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awakening-by-MynzahAnother word associated with spirituality is “awakening.” But what does it refer to? One aspect of it refers to awakening parts inherent to the human design that can connect us to higher energies and purposes. Another aspect is to begin to be more conscious, in a way that we begin to be the guide of our own thoughts and intentions – as a method of taking up, by choice, the responsibility of our relationship with what designed us – a very high calling. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the next image, there’s a door that’s kind of like a door that’s bewitched with the outline of a character likeness that’s quickened. 

Looking at the door and instead of seeing it as a plain door you see something like an energetic imbedded in the door. It’s like an aliveness, almost ghost-like or something, very surreal-like, that’s part of the door. And everyone I know stays clear of this door because of its strangeness. 

I, however, am finding this oddity to be a curiosity item. So what I do is I will come up in front of the door and I’ll take my hand and I will go like that, wave it right in front of the door, and the thing will spark. It’s just kind of like static electricity or something will shoot; you’ll sense it, you’ll feel it, you’ll hear it pop.

And so I would experiment, I’d go to the top part where I see it, I’d go to the middle part where I see it, I’d go to the bottom part where I see this whole character outline and it’s the same thing, it just pops and pops. I might even imagine that under certain conditions it pops more. 

So finally I get the idea that it’s popping and there might be even a correlation where I wait a little bit to let the magnetism build up, and then do it and it pops more crisply or something. So then I get the idea, what happens if I fan it? And I go like this, like this, like this, like this real fast, fanning it so it’s going pop, pop, pop, pop, pop.

And eventually it quits popping because I’ve dissipated whatever that is. And, when I do that, I’ve actually, in this experimenting like this, I break the spell. I guess I was imagining that I could discharge the effect. 

Well, I did all right, and what happens is that something breaks. When the spell was broken it’s like the character imbedded as an electrical impulse in the door, after losing its charge, it comes out of the door and goes directly into me.

So a human being is intertwined with everything in existence. Very few have a focus, interest, or fearless nature to probe through the barriers of manifestation to access this intertwined aliveness. It’s all energy. It’s just, do we perceive it? Everything has an effect upon us. If you look at the carpet on the wall it has an effect upon you, on some more than on others. Some have a connection to it more than others – and how do you capture that sheer aliveness? 

And then in the final one, it’s kind of like I’m… this is all going to somewhere deeper, in that what we’re really talking about is the reason for why something is separate, amnesic, or hidden, or lost, or not coming through, or isn’t all there in one fell swoop. And so now we have to address the reason for that, why it isn’t always normal. 

The first thing I notice is I have a sinking feeling when it comes to something that is real important. And I wake up with the statement in my head: it has to do with forgetting something that I feel is necessary for my well being.

And then I go back and I recount the examples of the various images during the night of where I was not doing that, or in which I’m shocked because of something that’s there that I should know but I’ve forgotten that I know it. 

In one of the dreams last night I’m told about a piece of property that I can only barely remember. It’s like, do I own that property, I’m not sure, and I find myself saying that I need to do something in particular to protect that interest because I had forgotten about it.

And then in another aspect of the dreaming, I see a document that has some sort of humongous effect over my nature that I’ve forgotten, and just realizing it still exists gives me this huge sinking feeling. It’s like, wow, how could I have not noticed or paid attention?

And the meaning is, as I wake up little by little to things about myself, hidden within, I realize that I must be in some sort of amnesia because of my forgetfulness. I discover that by suddenly realizing that there are things I have repressed for some reason, or inadvertently forgotten, this sort of thing haunts me now.

And then I realize what I’m doing is I’m describing the human condition, and using myself as the example. My consciousness is blighted and a needed connection to the heart lost because I have lost what I need to face. Perhaps it was more than I could handle at the time.

And then I prioritize it as a number of things. First I see this as property important to me. Second I also see this as a document that I am shocked that I ignored. And then, third, I even detect it as a whirlwind of energy, only instead of it being in the door now, it’s different, and I do not trust myself as knowing what to do with it. 

I see this as an energetic image, like a character of myself, in which I go in and out of working with leaves, where on one hand I throw the leaves over my brother. He throws them over me. I throw them over myself, and both of us throw them over others as if we are able to create an illusion of invisibility and escape from something in our reality. 

Because the whole time that we’re doing this it’s like I’m definitely not hardly visible at all, and he is a little more visible, and the other people are much more visible, but all of it is done as if it’s all in a hiddenness. So to begin with we do this as if it is nearly make believe. That’s why it’s a type of hiddenness. The time comes, however, when the make believe touches repressed images and/or intertwined vibrations that we must face. 

So what I am saying as kind of a deeper meaning is that, whether I like it or not, there is a greater consciousness about things that is waking up and subjecting me to images, vibrations, and impressions that belong to me that have been repressed, hidden, or denied for a long time. 

To become reacquainted and responsible is to become more conscious. To become conscious is to take upon myself a greater perspective and responsibility over life than I currently realize is possible. It’s easier to pretend. 

To download this file, Right Click (for PCs) or Control Click (for Macs) and Save: Becoming More Conscious

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John: So, as a continuation of this conversation from yesterday (see The Energy to Change), I had this sense inside that I needed to shift from where I was and to follow another vibration. Basically I sensed that I needed to follow the shift in energy, rather than to resist it. And if we are not quiet enough to listen to those intuitive feelings that we all have, we end up disconnecting from the inner guidance that is always available to us, and through us.

I mean, this whole shift from the Northwest to Las Vegas came out of the blue. It would have been so easy to dismiss it, based solely on the common perception of what Las Vegas represents – you know, Sin City. Why would we choose to pursue a spiritual journey in the Sodom and Gomorrah of our time?

Yesterday we drove around, getting lost and looking at places to live, and the one thing that stands out is the view, the perspective, from that one apartment that overlooks The Strip. I mean, do I really need to see a view of the lights at night? I know that’s something interesting that I can take in just by looking within. I know that can automatically happen.

So, it caused me to wonder what there is about being able to just peer at this view of The Strip that is so fascinating. It’s not fascinating in the sense of sitting and pondering it as an incredible view. Instead, somehow or other I’m going to be touched by all those lights – the aliveness of them. It’s the flickering aliveness of those lights that has an effect. 

Now, I’m not even limiting this feeling to those specific lights, either. Yet somehow they create a trigger to other memories. I can still see it, having stood in that unit and looked out at the view. Normally I can’t see things.

Normally I don’t know what street I’m on, or whether I’m heading north, south, east, or west. I’m usually all twisted around. But I can still see that view. Not in specific detail, but I can see it vibrationally. I can feel the energy of it. And it will give a very different sensation depending on whether it’s nighttime or in the day.

Then it can take on a whole different dynamic. There’s a quickening of that feeling. When we joke around about whether other people could enjoy this city or this view, I’m not sure they’d know how. They might see it as a violation of the vibrational state we are seeking. I don’t know for sure, but when I contemplate the reaction of others I get the sense that it might create a stigma.

The other thing that causes me to wonder – and it seems very, very strange – is the idea of trying to keep the presence of the former owner alive there somehow. What is there about her presence? What has she done there that has set an energetic tone that is still there, and that I’m worried might leave or disappear?

I really can’t get clear on that yet, but that energy is important to the place. Will she drop it? It was so odd when we were there and the toilet was definitely running. When I walked into the bathroom, I jiggled it, and it was still running. And when we were on the verge of leaving I decided to point it out to her.

As we walked to the back I heard it go “kerthunk” and then it stopped running. As we walked up I said, “Well, it was running a minute ago,” and she said, “Yes, I heard it running. It must know I’m back.”

That was amazing. That was a very unusual statement. When you think about that you almost think that she maintains a certain kind of magic in her nature, and that that, somehow or another, is in the place too.

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John: In the first dream I feel like I’m in a waiting area, where I see a father and his son hanging out. I seem to be there to play games, and the young son wants to play ping-pong. I’m there wondering if I can find a pool table.

In this peculiar dream, even though the father and son seem to be separate from me, it also seems that I’ve given a pool cue to the father as a gift, although I can’t remember anything more than that.

As I look around the room, I realize that in the area where I thought there was a pool table – I have the feeling of waiting around for them to finish so I could have a turn – there really isn’t one. I’m waiting for no reason.

When I realize this, I go down a hallway and look through a door and that’s when I see there’s a racket ball court. 

As I return, the son whines about wanting to leave because there isn’t a ping-pong table. I hope they will leave so I can move around and find the pool table and have the whole place to myself.

Before they leave, I suddenly realize it’s 4:30pm. My flight arrived at 3:30pm, and now it’s 4:30pm and I have to leave again on the plane at 6:00pm.

I haven’t eaten yet. I don’t have time to play pool. I only realize this after going to all the trouble of getting set up to go to a separate room where I could shoot pool for 25 cents an hour. I haven’t got time to do that. I have to leave.

Isn’t that interesting?  Strange dream.

This dream indicates that I’m not fully taking in what’s around me – all that’s there before me. As a result, I’m missing out on the full experience. Part of me wants to leave if I can’t do what I want to do. Another part of me realizes that, even though I’m able to visit this rest and reprieve area, I cannot hang out because I’m scheduled to go to a new place.

So, this is kind of the precursor imagery for going to the new place. The next dream tells about it.

A person is telling others that, this time, what’s being set up is on my terms, referring to me, and not subject to others as before. In other words, the time before was over – it was, perhaps, screwed up in some way – and now is a new time.

The person who is announcing this is the person who’s involved with what I’ll be doing later. This announcement had a wonderful feeling. It felt like everyone was put at ease; everything’s okay now.

Then, in another image I see myself going down an escalator, just willingly going down an escalator and when I look up I see, on a kind of a scaffold and walkway up above, my sister and her husband hanging out. 

He’s on a computer and she’s sitting there. Suddenly she points me out: there I am. I’m leaving and they’ve come to see me off to wherever it is that I’m going. They may not see me again for a long, long time. Out of respect and honor they have come to say goodbye and I wave at them as I go down the escalator out of sight.

What’s the sense of all this? These recent dreams (including The Lost City), have been showing that I’m struggling to take in the larger schematic of life. I’m moving around, but I’m not taking in the important information, which means I’m not really connected to the wholeness.

So these dreams are emphasizing the importance of being open and awakened, and therefore realizing what’s possible. So I’m being reminded before I continue my journey.

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