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OumDo we realize that we are energy processing beings? If we feel restless it is because we have energy that needs to be expended. If we have anger or other emotions, those are energies that are in a state of being processed. And when we have a hard time of it, it’s because we are unable to process the energy quickly enough to prevent it from becoming toxic to our system. It’s not a mystery, it’s the way it works. When we are healthy and rested, we process energy better. And, best of all, when we are conscious of this process in us, our systems can work even more efficiently on our behalf. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I’m looking at what is a kind of evolvement in which there are aspects of kundalini. And I started off exclusively looking at it from the masculine standpoint, and then it flips to the octave of the feminine. But the subject is perceived from the standpoint of the other side. Kundalini energy perceived from the perspective of the other side.

And so my meditation dream involved the schematic as being impressed upon a sense of tangible experienciality, that was before me, as a condition, but not quite reachable; in other words, it’s off the ground. Or, in another way of saying it, it’s like an image that I’m seeing myself that is inside a container, and I am outside, or not able to touch this state. 

I’m trying to contend with everything therein that is going around and around, and I am unable to touch this to cause it to be still. Consequently, because I am unable to quite reach and touch the projected outerness, that would be still if it was pulled together, by being in-between like that, my kundalini energy is racing, and I am unable to shut off this synaptic-ness.

The way you could recreate this, in this kind of effect in a physical way, is if you take magnets that oppose each other, like a type of opposing of each other, they really attract, but that requires another flip at something. If you take two magnets that have a like kind of vibration, they tend to push each other apart, and that is a reactive zone that’s pushing like that. They really attract.

And so there’s always the apprehension of something more. And then there’s that repeller, and then you end up with going through, when you’re experiencing it in an outer way, you’re going through repeats and repeats and repeats of patterns, as you’re continually trying to break this trance – because there is a wholeness; we are all same same. There is just a One Being, and you pull the likenesses together; the magnets are pushing, trying to keep it separate. You gotta break that, and that’s breaking the kundalini entrapment.

So because I am unable to quite reach and touch an outerness to be still, my kundalini energy races and I’m unable to shut off this synaptic-ness, because you’re striving to have the likenesses. It’s an awkward way because it’s the condition of manifestation to have something set up that way. To not be able to stop, and be still, is to be restless.

This is more or less a description of how the masculine struggles to bring things all the way through. They run into that. And the feminine pulls something. So the masculine energy is like an “I need” energy, and the feminine energy is like an “I want” where it pulls something. Again, as if there is an opposite between masculine and feminine, and thus a magnetism. So when something is seeking to absorb, it’s an “I need.”

So, because I am unable to ground what lies as an image before me, my efforts to touch the reflectiveness so it will go – poof! – into a letting-go stillness, is a bewildering state. You’re ever so close, yet just out of reach sensation is the effect of kundalini racing.

The stillness is to stop, or go through, to let go to hit the stillness of this outer condition, that’s reflective, where there is that zone in-between. And that, to do so, is a letting go that is naturally quiet and still. For me to meditate is to be able to come to an inner stillness. That’s transcendent energy.

So, as a raciness inside that is just there, which was the scenario when I sat down to meditate, is to be caught up by an energetic, and from the perspective of focus, thus, unable to be quiet, unable to be still, unable to dream.

So it’s interesting, the idea of letting go leads to the quietness and the stillness because you you take in, or you absorb, something comes together there instead of repelling and creating this peculiar thing –  and that condition is kundalini, it’s a power there and you pull it together. It’s pulled together as the masculine is trying to come down, and it’s pulling together as the feminine pulls something in.

To be swept up energetically, yet unable to bring the energy into a reflective dream, is a condition the masculine complains about it when it knows it dreamt but isn’t able to pull out the dream when it opens its eyes. This is the want, and the need therein is to be grounded. And the feminine is to pull it to a closeness, i.e., to bring the transcendent vibration into an immanence.

So you have the subjective, embedded knowingness that isn’t quite accessible, because getting it to come out requires almost like an objective something occurring. And the objective something has to occur in order in order to see the subjective embedded knowingness.

And, to repeat, the energetic out-of-reachness is the condition more prominently experienced by a masculine trying to come down in an attempt to be complete. And the mood and subjective rootedness is the condition more prominently aspected by the feminine unable to break free – so she longs to be free.

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cosmicenergyIn this description of kundalini energy, John describes the need, on a personal level, to be more focused and attentive in order to hold the inner potency that is now available to humans on this planet. Yet in terms of the collective, the increase in energy can go one of two ways: it can lift us up, or send us off on a tangent. When energy rises, it powers everything where it is. That means that the warp and negative aspects are just as powered as the positive, higher aspects. As this shift onsets, what will be getting powered in you? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So what happened with me is I had this meditation dream that stirred up the kundalini energy to such a degree that I could swear that I never really slept more than 15 or 20 minutes when I went to bed.

It was like everything was activated, yet at the same time though, even in whatever that quasi state was there were images and such that were coming through that I wrote down. And it was these images that when you started to put them together were telling you something, in terms of what you could or couldn’t do in terms of what would be a misuse of the energy.

The dream theme from last night – and your dream was in that, too – had to do with how do you retain or hold a particular kind of energy or potency. And it’s kind of like a continuation of a sequence of dreams we’ve been having that were triggered over this question and idea of kundalini energy, and how kundalini energy is important.

And that kundalini energy needs to be there in order for a spiritual process to emerge, or to grow, or to come alive, awaken. And kundalini energy exists all the time it’s just that people diffuse it into so many varied ways of carrying on that it’s not really noticeable.

And then when a person suddenly recognizes and quits doing that, and their mind quits supporting that, and their senses are utilized to probe more deeply inside of themselves, that’s when the kundalini energy can actually become very difficult to handle because we’ve gotten so accustomed to spending it and diffusing it, and staying in a weakened condition as a consequence of that.

So the schematic and theme of the dreaming dealt with the kundalini energy and suggested, and implied, that it had to be retained, it had to be held. There is a potency in it that is important, that if one has this energy that’s whirling around inside of them and just finds themselves going to this, that, or the other, hither and thither, that there is a dissipation of this, which is more important to the future.

The first dream takes and describes why, or describes how it is that the average person, in terms of living in the collective, how he is bounded in by the way, nature, and mannerism of the collective, and has very, very little effect or influence upon things because his energy isn’t focused or concentrated.

And it also points out that he doesn’t really recognize his own power because it’s not a one to one direct correspondence because that kundalini energy is associated more with light waking up inside. And actions in manifestation are more associated with the sound element; to their manifestation.

And so when you use light energy and are dealing with something more slowed down, as sound, you tend to have an effect that is harder to denote, because it’s delayed. And light is off the ground. Light comes in, but it’s something that’s in manifestation that’s set, and so it is easier to diffuse, to ignore, to not see, to not relate to – to not quite get it in terms of the light, and instead stay basic to the senses and the mind.

And conduct like that keeps one’s nature weakened to the point that it doesn’t readily affect the collective. And to the degree that it might, it goes almost unnoticed.

So this dream points out that what is happening in the world at this time, and also what happens with kundalini energy when it is directly focused it causes something to slow down or to stop. And when it causes something to slow down and stop, it causes a warble. By a warble I mean it loses its momentum, its natural momentum, such that the slightest little thing can cause it to crack, or to break, or to fall apart.

Ordinarily, because you have that tendency, that kundalini energy has that quality about it that effectuates change if it isn’t mitigated in some fashion. So, ordinarily, a person’s access to this kundalini energy, it’s not very powerful. 

And, as a result, because it’s diffused with their ideas, with their personal motifs, and they splay it out and don’t realize how foolish it is to just scatter it out, they don’t even realize they’re abusing and misusing it, as opposed to holding on to it and using it to do something really potent and meaningful.

So ordinarily, that is an energy that is absorbed or pretty well kept in place by the collective energetic of all of manifestation. So you have phases, where maybe you have gained a little better access to it than usual, and you can take and throw that directly into manifestation.

What it’s showing is that the energy needs to be, somehow or another, just a little more potent and focused and come out just a little bit more yet. Because what it does it that it takes creation right up to a threshold where it warbles. It’s at a point where I can then be poked by creation and crack and fall apart. In other words there’s no follow through, there’s no carry through yet.

Now what is different in terms of things is that, as a consequence of the kundalini energy – now we’re going back in terms of sequence of where things are at in the cosmos or something. When there isn’t the imperative for a lot of change, the effect of the kundalini energy is very, very slight, it can cause that warble a little bit and that’s about it.

And the kundalini energy has two halves to it, it has the half that is positive, the half that just naturally has an embrace of something that is able to be embraced and brought through and carried and held – for the benefit of the whole.

And it has the other half that is harder to embrace – that’s the heebie-jeebies of things. And that sort of thing can be diffused when issues of anger or frustration and whatnot get in the way. You might say that there is the positive and that there is the negative. And the effect of the heebie-jeebies and all that stuff that one feels, sets in motion things that struggle to maintain their existence or their role in manifestation.

And so you have a warble from that side, too. But what has changed, and what is different is that in the consequence of the unfoldment of creation or however you’d say it, something is destined to shift.

As a consequence of the collective vibrations, it’s like the collective vibrations have been broken down so that people’s little nuances and understandings of things are causing them to naturally uphold, with their energy, things in kind of a warble because there’s nothing to hunker down on.

It can’t support the economic system, it can’t support the political system, so energetically, the collective energy, has gotten to where things are naturally warbling. When things are naturally warbling, and then you take the potency of kundalini energy – it doesn’t take much, then – because the way that the collective is normally held rigidly so that things bounce off of it because it has an encompassed quality that takes in the energetics of everything in life.

But when everything in life has gotten to the point where it’s destabilized and so you have the warble, and you have the warble in both directions, both in terms of something that can be shifted positively, and also in terms of something that can break down readily, that’s destructive, then the kundalini energy that can come through a human being is very powerful, because things are receptive now.

It can hit manifestation and it can create a shift. And that’s how it’s done. But what’s important in terms of this being able to happen, is that the kundalini energy has to be preserved. It has to be held in its potency.

You can’t go out and let the events of everything that is happening in the outer dictate and influence. If you do, and you’re caught up in all that, and you’re diffusing the energy this way and that way, either in terms of enjoying life in an over-indulgent, personal way, or in terms of just not recognizing that you have to work with the potency of something that holds a poignance until the point is reached where the trigger can be pulled.

If you don’t catch up with that, if you don’t realize that, you’re not able to facilitate the shift, to be part of the shift. In the past, or in another moment of creation time, the kundalini energy that one would carry essentially had a very minor effect. Things stayed pretty much in check. And it barely worked with the aspects of manifestation because the collective pretty well had its own overall design.

It’s the nature of freedom of choice. But now there’s been a putrefaction of all of that. Over a course of time it has led to a wits end where the freedom of choice is torn in so many directions that the warble becomes a consequence that is naturally created as things are tearing themselves asunder.

It’s like shooting yourself in the foot, instead of their being a continuity to manifestation which can be adjusted very, very slightly by inner coming into outer, and the collective still holds the central means of itself. Now what is going on is that things have gotten to the point where all the vibrations, lacking a continuity and there is a putrefaction as a consequence have created a warble to things – not an answer, however.

The answer is yet to come. And that comes from the focused and concentrated kundalini energy that is able to come down and through and touch the warble in the right way so that a shift is possible.

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Today we continue the discussion between John and Ann (see Saying Yes to the Process and The Greater Part of You). The journey has now entered the realms of effecting changes in life through inner vibration, rather than outward “doing.” (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The kundalini energy is one third on this side and two thirds on the other side. It’s designed to open you up to the greater part of yourself. And when you open up to the greater part of yourself, then you come to find out that this path is about service. The reason why it’s put in those words is because you have a responsibility to the Whole.

And as you take on that responsibility of the Whole, you function differently. Now, how is it that you function? Any ideas of what this means are all wrong.

I wish I could remember Jeane’s dream where you use this energy to cause things to… designer energy. Instead of calling it divine energy, it’s like designer energy. And the way the designer energy worked was she naturally knew inside of herself how something needed to be, almost like a type of higher octave intuition – and she just felt that and that’s the way it was. It wasn’t a thought process.

To the masculine it’s a thought process and the thought process then leads to power and control and gets in the way.

And so she was working, not in terms of matter, but in terms of a sense of overall vibration. Now, it takes the thought matter, or the creative, the inflection of the masculine that has its intent, it takes that to hit the feminine and then when it hits the feminine what awakens is something that doesn’t go out and go through a one, two, three, and four checklist.

For the feminine to get it, it has to drop its doingness, however, it just naturally carries it. For the feminine to get it, it has to be free of any kind of masculine controlled rules. And it does not realize how enslaved it is. For example, if Jeane bitches at my driving, the bitching is coming from a masculine place.

It’s a damage that she’s suffered. If she can let go of that then something changes. In other words, the thing that’s the hardest for the feminine is letting something be; letting it die.

The key is how to do that and be aware of that too, and not have an insecurity, just know that that is wondrous.

How do you do that? Well, the feminine can’t readily do that, it’s the hardest thing. And so the feminine stays asleep, stays subjective with the energy instead of objective, instead of bringing it to a clarity.

If the feminine can make this subjective come out into kind of an intuition that works on a vibrational level that has nothing to do with anything in the outer, it now has the designer energy, it’s working with the designer energy.

Now, this designer energy has to work in a very, very different way now, because the light of the collective is gone, it’s out. Which means it used to be in the past but when you had… Let’s say you have a certain principle inside yourself that you know real well, that comes from a deeper depth of an essence inside of yourself, or we’ll call it a light inside of yourself, and now you are going out trying to touch that in the outer.

That’s a type of trying to bring an inner into an outer in which the collective doesn’t respond, doesn’t get the echo anymore, has lost the echo; in a sense that light has gone out. If you do battle with it, your light will go out.

Now what you’re doing is you are challenging it just like any other kind of conflict and it consumes you. You’re not the dark energy. You have to know… There is a time when you have to work with dark energy, but to begin with you take and you conflict and fight something, it will destroy you, it will cause you to lose the heartfulness of your own being, and the sight of your own being. It will cause you to go into kind of a mood and a confusion.

It will cause you to become dumb, to lose what we call a type of consciousness where you have a certain sight or something. So, what you have to do is you have to somehow or another hold onto this designer flow in the way that the feminine works. It’s called in the teacher’s book, knowing how to love without leaving traces.

Let’s make up an example. Let’s say that… and you see this all the time in the masculine, I mean Jeane sees this all the time in me. She sees this all the time in me and what she sees is that I have a kind of imbalance, so if I see that she sees that I’m in an imbalance that doesn’t help any…

Because if I see that she sees that I’m in an imbalance, then I see what she’s doing to try to work with that or cope with that and that doesn’t work, because that’s still on a masculine level. But if you can see an imbalance, keep it to yourself and work with the vibration from another flick of energy.

In other words, change it to another dimension. You can then change that and that person, and if you’re directing it at your husband, won’t even know that you did anything. He’ll just go from being angry or upset to feeling wonderful – and won’t even know why. He’ll just be lifted.

We try to do this accidentally all the time. In other words, let’s say you’re going along and you had a rough day, and you’re feeling miserable, and you say you know, I’m worthless. I think I’ll just go to a movie. Maybe if I come out of the movie my mood will be different because I’ll get caught up into the theme of the movie. Hopefully it’s a good movie. I can’t go to a horror movie, it might make me worse, but if I go to this movie over here it’s supposed to be kind of a tearjerker or something. Maybe that will help.

We try to do this externally all the time. But it’s meant to be done internally. You do it internally. And so that’s how you change things. You cannot shift anything in the collective anymore. Working with the collective, because the collective has no light, yet you’re intertwined with everything, in terms of your life.

In other words, the collective as it operates has lost the reverence or the linkage that’s subtle. In other words, it’s constantly reverting to its own devices. And yet you are intertwined with it, so you can take your light and you can change things. This is what it means when it is said that a Sufi can put the world in his heart. It’s not like it fills it up because… it’s not like you have only a certain appetite capacity. Everything can go inside.

Thus, off of that singular light, your light, you might as well call it a type of microcosm now, just like going to the atom and breaking it all the way down to where you’re at the essence of everything. You have put yourself into the ability to design energetically.

You did not do anything physically, however, because the physical is a reflection only. Somehow one has to go through that kind of a door to be able to do that, and you get closer to it through your dream.

When the dreams get to the point where they actually put a kind of a pressure on you, the pressure gets put on you more when you develop a closeness to the teacher.

In other words, you have to get to a point where you’re less than dust, or in other words, merged in the teacher. The teacher then is like the emissary. It’s an illusion again, but it’s a means by which you go to the Whole.

Otherwise, you take everything that you receive and you turn it around in terms of your heart, to it being about yourself. And it’s in some personal context, so you have to lose that sense of self in order to have a sense of this greater sight of the Wholeness.

And so it becomes important to develop this connection of depth to the teacher. And of course the teacher makes the joke that they have this practice where they look out for each student everyday. They kind of naturally, no effort.

However, if the student can do something that can go off on a tangent, your bad mannerism or whatever… and they no longer are holding a quality somewhere inside themselves, then they can’t get what they need.

Now, this is a strange kind of getting. I mean we’re so used to thinking of getting from the standpoint of putting dollars and cents in the bank or something. This is something in which something opens up to the intertwining of yourself that has been veiled from you. And only when you let go of trying to hold a full container cup about yourself, is that possible.

That’s why it’s also said that this is a practice that you take one step back from yourself to find yourself. Another expression is that the light is found in a crack in your nature. Because otherwise you’ve got everything all solidified and nailed down. Another expression is that you access through the rear door because the front door of yourself is so guarded with your defense mechanisms.

There was another one I was going to say too. I mean, you have all of these little statements and nobody really knows what they mean, and they all have to do with getting outside of the limitations that you carry yourself in.

Now of course you can see what it means when they say, die before you die. All you’re dying to is the identifications that are outside of who you really are.

So it causes one to ponder the statements like, God is light, in Him there is no darkness…

And yet of course that makes one think that statement sounds like a duality because it’s all actually light except where there is a type of dazzling darkness that is a greater accentuation of light, and then after that is supposedly the light of creation, or green, which is even greater than that, that most people fail to get because they keep thinking that there’s something somewhere else or something.

All of it is a probing into a state of nothingness. In other words, the various ways that you are able to perceive things takes you to various states inside of yourself, and the ultimate state or station is when there’s nothing that you’re not – you’re everything.
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