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John: I’m doing something similar to you in my dream, where I need to clear a threshold, or limitation, in order to live life in a noble way (see Missing Pieces). I bring this knowledge back to recognize how the heart guides one in this process – if one has the courage and strength to follow the heart and not the meaningless peculiarities that can hold our attention and knock us off track.

In the first dream, I’m in a condo building that has a number of units that have limited-use rights. Certain units just naturally have access to all the amenities, and other units don’t.

I’m trying to resolve this situation because it just doesn’t make sense to me. I figure out that the square footage is the same for all the units, so it could be that certain units are just not utilizing the common elements that are available to everyone.

If they all utilized the common elements, then they all would carry the same (increased) freedom. There’s no excuse for not appreciating and enjoying what is common to all, because everything in the building is actually the same; no unit has rights over another. 

In trying to comprehend this issue, I realize it has something to do with a type of presence. In other words, certain units don’t have a presence in this greater open area and that’s why something seems limited, or constrained.

Then I have a brief glimpse that this presence is represented by a man who is in the nearby area, but not in the building itself. This man should be in the building; that’s a link that needs to exist. 

So, my attention goes to trying to figure out how to make these two ends come together (as you were doing in your dream). My attention is upon normalizing the relations so that everything is same/same in terms of the energetic flow therein. I know that this issue can’t be fixed as long as I remain off to one side, or “gone” so to speak, instead of as part of the whole.

What I find most disturbing is that these limitations are self-imposed, and they take away from the feeling and flow that I consider important to create an atmosphere that permeates equally throughout. 

The energetic is that I look and look for a rational explanation for a limitation that must be transcended. I’m realizing that it needs to be transcended and, based upon my understanding, such limitations will fall away with a certain presence, a certain natural presence – that’s the energetic.

This dream is showing me that a coming together needs to happen for appreciative purposes. This is what is missing in terms of what I am reviewing energetically. I seek to change this oddity. I do this with my heart.

I connect my heart to what is called for and in doing so the limitations fall away. I’m compelled to do this because if I don’t I’ll remain confused, my heart will ache, and the joy that needs to come out will remain suppressed.

By approaching it as if this is a kind of guidance and hearing that one follows that comes from the heart, the building becomes evenly “cooked” – which is what is currently missing because there’s an irregularity there.

To say it another way, there is a barrier, or a gap, or there are veils between the two, which makes no sense because there’s nothing in life that requires it to be like that. It’s just that we often adopt limitations, thinking they are “us,” when really we have limited ourselves for no good reason.

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John: Yesterday Jeane described a dream wherein she encountered three different-colored snakes, and ultimately killed one of them while trying to prevent it from devouring another snake (see Devouring Energy). It’s an image that speaks of the taking on, or of the embodying, of certain energy.

Jeane: When I first went into the room, I thought there were only two snakes, so it shocked me that there was a third snake, and it was also shocking when one snake began devouring another snake.

John: Two snakes can mean that you’re trying to do a comparison of things, so you might consider the differences between the ways the snakes look and act and get an insight into what you are comparing. Adding a third snake means that something catalytic is happening in the process – something is creating a fundamental change. And here the more harmless snake, or catalytic trigger, was devouring the more dangerous, more rare (colored) snake.

Jeane: I didn’t let it devour it. It had swallowed about half of the other snake when I stopped it by pulling off its skin. When I separated it from its skin, the black-and-white, more harmless snake died because it was all turned inside out.

John: And then the other snake was okay?

Jeane: Yes, the two others were still okay. I was just sorry that I killed it. I only meant to stop it from devouring the other one.

John: Interesting. As you were telling the dream, I suddenly got the feeling that the more colorful snakes were a more potent Kundalini energy, and that the black-and-white snake was a fairly benign, or dormant, Kundalini energy. And the images showed the more benign aspect trying to devour the more potent aspect. If that happens, you then have access to the more potent aspect – it has been internalized.

In any event, what you’re doing is working with more forces of awareness – of energy. Something is astir, and whenever anything is astir that, to me, is good because it leads to switching or changing or adopting something new. And as you make decisions, typically, you will find what is natural and meant to be. So you made the decision to do something – you stopped the devouring process and inadvertently killed the snake – and then you felt bad about the consequences. Everything has its consequences.

The consequences here are that what is “familiar” is getting skinned alive, and that which is rare, and more unusual, is being rescued, perhaps so you could take a closer look at it? Would you be doing that? Were you interested in looking at the snakes?

Jeane: You know, the snakes seemed to have nothing to do with all the other dreaming I had done. I was just suddenly there with them.

John: I wonder if this is something like your way of having a conversation, only on a symbolic level. In your dreams you don’t hear things spoken to you directly like I do. Maybe this image is like saying something directly to you, and that you somehow know what it means, just like when I hear direct statements.

Not to say that I always know what the words mean, because something else can poke at me as if it’s making fun of me – thinking that I might know what it means. Maybe you have captured that instead through a dream that has to do with how something unfolds in the outer life – the waking life?

In the Bible, Joseph had a dream in which something is devoured, and it had to do with lean years and plentiful years. Perhaps this dream has to do with something attempting to devour and, by stopping it from devouring, you facilitate more possibility with what is normally rare and less knowable. It’s almost a visionary type of dream that tells you something that you may only understand at an unconscious level.

What do you think it’s saying?

Jeane: I’m not sure yet.

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Jeane: There was something else I wanted to express about the experience here in Las Vegas, where we are working on purchasing some property, and that is that I have become aware of what I would call a “thief” energy in this environment that we need to be conscious about (for prior entries in this thread see Inner Property and Change of State).

I say that out loud as a reminder that we need to be aware of how we do things, and it began the moment we arrived here. It seems to be part of the test, so to speak.

John: Yes, that seems to be true. There is a kind of waywardness, or haphazardness, that seems to predominate, and it’s constantly on the lookout to capture the person who is in a state of unconsciousness.

It’s interesting because that thief energy, as you call it, is actually more of an abstraction or distraction from what is actually here in the desert of Nevada. There is a deep inner wonder that lies beneath all of that external noise, which is at the depth, or the essence, of Las Vegas itself.

It’s easy to not catch up with it, or appreciate that depth, or that wonder. It’s even harder for it to reveal itself if one is constantly having to deal with the peculiarities of daily life here. Yet both aspects come with the energetic territory of being here. In fact, it is the underlying energy here that makes what has become “Las Vegas” possible, on some level.

In a sense, Las Vegas challenges us to go inside and bring forth a deeper appreciation than is found on the surface of things. Las Vegas has been contaminated by this thief energy, which probably goes all the way back to how the city was formed around the businesses of gambling, sex, alcohol, etc.

A business friend of mine who loves Las Vegas would say that it has all the best business opportunities to invest in – the “Sin Tax” businesses – because there are always more people drawn into the energies of it.

And so what you’re looking at in your dreams, and what I’m looking at in mine, is that there is a note that transcends through it all, and that note is more important than anything else that might get carried along with it.

It’s an expression, on a deeper level, that one needs to reach in order to find the full appreciation of what is at play. Because what is behind all this larger-than-life energy of Las Vegas is a power that’s even greater.

There is a note. And we don’t have to go through the consequences of being in such a lower-self vibration, which could plague and disturb and unravel. We can instead hear this note that lies beyond all of that, and remember that that is what’s important, and that’s what makes Las Vegas what it is in terms of the real heartbeat.

So the challenge is to stay with the note, and not be distracted by the bizarreness that is constantly before us. And, of course, that doesn’t mean, staying away from it, it means staying within ourselves when we are in it.

Ultimately that is the test of a spiritual journey. It’s much different being spiritual in a monastery on the hill, than it is being able to carry our spirituality within us wherever we go and whatever we come across. Until it is completely in us, everything we encounter in our outer life will show us where we are weakest and where we need the most work to set ourselves free.

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