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Through the centuries, spiritual paths have helped us make our journey in a step by step way, learning, letting go, and connecting to something higher. Yet it is felt by many that in these times now there is a potential to connect into the wholeness of everything much more quickly, in the sense of shifting from not being with It, to being with It. But, of course, that possibility isn’t going to happen without an effort toward the journey in the first place. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Most of what I’m describing right now comes as a consequence of having done something that you don’t ordinarily do. Ordinarily, because most of these paths have to do with working through the states of things, and you take and you have a little breakthrough, and then you might have a reprieve, and then you have another little breakthrough, and then you might have a reprieve. That’s kind of how things have unfolded in the past, but what I was shown was, that doesn’t have to be that way now.

You can do it in one fell swoop; you can go from down to up, or up to down, or however it is that you connote the stillness to be, although, for me, I connoted it as being like a down to up. You can do this in such a way that there is no identification to something high on the in-breath; there is no high on the in-breath. Nor is there something that is high on the out-breath trying to come down and through, taking something pristine and bringing it through without it getting contaminated, and weaponized, and steering it and carrying it with a certain quality that comes down – that can then somehow effectively survive, and make changes, in the collective of the outer of all of these thoughts.

Trying to out Yang, the Yang, just like you can try to out Yin the Yin with the in-breath, being at some point on the in-breath, all of that is a type of delirium. And that the paths have you working with practices and processes that work through herky-jerky-ness, one little herky-jerky to another little herky-jerky, to another little herky-jerky. And, in the course of a totality, I don’t see an end to it. Although I can see that something can go from one fell swoop to the other – and barely make it. 

Now I’m talking about it as a type of moment. But whether that moment is a lifetime, or just how that is, it is hard to say. But in order for it to make it, it can’t get caught in the building blocks where you go to this little level, and then to the next little level, and most people make about two steps in a lifetime. 

It has to be more in keeping with what Owen described in terms of seeing himself in Tibet, long ago, where things that we’re used to going a little bit this level, a little bit to that level, and such and so on, were lower temples. And then all of a sudden there is a fell swoop step that is taken and you go to the highest temple. And there’s never any news heard from you again; that’s going into the stillness. 

And it’s very terrorizing because something that is like that is terrorizing to those who are caught in having to contend with some motif, or another, expression – a doingness of something out-breath-wise yet. In other words you make a journey on the in-breath up to a particular point, and you come back down with the out-breath and how to bring it into life, and try to shift, and shape, and co-create; there still is that being caught. 

But in a total, perfect, pure mirroring, you have a kind of communication that is truly there without any bifurcation or limitation. That’s the kind of communication that’s the most real. So that, again, is talking about a quality of stillness, but who can do that? Everyone has to try to do something, either in terms of trying to co-create within what they’ve caught up with, or to try to catch up with a greater spaciousness, of which you can’t do it that way, either, because it’s like you can’t grasp the expansiveness of God. 

And so then the idea is that you can kind of get glimpses of things, but those glimpses of things get caught as an aspect of the stillness in the out-breath turning to the in-breath interval. If you’re true enough to yourself, when you realize that running that course, which may get glimpses, the glimpses are really, then, to a complete total letting go and the stopping, which is the stillness of the out-breath turning to the in-breath, and that the two have to come together: the out-breath turning to the in-breath, and the in-breath turning to the out-breath. 

Those points of stillness, when they are one and the same, then there is no such thing as a journey, and there’s no getting caught on either aspect of the breath, either the in-breath or the out-breath. That’s what I had to dream about, that came together as a meditation dream, and was able to see that all of that can be done in one fell swoop – as opposed to having to dribble along, like everything seems to do. So we’ve got to hit the stillness behind everything, or we’re still in some part of the breath.

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Spiritual-AwkenigIn the shift from our personal view of life to a more universal connection, we can often sense, or feel, that what prevents us from a deeper letting go is a type of holding on: to our ego, to our idiosyncrasies, to our psychologies. Even as they prevent us, or hold us back, we find safety in them, grasping harder sometimes when we are closest to a new freedom. At a certain point, we must realize that even after we let these acquired aspects drop, we will still be there. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in my meditation dream, I’m looking at an energetic nature that needs to awaken to a feature of itself, but is in an illusionary way. I’m looking at my inability to let go to a deeper inner experience, within, that exists in a kind of hiddenness because I’m attached to an energetic affliction, that, in the outer, is my manifestation. There is manifestation that is the collective of all of that, and my place in manifestation is my particular affliction. 

In other words, behind that is something more, but I am carrying on in a certain illusory way that I see myself. So in my dream, I observe various scenes in which whatever is expected of me is in an outer scenario, which, when unremoved, get in the way of deeper inner awareness that is possible. 

Often this inner awareness, a supposed aliveness that, in the outer, is actually something that’s insipid and lifeless, even though I may act like it’s not insipid and lifeless, it’s because I’m not getting behind the preconditioning that exists and properly letting go; I’m not letting go. 

So this acts out on the plane of collective projections, called manifestation; see, we each carry who we are like that. So for this acting out to unfold from its trance means that I have to somehow let go of the projections – and that letting go isn’t possible yet.

So the way I saw myself, and the way others see me, is whatever my spellbinding schematic that is how I am, they see that as the way I’m lost. We’re now just zooming in on how it is that I have something that is veiled. Only from an emptiness resulting from being able to let go of a profile, am I able to be still and non-tranced out.

The theme of the dreaming was to not have a profile, or projection, per se, which is an identification that dictates over one’s ability to hold on to a stillness. In this theme my dreams involve being unable to let go of what exists as a bifurcation, or whatever you want to call it, in a created collective outer illusion. And, of course, the sum total of all of that is what makes manifestation, and there I am caught in that in an outer capacity. 

So, in the meditation dream, I am shown that I’m living this out in the illusion that is called manifestation. And to take away the dream is to take away the fabric of the breath that sustains the illusory state, and has various identifications upon a breath of images. In other words, whenever you have something in the breath where you pause, there are images pent up in that, that call for a reflective projection into manifestation, because the breath itself is the sum total of manifestation. And then you’re some aspect of that that bicycles around.

So to do away with having to contend with such dreams is to do away with manifestation. To say I don’t want to obliterate manifestation, per se, is to say that I am… In other words, if I want to maintain manifestation, if I like the way I am, it’s the same thing as saying that I am addicted to the illusory spell and identification that is a mind and its imagination. 

Or, if you want to say this another way, the outer collective of all of the thoughts, whims, wishes and projections of mankind have come together to create a way of co-creating, and living something out, in what is called manifestation. So that was my meditation aspects.

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Taking-alife-leapWe don’t always have major decisions to make. Be we will, invariably, reach certain moments in our lives where major decisions need to be made. We will do our research, we will use our logic and reasoning. Yet, in the final moment before we commit, it is often our inner guidance that gives us the go-ahead, or the no-go, for whatever step we are considering. In remembering these moments, we can see that our systems want us to succeed, and are trying to help us make the right decisions, and those are usually based upon the greater purpose of our life, whether we are clear about that, or not. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My earliest one, what I remember, it’s like in the moonlight and kind of on the curve of the earth, it feels like I’m with other people that are traveling at night, or go out at night.

And, at one point, I’m with this girl and I notice her and she takes a flying leap and sometimes she can go a certain distance through the air, but this time she gets caught up with a pack of animals that travel in the air. And so she kind of gets swept off with them into the air realm.

And I’ve gone back and her mother’s looking for her and I’m not sure I should tell her that the girl’s gone now. It’s almost like the leap that she took to travel where she was going, it was like she leaped a little too far and now she’s kind of swept off.

John: So, to get this right, the image was there’s a person that just took a leap and disappeared somewhere?

Jeane: Well, they’re like animals that ran in the air, almost like wolves, except you couldn’t see them really clearly. And there were certain streams or currents. And so if you leapt and you tried to to travel too far on that curve of the earth or something, and you got caught up in one of those swirls, and suddenly you’re swept up before that pack ran.

John: Well, it’s interesting how these themes that we have just have to be kept the same, so that one can understand it and comprehend it. Because what that’s doing is it has to do with an awakening or revealing.

In other words, it’s like you’re getting out of your usual frame of reference. You’re being compelled to take a step. The dilemma is, on the negative side, is it a step that’s off the ground and over the edge, and therefore, because it’s not grounded, it’s taking you into unintelligible delirium. That’s the negative way of looking at it.

The positive way of looking at it is that you are plumbing the depths of something about yourself that is heretofore unknown. And, in doing so, it’s like you disappear. You go to a place where there’s no news. There’s a whole other kind of awakening.

You take the leap, in other words, you make the plunge, which is kind of an image that’s often, you might say, commonly purported when someone is confronted with a major decision. Can they make that major decision? Can they leap off of whatever it is as a constrained quality of their nature, jump off of, jump through, or go beyond a particular barrier.

So you’ve got a couple different ways you could look at it, both the positive and the negative. I’m inclined to think that because it’s a process of waking up, that it’s more along the latter – that one is reaching states and awareness inside of themselves, or that they are approaching that anyway, and/or you’re facing it and you’re taking a leap off of what had been an edge, or probing into the frontiers of yourself, in a way that had not heretofore existed or occurred. And, as a consequence, that changes you.

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