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John: I keep dreaming that there is a dominant, inner expression that dictates the outer life. This is an influence that is familiar, deep within my natural frame of reference. However, the loudness of everything else – the superficial – drowns out this effect over the short run. 

So this influence silently dictates the overall way things unfold, even though it’s not readily apparent in the outer.

In one image, I see this inner expression represented as a skeletal frame that holds things together. The outer features are what I notice at first, and am apt to be swayed by – like the skin and the flesh on this frame – on a moment-by-moment basis. As a result, the controlling feature in life (the inner expression) takes a backseat to everything else in the outer environment. Or so it seems, even though in the long run the skeletal backbone to life is what ultimately wins out.

In other words, what I saw is this skeletal structure, and it comes all the way down to the ground. So there’s something about the structure that makes an energetic connection to everything that’s rooted in creation. Then the shell, the body, the flesh, and the skin on it is what people pay attention to, it’s what they see, so they’re not aware that there is an aliveness to the structure that actually dictates what is meant to be and how things are to unfold.  

Everyone is paying attention to what is more apparent or obvious, i.e., the denser, outer layer, which is just the wrapper, or the exterior of the skeletal structure. So people base their choices and actions according to appearances, because that’s the easiest to sense and to see.

In other words, the invisible skeletal structure carries the energetic or vibration of what’s meant to be, not the skin and the flesh and everything else that’s visible. But it’s the outer, visible layer that has a loudness that captures the senses, and draws everyone’s attention.

Of course, in the long run, what wins out, in terms of what is meant to be, is determined by the skeletal structure.

Isn’t that a strange image?

So in this dream I feel fortunate in knowing what is actually affecting what manifests in the outer. It’s a wonderful feeling of relief to know that there is inner guidance, determined or destined to come to the forefront of my being.

First of all, I sense this in a fairly general way, but then I realize that my attention is drawn more to the skeletal structure than it is to the outer layers. I do not readily grasp this.

I can feel it and I can know it, but I lose sight of this knowing when I’m caught up in some situation that requires my immediate attention. Even then, when I’m unable to hold onto an inner balance, I’m comforted in a subconscious way with knowing that there is the essence of what is meant to be, like it’s waiting for me to go there, to look there.

In the dream, because I’ve made the choice to have the inner framework to life dictate how I’m meant to live, even my mistakes and detours are simply guided and shaped into what is intended. I find that amazing.

In other words, as I fumble about it’s almost like something else is directing me because whatever I’m doing is being transformed somehow. It’s affected. Sometimes I suffer when this happens, but at other times my input is redirected and guided to bring out the intended inner effect.

I come to know and trust this inner expression, even though it’s not visible; for me it is just as real as what is visible. What is visible in the outer is there for appearances only. I’ve become able to see the deeper thread of things, beyond the noisy surface.

This cannot be said, however, for my coarser nature that is still dominated by the appearances of the outer world, fed only by the physical senses.

What I’m describing is a subtle awakening, of my consciousness, to that which lies deep within my nature. It gives me joy each time I’m able to break through the outer barriers and be touched by this inner essence, which waits patiently for me to attune myself to its existence at the core of my being.

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John: I like this dream because it’s kind of short and to the point. There may have been a much longer context to it, but there is a particular image in it that was so pronounced that it was sufficient for me to just hold the detail of the image because it was the heart and essence of the dream.

So I am seeing that, for whatever particular reason, I’m having to maintain a type of inner attunement to an overall way. When doing this, I’m acting in a nonspecific way of being, with my attention geared, vibrationally, toward the overall feel of things. So that’s the sense that I carry in this dream.

So my attunement is suddenly disturbed by something in creation. This jostles the container of honey that I am carrying and honey pours out over the edge. Now the typical reaction to this might be shock or anger, but somehow I understand this to be a test to see if I can hold my connection. I see that my attention doesn’t go toward the disturbance, but rather to the honey which, in its overflowing, is a grace, beauty, and heartful lovingness. I see myself using my fingers to scoop up the overflow and put it back into the container. As I lick my fingers from time to time, I become drunk.

It is from this image that I get a hint, and I am able to learn the importance of maintaining the inner connection during times of outer turmoil. Whenever confronted by something that seeks to draw one’s inner attention outwardly, the response should come from a place of greater wholeness. When I notice myself getting reactive, I need to place my overall attention upon the overflowing honey. That then causes my ego reaction to go away. During times of adversity, the honey will always overflow. That’s just the nature of how things are in life. In the limited way in which we live, we don’t perceive it that way. But by maintaining attention on the overflowing honey, what you’re actually doing is flooding the scenario with loving heartfulness.

So, in a sense, this can be seen as a tool or a technique. Because we are life, we are designed to work this way. And what I’m talking about is the exact opposite of what generally occurs whenever there is a reaction set off by something seemingly ignorant of the wholeness. The overflow of honey is grace. To lick the excess off my fingers reinforces the state of drunkenness because everything in the universe is in a state of ecstasy. When you are with it in that state it can be like drunkenness. So when the attention remains heartful, permeating outward, it overwhelms any illusory appearance and its potential to disturb.

There is a story told of a person who gets excited every time he is jostled, excited by each disturbance. In other words, it speaks of a different kind of excitement, one that causes one to go deeper. It is not excitement about the disturbance, but about the opportunity to observe the overflow of honey, so to speak, and to again see that the grace is never affected. It’s as if each event is a reminder that an aliveness exists between creation and the creator, and it is inseparable.

So this is the key. It’s not to look at it as a tool per se, but to see it as a type of union that is inseparable. When you do that, you can have a greater and greater effect upon what’s happening because you’re a part of it, as opposed to limiting or canceling it out from your experience by thinking, “Okay, it’s happening over there to someone else.”

Now you can get to a particular point where everything that’s resonating around you is happening to you because there is no separation, and the idea of no separation is literal from the standpoint of the creator and creation – there is a no separation between them either.  That’s why the grace is always overflowing; that’s why the honey always overflows.

The creator always recognizes the wonderfulness of everything in creation and never pulls the plug – it just showers things and showers things and showers things. So even the suggestion that there is an otherness, or that there is something that could be devoid of this connection seems unimaginable. If there is a oneness, and if everything is connected together, there is a way in which you yourself are everything and you can come to know that as you can come to know the creator through creation.

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