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5e6s8If we imagine ourselves standing in a pool of water, motionless, with the water absolutely still, we know that any motion whatsoever will create dramatic effects in every direction and on every level of the water. And these effects would take quite a while to settle back to a stillness. So it is with our journey through the energetics of everything around us. Now add the ripple effect of everything else moving nearby, and we can see all the interactions we are dealing with. In this way, we can get a sense of the importance of what we set in motion – and the responsibility of that. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my meditation dream, what I saw over and over again were these really bizarre, four or five extremely dense things that were noodling me as issues in the outer. And when I looked at them, I knew straight away that they had absolutely nothing to do with me. They were so stupid, so benign, and whatever conclusions that they reached were not of any interest whatsoever – is how I was telling myself – and yet I couldn’t shake these.

It’s like being worried, or carrying some sort of anxiety or quality, which one tends to do when you’re overwhelmed by the outer. In this particular case, it was like being able to sit in an inner space of myself, look at the outer, and say, oh, those four or five things are just ludicrous. imbecilic, and whatever result they get, I could care less.

And so what I’m discovering is that, in the meditation dream, I am influenced by what occurs in the outer. And, as a result, I am actually really placing my attention to that, even though I pretend like I’m not. Or I’m holding myself in some sort of removed capacity, as if I have this inner sense of things. But what’s really going on is this inner sense of things, the holding on to that, is putting me out of touch with the timing. A timing that has to do with innerness that has a greater speed, and the density is slower, so I’m out of touch with touching things on the molecular back in the physical – and thus I’m compromised, in terms of the effect of the knowingness I have in terms of it being able to come through.

And so, as I settle back, as I lay back, kind of confounded as to what to make out of this, just these four or five dense things that have nothing to do with me, and they all come up to a kind of epiphany with an equal sign, and I could care less.

So as I fall back into a trance, in relationship to that being the dynamic thing, not the clarity of what I wrote, while in the stupor, so to speak, I am told that the biggest problem is that I am dawdling. Just like you have your prep school, I have my dawdlings. Prep school means you’re in life, that’s the feminine, and so it’s preparatory to something, that’s why the feminine takes over the responsibility of matter.

While the masculine has the ideation of things and has to bring that into, can’t be sitting with that, it will not find itself in the yonder and hilt. And, if it sits there, you know, dismissive of this, that, or the other that it can see and rationalize – it’s dawdling. What that means is I am not putting the inner into the outer.

So, in the meditation dream, I have a sense of what is to happen, based upon how I perceived the inner unfoldment process to be. In the outer I am told that the unfoldment timetable is off. So, I’ve got this wibble wobble, I’m at a wrong warpage. Yes, you have to maybe get out of the density of things where you’re noodling around and speed up, but, as you speed up, you then lose a sequential orientation to things in the outer that noodle and bother you because they are in an awkward state. And yet that awkward state is important, you to have to bring this back down into the molecular, and touch the molecular of things, that’s dense.

Because you’re in this loci for a reason. It’s the prep school. And also the significance is: as an inner into outer scenario, this dream is highlighting the problem in which I am not able to bring an inner awareness directly into the outer. So, as a result, from an outer way of being, I am out of touch, I am dawdling, meaning I’m not able to reconcile what I perceive in the outer with an inner. As a result, the outer is on a tangent from a clarity; a tangent is the flip side of the inner clarity, which means it’s like the shadow from it.

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00rr3eWe could say, generally speaking, that when trouble arises in a dream, it is indicating that there is a struggle, internally, and that the resistance – resistance to the flow, or resistance to what wants to happen – is strong. In this image, we see a car accident, which is a potent indication that there is a battle going on in the dreamer, between the higher-self aspirations, and the set patterns of the lower self; two cars holding tight to their desire to be in control of the direction the life is heading. And, while the calamity ensues, the flow of life leaves them both behind. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, I observe, within, an unfoldment that is not visible in the outer. Because this has happened so often, in other words, it’s almost becoming nauseating where I’m constantly seeing something inside, and then, in the outer, it comes across as being somehow or another obfuscated energetically and, therefore, different. Because it’s happened so often, I know that I am experiencing an inner speed even that isn’t there for me to access in the outer – because my attention in the outer is upon the slower and denser.

Well, I understand how the principle works. I understand it inside the dream. It’s just that what’s obvious within, I’m sitting there looking at what’s obvious within, I seem to be somehow or another stymied at being able to take it into the outer – and know that.

So what is happening is, I am experiencing a flow within that I am not taking into manifestation because I identify with the five senses of the outer. I’m allowing the mannerisms of the outer, the slower paces of the outer, to predominate.

So the theme is to bring inner into outer, and, in the meditation dream, I am noting that in the outer there is a denseness that I’m not seeming to get beyond. And it seems that I am prepared, as much as I am able, and still there is this gap between the inner and the outer. I mean it’s really loud what the inner is, but still the outer is different, it’s separate, it’s going at its own pace, and I’m not breaking it, or I’m not able to access the inner into the outer. That’s the blunt way of saying it.

My attention remains, when I’m in the outer, at the slower, dense speed of the outer. And the sad part of it is I’m able to see the difference in speed, and I can even look at it on the inner, and I can glance at in on the outer, and I can do this within the meditation dream, and I can see the different number. I can see what it’s like in the inner, and what it’s like in the outer. It’s obvious that the speed’s got to come together. The outer beingness, that predominates, is out of sync with the inner that is at a speed that has a different vibration.

So what is going on is, I am frustrated because there is this helplessness in the dream, in terms of being able to bring the two together, and I’m left behind; I’m seeing myself being left behind. And this is getting to be, the more I keep denoting it, a miserable and pitiful condition of helplessness, which is a plight and outer despair because I am not able to experience the inner, in the outer way of my beingness, as I know it is meant to be. And I keep seeing this over and over again. Isn’t that interesting? That’s the meditation dream.

Now I change it a little bit to show that I do understand it after having the sleep dream. I have a slightly different lilt that needed to be put to them because, in the sleep dream, I’m confronted with the dilemma that what is there for me, as an inner into outer, can actually break up. If you’re not careful, you can break it up. I can do something that will cause it to become obliterated.

This is something I hadn’t considered, that one could actually be in this process, and then do something out of frustration that would cause it to go askew. I had thought that what was coming through was becoming more and more apparent, and that that was good, and that, eventually, you would have the breakthrough as another kind of steady intentionality. But, in the dream, this is questioned.

For example, a car that has the capacity to pass another vehicle, that is traveling quite casually down the road, and it has everything in it that is essential, the car that is meant to catch up with that, or to pass it, suddenly stops in the middle of the road. And this is a car that feels more like what I am doing, catching up with something, stops in the middle of the road, and the way it stops is it’s in the passing lane passing this other vehicle. And then suddenly it turns, and it points straight into this other vehicle.

This other vehicle, it’s as if time stops at that moment, and here I am bringing up the rear, and I have no choice but to swerve around, hit the car that turned like this, sideways, and the driver never sees it coming. And there’s no way I can even slam on the brakes, or begin to think that I could stop. I’m in a state of shock that something like this could even happen. How did the senses get so obliterated?

And then, after this whole calamity happens, as the scene ends, and now I’m looking out at what is growing all around me, it’s like I’m in Iowa, and everything is just plush as plush could be. And whatever was in the car, that one could have caught up with, it’s being reproduced in the fields and the fields couldn’t grow it better, as far as the eye could see, it doesn’t get any better than what you could see; meaning the potential is everywhere – if you don’t blow it.

So, as I said, this could be like a warning dream, or it could be like a shaping dream, you know a design-type dream, a guidance dream. It’s basically dealing with catching up with all there is. That’s what the meditation dream was like. That’s what this dream is portraying, that that’s possible. But there are some hiccups. My challenge is just simply one of bringing it through in a confident way. By becoming frustrated, instead of taking a greater awareness into both levels, there’s some confusion.

In this dream, I am being shown that it’s possible to actually blow the potentiality, and that a connection to an access can come apart based upon a blindsidedness that causes one to swerve and crack up. Meanwhile, the vehicle I am meant to become, or to catch up with, or pass, even, continues on, and the richness in life is as plush as plush can be everywhere you look.

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222o4It is the constant struggle of our journey to try to apply what we know about human purpose, and a spiritual path, into the ongoing processes of our daily life. The tendency is to compartmentalize them: we will tend to the needs and demands of the outer, and then we will refocus onto our search and efforts – the care and feeding – of our inner life. The shift we are really trying to make is to a spiritual life expression applied to everything we do in our outer life. So one question we can ask ourselves is this: what would this normal, everyday task look like if it were done in a spiritual way? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So it felt like I can just remember one dream, because it was repetitive last night. It was like I was at the martial arts studio, and going over and over trying to get some part of the form right so that my breathing would be right.

I mean, really, on the outer I was trying to breathe right so I didn’t snore and disturb you, you know, but on the inner it was like I was at the martial arts studio trying to learn the form. But the difficult was that there were other people around practicing so there’s only so much space, and the time had been shortened so you couldn’t do the whole form.

So I was trying to learn a way of doing a shortened form, and get my breathing right as I did it, and I had to get it all done before it became time to go on vacation or something. So there was all this focus all the time, you know. That was pretty much it, because it kept repeating.

John: Well, that’s actually almost a masculine image, because the way the masculine sees this is they see that something is going on inside, in which there is a whole sense of freedom, and a whole sense of a greater recognition in terms of what is possible.

One can see that, in the inner, but then when one turns that around and relates that in an outer context, the outer context, because we don’t see the entire picture anymore, the outer context has complications to it.

And so we’re constantly fumbling with something that’s a greater speeding up, and a greater letting go, within, in which we have the greater picture. We’re constantly trying to wield that, bring that into the outer, which has, by its very nature, in terms of it being a sense and mind oriented spatiality, we’re trying to get that to open up more.

And so we have this dilemma, and I say it’s more of a masculine kind of dilemma than it is a feminine dilemma because where the feminine aspect of it comes in, is it’s just trying to maintain a presence, or a state of beingness. Where it’s a masculine dilemma is where it is constantly doing the yo-yo, in terms of comparative analysis or something, where it sees the innerness, experiences the innerness, but can’t seem to get it to copacetically come across into the outer.

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