A Little Something

If we travel the highway of life that everyone else is going along with, the signposts for exits and entrances are well marked. But if we are taking the less-traveled road, or a spiritual path, or a development journey, the signposts are really unique to us. There is no exact roadmap for where we, as individuals, are going. This is why we learn, over time, to watch, listen, and wait for the more subtle signals that are available to us, from within, which can guide us on our way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Your dream was within the theme of the dreaming last night that had to do with being able to shift and be connected to other levels from within. 

In my meditation dream, I have the sense of three inner layers of my being. If I continue in the current way… In other words, there’s two layers or levels that are trying to open up for me more, and then there’s a way that I am. That level is just taken for granted. It’s not like it’s bad or anything, it’s not treated by me as a bad level because if I continue in that I’m still attentive to the inner which exists – however, there’s more. 

That’s what the other levels that are opening up suggest. So I’m compelled to go deeper within, because I have a glimpse of these other levels. If I didn’t have a glimpse of the other levels, it was almost like where I was at wasn’t so bad because it was an understanding of the inner flow, but a limited understanding. 

So I go to the second level, where there’s still a third level that’s even more, and so there’s still something that’s a little amiss, there’s still more, and I know that there’s a deeper level beckoning, as well. 

So what is going on is the meditation dream is focusing me to inner levels of awakening, bringing that into my frame of reference. A quality of the heart comes up from deep within to correspond to the shift. That’s where I felt the ping there. That’s why you’d note it, you wouldn’t notice except it was just a little ping, just a little sweetness, a little something there.

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The Personality Breath

Our nature is to be in oneness with everything. Every disconnection and detour, we might say, is an abstraction from the whole, and the more we reinforce that abstraction the more it becomes part of our ego projection, and, therefore, an aspect of personality. The process of letting go is to gently make our return to the natural state of oneness to which we belong. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my meditation dream I am welling in the subtle vibrations of an inner beingness. The vibrations that are harbored within shape my projections. Such vibrations intertwine with the overall atmosphere, which means that what I embody corresponds to the overall. Thus, I am a byproduct of all that there is, and the outer is a reflection of that which I embody within – which means I’m not separate from the overall, I am enmeshed in all that there is, and everything within intertwines with everything without, and vice versa. 

This is what a one-body does. The link is the heart breath. The vacillations of the heart breath correspond to the way I bifurcate my attention from the whole. Such choices shut off things in the overall beingness. Such choices create a personality; that personality takes possession of me. The brainwaves of the etheric correspond to the choices I have made. 

To simplify all of this, I have to let go of the vibrations I have embraced which correspond to what I have become. To transform what I have become from a personality, and entity, which inhibits the breath, or functions in an inhibited breath, the breath washes the all-pervasive heart. 

Everything is breath. A breath that goes astray from the overallness causes the heart to suffer. The world soul and the heart of the world are meant to be one and the same. Our cells are the product of the cells of inner and outer as one. So when we breathe the personality breath, we forsake the symmetry. Symmetry is, again, I guess another way of saying the one body; in other words, it all has to work in conjunction. If something isn’t quite working in conjunction, then you set off emotions of the differentiation that exists. 

As a lower-self we embody all of the animalistic traits, and all animalistic traits are parasitic in some degree, apparently. And the difference between us and the animalistic nature of things, is we’ve gone from instinct to a kind of consciousness of the whole, or so we should have. Instead to the degree to which we go around and have our own cognitions of this, that, or the other is the degree to which we then seek out and employ the differentiated animalistic parasitic qualities to enhance the bifurcation. 

In a perfectly balanced world of letting go and of wholeness, all of that still exists but it isn’t something that we have exuded into an accentuation. The hormones and all of that sort of stuff are things that get exuded in an accentuation that come up more out of the instinctual side of one’s nature. And the way we see ourselves as a personality that works in conjunction with how we have allowed ourselves to be possessed. 

In other words, we don’t seem to be able to recognize the big picture that everything is an abstraction from the whole that we perceive, and that the whole is something that we just embody. We settle for these abstractions, and as long as we settle for an abstraction you’re going to have something that can be measured, that denotes what the abstraction looks like. 

And I guess you could call it parasitic, or you could call it all kinds of things. And it’s going to, if you are able to look at it closely, it’s going to have an effect in some way, shape, or form upon the way your synapses fire off because your synapses aren’t taking into account the big picture, they’re only taking into account something that is spellbound.

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Facing the World

Of course there is the saying: Ignorance is bliss. And, yes, it is a burden to have awakened to our greater purpose – and to experience the greater consciousness that such a journey requires. And many aspects of the current world will seem to try to lull us back to sleep. But to be awakened is to have an opportunity to become a useful part of the world and its greater unfolding, which can also be felt and understood as what it means to truly belong. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So I’ll read the last thing first. In the dreams last night, there was an abiding auric presence that predominated. This etheric vibratory thread – the thread within the thread – is what the energetic behind the dzikir is about. 

To have this permeate the dreams as a presence was like a dream within the dreams, in that this vibration revolutionizes everything; it goes into matter, whatever it touches between above and below. Adhering to this is what makes life the outer palpable. The vibratoriness of the Holy Spirit descending into manifestation is what supports the micro and links the micro-soul (matter) to the world-soul. 

So that’s the essence of it all, behind it all, going on, as I then have various dreams. I didn’t think I was going to have much last night because, when I came out of it, my meditation dream was short. 

In the meditation dream, I am confronted with not having an awareness to take what is going on. To have such capacity, and to be attentive like that, is a credit to a present awareness I embody. 

To be more asleep is to be more cut off in my demeanor, in that I am not as readily affected by what goes on around me. To have an attention span that is more limited veils from having to take in a greater overall consciousness. 

I was also noticing, in my dream, a kind of relief that existed when one is dumbed-down, in other words, when one doesn’t have this overallness or abiding, or this some otherness or something, so you’re considered dumbed-down.

It’s easy to look at this as lower self and higher self now, because when you’re in a certain checked out from things you do not perceive in a capacity that is confronting. In other words, confronting meaning having a kind of responsibility as a type of abiding in the whole.  

This way, meaning the lower-self way, of amnesically being is a lot like a blessing in disguise, in that you do not have to face the world in the way a conscious person must because you go about in life in kind of a veiled daze. 

So, why am I shown this? I am shown this greater regard as being something I must maintain because this isn’t readily discernible by those who remain veiled in terms of their personal well being. In other words, taking things in, in terms of personal well being.

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