Inner Property

Jeane: I’m having trouble because I’m realizing that I’m having long, interesting dreams but I’m only able to pull out a fraction of what’s going on.

In the first dream, I feel like I’m absorbing some information you have given me about the deed, for the property we are buying, that you mentioned when I was still half asleep. The dream just seems to be about me listening to you and then going within to try and sort out what has to be done next to have the deed come into alignment.

I can’t tell you anymore about that dream because it was almost like a reflection of what you had already said before I fell asleep.

Then it went into a dream where I’m walking somewhere and I run into a man who’s with three younger men, and the younger men seem like they’re all joined together, as though they move in a single form and…

John: So, wait, in the first dream …  what is that last part, about bringing the deed into alignment?

Basically what’s interesting there is that you know that the answer is vibrational. You know that whatever is preventing the deed from being in alignment, whatever is causing difficulty or disconnection in the process of getting this property, you know that what is needed to pull it together is something vibrational.

In the outer life, the usual way to get a property deed in alignment is through lawyers or legal maneuvering. But what you’re showing here is that it’s not just about that, it first needs its alignment on an energetic level – on an inner level. And that’s an important aspect of a spiritual journey, because the reasons why we do what we do have vibrational impacts on everything else.

So, if we are hesitant, or uncertain about the property in ourselves, that can have a reflection and a vibrational impact on how the purchase process unfolds. Often, whatever the vibrational aspect is that can pull all the pieces of a scenario together, does have to go through certain steps in the outer in order to bring it all the way through – to bring it to completion.

So basically you’re contemplating what is required for everything to line up and be brought all the way through, from the inner into the outer. What kind of inner settlement or knowing is required for that to happen?

The other thing that your imagery should be contemplating is if this property is just me going off on some tangent, and if all of this is kind of irrelevant based upon some neuroses that I might carry…

Jeane: I know. I have an insight about that. I’ll tell you…

Heart of the Teacher

John: Tell me again what the masculine figure was doing in your dream (see The Mother Ship).

Jeane: Well, the mother ship is in one area (to the right), and the man in his spaceship is over to the left. I’m kind of off to one side, and his mother is in between. She’s dispensing supplies from one ship to his ship, and then maybe to my ship.

John: Oh. So, what you’ve just imaged is the idea that the mother ship is where you get your direct orders. That’s where you get the impulse of what is meant to be. You’re not receiving those impulses yet, because you’re still outside that system.

However, you have in place a way to connect to the mother ship that’s an in-between state, just as in the outer life you can interact with a teacher to help with your connection.

Jeane: Yes, his mother is the one that’s having trouble with our move. I can get the miscellaneous smaller items directly from the mother ship, but there are certain larger supplies that have to come through his mother.

John: Right. In your description, the mother is the heart. What you’ve just imaged is that you’re actually getting the smaller supplies directly from the higher source, yet in order to get the connection that you truly need, it has to go through the heart, and the mother figure is a reflection of that.

This is a dilemma for the spiritual teacher in that each person has their own connection, or higher calling, or some quality that, as they get spiritually aligned, will get linked, or activated, to a sense of knowing that arises in their nature, and that is supplied or fed directly from the galactic.

When that process occurs there is an inner recognition of it. The inner recognition of this connection then becomes known to the teacher – that the person is being provided something from deep within, as “orders” from the universe, in a modest or minor way.

What this does is set in motion something that pulls at the heart of things, which flows through the teacher. The teacher sees this and recognizes that they have to facilitate the next step. The student is out on a limb during this period and the teacher has to sense that.

Then the teacher is compelled to facilitate the greater galactic unfolding of the student. This always occurs by the signs of things coming up on the horizon. As they come up, they suggest a next step in the unfolding process that the student is on, even though the student doesn’t know where they’re leading.

The mother of it all, who is the teacher, and is the heart in this case, is intended to see this and support it. So at this particular point in time, you’re in this in-between zone where the degree of support that is required is still to come.

You dreamed about the spiritual journey. You did it in terms of a system in which everything is complete. You did it in regards to the overall schematic. You had the beckoning of little things that caused minute shifts from the galactic that the heart needs to recognize.

What is spinning out from the mother ship of the galactic, or from the point that is the heart of hearts, is the unknowable above. The heart (the mother figure) has to acknowledge that (facilitate the move), and that idea is also embodied in the relationship with the teacher in terms of the flow and spiritual process in this lifetime.

The teacher, being the heart of things, is considered the love principle that moves things in life. The teacher is linked to creation, and therefore has to give the student, through the heart, that which is needed for the primary unfolding to occur.

This leads to more than can be imagined (that’s why you are awaiting further instructions, or the larger supplies), because the initial precursors are allowed to be there as trigger points, or hints, for the heart of it all to recognize, support, and assist, even though what is shown in your dream is that this quality is not quite in sync yet.

So you are receiving these impulses from the galactic, but they’re impulses that have more of a human characteristic about them because they haven’t quite linked, or gone through, the support of the heart.

Rough Flight

John: In the next dream, I go to the opposite extreme. I have transitioned from a state of dense contraction, in the first dream, to a state of extreme expansion. (See the first dream here: Nearing the Top.)

I am picked up in a helicopter to be taken to a house. The pilot, a woman, takes the helicopter up so fast it practically stalls out the engine, and the helicopter plunges toward the ground. The pilot rights it just in time, with the helicopter blades hitting treetops and branches, but we make it through.

The treetops give way and don’t break the helicopter blades. I give a huge sigh of relief: “Boy, was that close!” The pilot, rather than easing up, presses the helicopter hard toward its destination.

In other words, she doesn’t give it a chance to regain some sort of balance. There’s no effort to get stabilized. It’s just helter skelter flying. The person I’m with, who is the owner of the house I’m going to, just kind of looks away. He’s not paying any attention.

I’m not able to be so cool, calm, and collected. I gasp as we barrel along, swerving between trees, crashing through bushes that, fortunately, don’t cause the helicopter to crash. Finally, we set down at the base of a hill.

The house we’re going to is at the top of some steps, but to begin with I just jump out of the helicopter. Man, I’m in a state of shock. At the top of the steps I yell at the helicopter pilot.

I say things like, “Do you have a death wish?” The owner of the house and another passenger just tend to business. They bring up the luggage from down below. I’m still in a state of shock. I’m not offering any help in bringing up the luggage.

As the owner and the other guest return from down below, I’m still standing at the top of the stairs. As I gather my composure, I ask the owner, “Is there anything else left in the helicopter that I can bring up?”

Significance: In this dream I’m shown an approach that is the opposite of the first dream. In that dream, I’m burdened with a dense, animalistic energy that inhibits me and can’t be brought on my journey. It’s like a weight that gets heavier as I near the top. I can’t come before the teacher in such a condition. Still, we saw that that energy could serve a purpose because it could function as a type of way station.

In the second dream, I’ve entered into expansiveness – I’m flying in a helicopter – but everything is chaotic. It’s not smooth, controlled, or balanced, but I am up off the ground. It’s not a flight I can appreciate however, because I’m basically in shock and consumed by my reactions. Again, I do get to the destination, but I’m not in good shape.

I’m being shown that I’m somewhere in between these two extremes. The denser, contractive energy is a feminine condition that seeks union. The expansive, masculine condition experiences the chaos that creates separation.

Somehow, these two states need to be consolidated in me. Both are trying to bring about change, yet they are doing so in clumsy, unacceptable ways.

I’m shown that I can’t reach my destination with all my familiar psychological patterns. I need to let go of the lower-self ego aspects, and I need to trust in the higher aspects that can “fly” me to where I want to go.

Fortunately, I had a third dream that consolidates these two extremes.