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i076sWe’re all busy. We’re all involved in so many things that it’s hard to imagine taking on one more thing. But, are we involved in It? Because religions and spiritual paths are created as road maps for us, us humans, to become involved in It; It being the greater unfolding purpose of the universe. That is what we come here to do. And It is purpose; everything else we may do here falls under the heading of “randomness.” (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the main dream I had, I’m a man, I have a son who feels like he’s maybe teen years, and we’re taking him through a building that feels like a cross between the inside of a dam and a museum. You know how sometimes a dam can have those big generators and big things going on?

The purpose of this is it feels like I’ve invented some process that has to do with the dam, or how the electricity is generated, or something. As a result of having invented this process, it’s like I go to a place of the building and I’m actually generating some electricity, or doing something at a place.

And someone comes along and they’re talking to me, and almost half joking with me, because I invented a process that was really worth millions, but I was only given a few million. And I’m kind of joking with them about, you know, I’m still kind of part of this generation of energy and I’m… you know, there’s only so many million you can spend in a lifetime, anyway. So I’m like joking about all this because, in a sense, I have what I need and I’m still part of something that’s generating electricity, and I’m kind of involved in that process.

John: Great dream. So, the initial setting is that you’re somewhere between this power plant and what you consider a museum; in a building that’s like that. And the museum, of course, carries a multiplicity of things, and yet you’re experiencing something that goes way beyond the multiplicity of things.

In other words, you’re experiencing the energetic, or the power that relates in some fashion, through you, as you, and yet there’s still the multiplicity of things. So where it has a sense of in-betweenness, and that in-betweenness blurs away because some part of you is the power plant, too.

But where it doesn’t blur away is that you’re going there with your son. So, what is it that you’re trying to do with the son? Are you trying to introduce him to something? You’re trying to show him a greater connectivity?

Jeane: It just feels like he’s part of the flow of energy that’s me.

John: Yes, he becomes an integrated you. This is kind of like an advanced image from the standpoint that it does pull together, when it all flows like this and comes together, this pulls together the wholeness and the overallness in life.

Otherwise, you have levels upon levels to have to contend with. But if the museum and the power station can be one and the same, then that means that all of the levels, all of the multiplicities, integrate with that inner flow. They come together in terms of that inner flow.

And when they come together in terms of that inner flow, then there’s a closeness, then there is a connection, and the connection is energetic, because you’re carrying the energetic, and that energetic then intertwines.

And so it all flows through you. You know, if you were to try to break this up, which you don’t do because you’re representing the wholeness, you’re representing an overallness, you’re actually representing the higher epiphany of the feminine wholeness and overallness of things. If you were to try to break this up into pieces, like components or something, what you would have is you would have that energetic would be like God, or it would be the thing that teaches, the thing that is the innerness that is all-pervasive.

And the things that are there, in, say, the museum of the place, are the various levels. They all carry a component, a derived, reflective component of some aspect that relates, but has been separated in a way so that it may have gotten a little askew from that energetic.

Now if you can bring this energetic straight down and through, because you embody this energetic and it is actually you, and if it can be you in its completeness, then it takes into account, and it sweeps up, and it integrates everything in the museum. And when everything in the museum is integrated, then the purpose of life has been met, and the consciousness that each of us is meant to reach has occurred.

In other words, there’s no more struggle, there’s no more differentiation. In that sense, if you use the word ego to represent something that is still separate, there would be no ego either, then.

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