Opening a Rift

Caesar1T8Dreams can be as exciting as movies, and here’s a good example: we have gold robbed from a casino, gangsters, a near murder, and then a Hollywood ending. Yet when we remember that we are all the characters in our dreams, we realize that the chaos and anxiety that has been set in motion is caused by us, upon us. It’s another way of pointing out that there are no actions that don’t have ramifications, whether to us or into the whole of life.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this dream, I work in something like a casino, somewhere more out in a smaller area, and I’m working with a man whose family works there. But one day this man and his family, his mother is involved and maybe a brother or whatever, they steal a bunch of gold from the casino and they take the gold and they bury it near their house.

Well, I leave the casino and I go over to their house. I’m actually even aware where they’ve buried it, and I’m socializing with them in their house, and I’m trying to kind of communicate to them that they should keep moving on because I realize at some point the casino will send some gangsters to come and get them and retrieve the gold.

But they seem kind of oblivious to this because I maybe have dinner with them. I don’t really let them know I know where they’ve buried the gold, but where they buried it is pretty obvious. They kind of think it’s hidden, but I know it’s not really; but I do socialize. I kind of get an idea of who’s in the family, extended family, and all of that as they come and go.

I know they have a plan of one day digging it up and leaving but, of course, before they can do that the gangsters arrive. When the gangsters arrive the scene shifts slightly because the house they’re in then is more like one that I used to live in, and the family seems to have expanded to include some younger children and an adolescent boy and other people in even more levels of the house.

Well, I’ve gone out and I come back at night and I see the gangster in there having a meal with them as though he’s a friend, but I know he’s actually there to find the gold and kill them, or something. He’s just trying to even quiz maybe the young boy in the family and other people. I know the gangster would actually see me as dangerous, too. I think I’m a male in this dream most of the way through.

And as I start stalking the gangster again, because I realize he’s going to start shooting people, I must wrestle the gangster and strangle him or something like that, but as soon as he’s about dead I realize he has some kind of information or something that we need. So then I’m in a dilemma because it feels like I have to bring him back from being dead – which I can do. There’s a nurse nearby, and my only hope is that when he comes back that maybe he will have forgotten, because I notice the nurse even likes him, so maybe then he can become part of us when he comes back; because of the trauma, maybe he will have forgotten having been a gangster because he does have some kind of information that we need that I have to bring him back. And I do have the sense that when we do that, that maybe he’ll become part of our group instead.

John: That’s a good dream, and it followed through and made sense all the way, and had the right answer at the end. In other words, what happens is the dream starts off in which you have kind of more or less the casino of life. It’s just the way things are. It’s the big malaise of things. And then out of this malaise, you figure out how to extract or take something that you are able to personalize, a manner, a demeanor, a quality, a way, something that’s kind of unique or unique from the standpoint that you extricate that from the whole, as if you have a right to do something like that.

Well, when you do anything like that in life, where you take something for yourself from what is the whole that serves the common overalless and oneness of things, when you take something to yourself out of that, you set in motion a chain reaction, a reverb. And what you set in motion in this particular case was the gang, the bad guys or whatever, an energetic in other words that was disturbed from what you had done, because what you had done had broken the cadence of things.

And so at this particular point what you’re really doing is you’re describing a process of what you have done with yourself and to yourself in terms of living in manifestation. To some degree you have adopted a type of personality, and a way, and a manner, and an expression, and quality about yourself that is a bit unique from experiences that you’ve gone through, and how you’ve come to relate to what you deem important.

And in that process you have extracted a dharma or flow that you have taken as an accountability and responsibility upon yourself, that has been brought into an energetic outside of it being just in the overallness. But then your dream points out that you brought this into a house, and in this house over time this house has grown, this house has expanded, there are more and more other parts of yourself that have developed a greater spatiality.

So the trait or quality that you have whipped out of the fabric of the overallness is slowly being normalized in that that quality is slowly permeating everything in your environment and of course your environment is still an environment that is, you might say, bloodline related, or vibrationally related and correlated. So you still carry the quality of guilt or action that has initiated something being ripped or taken out of the casino of life. You still carry that. You still move around with that. You still embody that. That still has its attention upon you.

You’re still somewhat righteous about having that as well, but the other parts of yourself, the family and whatnot that has grown, is more innocent. They’ve become more natural with the way that they are able to hold and carry that, and experience that. So as a result when the disturbance, the rift that you have done that has established an unnaturalness catches up and, let’s say comes into the house, the issue is: can this expanse and other qualities of yourself absorb that, modify, codify, soften that?

Well, you’re a so set in some aspect or mannerism that you feel that your other naïve parts of yourself are going to get themselves into trouble ,and so something has to rise up and stamp out this force that has come in as a reactionariness force, based upon what you have done in terms of establishing a quality of yourself that has this unique trait that was ripped out of the etheric fabric of the overallness that has become noticed, that has set off a chain reaction that because what you did took away from the whole. In its wholeness, in its oneness, everything was at rest.

So because of your righteousness to maintain what you want to maintain, you feel that you have to kill or do something. You feel that you have to kill it or trap it or suppress it or push it off to one side, or do something anyway with it.

In other words, not face it. And what you’re shown is that it is one thing to have taken like you did and pull out of the naturalness of oneness that’s in a stillness, something that then made you distinguishable from that, which that thereby set in motion the rift. It’s one thing to do that; you’ve done that, and you’ve been that way for a long, long time. You have grown. You’ve become more conscious. You have more parts of yourself, more rooms in your house. Everything like that has taken off, and so it’s like there’s no turning back. You can’t go back and undo what has been done. It has become a part of you.

Well, this other is a part of you, too. It’s the part of you that can penetrate, modify, touch, and permeate throughout the overall, throughout the greater whole of things. In other words, you have to be in touch with that. You can’t just ignore that, kill it, suppress it, hide it, go into an abeyance avoidance in terms of that.

What you’re kind of describing in terms of the inner and the outer is you’re also describing soul and human being, like the soul is everything. It’s an overallness, it’s a oneness, it’s a quietness, and the human being is something that is finite, that has kind of like adopted a magnetism about it that somehow or another affects this overallness and puts it into a veil or a sleep. And so you can easily get really caught in the personal by taking on some demeanor that you feel is you, and you have a right to be that way kind of thinking, and you’ve been that way for so long that you have developed a certain process of consciousness in an expansive way along this particular dharmic trait of energy, but it doesn’t go anywhere without the quality of overallness that is omnipotent, you know, it’s everything. You have to have that awareness, as well.

Well, that sort of thing disturbs how it is that you find yourself as having come to be in a finite way. And so if you push that off, or veil that, or kill that, then you don’t come into your greater overallness and wholeness. Well ordinarily a person who is thrown around by things that is working on themselves, the shadow side and stuff like that, if that was the phase in which the dream process was at, it would be left in kind of a shadow dynamics quandary, in terms of catching up with what is important. In other words, you’d be 80% in kind of a holding out personal or mannerism of energy, and then the other would be off to one side trying to get its memo through. But that is no longer the case. Now the innerness is more recognizable and so you’re able to bring it all the way through to a completion.

In other words, you in your dream came to know that this other quality could not be killed, suppressed. It had to be absorbed, it had to be taken in, and had to be made a part of you because it was important and essential. And to suppress it, or to kill it, or whatever didn’t further your evolution. It left you stuck. Your process of being how it is that you need to be has to do with being able to permeate this quality through your beingness.

What you’re doing is you’re describing this, you’re describing how the container energy of life works, where it will start off where you have a motif that has gotten elongated in its development, that has developed its images and such, but what is important is that you don’t support that elongation in those images by stamping out anything that comes in your path that isn’t in support or congruity with that segregated, ripped away energy that you have righteously appropriated as an aspect of soul quality deviation to be in an ego familiar existence.

You have to realize that that quality that you have become as a nature is but a component of a greater space that is infinite, and an infiniteness that takes in everything. In other words, it’s the casino of it all, and when you realize that then you’re able to accept everything that is happening around you. And it does not matter how dire it looks.

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A Limited Way

Tiny man entering a mzeIn this simple dream image Jeane is confronted by a fundamental, and profound, question: What will we choose, a universal life, or a personal, ego-driven life? Because the bargain allows us to only choose one; we can’t have it both ways. We are either pursuing a life in service to the whole, or a life focused on our personal needs and desires. And why does the choice seem so difficult? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In some ways I feel like I didn’t dream much because I just had one image that was preoccupying me.

I had recently read a book or story that takes place in the winter in the park in Alaska. And in the story a character I really like, that’s like an older shaman, native shaman, dies. So in my dream he also dies.

In my dream he’s poisoned. It’s almost like it’s in a remote community and he’s who I consider like the shaman, the good guy. He gets poisoned and died. And I’m trying to figure out…

John: This only happens in your dream?

Jeane: Yeah, this only happens in my dream. In the book he was shot. And I can’t figure out why he’s poisoned and died in this remote community and the bad guy lives. I’m wondering what the community will do about that. I mean it’s like I just can’t quite figure it out.

That’s all I remember from last night.

John: It’s an interesting Rubik’s Cube to try to figure out because what you perceive in the outer is things that tend to prevail. And these things prevail, or maintain an apparent effect, because the way we relate is so much off of the mind/sense and ego.

And that if you operate in another plane you’re outside of this quality of mind/sense and ego. And when you’re outside of the sense of mind/sense and ego you find yourself unable to accommodate, as you would describe in your dream, the shamanistic side of yourself that is in another shifted plane, as well.

And so it’s pretty hard for you to go as well. You either want to be mind/sense or ego – I mean, it’s not an either, even. You want to be this mind/sense and ego. Something has to give, and so this other has to be shot, or poisoned, or in some fashion its effect upon your nature has to be obliterated, or stopped, in order for you to contend more readily.

The dynamic, the struggle, the trying to make a breakthrough is how you’re trying to free yourself from the chains of this limited way that one still identifies. And it’s not easy because everything around you is reflecting this other, and this other, you know, it’s almost like the big lie.

You’re told that here’s this other and it’s everywhere, it’s collectively all around you. And so it must be what is real – instead of something that is more unseen – that leads to you reaching a greater overallness. And so this reflective outer tends to keep you dumbed-down. It tends to keep you under its clutches.

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