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inner-lifeWe all have our inner life, and we all have our outer life – the one where we interact with the physical world. And every day we try to bring these two worlds into unison, or into some type of harmony. Our dreams work similarly, with a house representing the inner life, and exterior scenes showing the outer worlds. And even in our dreams we are trying to bring these two worlds into one experience. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had some long early dreams in which, again, it seemed like I was impacted by watching the films on the Roosevelts, and it was like I was trying to approach some quality in Mrs. Roosevelt. And I can’t remember the specifics of those dreams.

But then I went into a dream where I seem to be in a house that belonged to a friend of our family when I was little. And I’m in the living room of that house with, there’s at least one other or two other people there. And it feels like some authorities are coming to the house that we want to avoid. Like they’ll take us out of the house, or something.

So it’s like they go to one door, we try to avoid them through the other door. And then the boy in the house has gone outside and gone onto the lawn into a bed that’s elevated. And the mother sends me out to the other bed. And, when we come back in the house – I think he stays out, but I come back in the house – and there’s still some one of the authorities trying to catch me and take me away and I seem to be trying to keep evading them

This authority’s a woman, young woman, because I feel like the authorities don’t really know what they’re doing. And then after that, I have one other short dream.

John: So what you’re dreaming is an attempt to blur together the conditions of an inner into outer, which require you to break a trance. In order for it to come through, you break the trance by catching up with an inner depth within; you catch up with this depth within in the outer, in which something is able to awaken, or come alive.

What you’re doing, before you go into the outside, it’s almost like you don’t see anything. You’re not really able to be content; you have to go outside. And it’s when you’re willing to go outside, and be okay in the outside, that you’re able to catch up with the more innocent aliveness of yourself, that seems so much older, in the inner, which is almost like saying you have something as an inner that is older. That’s another way of saying it: you have something that is inner that is older. A depth on an innerness that is older, but, in life, it has the quality of being a new found, awakened, youthfulness.

So, what you have to ponder here is the sensation, because the theme of the dreaming is you’re looking at wonderment, and the sensation you’re having to catch up with is one that takes into, or brings about, or accesses the wonderment that is quickened within, but has to be taken into the outer, lived in the outer.

If you were influenced by the story of Roosevelt, you were influenced about it in terms of the fact that there was a quality of depth within that needed to be shared, or communicated, or brought through into the outer. What’s unusual, or what’s a kind of a paradox to the dream, is that you’re thwarted in trying to look at things much on the inner, but you’re able to flow in a useful energetic sense in the outer.

To be stifled in the inner, to try to access this outside of how you’re supposed to be, because you’re in manifestation, to try to do this in the inner, like I say, there’s a sensation in there, and there is a healing of a sensation in your dream. In other words, it’s not just a dream of how something is facilitated in the outer; there’s a vibrational sensation that goes along with it. And it’s a hard sensation to grasp because it consummates as a wonderment. And it starts as a type wonderment, but one with a mood, or a frustration, perhaps, with it. And ends in a sense of awe in the outer.

The importance is for you to be able to see the mood, and the frustration, in it, because this dream is like a healing answer to this mood, sensation, frustration. It’s not really readily seeable, but it’s an answer to that. In other words, you’re not meant to walk around feeling overwhelmed. You have a wonderment that is meant to come through.

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fire-inside1We’ve said many times that we are all the characters in our dreams, but that isn’t always easy to see. Here is an example which puts it in a different perspective because we can see the house, which represents the person, and we see the people there, and we see the main character going inside and out of the house. Yet when events unfold in a dramatic way the dreamer begins to reach for outside solutions, while other parts of the dreamer remain in control, whether it’s to put out the fire, or to cook the food. In this way, we all are everything we need. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, I had two dreams in which, in order to have an advantage with whatever was going to happen next, I would coat my body with some substance. But the third time it comes to do this I’m going through some doubts about whether I should. And those doubts kind of cause the dream to shift.

And, when the dream shifts, I’m in the living room of my parent’s house, and there’s myself, and my sister, and a woman who feels kind of like a mother-in-law who’s a perfectionistic type. I’ve noticed that from something she’s done, and one of the things that I notice as we’re sitting there visiting it’s like the house looks a little different than it is now because it has a fireplace in the middle of the room. And I know that several times in the past the fire department has been out to put out a fire that would happen up around the grate that is at the top of the fireplace.

It’s just kind of an odd fireplace. It kind of has brick going up, and then near the top it has a grate. As I’m talking to them, a new fire breaks out because we’re getting ready to go in and cook dinner – but a fire breaks out. And I go over to a phone that’s actually almost on the outside of the door there of the house. I pick it up and I dial 4-1-1. Well, all I get when I dial 4-1-1 are some people talking where I can’t get through, and they can’t hear me.

So then I realize that wasn’t the right number to dial, and it’s kind of an old-fashioned phone, too, so I put it down again. And then I pick it up again and go to talk just to talk, and it feels like if I just holler into it rather than having dialed any number that somebody does hear me.

Meanwhile my sister, I go over and I see the fire has been put out, which she just did it with the hose, which means that everything’s a little bit of a mess. And I’ve gone into the kitchen and I kind of realize now that, because of this fire, I’m not sure we can cook anything in the kitchen. But my prospective mother-in-law, or whoever the other woman is, makes some suggestion, which must work, like going out and cooking the chicken outside, because I look down and see that we have plates with the food on it and it all looks fine.

And I’m wondering what we’re going to do when the fire department comes, too, because they will still come. That was the whole dream.

John: This is a pretty big dream in that it starts off where you are putting a substance on. You’re carrying yourself in a particular way that is a problem in terms of a proper connection. And this way of carrying yourself is getting in the way of getting in touch with the center of your being.

The center of your being, the heart center of your being, is aligned, is part of you, not separate from you, and it is something that you have to take responsibility for. The heart center of your being is running into issues that overwhelm it, in kind of a larger image way, because it’s up near the top.

When you look at this, you just try to pass the buck, acting like someone else or something else has to happen to contend with this. But, in trying to pass the buck, or to just kind of have it handled in an outer capacity, in terms of “it’s not your job,” you come to find out that you can’t do it: you can’t seem to call out, it doesn’t pass out that way, it doesn’t work that way.

So for whatever reason you are adamant thinking that it works that way, so you have all this static where you can’t get through in terms of doing something that is supposed to work. Meanwhile another part of yourself just puts the fire out. And it’s a connective part of yourself that is a type of recognition, that this part of yourself that’s trying to pass this off doesn’t have.

So when it realizes that you could have dealt with it yourself, that you didn’t need to freak out or try to get outside help, when you take this, on or take this in, as inner recognition for yourself this causes you to take a step, which is the real meaning of the dream.

The step is that what you are able to tie into as a strength, and as a power, and as an accepted way of being in terms of yourself, you’re now able to go to the outside of the house and cook something on the outside. And there’s still the shadow effect of how do you deal with things that are still stirred up based upon expectations – as if those expectations come from someone else or somewhere else? There’s still the shadow effect of that, but deep down the memo of the dream is that you have all of the faculties to do what needs to be done, you just have to get out of the misaligned, or discolored, or substanced mannerism that you’ve taken on. You just have to take a step back from that, and when you take a step back from that you find that the fire burning inside of you is right in the center, but you don’t quite fully recognize it for what it truly is.

I mean it’s amazing, it’s impressive, but somehow or another you don’t quite get it, and thus what that means is you’re not able to carry, or embody, or handle all of that, and so there’s a flare up. And that the flare up is meant for you to be able to reach inside of yourself and find the ability to absorb, or to take all of that in, to not act like it’s too much. And, if you act like it’s too much, if you don’t take it all in, if you think that there’s always something outside of yourself that can do a better job and you defer to that, that being another mannerism that you still tend to believe.

In other words, there’s two steps here. The first step is the substance that you take on as a way of being, in terms of how you carry yourself, that is like an identity that you choose. And the second step is that when you experience something that puts you in a place way beyond your ability to experience, that you, instead of absorbing it, instead of settling back and somehow absorbing it, instead of catching up with how to hold onto it, to take it all within, your inclination is to take it into some sort of projection in terms of how that is something else.

But some part of you knows, and to have this dream you have taken the first step, which is to step aside from the substance image of yourself. And then you are shown, in having done that, in the second step of the dream, you’re shown that you have to own what there is in the center of you, the essence of yourself, the fire that’s burning inside, you have to be able to contain that, to maintain that. You can’t defer it in some fashion, to some other outer capacity, and some part of you knows that. And when it gets that, then that enables you to be able to function with all of that, or to take all of that that you have now contained, and to be able to step into the outer. And then you can cook and do something in the outer, because you’re able to fully be yourself. Isn’t that interesting? That’s a big dream.

What goes along with overcoming something like that, then, is the stepping into your true power. Because if you don’t properly step into your true power, what do you do? You fall back on the self image. You fall back on the substance of some mannerism, and you will fall back on that substance of some mannerism if you rely on something outside of yourself to do or to accomplish what you, yourself are meant to be able to do – in terms of your true inner power.

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