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Today we continue our look at the dreams Jeane described in The Unawakened.

John: So, the first dream began in a dark and desolate place, with you driving around in circles, not getting anywhere. In the second image we see that something has awakened, which is depicted as the baby, and you can either get closer to that or not.

We humans have that freedom of choice. This image is showing that, imbedded deep within you, an aspect of you knows that there’s something more to life than the surface reality. And something has awakened that knowing. Then, the question becomes, will you respond to it, i.e., will you keep this newborn baby?

Humans aren’t required to respond to the call of Creation. If we were, we’d be no better off than programmed robots. So we are given the right to choose to be a part of what is ongoing, or not. In the dream, you’re wrestling with this decision.

Interestingly, in the first image you were driving in circles in a dark landscape, which depicts a robotic life as well. In trying to decide, you begin to deal with a person who is like a robot, assembled of different parts and who needs to be put back together, right?

Jeane: He’s recently been put back together and I’m helping to stabilize things.

John: This deeper part of you has awakened to the fact that the situation around you is not what it appears – it’s a wholeness, not a separation. You realize that you’ve lost a natural connection, so you’re trying to use your limited faculties, plus this quality of the heart that you’ve reached, in order to sort things out, in order to stabilize something or bring something back to life.

So, you’re clawing your way back through the illusion that, in and of itself, is like something that’s desolate and dark, in which you had few faculties with which to deal with it. You were living a robotic-type life.

Suddenly you developed some faculties of an aliveness within, and from that aliveness you’ve come to have realizations that can regain wholeness from separation. You’re on the verge of turning the mechanical man back into a human being (getting him dressed and ready for the outside world). That’s what happens when we choose to honor our human purpose in life: we shift from a robotic, animal-level existence, up to a true human existence.

Of course, that’s where the dream stops. But, if you continue this whole process, you’ll come to link up with an energetic flow that’s behind everything that exists.

It’s the flow that’s real, and in connecting to it, you begin to find out who you really are. I suppose you’re given this opportunity as a way to see just how miserable it is when you don’t have this connection to the aliveness in all of life.

When it’s awakened and alive, then everything can be understood for how it is, as opposed to it being dark and cold as an image that’s devoid of any inner meaning. But you’ve found the depth of the inner meaning and from that you’re able to hear and to listen to that which is meant to be, or to that which is real.

You could say that this is a dream that points out that you’re more than what you think you are. At one point in time you may not have been aware that you had this inner connection and linkage to all that there is, from which you then could nurture or give birth or create or bring about changes in life.

You learn to find the bits and pieces of what is real, you learn to sense the inflections, the hints. To begin with they’re just little bitty inflections and little bitty insights, little flashes or something that hits, because the rest of the time the senses kind of keep you disoriented in terms of an identification with the outer.

Of course, if all you’re capable of doing is identifying yourself in the outer world and you have none of this other awakened inside, i.e., you choose to give up the baby, you’d be back to the very beginning in which something is inanimate in terms of its realness; it’s desolate and dark.

Isn’t that an interesting dream?

Essentially what your dream is telling you is that if we don’t have that cognition inside, how is it possible for us to really understand anything? Otherwise, we just identify with something that’s empty and devoid of meaning.

Unfortunately, this is kind of true for most people out there in life, although they usually have some inkling that there’s something more and, from this something more, they rally around religions and whatnot.

But they do so in a way that has the meaningfulness of the religion conceptualized, and they can actually become dangerous because, if you throw something at them that disorients them from their concepts, they’ll have to fight. They’ll have to crusade. They’ll have to do something to maintain their power and control over their concepts.

You’ve got people like that, who have such a faint, faint echo of light inside them, but that’s the best that they can get. In your particular case though, this has taken on an aliveness so you’re able to work with the whole of things, because of this ability to link to this part deep inside, and that’s a pretty profound step to take.

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Jeane: In my next dream, my nephew and his wife are coming to visit, and I’m trying to explain to them that they can only stay for a few days because the guestroom is primarily your office and you have business to do.

When they arrive and we walk into the guestroom, I suddenly see that my maternal grandmother and an aunt are with them. I’m looking around wondering what I’m going to do. Then I notice that in addition to the bed we have in there now, there’s suddenly a single bed, which is one of those chairs that folds out into a bed, as well as a curved couch.

I’m just looking around in confusion wondering how all of this furniture got in the room without me noticing it. I don’t like the thought of my grandmother or aunt sleeping in such a little space, but it’s what we’ve got.

John: This dream works on the premise that something is askew or missing. Yet whatever you have at your disposal turns out to be sufficient.

It’s as if there’s a self-consciousness that you carry in your nature, as if you have expectations that are inappropriate, or you have an image problem in terms of how things are, or you feel a sense of collapse in the way you perceive yourself, versus the way the situation is.

You’re dreams have gone to great lengths to try to indicate that there’s a space that you’re able to hold onto or catch up with that will make things work out no matter what you’re dealing with. In other words, you can find yourself in a scenario in which others might consider you the oddball, but you’re able to flip that in some fashion. In doing so, you hit a depth of recognition inside that could be said to correspond (or provide an answer) to whatever the peculiar condition is at the moment.

It’s showing that you have resources at a deeper level, but you are unconscious to them. However, when the situation arises, you find they are there and you didn’t know it. So what might seem to be a big problem on the surface level, at a deeper level turns out not to be a problem at all. The dream shows you being able to self-correct when you go off in a particular way; you’re able to present something as it is and then shrug it off. It’s good to do that.

For instance, when a family member visits they might be overwhelmed a bit by the accommodations, yet you are able to hold and absorb the note. The room you offer may not correspond to expectations, but it is what it is under the circumstances. And you don’t try to portray it or uphold it in some exaggerated fashion, you can just be quite natural with it and it will work out.

The dream has a tempering quality to it, and what it’s tempering is the common reaction to a situation where something is less than it should be, and that’s to go off on some tangent about it. Something in the way you’re holding, or carrying yourself, prevents that from happening.

By not going off on a tangent, you ultimately find access to deeper reserves within, where you have everything that’s needed. In other words, something is enabling you to flow with the circumstances you find yourself in, without reacting in an over indulgent, personal way.

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Jeane: This dream takes place in a town I’m visiting. It’s a resort town and I feel as though I’m there for a conference, but also to see what’s going on there.

The town is in a high desert area and there are cliffs. As I move around, sometimes the path gets narrow and runs along the cliff, even though I’m still in the town.

At one point I leave the hotel to meet a woman at her apartment. She knows that as a therapist I work with people in pain. She has back or body pain and wants me to do a session with her.

I’m a little anxious about that because I usually follow a script as a reference point and I don’t have that with me. I’d have to wing it. Also, there is a sense in this dream that I have to keep on the move.

I want to keep on the move because the path runs along the cliff, but also because it feels like there might be aliens or some group who, if they knew I was there, might represent a danger. I have to proceed carefully. 

I move quietly as I pass this group. I’m interested in their setup, but I don’t want them to notice me so I keep going.  

The only other thing I remember is that the name of the woman who wanted to have a session with me was Mrs. Berch. And it was specifically stated that it wasn’t spelled “Birch,” it was spelled “Berch.”

John: It’s interesting that in the time we have been in Las Vegas, as we consider getting a home here, so much of this process has been reflected back to us through our dreams.

In this imagery the land is a desert-like terrain, it’s a resort town that you are just visiting, and you don’t have your usual “script” for how to proceed in your daily life.

And yet the central image puts you in a scenario where you have something to offer: a woman is in pain and wants your help.

So you feel yourself to be somewhat displaced – out of your element or comfort zone (the aliens or potentially dangerous group). So a stranger in a strange land, perhaps, but for a reason that might not be very clear.

You find yourself in a place where you don’t have a lot of roots or memories, and that you don’t see as your home. But you do have the sense that others recognize you as someone who might be able to do something. The oddity of it is, you don’t have any awareness as to why you have this involvement – you just do. You can help in one capacity or another.

I keep wondering what a birch signifies, because it’s a beautiful tree that seems to have a constantly peeling bark (or skin). The bark is almost like paper and it peels off. That’s a phenomenon that you don’t really see with other trees. And the trunk is white, so it really stands out against darker tree trunks.

So in the dream you are somewhere and you may not quite understand why – you are out of your element. Yet, like a white birch among the dark trees in a forest, there is a value to the difference you represent that can be seen by others, and the place itself, even though you may not be able to see it yet.

It’s a peculiar sensation.

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