what is astir in the inner by the way he acts in the outer. That is why it is possible to look between the outer lines of things to ascertain what is astir on the inner.

Once in a while, but not often, you come across a person who is able to bring the inner vibration more directly into the outer without all of the outer reflection hoopla, so there’s more that can be shaped without the veils.

I’m gyrating back and forth in terms of trying to formulate what is a sense of dictum, in terms of factual aspects in the outer, conducting one’s self there in some fashion, just like you that seeks to hold a line, find a line in terms of what works from how you understand things astir, how to then sustain and maintain and ground a value. I tend to be doing the same thing, and both of us could be much wiser for the fact if we could take and adhere more to what, in a sense my second dream quality there, in which you can trust and hold to the conscious unconscious stirring not having to constellate it at some sense.

A human being always has to constellate it, always has to bring that something into a solidity in terms of their soul nature in the outer, but that then limits the depth of the soul. It defines the soul. It sets up something that’s established in a particular way and a soul can be so much more than that. And if you really feel yourself when you do something like this, you don’t like it. It becomes nauseating at some point.

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