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soundwave-sound-wave-3d-rendering-oWe all know what it’s like to have trouble downloading something from the Internet: if we don’t have the exact ID and password, it’s impossible to do; i.e., if we’re off by one number, we’re not “close.” Well, it is the universal nature of energy that like is attracted to like, so if we want to attract kindness into our lives, then we have to begin to radiate kindness ourselves – and that radiation will energetically draw in the frequencies of kindness as well. But if we say we want kindness, but radiate judgment and anger, kindness will not be able to find us. This is why “the rich get richer,” because if you already have a quality (energetically), you will always attract more of it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I wish I could pull more of my dream through because it felt like I was just struggling with it. And in the dream it was like I was downloading experiences, and I was doing it with somebody else, a man.

And then there was a series of experiences that I was having trouble downloading, or uploading, however you would consider it, and I had to get things aligned in order to do it, and then I had to judge whether or not it was kind of going to be an overload for the person, or not, or the sequence, or how they were stored right now.

And I just seemed to be struggling to get that right, wanted to get a certain balance with it, and I was trying to juggle it, and going over it, and evaluating it, maybe discussing it, just trying to get it right to download. That’s all I really remember about the dream.

John: So you were just going through, constantly trying to contend with the sorting of something out that stood in between two things from happening, or coming together – right?

Jeane: Yeah.

John: Well, that was the nature of the theme of the dreams last night, was that there is a need to aspire to the vibration within, which pulls together, and aligns, on various levels.

And, in the outer, it is often times expressed as some insignificant thing that seems to be a complexity, or issue, and it’s generally considered fairly trite, you know, when you’re dreaming it.  And if you can just resolve it, then the sensation is that a flow is then possible, or intertwining is able to happen.

It is easy to not see or notice the dilemma, or the small, trite issue, and when one doesn’t notice this the energetic condition that they carry is one of bewilderment. And when you walk around in a bewilderment you take on moods, and mannerisms, that weigh upon the heart because you are not in flow with the outer from within – and are instead caught in a conundrum of the reflections in the outer that predominate.

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Yesterday, Jeane’s dream explored the idea of struggling to hold an inner space where something new could unfold – when the time comes (see The Interval Before Manifestation). Today, John’s dream explores the same territory, yet from a location of stability in being able to not be swayed by the push and pull of energetic, and societal, changes.

(At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my dream, at one point I remembered the details as I looked at two energies going on at the same time, that basically have opposite effects – especially if you’re to view these opposite effects as a sensation in which the determination inside you is one way or another, kind of a setness.

But in this dream, I just recognize that the two effects are going on simultaneously and that in one sense, where something is expansive, it’s like you’re able to be offered something rather than taking the blow of something being overly expansive, and in the other way, where something is contractive, you’re not lost in the contractiveness to where you’re hurt that way either.

In other words, in my dream this wasn’t confusing to me. I was able to be turned first one way or the other, it didn’t matter, or turned both ways simultaneously. I took both extremes as simply being the way things are. I kind of pondered inside myself but not really. I mean, I just noted the distinction that if a person isn’t fluid in their being, such a lifestyle in the world would be disconcerting. For me it was what I had to adjust to and my being responded accordingly: I could do both directions.

The meaning is that I am describing a condition based upon just the inner vibration and being at ease with the inner vibration then the ways that things unfold, or the degree to which things are thrown around, don’t seem to hold sway or to have me definitively reactive one way or the other in some sort of cause and effect reactivity.

So in the dream in which I’m experiencing both up and down, or expansive/contractive, simultaneously, I’m able to see myself shift as the circumstances require. But I also know that for most people such a reality will drive them crazy.

I can see how it could be difficult to me, but I just seem to have a natural way with it. And that’s why I’m able to note that, that I’m able to be something that wouldn’t ordinarily make sense to other people because it’s a way in which the mind in the outer has to go both directions simultaneously, which means that a person who is attached to set ideas and approaches would be very disturbed because this isn’t rational from a linear perspective in terms of outer life.

Thus a person caught up in any outer mannerism in some mental, spiritual, or ego way is going to be experiencing, and noting this, as a very disturbing and problematic condition. But for those able to be fluid, adaptable, and accepting, such a person can shift and adapt and go with the changes and the flow, not having to take them on in any one particular way that they have to be and, therefore, don’t have to suffer the stigma and nuances that are prevalent with those who have to have some set way or another.

In times like this the potentialities, the opposites are… there’s a term for those. In Chinese spiritualities they’re called Yin and Yang, light and darkness, but both expand and contract simultaneously in terms of what an individual is able to experience from within. And when you reach a time like this where the darkness aspect of things is able to intensify, as if everything is broken down and that there is no set order, its corollary, in light, also magnifies.

And so this can be a time of great steps forward in inner spiritual consciousness; not necessarily outer, but inner, which is when the individual’s conscious life is able to constellate with the opposite because it is okay with it. It’s okay in both ways. It’s neither holding onto one or the other.

But in the outer collective, this is an effect with extreme consequences because the expanse is taken in as being something more than what society can handle, on a reflective level, and the contractive, of course, is technically viewed like the flipside of the coin, the same way.

So systems fail and yet there is a way of being with that and not having to suffer. But those who are set and have to appreciate it in one way or another, in terms of how they take it in, the reflections that they receive will lack the inner grace, will not know how to sit in this as you’re meant to sit – neither attached nor detached in any regard.

Those who have no other reality other than what exists in the outer, the breakdown of the social, economic, and natural order of the environment, which means even Mother Nature can be acting up and so on, will find things to be most confusing, disorienting, painful. And the one thing that they should be able to do, or should be doing, but aren’t able to do, is staying in that inner interval or space that is expressed in terms of the breath as being the place where the in-breath turns into the out-breath, at a place where nothing in creation has a fixed hold upon one’s being.

And that a person simply adjusts, as need be, if they find themselves in creation but are also in this interval, and when you’re in that interval you feel the connection to your need, you are therefore able to fluidly go this way or that way without being hurt.

In other words, expansively, contractively, simultaneously… you know, whatever is going on just doesn’t have a deep touch or hold upon you. Those caught up in the outer, though, take this in too literally and do not know how to do both simultaneously, do not have the flexibility, the fluidity, or ability to relate to the heartfelt love and beauty within, where there is a protection and state of inner grace, because you’re in a point where things have to just wait.

It’s the interlude between one step and the next. And for a person who is able to reside naturally in the inner/outer by embracing the nothingness that is everything that exists in creation, means that the interval where the in-breath turns to the out-breath there is a naturalness and an emptiness from which manifestation actually manifests naturally – but from the seed of the latent opera, which hasn’t yet happened, so things sit without a light.

And at this interval a person is at the creative epicenter of the light harboring that which is yet to be in the inner emptiness, that is meant to come from this inner emptiness and nothingness, as an all encompassing vibration that touches all of life. To reside here is to be at total ease with the expansive/contractive, or inflation/deflation, because there is nothing going on that is absolute yet as destined or predetermined in manifestation and creation, that is predesigned and is the precursor for a new era.

In other words, the precursor hasn’t yet been released, which it would be when the out-breath comes into play. The danger of this space, if viewed from the perspective of the outer, is that there is no fabric to the collective order from which a person can reflectively seek solace. Everything is subject to change at any given moment because there is no connection for the collective consciousness to turn to or shift or evolve.

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John: I have two very different dreams here that actually deliver the same message.

In the first dream I’m in very hot and sweaty conditions and I’m supposed to hold onto a vibration in a slow, steady, and consistent way. It wasn’t supposed to be this way – at least it’s not what I expected.

I’m convinced that I can sustain this vibration at an even quicker pace. Then it wouldn’t need to be so slow and be in such a hot, awkward environment.

Still, I resist my temptation to go faster, and as it turns out I see that I was better off going at this very slow pace. Eventually, the environment did cool down.

I found something very humble about this approach – a quiet consistency. There was no fanfare, and no frame of reference because this was not something that I would have chosen. My expectations gave me the urge to speed up. If I had done that, I would have missed out on being able to see myself as being steady, slow, and consistent.

That’s the first dream.

In the next dream, I just an average person and I’m in a parking garage. There is a man there – a dignified businessman in a suit – who has a bicycle as his means of transportation. It’s time for him to take this bike back out onto the street, but he doesn’t trust himself to do it.

What’s odd about this garage is that there’s an embankment that falls off to one side and you have to walk along the edge very carefully. Then you have to back the bike through the door. If you don’t know how to do that you could fall over the edge and never get it out. He’s afraid to try for fear of falling off the edge.

So, here I am, an average Joe, and I’m looking at what’s involved from his perspective, not from my perspective. I’m getting into his paranoia and his concerns and I can feel that they are being exaggerated.

I advise him on how he could proceed, but he won’t proceed. He’s reluctant. So, I say, “I’m so confident in what I see that if you want, I’ll do it for you.” This causes him to snap out of his reactivity for a moment.

He replies, “I’ll have to think about that,” which means he’ll just go into another kind of paranoia. I say, “I’ll give you two minutes to decide, no more.” He replies, “I believe you can do it, so go ahead.”

I take the back part of the bike off. I see a door off to one side, so I take the back part of the bike through that door and there is a little place that joins the outside and I shove the back part of the bike out of the parking garage. I didn’t even know about this door earlier – it wasn’t part of the plan.

However, the bulk of the bike won’t fit out that way, so I have to do what I had originally planned and go along the narrow embankment edge. So, I have to shift, from his fearful eyes to my knowing eyes, and the whole thing looks effortless to me – once the reactivity is taken out.

So, without even thinking I walk from one end of the parking garage to the other along the edge, as if it’s no big deal, and realize all I need to do is repeat that process with the rest of the bike.

When you put these two dreams together, what they are showing me is that I need to deal with life as it exists. In both scenarios, expectations color my perception of what should happen. In both instances, what should be an effortless process is made much more difficult because of what I bring to the situation in terms of reactivity or expectation.

If conditions are awkward, I can still go that route. Things don’t have to unfold according to my expectations, or timetable, for me to be connected. I need to drop these self-imposed limitations. Mostly these perspectives are never about serious issues anyway, they’re just mental distractions or old patterns. When I feel the strength from within, I’m able to proceed effortlessly; the problems just fall away.

So, on an energetic level, when expectation and reactivity fall away, the part of me that’s in emptiness, or in freedom, takes over with ease. It changes my experience of everything.

When this knowingness from within is reached, everything becomes simple for us. When I drop my projections about how I think things should proceed, it allows what is meant to be to occur naturally. The connection then is to a greater overall state that is simply there, without anything to complicate its overallness.

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