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images-12If we consider our lower self as the physical being and animal nature of our experience, animal nature to mean the aspects of us that want to eat, sleep, procreate, and survive, then we can consider our higher self as the aspects that want our life to have meaning. And these two sides of us are always trying to merge into a singular life, a holistic process. And in that process there is the bleed-through from our outer experience that affects us on an inner level, and the inner, higher processes, that filter through and inform our outer life. As we become more consciously aware, these processes can all be working toward the same destination. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So the main thing I remember about my dream last night is it felt like I was dealing more with symbols, like there was kind of an arcing symbol, like a line, that went in an arc above, and then another line that came down. Then there was a break in that line, and it felt like some kind of energy that represented me, or a person, was right where that break was.

And we were trying to negotiate something with somebody a bit distant, and I couldn’t get it resolved. That’s all I remember.

John: What you’re dreaming I dreamt, in terms of the higher octave, as being a little like how the senses work except I had it reduced to four senses, and each of them had a quality in them that made them complete.

And that, to begin with, I suspect you could say that they were like, instead of seeing symbols and whatnot, and instead of there being kind of an in-betweenness, that there was a knowingness and that the knowingness included the four senses all in one fell swoop. And then there was the higher octave of the four senses, in that they had to be lived in the outer, but you lived them in terms of their experientiality, as an inflective behind the reflective.

In other words almost like behind the curtain, or background, of which the only one I was able to denote in the outer, and bring forth in the outer, was a quality of a seeingness as a glimpse, although I knew that the other three senses, hearing, taste, and smell, were there, but I hadn’t caught up with how their divine essence in a higher octave way was experienceable, or livable, in the outer. In other words, I’m still caught in the literalness of the density of the outer.

And, in your particular case, it was like you have the knowingness, in kind of an unconscious or subconscious way, and you have the senses that are in the outer that cause one to perceive in a dense literal way, and the chemistry that you’re still working with is kind of not necessarily the outerness, and not necessarily the innerness. You’re kind of doing a blend, which means that you have a quality of a mental inflective reflective, because the quality of a true higher self is just an automatic knowingness, it just is in the light. And the quality of something in the outer is just a density with the senses adhered to that density.

In your dream you take the homogeneousness of all of that and you have energy lines, and you have all of this other that you’re able to kind of parlay with, which means that what is in the inner, as a nothingness, still has a quality of a somethingness that you’re trying to work with, and it has that quality of a kind of somethingness with energy lines or whatever, based upon the bleed through contamination or, you might say, of how it is to be in the physical body in an outerness, relating to the outerness, but having the knowingness in the background of yourself. That’s how I see your dream.

Well it’s interesting that’s how the effect of what took place yesterday got sorted out by a quality of your nature letting go. In other words, what you did was, in terms of kind of going through the motions of a what’s going on kind of quality, or note, you found yourself screening out the energy aspect lines.

I seem to have a slightly different experience of the same thing, based upon the fact that when something went haywire, in the outer, it jarred me in the inner. And I was writing it up of being jarred in the outer, and was looking at what I was about to perceive as an exception to the idea that the inner comes into the outer in that there could be an outer effect that could get the attention of something that would have to come back from the inner.

I was messing with that when you came in and announced that we had a water leak. I don’t know if I would’ve quite caught up with it, but I guess what I was doing was very much similar to how I can go to a place inside, into a stillness inside, I incorporate it as an aspect of my dreaming. In other words, I take everything that’s going on that is on some remote channel of an outerness, that is made real, real still, and to the degree to which it has a vibrational aliveness trying to come through, I utilize that in terms of how it is playing itself out in the pre-knowingness.

I guess you could say it’s a little bit like taking one’s thoughts and drowning them somewhere, only this time if the thoughts are correlated to vibrations and motions, the vibrations and motions then are still, and in the stilling comes a deeper inflectiveness, or a deeper knowingness, and then from that you come to realize kind of the senses, and how they work as a knowingness on the inner, and how the innerness as a stillness, with the four senses, can be then carried into the outer for livability purposes.

And if one can bring it through in such a way so that it has an effect and an impact in the outer, it doesn’t remain just outer senses; like with the aspect of sight, it can become something that is glimpsed. And that if the sight can be glimpsed, then the other senses have an octave to them, too, although I didn’t notice them in my sleep dream. So anyway, this is kind of a general overview.

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457275As we make our spiritual journey, we become more and more consciously aware that we are trying to bring the importance of our inner life into all the things we do in the outer. But, of course, that’s a huge shift from the norm, and every moment seems a test that tries to pull us back into our outer life pattern of reacting to the endless stream of unfolding events. So we need to be our own champions, and cheerleaders, to bolster the morale of our inner lives as we make this profound shift. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: All I really remember of the dream is it feels like I’m with two other women, and we do have a project that we have to do where we have to do some fundraising. At first I’m just studying how people propose this is done.

And then there’s at least three sleeping bags, and then you get in the sleeping bag, I get in the sleeping bag, and I get in one of the sleeping bags which represents having to make a certain number of phone calls. And I’m trying to choose the sleeping bags, I guess there’s at least three of them that you can get into, that will do the best job at the fundraising.

And I select one in which I know that you do a certain amount of phone calls, but not one’s where I feel like you do too many phone calls. It’s like I’m trying to find some balance with it, because I think like this one has that balance where you don’t do too many, or too little, in order to get the job done. That’s all I really remember of the dreaming, is trying to figure out that right balance to get it done.

John: The thing that was different and unique about the dreaming last night is that the old way, or the ways, that had existed, that one may have been familiar with, in terms of how to carry out a process, is not appropriate for, or, in other words, is not the only thing that is going on.

In other words, the old ways had to do with something having a certain set nature in terms of what unfolded, and that there was a process, or a flow, to that which unfolded. And that you essentially plugged into that process or flow and didn’t think about it, you know, and so as a consequence you stayed mostly in a kind of outer context.

The theme of the dreaming last night is that behind everything that goes on there is a deep-seeded schematic that is dictating what the unfoldment appearance is all about. In other words, the idea of fundraising is the conceptual word of how you raise the inner into the outer – in the best, or in a way which makes that innerness come across more noticeably.

In other words, the old patterns are not something that interests you. You are looking at, you have a vested focus and attention interest in seeing something come out, and into the outer, in a way in which behind what appears in the outer is this inner quality that is recognizable, or noticeable.

So the fundraising is about the various ways and means upon which one conducts themselves, and carries themselves, in an outer context, in order to enhance the inner recognition that is important in terms of the unfoldment. That inner recognition is behind everything that occurs in the outer, and your fundraising, per se, is how to get to that more succinctly, or more directly, or in a greater capacity.

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iesIf you’ve ever tried to drive with a full cup of coffee you will understand this dream, because, when you try to do that, you suddenly become aware of a hundred bumps on the road that you were never aware existed. For the purposes of the dream, the dreamer is trying to keep an innerness intact, but everything around it, front and back, is trying to disrupt that inner state, all while the inner state is trying to impose itself on the outer situations. This is the struggle of trying to bring our inner life into the everyday of what we do. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My earliest dreams seemed to be more about almost like just forms, and it was like they come together and they shift. I can’t remember that much more about them. It wasn’t like anything was happening as far as people. It just was forms and shifting.

In the second dream, it’s like I’m looking for someone, and I go into an old theater building. I have to go down into the basement and through this kind of maze of rooms, and then I keep going past people but I can’t find the person that I want. I come out the other side, and I decide I have to go over to the next town.

And so I hitch up a horse to a wagon, a horse and a buggy kind of arrangement, and I head over there. And I have somebody else with me now, but then I get distracted, or not distracted, I’m going there, but there’s a man that is behind me that’s trying to pass me, also with a horse and buggy, but he’s trying to make his horse go too fast, and is kind of in that sense abusing the horse.

So I’m trying to get my wagon to block that so that he can’t go so fast that he wears out his horse, or abuses it. And then there’s another horse and buggy that comes in front of me which means I have to slow down a bit, too. That’s okay because I’m trying to get the guy behind me to slow down and even to get him to stop and ride with us, or go at a different pace, because his pace is way off in terms of how he’s pushing the horse. That’s all I remember. It was just a night when the dreams were kind of jumbled.

John: The theme of the dreaming had to do with being able to pull and integrate into a wholeness, into a oneness, all aspects of inner into outer, and the outer effect being recognized as a quality coming from an innerness.

And when you were like looking at that, or contending with that, or in the swirl of something like that not having pulled it through with a clear-cut understanding of where this was all at, what it all meant because you were, in terms of the fact that to properly do this you have to let go of everything, and you weren’t able to let go of everything, because you were affected by the horse, meaning a sense of power in the buggy or whatever, you know one behind going at a peculiar pace, one in front going at a faster pace, you in the middle. In other words, whatever all that dynamic was, and how you were having to cope and relate back and forth to the tug-o-war of something like that, you were not sorting out what that really meant. However, it is better, that’s a better image than sitting completely in an amnesia as if there’s nothing going on.

That image of being kind of in-between things, and frustrated by being in-between things, and it’s almost as if when you’re in that it’s a frustration that seems to have an outer vibrational effect because the buggy in the front’s not acting right in relationship to the buggy in the back.

Take that image, add this following image to it. Let’s say you have a house, and the house has an outer area that is exposed to the public. In other words, it’s what the public can see. The public can’t see the inner sanctums of the house.

So if you have a family in the house that’s protected because something sits in this outer area and is able to contend with the forces of things in this zone in the outer part of the house, and is able to somehow or another sustain its ability to do that, that means that on the deepest of the inner levels everything can appear to be okay.

But what if that outer level gets broken into from the collective on the outer, of which something can be sitting in that outer room that is all properly barricaded and whatnot, and protected, so that the innerness is secluded from it from happening?

See, you with the carriage with something in the back and something in the front, you are in that outer room. Now if the outer room breaks down… First of all, what is this outer room? What is this carriage that is caught by something in the front and something in the back? Essentially this is a zone that you could describe as a place where the dynamic is being played out between the forces of vibration and energy that have penetrated the lower levels of the inner plane, in other words, because you can have a place of a greater quietness.

Now what’s happening, the mistake that’s being made in consciousness, is that a person can go into this place, can be really soothed in this place, and can thereby pull themselves into this greater level or degree of isolation, or a greater inner level. Yet you’re still going to have this outer level, of which there’s an innerness having penetrated it, that is able to keep things hidden. If it’s effective enough it can keep things hidden. So you can have the buggy that’s not right in the front, and you’ve got something pushing from the back, and sitting in between you have an energetic that holds the line.

These shapes all have to come together, and so you have that as your schematic, and then you go into a dream in which what you have as a consequence is this area in-between in which there is a dynamic going on so that the buggy in the front and the buggy in the back, there’s kind of a veiling as a result of the buggy in the middle.

So this leads to a confusion. See, where your dream left off is you saw what it’s like to be in this in-between, but your image wasn’t enough to show that this in-between is a lot like an extension to a house, an extension that is out there in which if anything goes on it goes on against this extension, this kind of zone, and that on the inner of that even is a quietness, is a peace.

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