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inner-depths-1Diving to our inner depths is a poetic way to think about our awakening, and here we see that very imagery in a dream, with the dreamer swimming into the unconscious realms, where great things, the size of whales, swim about freely. Such a journey could be terribly frightening, but not this day, where the beauty of the inner experience can be felt just by the description. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: What I remember of my dream was, I had to travel somewhere and, at night, I’d go and I’d catch a boat and it’s just a man on a boat, almost like one of those paddle boats you see nowadays where people stand on them, except it was about the size of a kayak and you could get in it.

Well, he goes across this bay that, in the past you used to be able to go to this bay and deep underwater you could swim with the whales and, apparently, it’s more of a whale sanctuary now. But because it’s nighttime, and his boat doesn’t have a motor, I grab hold of a rope and anchor it to the boat and I slip underwater to see if I can see the whales.

They’re so deep down, and it’s kind of blue water that’s lit from beneath when you go under, so I kind of hold onto the rope and swim in a circle and I can glimpse way down kind of the energy of the whales.

You don’t quite see them, it’s more like shadows down there, movement, but you still get the sense of them. And I think that’s really special because it’s nighttime. There’s moonlight. There’s this kind of blue light that comes from the water itself, down deep, and there’s a sense the whales are down there circling around.

And then I come up and we go on across the bay, and as I’m on my way to where I’m going and he is with me, the boatman starts talking to me about a children’s book he thinks that I should get that’s like an older book. It’s a tale that may even be somewhat out of print.

We have to keep moving because of somewhere I’m going, but as we move we stop at a university bookstore and there’s another bookstore they direct us to, and even though someone can’t find that book on their computer, she has a sense it might be at a certain place in the store. We feel like if we just kind of keep moving as we go by there, maybe it will pick up the book. That is all I really remember of that dream.
John: Well, the cadence of the dreaming had to do with going back and looking at the means upon which you access information. And the information that you access is information almost as if, maybe the short way of saying it, is if you’re catching up with a quality or thought of God upon which you are designed.

And so you’re describing kind of how it works for you, and so you’re required to hold a composure and go into the depths of yourself, and there you find something ancient. In other words, you don’t find it by going outwardly, or transcendently. You find it by going into the depths of yourself.

And then in that far flung zone is something ancient that is there, only that ancientness comes across in terms of you catching up with something at its origin; from the depths you catch up with something at its origin, like a children’s book, and that’s how you are inclined to access the information, or put yourself in a position upon which the information can come through.

It’s not like you actually access it. It’s that you know that it’s at that depth and that it’s ancient, and that you put yourself in a position so that it can open up to you. It doesn’t open up to you. It’s not like you go down there and you find it in that direction. It’s more like in going in that direction you’re letting go, or you’re settling back, or you’re released, or you’re relaxed.

In other words, this is the means upon which something is able to come through. It’s kind of like a portrayal of a subjective sight, or a subjective knowingness. There’s an objective knowingness too, but it works differently.

This is the subjective knowingness. It’s in that place, in the depths of that, as a type of calmness and soothing, that you’re able to find your balance, or to be in a position to know what is meant to be, or in a position so something can come out, so that you can recognize something.

If you don’t do that of course, you then just kind of stay… it’s a paradox on the idea that you’re going into the subconscious. In other words, you’re unconscious and subconscious during ordinary normal life, but you become more conscious and closer to the depths of yourself when you go down there and realize that it’s more alive there, in that direction of letting go, and being at a state of calm and repose, than it is on the surface of things.

It provided information in terms of how something seems to come through in terms of an accessibility. In your dream it shows that you do this by plunging, in some aspect, to a depth, a letting go depth, a receptive letting go depth, and then you get a sense of things from that zone that is ancient and old.

So one sits and wonders where does this come from, how does this arise, and it’s almost as if you have embedded in you that quality already, and you don’t figure it out by banging around, bumping into things, and struggling in the outer. You catch up with it by the quietness inside you.

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Brimblecombe-Fox_K_Stillness Within_2010In John’s dream imagery, which faces the same issue as Jeane did in her dreams (see Flow and Reaction), the struggle is to maintain an inner quiet that is connected to the Wholeness of life, rather than succumb to personal reactions and mannerisms. Our patterns of personal reaction to events, in our outer life, close us off from the grace of creation. And in our dreams, those same types of reactions veil us from the guidance of our higher self, which is trying to awaken us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I don’t approach it quite that way. I’m coming more from a predilection of dwelling on things, and needing to pick up a greater Wholeness of what’s going on all around me – as if that’s what’s missing. I’m having to take what is specific, and recognize that there’s a greater answer in the overallness. 

Are either of them right? No, they’re just dimensions and levels that are quickened in our being, which occurs when one takes into account these aspects, both at an objective, and as a subjective, overallness, when you take them into account as what the whole equation needs to be.

In other words, you can’t be just one way or the other. You have to be both. It’s an unusual way of dreaming, but I think my dreaming might make it clearer because I go at it from a specific standpoint.

In the dream I start off with looking for an easy solution, as I probe an inner depth. And the easy solution is to deal with the situation in a particular way, which is fairly obvious on the surface. In other words, this is what you see. 

Once you’ve felt something for a while, and you do go to a certain depth inside, there’s the first obvious response that you experience. However, I am shown that this is inadequate, just settling there is now inadequate: I need to take on subtler and deeper depths of myself.

So as I go deeper into this feminine principle of accounting for a greater overallness, I actually stop a certain kind of doingness, or reaction action, because I find that doing what was obvious and apparent as a solution is not what you naturally reach to all the time.  

There’s a greater depth that doesn’t do that, because when I look at the overall, more expansive, levels within my approach, the opposite is what becomes apparent. The opposite is a quietness where you don’t respond or react to reactions or mannerisms, because at these levels I’m shown that I need to simply let go. 

That is the gracious answer to everything that is bothering me. It occurs when I touch a depth within, where having to do something has reverberations. This occurs when I reach the state where silence is the golden elixir. 

Until I do that, I’m inclined to still reach to an answer, in terms of how to deal with what is disturbing to me. In other words, until I reach that depth. In other words, I still have these feedbacks and responses that synaptically come up, and these responses are still in the realm of reactions.

And such reactions are not taking into account the greater overall depth of myself. The greater overall depth of myself takes in other inner levels where there is a Wholeness, and in doing so becomes quieter and quieter in terms of, then, reaction and response becomes more and more peculiar, because that interferes and disturbs the quieter and quieter mannerism. 

This dream where I see myself as having to take into account a situation in life where there is an obvious response that comes up where I notice how that is. In this dream I also notice that there is this other person, and that person is like a side of me that exists on more levels of beingness, who sees all of this from an opposite approach mannerism.

That this is an approach that goes beyond the obvious. And so in this dream, the obvious reaction response, which is seen as coming from a particular depth of myself, can be even quieter to which then reaction response goes silent or empty.

Seeing this greater overallness, with expansive other levels taken into account, stops me in my tracks. My action reaction has consequences for an awareness that takes into account this dimensionality. In other words, you maintain some actions and responses, feed on each other, and continue whatever motif you go off on as a tangent. It’s a spiraling.

So when I am experiencing this greater beingness inside myself, I sensate with an auric key, which adheres to a quietness. Upon this quietness every reaction response is seen as a karmic loudness. The inner depth of overallness that I am talking about is a beingness that is able to find the empty space within every situation.

The deeper meaning of this is, in a dream there is typically a response to that which is in movement from within, which is seeking to wake up. The movement is reflecting from an inner depth and a higher consciousness. The inflection carries a vibration that reaches a depth, and reaches a deeper note, which goes beyond what is readily apparent.

What is readily apparent is the inflection that has this motion action reaction upon it, or to it, as one’s inner depth level of one’s self. This tends to throw one around because the effect is noticeable. What isn’t noticeable is that this effect response is also able to be absorbed by a greater beingness that has an overallness that is rooted into and from an emptiness or quietness.

Each state we experience in a dream needs to be placed into such an emptiness, and that emptiness is the real station. To begin with we are swept up by the loudness of the state. Our reactions tend to be in the way, they get in the way, of a quietness. 

When we are able to take on an expansive station where the levels of our beingness do not need a doingness reaction response, that is when a greater auric sensation starts taking everything into account.

And that is when everything naturally bounces off of this greater auric field, that is, in effect, able to accept everything as being a flicker from out of a Wholeness, which is, in and of itself, empty and silent.

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Jeane: I felt like I had two dreams that were overlapping and then a third dream that explained what was going on, but I lost that one.

In the first dream I live in New York. I’m visiting a couple I know who are very successful – he’s a mystery writer and she’s an artist. Then I visit the apartment of a movie producer and his wife. What I seem to be aware of is the way these people have an inner life and quietness in spite of their success. Many people live a life that is overly busy, but these people have somehow managed to keep a quietness and privacy within their life.

Then in the next dream, I’m feeling the need to disappear a little, because I get on a plane under an anonymous name and I’m flying to Florida. Once I arrive I will rent a car under a fictitious name as well. While I’m in Florida I’ll have to live in a communal building where we take meals together. Other people have also arrived with luggage and things that they are moving in with, but I have some tricky luggage.

For some reason one of the black bags that I’m carrying has an octopus in it, so I want to be really careful when and where I let the octopus out. I feel like I know how to handle it, but I have got a number of bags and I am not sure anymore which bag the octopus is in. I question some people who are going back to the communal area about which bags they can take.

I open up one bag; it has three small kittens in it. One of the kittens gets out; the other two I’m able to hold onto. I want to take them all back because I know the person to whom they belong. The bag has some clothes in it and the kittens, but the owner lives at the communal setting so we can get those two kittens back to him, but the other kitten has gotten away and I don’t know what to do about that. I’m still not sure which bag has the octopus in it.

I don’t remember the dream that explained why I was going from one place to another. That was the dream I lost.

John: Well what you are doing in this second dream is running away from yourself. You are going to the south, which is into life (the outer life), instead of to the north (the inner life). By doing so, you are taking on all kinds of complexities. The octopus implies entanglements and the kittens represent a kind of frenetic energy. You’re extending a frenetic vibration into your surroundings and you’re maintaining a complexity, a tangled nature.

So you have essentially run away. In flying, you left a particular state and quality that you admired in which there was an inner quietness and a flow. But apparently so much was happening that you couldn’t sustain it, or you had to run from it and hide it, so none of that could show. The activity in the outer got very convoluted. This is not a dream that indicates that something good is in flow. It indicates that one is struggling to maintain a quiet inner state while under a type of pressure.

The dream (that you lost) would indicate why this is happening. It would probably go something like this: On a psychological level you have certain things that you’re reacting to, which you are dramatizing. When you do that, it creates entanglements, it creates complexities. It fractures your wholeness. It causes you to lose a sense of balance in terms of your inner process, which leads to you grasping more in the outer. You’re not going to find any answers that way, or be able to hold onto what’s important (the inner quiet). Kittens are getting lost and you’re not sure where the octopus is.

That was an interesting dream, and it depicted something about an outward demeanor that you are adopting that’s taking you away from a quietness inside, so you find yourself more and more entangled by the outer world.

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