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We can see in the outer world the difference between trying to make changes when you are outside the system, as compared to trying to make changes from within the system. On a spiritual path, the “system” is the universal process we are born into, and our connection to it determines whether we are working as an outsider or an insider. As an insider, changes we make in ourselves can effect the wholeness – and that is exactly what we are designed to do. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So a little bit of what happened in my attempting to sleep. First of all, I came out of my meditation dream about 1:30am. But I didn’t come to bed until after 4:30am because it took three hours to probe all of it out, because what I did is I was going somewhere to where you change things. 

So when I came to bed and I looked at it, it was like, in my sleep, it was like being able to push buttons and stuff like that, and you could get things to happen – because you’d actually broken through whatever the barrier was. 

And one image it was like I had ordered a cow, a beef, and I’d brought it to like a place like here and told the person I’d scoured such and such states to get this thing. Someone else didn’t want it, and it was for him, then. 

In other words, it was like everything was images, and everything that was happening, was all in conjunction with the fact that there is a certain quality or way that you effectuate or go through something that, I don’t even know if that’s the right word. It’s a way you have an access, however, to the greater dimension inside of yourself. 

When you have that connection – it’s like it sits dormant inside – and when you have that connection, it’s like having a connection to a greater light, a light that takes into account the composite of everything that goes on, it takes into account everything. And, therefore, it’s the means by which, then, things change more readily and more quickly. Otherwise your nature is usually dulled-down and caught in the collective and so not much really goes on.

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We don’t always realize how sensitive we are, or acknowledge how sensitive others are. And, on a development journey, we often become more sensitive. Yet if we look at the variety of organic life, we see that sensitivity in animals, and even plants, is used to understand the world they find themselves in, and to navigate the situation, and to adapt. Sensitivity is a way to interact with what is happening. Too often we use this highly-tuned system to examine how we are feeling, when we are meant to use it to understand the truth of the environment we are in. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: My sleep dream was recognizing, in other words, first I recognize that as you become more sensitive in life, something else is possible. Now usually a person, when they become more sensitive in life, develops impressions about what they should or shouldn’t do, for example, which means that one’s sensitivity can cause them to withdraw

And one’s sensitivity could cause them to have to sort out how it is that they are able to relate to others, in accordance with protecting that sensitivity, even. However, the courageous and brave person, and this is actually a shamanistic trait, is you take the sensitivity down into the denseness of things, and come to realize that you can go even more into the denseness of things, than otherwise possible, with the sensitivity. 

This may not be what other people do, this may be almost counterintuitive, most people become more sensitive, like, for example, you’re more sensitive in terms of what you can eat, and therefore you start eating and refining yourself more. And you start taking care of how that is that you are refined by being very, very much more careful. And you drop certain other kinds of foods that you’re accustomed to eating, for example, because your sensitivity requires you to be more attentive in that capacity. 

Okay, that’s an external way of seeing things in terms of how we are relating, in terms of our physicality within. Or, you could see that when it’s something about your nature that isn’t drawn to certain dense characteristics and qualities like it is because you become more sensitive, and so you find yourself avoiding getting into situations in which there are grosser activities going on because you have become more refined. This is the usual way. 

However, the warrior, the courageous one, doesn’t do that. They go into the dense activities and find a greater capacity. And that’s what the shaman does. And to be able to find a greater capacity, and to catch up an intertwinement that one doesn’t normally see as possible, you have to be able to have the bravado to do that. That’s why I find things like that almost interesting, when I notice others don’t dare to try to have anything to do with something like that because they’re not quite able to accommodate it. 

And it tends to work both ways. When something subtle rejects something that’s denser, something that’s denser then rejects that which is subtler, and you tend to create an arm’s length distance, or different levels. So it has to start somewhere, and where it has to start is that which is more subtle is able to come down into life.

In other words, this is the whole principle of continuing to come down, come down, come down, and come down. And, like we’ve talked, the thought energy, or vibratory energy, tends to come down but requires something in terms of an expansiveness to accommodate it coming down in that it seems to stop, say, three feet off the ground. And something in the accommodating of an expansiveness brings it through. 

Okay, that’s a nice way of saying it, but putting it into practice, it’s a shamanistic trait, which takes the sensitive awareness of things, or develops a sensitive awareness of things, can then take and go right into something that is normally considered forbidden, or dense, or too animalistic, and can have a greater awareness by the fact that it can take on that capacity. 

So who does that? Not very many people do that. So this sleep dream, like the way I’m finishing it, because I finished your dream because that’s how I dreamt it, is indicating that this can be done, not what we tend to do by predilection and, therefore, keep the veils alive.

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We speak of higher states often, and there are many who aim toward Nirvana, utopia, or enlightenment. Yet, sometimes, a state of equilibrium would be an excellent achievement. Life comes at us more quickly every day, or seems to, and it means our systems are always commandeering energy to sort out what we are dealing with in an effort to rebalance everything. And new challenges often require new solutions, which means it may take us longer than usual to work through. It can help if, in these moments, we remember to trust our systems – they are doing the work – and not to always put the burden on our brains to figure it out. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I neither meditated nor slept well last night. And it felt like my dreams felt really chaotic, and it’s almost like the last dream I had just epitomizes it because it feels like, in the dream, it’s like I wake up to an alarm. And it’s dark out, and I can hear people rushing about, but I can’t really see what’s going on. That’s just what last night felt like to me.

John: Well, you’re kind of describing a sense of maze of things, in which, in the maze of things you haven’t yet sorted yourself out. And that creates a kind of surrounding delirium

It was kind of the effect, so to speak, on an initial level of what took place yesterday. I found myself noting it to be kind of Leila, meaning that it was a play with an effect that had a bit of a contrivance to it. But it was enough for each person to find, and see, for themselves. 

The only hint of that was when Dean said that the idea of feeling tends to be something that’s oriented in a personal context way. And that the idea of witnessing that that had to be something in order for it to have a flow amidst everything, from out of the chaos, that had to be something that connected to a deeper inner depth that you didn’t witness it in its simplistic outer, you witnessed in its deeper inner depth in terms of what is really going on, pre the fact. 

And so it belied the fact that it was anything of any consequence really going on, in the outer, other than the letting go of the way a person overly feels things. And that the witnessing, it was the integral action and a witnessing that goes to something more in terms of the greater overallness that comes from within.

The effect you were left with, which was the effect that most people were left with, was they haven’t sorted that out yet. It was something that defied the logic of how they saw the path working; defied the logic. And so that hasn’t yet shifted. 

And there’s a whole bunch of that sort of thing going on, in which the currency of things is being put into question. The theme of the program has been that when you compare, so to speak, two sides, and you speak of it as East and West, then in the West there has been a sort of soberness that has added something, but has been rejected by the East.

And then in the East there has been something that has gotten too social or something, and, like Lemuria, fell apart, because it lacked its quality of individuality that was able to hold on to something above the midst of things. 

So what your dream was, you hadn’t sorted any of this out yet, you were just looking at this as a kind of chaotic maze. And that’s how most spiritual paths are viewed by the pragmatist, who is looking from the outside in, and it has to be viewed more from a top down approach.

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