The Set Up

John: My next dream is actually very unusual. I live on the 18th floor of a condo building. Some friends live in the end unit, and I have the unit next to them. It must be close to the top floor because I can see eaves or gutters or something like that above.

It’s a very windy night and you and I are inside the apartment. When I glanced out the window earlier, I noticed that the gutters seemed loose. Now when I look at them I see that they’ve broken away from the building at the corner apartment.

I go out on the balcony in an attempt to secure them before they get completely blown away. I’m hoping to keep them from being blown off during the night; in the morning we might be able to figure out something else.

So, I’m out there. I have a vice grip to work with, and I’ve got a rope attached to the gutters. I’m going to try to clamp it down so that it doesn’t keep ripping and pulling.

While I am out on the balcony, in the wind, late at night, near the top of this tall building, to my surprise a man climbs up, by scaling the outside of the building with some device, and he’s a repairman! I don’t know what he’s there to do, but it’s to fix something else that’s broken.

It’s a strange time to be fixing something else, but there he is and I’m very relieved. I’ve been making this awkward stretch that’s a little precarious, and he adds some sensibility to the situation. I get his advice on how to stabilize the gutter, and he asks me if I’m aware that I’m under the observation of two telescopes? I’m being watched from a distance!

He describes where the telescopes are situated. It’s a warning. He says that I need to be careful because I’m being watched in order to set me up. I don’t know what he’s talking about. Why would someone want to set me up? I’m out there trying to fix something.

Then the dream shifts, but I’m still carrying the distraction of the “set up” comment somewhere in my nature: What in the heck could that possibly mean? I couldn’t just let the gutters get blown away, could I?

Now I’m with my neighbor from the end unit and he says, “Do you know that when you are gone I sit in your seat?” Just like the repairman’s comment, this statement seems equally bizarre. Why should I care? I don’t know what to make of it.

My neighbor then indicates that the part of the gutter that had blown loose from his roof had done so a long time ago and been repaired once. That’s what’s torn loose again and he’s not at all concerned about it.

What this dream is showing me is the futility in trying to maintain outward appearances. It’s saying, things are happening and nothing can really be done about it at this time.

In other words, there’s a process unfolding. Things are breaking down. Do I fight it, or am I just delaying the inevitable? The idea that “someone cares” is a concept I hold onto that keeps me trying to fix things.

If someone cared, the gutter would have been fixed properly the first time (then this might not have happened). As it is, I’m holding myself back when I struggle to maintain things – I limit my freedom.

I think it’s because what I see as a problem that needs resolving is actually my attempt to maintain old patterns and ways of going on that are no longer valid. In that way, I’m fooling myself and it’s like a setup. In fact, I’m being watched to see how far I’ll go to hold onto what I’ve got.

My neighbor’s attitude is liberating. He let go long ago and shows no stress over the matter. I can’t help but realize that I lack a sense of carefree balance; I’m making trouble for myself by struggling to hang on.

It’s interesting that after this dream I settled back and got the repeat of an image from earlier in the night. This image is one of celebrated chaos. Something has given way and people are in the street rejoicing. But it’s only the poor who are celebrating – they’re the ones with nothing to lose.

Everyone with something to lose is still trying to hold on – they’re not free to rejoice. That’s how we get trapped in prisons of our own making.

Work to Be Done

Jeane: After the imagery of the girl and the dilemma about the boyfriend (see Inside Knowledge), I then had the following short dream: I’m in an office, reflecting on something that occurred to someone in a connecting office. The layout feels like I am in a university office where the professors each have small offices separated from one another.

I’m in one of these small offices, thinking about the work to be done, but I’m also aware that the daughter of one of the professors, or workers, has been sick or in an accident. She might have even worked there as a secretary.

Then it feels like I’m suddenly hearing about another co-worker, who was also in the accident, and whose arm was broken. I’m thinking about all this and wondering how the girl’s father is doing, but I’m also wondering how all this work is going to get done.

John: This scenario is similar to the first, because here again there is something more going on than just the banal, surface activity.

First of all there is the idea that a person, or persons, has somehow been incapacitated. Behind the scenes of that is the question of how something else that needs to take place will be accomplished – in spite of this incapacitation.

In other words, the deeper inflection is saying to you that something more has to take place in spite of whatever has happened. You could say that the incapacitation is an appearance, or circumstance, of a situation. It is shown to you as an image of the outer worlds, i.e., everyday life. It is shown as an image of the limited realms. Yet all the characters in the dream are aspects of your inner self, so the incapacitation is also an aspect of you.

But the question is, how does the work get done, when part of the system becomes damaged or incapacitated? It points to an aspect of responsibility that remains, even when the system is not fully operational.

So that is the vibration playing in the background of this imagery. It’s going on behind your psyche, as well as behind the circumstance of the outer world. So it’s like an allegory. As humans, we have become so separated from our true connections in life, that we could say that our systems are incapacitated in some way. We do not have our full functionality. Still, the natural processes must go on. And our inner realms, or our higher realms, are always trying to correct our course, all the days of our lives.

So this inner guidance, it’s very gentle and subtle. But it is always working to get through from our inner selves into our outer lives. Mostly, no one listens to it. Yet the way of our inner selves never gives up, no matter how detached we are, or how much we ignore what we are being shown.

It doesn’t take our rejection of it personally – if it did, it might have given up long ago. Instead, it is constantly striving within us to “get the work done” no matter how incapacitated we become. It is always seeing the situation exactly as it is, and trying to work itself through to our consciousness, in the most effective way it can.

So the imagery of our dreams points to this striving from within, to bring us to greater consciousness, greater connection. The incapacitations of all our yesterdays don’t matter – the work is still to be done.