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444gesHere’s a simple view of spiritual development: Since the universe is trying to refine, if we help it refine, the universe will refine us. That’s not bad. And what that means is that if we put our energy and intention on making everything we touch better, not for us personally, but because it helps the everything improve, and because we want to live in a world that gets better every day, the universe will respond to that, energetically, and that energetic support will develop and enhance us. Does that seem strange? It shouldn’t because that is what everything else is trying to do. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just remember one dream, and, in this dream, I’ve traveled somewhere with a group of other people, and we’re staying in this resort that seems like it’s more in the countryside with little cabins, and a main building, where everything’s kept.

And, at one point, I leave the cabin I’m staying in, and I decide that I want some things that I had brought with me from my hometown. And it’s like when we had arrived we had checked our luggage and our purse in, and I know at some point we’re going to leave, so I go down to the main area and go up to a counter And there’s some women behind the counter there, and I talk to one of them and I give her a slip of paper, and she goes and she brings me back one small bag.

I know there’s two other things, and I open up the bag and I show her that in that bag I just had stored two things. One was some beads or something that you would make things with, and I can’t quite remember what the other thing was. But now I want to accompany her and we’ll go over to a building where other things are stored and I’ll have to help her sort and find my bag, my other two things.

And then I’m explaining to her how things work where we come from, and what I explain is that one of the ways we kind of travel, or shift, there, is we’ll take something that’s kind of like from our hometown that’s lighter – lighter in all kinds of ways, like something pleasant – and then we put it next to something that’s actually a little darker, or heavier, and when we combine the two together then that kind of creates something that pulls us along, because it lightens up what was darker. And that’s kind of how we shift there, or how we travel there, because apparently it’s somewhat different where I am now. And that was the dream.

John: I was doing something similar to that, too. And the reason why one was dreaming like this was because the protocol of things was put into question, and has been put into question, in relationship to how things are.

In other words, I don’t think that it’s recognized that the in-breath and the out-breath, per se, are part of the illusion. And that on the other side of all of that, outside of the in-breath and out-breath, that, yes, the breath is important, but the stillness that is outside of the journeying motion is where something is at.

So what you were doing, in terms of your dreaming, is you were going back and you were reviewing how it is with the breath, and how something kind of comes in and realizes, and recognizes, something. And it used to be described as when you went through things you had kind of a blackboard effect, in terms of the density, and the gravity, of things upon which you could hold onto, or grasp, the recognition of something coming in. Otherwise, without a substance, or density or something, it wasn’t possible to catch up with it.

Well, all of this is along the lines of the breath yet, in-breath and out-breath, in-breath and out-breath, at a particular point, or in a particular phase, in a particular modality. And what you were dreaming was still trying to play with the in-breath and the out-breath – as if you’re stuck at having to journey in this way. And the reason is because things are so entrenched, in that regard, that it’s not something that’s easy to recognize, that the place where one has to get to, or be, is a place in which, yes, you have the in-breath and the out-breath, but you have the recognition of the stillness that provides you the relief.

So what you were doing is you were actually flipping around with the breath. You’re flipping around with the breath, and what was causing you to flip around with the breath was pretty much, as a scenario, this idea that shook something up. And in the flipping around with the breath, yes, you could see all kinds of reflective things. And when you dreamt it, it felt like bewilderment. In other words, it wasn’t like you understood it, or that it gave you any relief. It kind of like was like a flip side. In other words, you may have been dreaming in a particular way, and now all of a sudden you have this flip side.

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beingdivineSo here’s a scenario: a person develops spiritually, meaning becomes less personally involved and starts to view life as a service to higher purposes. That shift brings energetic connections – unseen friends, if you will. And, like most important relationships, those connections demand more of a person’s time and effort. And they will recede if the contract of the connection is not honored. In this way, development means we have to take on more responsibility energetically, and that requires different ways and means than we used in our personal life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then I had a dream where it feels like a continuation of the same dream, although I’ve come to maybe the airport. And I know I want to take the people with me, and I want to show them the right way that we need to go.

We’re in a large building with lots of stairways and turnstiles and other things, and it feels like I want to get from there to the airport, or I want to get from there to where I’m going, anyway. So, it’s not real clear because of all the different choices, how to do that, but I know that we can go down.

I see some people coming up some stairs, so I start to take my group down the stairs. I feel like once I go down, I know the passageways that will connect me to maybe the commuter train, or whatever I’m looking for. I know the passageways will connect me if I go down.

But when we try to go down, there’s an official of some kind at the bottom. I think it’s a woman. She’s got a baton or something, she’s waving it and telling us we can’t come that way, because it’s like the turnstiles and things there are such that you have to go back up. You know, I would just jump over the turnstiles or something, because I know I know my way once I get down, but with her there kind of waving us off, we can’t do it.

So we have to go, but I also know, you know, she would have us go all the way back up and I know that I’m not going to do that. I don’t want to go all the way back up. I want to go find the passageway, so it’s kind of frustrating because I’m kind of blocked. I would know my way if I could get down at that point. Now I’m going to have to go up a little and across to find my way down, so I think I was kind of frustrated by that and half woke up.

When I was waking up, it felt like what I was pondering, is it felt like I was trying to find my friend, Brad, who died last year. It’s almost like I was suddenly having the thought that maybe he is trapped where he is, as he got trapped here. And I was hoping that wasn’t so. It was like I was trying to look or something.

John: Well, Brad is trapped there, as he is here. That’s just how it is. I mean, that’s what this is about. You have the opportunity to take and make a step here. And when you don’t make it, then you have this same kind of misalignment somewhere else. You might have a slightly different sense of freedom of it, but you can’t really break free. You really can’t quite get it. And so you have to be given another opportunity to try.

In other words, you don’t progress really on the other side, you progress here. Even though it looks slower, it’s the fastest way.

So this is tweaking the first dream, in which you could have found your apartment, or you could have found something by way of following a system that you had a familiarity with, only you’re being told in this dream that you have reached an expanse, a greater expanse inside yourself, so you can’t keep using that same narrow corridor approach.

In other words, you try to use the system now, different than it being like going through the Mafia, or whatever, to find the apartment. Now you’re just trying to navigate around and things are more complicated. There’s more issues to contend with because you have the capacity to take more in, and therefore you can’t do it in the usual protocol way. Something will stand there. You can’t get through the corridor, the turnstiles as you call it. And so, you have to take in more or navigate more around.

The sense of this is, where this is really pointing itself to, is to the greater intertwining that you have with the whole because your heart’s in everything, and so you’re expanding your scope. And because you feel things imbedded in your nature, or are starting to feel things imbedded in your nature, you can even see the Brad quality. And that’s—I mean, these are all—you know, you might say almost one aspect of the dreaming is to cause you to be able to have an expansion of yourself that goes outside of the ordinary levels.

A person who is caught up in having to deal with just the day-to-day doesn’t look to that. But as you start to expand, and as you have to start working other things out, you start to take in more and more of the territory of things. That’s why it’s said in the Sufi path, that to begin with you may not know what’s going on in other parts of the world, things like that. You may have a way of just ignoring that, you know, because you’re contending with something in the tight and narrow. But as you progress on the path, you come to realize the intertwining and how you are actually affected by all of that, and that you do have to have responsibility in some sense that takes that into account.

So it does have a place in the heart that opens up, that you are able to find, that is twined to something like that, as well. But you don’t know this to begin with. Because, like you were saying, you know, your usual approach would have been just go to the Mafia and have it sorted out. You wouldn’t realize that now it involves being able to look at all kinds of greater whole that is intertwined and how that comes into place, as opposed to some focused system that has its own impositions.

So it’s interesting that you spread this out into looking towards Brad, because that creates the deeper dimension of the dream in that you’re having to take on other levels. For you to take on other levels is to take on a greater spatiality.

For me to take on other levels is to like be able to move innocuously from one scenario that is awkward or contaminated, to another space that is free, and even to know how to insulate one from the other. And that really threw me for a loop, because that isn’t the feminine way. That’s kind of the masculine way. The feminine way is to try to be all-inclusive. But the masculine way is a little bit like the Bible story of where you have righteous people and bad people and you keep the bad people in one town and you take the righteous people that are in the adjacent town and you bust the town to pieces to scatter them around. That’s the nature of how life is meant to intertwine.

Jeane: Really?

John: It doesn’t make sense to the logic in the mind. You don’t wipe it out. It serves its point, too. You can, I suppose, if it gets to the point where the adab of it is such that, you know, there are examples of that, but as a general rule, all ignorance is dealt with. And thus that example is what else it dictates in terms of this greater meaning in terms of what’s evolving in the future, in that there is going to be people that can take a step back from everything that’s occurring and find something that is okay in terms of how they are able to function.

And then they’re going to be people that can’t. And that’s just kind of the way that it is. And if they go crazy enough, they obliterate themselves. They bring dire conditions upon themselves. Those that are at the other end of the extreme, in terms of a quality of understanding of things, they have to know how to function more visibly.

We live in a period of time where none of that sort of thing is a problem yet, but in the past it has been a problem. That when you got to a particular point of righteousness or consciousness, or however you would say that, inside, that there was the danger of invoking the reaction of that which is angry and confused, and unable to sort itself out. And so even though you could be trying to help them, they do not want the help. They reject the help, and violently so. And so you have to be invisible, if you’re able to function in that kind of greater overallness.

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It it often hard to understand the idea that “Life is an illusion,” that what we see and experience in the outer, physical world, is not the truth of life. Yet if you consider that all matter arises from the realms of energy, then the physical world (creation) can be understood as merely a reflection of those energies. To get beyond the “illusion” of the physical, is to become connected to the energies, and to know the purposes, that give rise to physical creation. And humans are designed to do just that. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I dreamed a lot last night, but I only remember the last dream, which seems to have two parts to it.

In the initial part of this dream I seem to go into a room. It’s kind of a large bare room with wooden floors, kind of light colored – whitish colored. I’ve gone into the room and there’s a group of men in there wearing Galabiyas and one of the men is a twirler. And I even see him twirling except the only difference is it’s almost like he has a cloth that’s just been put over his head and tucked into the Galabiya. It’s not like a hood. It’s more like a cloth that covers his whole head, so you don’t see his face at all.

I think the cloth that covers his head is purple, and at some point when I’m in there they accuse me of having stolen the twirler. I think I still see him, but I mean, I’m accused of having stolen him.

That’s the first half of the dream.

John: The twirler is a consciousness that exists inside of you, which is veiled. And you find yourself in existence accepting the fact that somehow that is gone, or missing, or stolen, but inside of you is the consciousness that is able to proceed through life, in creation, without being affected by the illusion of things in terms of the reflections of the outer.

In other words, you can see through that. You can see through the veils that that seems to present based upon reflections. In other words, the twirler, or the consciousness, is hidden within or underneath all that exists in creation, or in manifestation. Underneath, or from inside of that, is an essence of all that there is, and it only appears to be stolen away or veiled. It’s there for those with eyes to see.

Jeane: In the next part of the dream it feels like, again, a man wearing a Galabiya whose face I don’t really see, takes me over to what looks like a drafting desk. It feels like there’s some work people want me to do, but the drafting paper and the designs on the table are covered up with a sheet of paper. So it’s almost like they want me to do some work, but they don’t want me to see what’s being done.

I kind of lift up just a corner of the paper, even though they’ve told me not to do anything, so that I can kind of peek at the designs on the paper. And then I kind of look at the guy and I tell him I’ve got it figured out, even though maybe they didn’t want me to look, and they don’t want me to know it. You know, I’m going to tell him what’s going on.

John: In creation everything is at a different and slower vibration, so technically, light itself, which is at another all inclusive speed, and things in creation are at a lower, denser speed, remain hidden. And it’s assumed that you’re not supposed to be able to catch up with that when you are in creation. In other words, that’s the presumption that is generally taken for granted by most people who see themselves in this lesser capacity.

Nothing in manifestation, in terms of the senses, and the appearances, and the mind, take you anywhere. In other words, it’s not like those are the tools that you use in order to realize what needs to be realized as the actual realness that exists.

But there’s a way that you can peek, and you can see behind the curtain of all of that, in order to take the steps you need to take. And once you’ve figured that out, just you taking and discovering what needs to be discovered, creates a peeling away of the veils, a revealing. In other words, you bring something of a clarity or a light into an inflection, and this reaches beyond, or is a step that takes one beyond, the appearances that everyone else has bought into and takes for granted.

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