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Jeane: Even though I had a lot of dreams, I only remember one scene and I probably only remember this scene because it shocked me.

I’m in a room and there are three snakes there. They’re the size of large garter snakes. One of the snakes is predominantly black-and-white with crisscross or diamond shaped stripes on it. The other might be white with a pink, or red, stripe, and I forget what color the third one is.

I look away for a moment and when I look back, one snake is trying to devour another. It’s already swallowed about four or five inches of it.

John: So, there are three snakes and one is black-and-white?

Jeane: Yes.

John: And one has a reddish stripe?

Jeane: Yes, and the other one might be green or blue; I can’t remember.

John: Which snake was it swallowing?

Jeane: I’m not sure about the colors. It might have been the pink/red and white one.

John: But one that was either red or green – one of them?

Jeane: Yes. I’m so shocked and bothered by one snake trying to swallow the other that I take the snake that’s eating and I pull on its skin. However, I end up pulling it inside out. When I have pulled it completely inside out there are just two thin threads that attach it to the muscle. I give it one more yank and “poof,” I can feel the energy as the snake dies.

Then I feel badly because I realize I didn’t mean to kill it, I just wanted to stop it from devouring the other snake.

This was part of a very long dream but that’s the only bit I remember.

John: Symbolically, the black-and-white snake is harmless. It’s a basic snake that just goes about its life in an essentially harmless way. Colored snakes – particularly the really beautiful ones – are usually very poisonous, or very dangerous.

So, this imagery is showing something that is essentially harmless devouring that which is potentially very dangerous. You find yourself trying to stop that process and, in doing so you get under the skin of what is going on there. As a consequence, you cause a shift in the energy. The snake dies, but a type of awareness unfolds.

Snake energy is an energy that you see when there’s something that you need to perceive. When you don’t see the snake energy, it means that the energy has been taken in, you’ve absorbed what that snake energy reflects or represents.

But when it’s awakening in you, it’s something new and it can be something frightening; it can be a bit overwhelming. It’s often depicted as the precursor image to a Kundalini awakening.

In this particular case, you’re taking what is a very benign form of Kundalini energy and also a Kundalini that is really, really dangerous, and you’re using the benign Kundalini to devour the dangerous Kundalini.

I’m not really sure whether that image is a positive one or a negative one. Perhaps you need that which is very dangerous in order to make a step forward, or a transition, and maybe you’re devouring that which is very dangerous, which means you’re assimilating it.

It would seem like you are taking that energetic into yourself, and therefore it is becoming a part of you. There’s something really grounded in your nature that can approach that which is dangerous, or out of the ordinary.

There is more to consider in this interesting dream, so we will continue the discussion tomorrow.

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John: In the next dream, I’m crossing a bridge and, just as I reach the other side, I see a small commotion and two people are sitting there pondering what has happened. There are some figures of authority milling about, but the people of interest seem to be the older, hippie-type couple who are offering their opinions.

Then I realize that some of the vertical support columns from the bridge have broken loose. It seems at one point they were affixed to the building on the other side of the bridge for extra support. That extra support appears to have helped avoid what could have been a disaster; someone could have plunged off the edge and been hurt.

These two people are evaluating the situation, trying to decipher the old signage that was attached to these columns. They are trying to figure out what the letters “PAT” stand for.

I offer the word “patent” as a possibility, but they say “No, no it was more like PALT or PLAT.” I want them to show me exactly where they’re looking, but instead I end up looking at another sign that seems to date back to the Sixties. I don’t remember what it said, but it created a joke in a cynical way.

During this exchange, I begin to think that I recognize the woman from somewhere; I know she’s from Montana. My sense is that she views Montana as a place that won’t be much affected by the coming changes.

I ask her where she’s from and she says, “Bridgette, near Millet.”  I ask her if that’s south of Dillon. She says, “Yes, by about 80 miles.” I’ve taken the position that I know Montana really well, but I now have to admit that I don’t know much about that part of the state.

What can I learn from this dream imagery? Basically, I’m looking at what it takes to be independently strong in the face of diversity. Wherever I look today I see everything being affected by one dilemma or another. Yet there still is the sense that hope can be found within the turmoil, even though it’s isolated.

This insight comes in an odd way – this woman is not something that I expect. Her husband seems a little cynical, and yet she seems to feel that she has security that’s based upon her isolation or separation (in Montana). I don’t know what to make of that.

As I’m pondering this I see another image of me riding into a herd of cattle, like a cattle drive, and I’m riding into it against the flow. In other words, the cattle hands are pushing this herd along and I’m causing a disruption because I’m riding right into the face of it.

This confuses things and I realize that I’m disrupting what is deemed to be standard practice. This causes me to take another look at the importance of the cattle drive in relationship to me; by going against the flow I’m causing the raw energy to have to adjust.

The dream with the bridge – with the extra support from a building on the other side – having its structural integrity compromised causes me to realize that, little by little, things everywhere are being compromised. And what’s being compromised is the effect of the inner life upon the outer life. That effect, which is proper to the way of human existence, is becoming less and less.

Everything I look at, with a few exceptions, is showing the effects of losing structural integrity, and that’s because real structural integrity comes from the inside out.

In the cattle image, I am seen to be going against this trend or pattern in the herd mentality of the culture. I’m trying to deepen my inner life and let it radiate into the outer world. That’s what a spiritual path is about – allowing the god connection within us to bloom and shine through. In these changing times, when our structural integrity has to come from within – because outer structures are falling apart – it’s more important that ever to have a strong inner foundation.

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John: I’m not sure I’m actually able to describe my dream from last night. I think it’s because I didn’t pull out the details and images clearly enough, and just kind of settled into the feeling of it.

It’s almost like I was meditating before I went to bed, because I was in a kind of inner state. The fact that I didn’t pull it out put me into a sense of malaise, even though I was able to denote that I was accepting of a place, or a space, while some other part of me knew that even that had a limitation to it.

So, I can say that the dream echoed the energetic way that I was carrying myself with a kind of connection to the heart. In other words, my way of holding on to something can be felt in the heart, but it’s still an in-between state – I can still recognize that it’s an abstraction representing something even greater.

What happens is that I’m rationalizing that I can hold this inner space, and even my mind is somewhat quieted from connecting to other vibrations that are denser and could throw me around or send me off on a tangent.

However, I could still understand that the vibration I was holding onto has something else to it – what I see is still limited. For me to experience the more of it would require something else I’m clinging to, to fall away.

Said another way, within the vibration is recognition that I have no right to embody it fully because that would actually create a separation. There is still an aspect that stands in the way of an inner nothingness. That aspect seems imperceptible but is, as far as I’m able to tell at this point, something that’s an inner magnetic.

What I’m describing is the reason why I didn’t get knocked around by this aspect as I usually might have been – in which case the dream could have run off on some deviation or detour like we’ve been talking about. Some part of me knew that the space I was holding was subtly better than what it would have been if I’d reacted in my normal way.

It also shows I was as conflicted by this feeling, as I sometimes can be. Of course I can’t stay in a state of contentment with it because nothing on this side of existence is content for very long. I’m able to notice that when a person is content, they become lazy and have a tendency to rationalize that it’s okay.

So it’s a subtle way of just feeling the energetics. The dream, however, or the vibration to the dream, touched enough that it created a subtle mocking of the space I was accepting. That caused a slight uneasiness in knowing that there was something more and that I was limiting myself from reaching it.

Consequently, I did not fully accept the vibrational limitation. If I had, I would have been able to pull out the dream imagery that was reaching further into something else. As you peel away those layers, you are infused with the knowingness behind the imagery of the dream itself – the symbolism, etc.

So the degree I am ready to confront it is up to me. If I don’t confront it, it won’t become something more. The underlying question that’s put before me is, “Am I able to feel the need inside, to the degree necessary, to penetrate and awaken to a subtler depth of inner beingness?”

If I am ready, and normally I am, to make that shift, that’s when the dream world is apt to sense that there is a process of letting go, and then will reveal more. As long as I am purposely holding on and accepting that as okay, I am stopping myself from acknowledging the deeper need.

It’s like I’m saying “No,” to what is more, and my choice is honored. Such choices always place my deeper beingness behind a defensive veil.

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