Taking it to the Top

mandala1Jeane dreams of being in the White House with Jackie Kennedy. What does such a scenario say, in terms of what she is sorting out on an inner level? As John describes it, the energy Jeane is searching for in the first image is taken on and, in shifting to the next scene, we see how she is trying to maintain a focus on holding that energy as the most important aspect, as a way to let the process permeate into life – from inner into outer. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well the very earliest dream it feels like I’m searching for something, looking for an energy, some kind of a circular energy. So it’s like I go to various rooms looking for this. 

I go to one room and I open up the door and it feels like the energy is a little too yellow or something, so maybe you subtract one of them from the equation, because I shut the door. It’s an energy that’s going around in a circle in there. 

Then I seem to keep looking, and I know that I’m at a department store at one point looking, and I’m looking in terms of it’s almost like trying to find the right scarf, or the right material for something.

And then there’s like a switch, and I’m investigating now, but there’s still the sense that I’m looking for something. I’m investigating. I’ve actually gone to the White House. Jackie Kennedy is there and like her husband’s been killed and she’s still living there. And I’ve gone to the White House to install two machines because I realize she’s been trying to spy in some way, and I’m going to put two spy machines in there.

And I’m kind of lecturing her that she can’t tamper with them because it’s like I feel like she’s been trying to do it on her own and it’s messing things up. She can’t touch them, or maybe I’ll take away her dog. I can’t figure what else to say. 

Then I seem to leave the dream with the White House.

John: So, you’re using the first dream, where you’re looking for a bunch of circular energy, you’re using that as the template.

In other words, that sets the tone, or the note, of a certain attention that you are going to be applying. In other words, it’s just like if you hear a particular note, and anything else that’s a little off in relationship to that note, once you’ve found that, you can kind of denote other things around you as to whether they are properly aligned, or in a natural order, or not.

This would be something that would be difficult for the masculine to say and do because it tends to try to prioritize things, and in that regard that’s bad. But when you’re taking and you’re looking at an overall cadence and vibrational energy that you’re going to be holding onto, and sustaining, and supporting, that’s not linear, that’s like being in the cadence of your own Wholeness.

And once you find that cadence, you then can put yourself, and find yourself, in being able to direct or shape how something is meant to be. In other words, you find yourself in the White House, right? And the White House is a place where things are supposedly directed, and you find yourself trying to direct something in terms of Jackie Onassis.

And she’s a person whose presence in the White House stood out with a certain degree of dynamic independent flare and everyone took note of that. You, in terms of your relationship with her, are directing that she has to maintain that a particular way. She has to be true to something in a particular way, in terms of how she carries herself, because she’s storing something, which means she carries herself, and that if she doesn’t do that she loses the friend, the dogs are the friend, right?

She loses the friend, which is another way of saying she loses herself. This is a type of thing that has a fine line, a very, very, very fine line to it. If you weren’t dealing with the one note, or particular note, that is important in which all other notes or qualities fall apart or get you nowhere, in other words if there are 100 different things to do and you’re talking about the one thing that needs to be paid attention to, and the other 99 things aren’t what are important but just this one thing.

If this was associated as a dream that related to the 99 things, in terms of how to try to take and approach something, you’d have a problem here. This would be a contractive and limiting dream. But this isn’t a contractive and limiting dream because the thing had to do with the swirling note that you had to find, which you knew was important. 

And then the importance of that, in terms of what it really was, was portrayed in the fact that you took it all the way to the top and you instilled this note as a quality that then could permeate out and, if it wasn’t retained, and if it didn’t get permeated out in the way that it was meant to be permeated out, then you would lose something valuable.

So once you find it you understand, then, how it’s to be lived, and you hold yourself to that kind of livable accountability. 

Isn’t that interesting?

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