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spectral-double-spiralHere we continue the discussion begun yesterday in The Rules Have Changed, which described an energetic shift that has taken place on the planet. The nature of this shift can be felt by us in whether we feel flat, or elated? Are we disconnected because we are focused only on our personal issues, or are we connected because we are acting in relationship to the greater Whole? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: There are parts of me that are just sore now, just sore… but when I try to communicate that out of my excitement to others, I leave them in a bit of a trance. Like I went to the dream group, and I shared this dream, and I’m realizing I have to be careful now in terms of sharing dreams, because within the dreams there is a potency of light or whatever, a quality, in other words, the deeper symbolism of the dream, to the degree to which that can be carried across and it being something that someone isn’t necessarily acute to, you’ll actually tear them down.

And when I shared it with the dream group, I was shocked. I was shocked. I was sending people reeling left and right when they wanted to kind of understand more about it, and I was explaining it, and then those that I would have normally, in my judgment nature, would have been kind of not expecting them to be grasping much, and would have kind of somewhat screened out, gosh, they were with it 100%.

I was impressed. I was impressed. Those that I thought should have been fine, weren’t, and those that I would have never anticipated, got it, were recusing themselves really, really well.

Now, what I also know, and see, is a capacity of something that is happening now that I never realized was something that I was capable of being able to be part of. In other words, it’s like if I do something, if I say something, if I’m relating to somebody, I expect a here-and-now response.

In other words, I expect a certain kind of feedback of relatability or understandability. But now I’m realizing that as long as I’m true to whatever it is that I’m fetching, that the effect doesn’t have to be something that I have to absolutely be able to put my finger upon.

Because of the way things are intertwined, I actually touch something inside of them, and then what I touch I go back and take responsibility for. If I threw something off, I feel it, so I carry it. I carry it within, and I am actually transforming, or healing it, in this kind of way, so to speak, not really, of course. It’s just a way of saying it, because things are intertwined.

However it was that I threw something a little askew, I pick up on that which has been thrown a little askew, but to the degree to which I mirrored something, that mirroring something works almost in kind of a prima materia catalytic way, and is sorting itself out.

And maybe they come to understand it, or grasp it, or get it a month later, six weeks later, the next day after a good night’s sleep. But if I base what I’m doing on what I’m seeing right in front of me, I would never do it.

So this is a type of recognizing, or I should say honoring, not recognizing, honoring the quality of my own soul, and trusting that in relationship to the world’s soul.

So you can allow yourself to make a commotion or to disturb something, and then you take responsibility for it. If you feed something that enlivens or creates an aliveness, so that something more that is designed and someone can come out or start and have a better way of coming out, it just really, really makes you vibrate.

It doesn’t mean that it’s coming, that it happens, but if it’s given a chance, it feeds you. It feeds you. In other words, you then monitor that from some quality inside. You don’t really realize you’re monitoring it. All you know is that some part of you is feeling good, and is in a kind of elated way, and that elated way corresponds to something that had been bottled up being able to spring free.

You can go along and, all of a sudden, the precursor to how you feel this new energy, which is a little bit from the standpoint that you’re going along and all of a sudden you start to feel flat, or dead, when you had been feeling good – that’s because you disturbed something and created a kind of confusion.

That confusion, based upon how everything is intertwined, you’re picking up on that. Or if it’s confusion in the outer, it is more than what you’re capable of taking into account – you’re picking up on that, and it is swallowing you a bit, and it is veiling you a bit, and creating a blur.

You have to get to a point where you hold the pristineness, kind of like the story of the guy, the sheik or whatever, that went to a funeral. And then this person comes to meet the sheik, and he’s talking to the sheik’s wife at the house and she explains, “My husband went to a funeral” and so the guy that’s coming there has never met the sheik before says, “Well how will I recognize him?” “Well, you will recognize him because when he leaves, he’ll be the only one that’s still carrying a light above his head,” or in other words a certain quality.

The others will have gotten caught up in the situation and the moods and mannerisms of the situation will pull them down, but he will be able to have not only transcended that, but he’ll be upholding something because he has gone through all of that and the intertwinedness of things doesn’t throw him around in the bewilderment like it does everyone else.

So there is one central rule that makes this work. The central rule is that it gets brighter and brighter, it gets more and more acute, it comes out louder and louder – this quality inside that’s changed – when you work outside of yourself, when you do something for the betterment of something else, and you figure out how to do it in relationship to a quality of yourself that you may have, left to your own devices, approach very, very personally, but now know how to flip it in a way so that it feeds the greater Whole.

If you start doing that, it’s unbelievable how this affects you.


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Jeane: The thing that I would note about my dreams last night is they always took place in the dark. It was always night out and they seem to involve men I knew from my past, when I was in college or shortly after that.

In one dream one of the men is pursuing me. I’m always trying to stay out of the room where he is so as not to end up having to interact with him, but I can only prevent that so long.

Then a woman friend and I go into the room and there is no way that I can avoid him. I approach him but also ignore him a bit; I don’t want him to think I’m avoiding him, but at the same time I don’t want to give him too much attention because I remember him as being possessive. So there was a little maneuvering that went on between approach and avoidance. 

That evolved into a dream that involves another man I know who is very accomplished and talented. He is with a redheaded woman who has a lot of power. They are sitting in chairs, almost like thrones, in a room full of people.

He approaches me and I do a little dance to stay out of reach until at one point we’re together. It seems like we’re going to make love, but I want to make love while being on top, kissing him, but also maintaining a certain distance.

In terms of the energy of the dream, I would say it felt like I again could move around in a slightly circular way, as I moved in and out of the different rooms.

John: Whenever we experience dreams where something is trying to get our attention, in the case of these two images that’s represented by the men, it has to do with the way we take on moods, mannerisms, or patterns that suppress or block out the information that is trying to come through.

These patterns end up creating a situation where that information, or energy, becomes stifled, or pent-up. So it tries to get our attention – it wants us to acknowledge or recognize it. This can apply to physical aspects as well as emotional. Our patterns tend to shield us from issues that we’ve already concluded are more than we want to address or take on.

The schematic of this dream, though, is a little different. This information is coming alive – it’s awakening and opening up. It’s still searching for its parameters in terms of what is right and what isn’t.

The subjective side of the feminine nature knows what the flow is by the way it feels in the body, and what you’re doing is you’re finding yourself fighting that flow (i.e., you’re avoiding the encounters). That creates a veil to a potential greater sense of awareness.

If you think of what is going on in your waking life in relation to this, you could say that you are speeded up because you are out of the comfort zone of your home and in a new place (Las Vegas). That means that certain avenues of connection, within yourself, are able to come out now because of the timing and the place. So you are trying to go through new reverberations within to determine what parts of you are connected and what aren’t, in terms of what you need in this new situation.

So this dream develops your ability, on a sense level, to tell subjectively whether something is right or not right, in such a way that it can open up and you won’t repress it. It’s coming out anyway, so now you have to maintain your sanity in relationship to it.

My dream centers around the scenario of being sick and feeling miserable to a point where I’m unable to put my attention on anything else. As long as I’m dwelling on that, it only enhances my suffering because I’m only looking at things in terms of how they personally affect me. The sickness is consuming me.

At some point in the dream, my soul let go and I stopped focusing on my specific ailments. I just went into a state of emptiness, dropping back from my physical condition to something deeper within. That’s when I notice that I’ve reached a stillness that assimilates my condition.

I wouldn’t have been able to sleep if I hadn’t reached this state. As soon as I start to look at my miserableness again, my condition consumes me. 

What this shows is that when a person transcends dwelling upon particular conditions – anything in life – they’re more able to find a natural flow. The flow comes out from the wholeness, from the overall, and not from our specific details and idiosyncrasies.

I felt a wonderful sensation of allowing myself to be swept along in the overall. There was a peace and quietness that went beyond my physical condition. This was a state where I could experience myself as a part of the whole.

When I start to cough, because I think I’m sick or need to cough, etc., my attention goes back to suffering with my physical ailments instead of letting go and being in a state that’s naturally able to be nurtured.

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John: So from your dream yesterday, and now into mine, the ongoing theme is about developing oneself to adjust according to what is unfolding (for yesterday’s discussion, see Another Dimension). That’s very different to the way most of us behave, because we are accustomed to always being headstrong and coming at life in a way that we imagine it’s supposed to be. That headstrong, ego-based approach is, of course, due to our cultural conditioning, i.e., personal experience, education, family life, and social norms.

My dream starts off with me having to contend a bit with my conditioning. The feeling I have is that I’m in a scenario that is far more than I’m used to experiencing. This is pushing my senses to an extreme, which is out of character in terms of how I normally see myself. There is a feeling in the dream that everything is over the top. In other words, my defense mechanisms actually make me think that I know what’s going on.   

The problem, however, is that how things are “supposed” to be, in the living organism of this universe, is actually dictated according to the flow. I am (we are all) more hardwired into this flow than I (we) care to realize. I’ve forgotten it because I have held onto my internal buffers.

These buffers are, of course, defense mechanisms, and without them I have to contend with the aliveness of life more directly. In the dream I saw that as so outrageous that it was unnerving. So it made me feel disoriented.

In the next dream a question was raised regarding what is to going happen. Someone asks the question in relationship to something in the outer: they ask, “Is the stock market going to go up or down?”

It’s like they’re taking a poll to see how different people react. Those who feel more defensive think the stock market is scary and could easily come crashing down. In other words, they fear they will get hurt.

I break through the issue by saying it’s going to go up. There are a whole group of people standing around (including your dad) who agree. But rather than just leaving it as a matter of opinion, it’s important to understand why it’s is going to go up, so I say that it’s determined by one thing: either the money supply – the supply of currency – is going to increase, which is inflationary, and will send the market up, or it’s going to decrease, which is deflationary, in which case the market is going to go down.

So what are these dreams really about? In both sets of images I’m examining how things are meant to unfold. To see things from that vantage point is to get away from personal involvement or personal opinion. I’m being shown that the safest path is to let go of feeling separate from it all, and instead get into the aliveness of the flow and see where it leads.

Of course aliveness here means everything that’s alive – taking into account all that exists – and of course separating out my personal desires, hopes, or hidden agendas, because those only serve to separate me from the flow and cause a hurt to my heart. Humans can’t steer the flow, they must go with it – they must be aligned to what it is doing.

When I try to contend with things separate from the flow of life, that’s when I hurt the heart. And of course when others try to do the same, they will hurt my heart as well. It may seem like human nature to try to direct things away from struggle and hurt – to always try to make things “safe,” but it’s more natural, and in keeping with the aliveness of everything in life, to be in tune with the rhythm. In so doing something from within can then be revealed.

In other words, something is trying to rise up, which means that there’s something hidden that is touching the veils that keep reality hidden from us. To develop, or utilize, the coping devices we have adopted is to hide behind the veil. In so doing, neither our process, nor the process of the universe works very well.

Perhaps another way of saying the same thing is that people try and create an environment that suits their self-image. That act is in contradiction to the flow, and actually causes a contraction in the heart. Anything that veers away from the inner flow of the whole leads to suffering; the inner flow of the whole comes down and touches us from above. Then our light awakens within the greater light and it’s able to rise back up.

The challenge is to take in everything without expectation or judgment, and to be able to flow with that. That puts us closer to the heart of the world and enables us to follow the will of the Creator at play.

The will of the Creator is behind everything in Creation. Access to this flow is not possible when we deceive ourselves in terms of what is really happening.

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