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OumDo we realize that we are energy processing beings? If we feel restless it is because we have energy that needs to be expended. If we have anger or other emotions, those are energies that are in a state of being processed. And when we have a hard time of it, it’s because we are unable to process the energy quickly enough to prevent it from becoming toxic to our system. It’s not a mystery, it’s the way it works. When we are healthy and rested, we process energy better. And, best of all, when we are conscious of this process in us, our systems can work even more efficiently on our behalf. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I’m looking at what is a kind of evolvement in which there are aspects of kundalini. And I started off exclusively looking at it from the masculine standpoint, and then it flips to the octave of the feminine. But the subject is perceived from the standpoint of the other side. Kundalini energy perceived from the perspective of the other side.

And so my meditation dream involved the schematic as being impressed upon a sense of tangible experienciality, that was before me, as a condition, but not quite reachable; in other words, it’s off the ground. Or, in another way of saying it, it’s like an image that I’m seeing myself that is inside a container, and I am outside, or not able to touch this state. 

I’m trying to contend with everything therein that is going around and around, and I am unable to touch this to cause it to be still. Consequently, because I am unable to quite reach and touch the projected outerness, that would be still if it was pulled together, by being in-between like that, my kundalini energy is racing, and I am unable to shut off this synaptic-ness.

The way you could recreate this, in this kind of effect in a physical way, is if you take magnets that oppose each other, like a type of opposing of each other, they really attract, but that requires another flip at something. If you take two magnets that have a like kind of vibration, they tend to push each other apart, and that is a reactive zone that’s pushing like that. They really attract.

And so there’s always the apprehension of something more. And then there’s that repeller, and then you end up with going through, when you’re experiencing it in an outer way, you’re going through repeats and repeats and repeats of patterns, as you’re continually trying to break this trance – because there is a wholeness; we are all same same. There is just a One Being, and you pull the likenesses together; the magnets are pushing, trying to keep it separate. You gotta break that, and that’s breaking the kundalini entrapment.

So because I am unable to quite reach and touch an outerness to be still, my kundalini energy races and I’m unable to shut off this synaptic-ness, because you’re striving to have the likenesses. It’s an awkward way because it’s the condition of manifestation to have something set up that way. To not be able to stop, and be still, is to be restless.

This is more or less a description of how the masculine struggles to bring things all the way through. They run into that. And the feminine pulls something. So the masculine energy is like an “I need” energy, and the feminine energy is like an “I want” where it pulls something. Again, as if there is an opposite between masculine and feminine, and thus a magnetism. So when something is seeking to absorb, it’s an “I need.”

So, because I am unable to ground what lies as an image before me, my efforts to touch the reflectiveness so it will go – poof! – into a letting-go stillness, is a bewildering state. You’re ever so close, yet just out of reach sensation is the effect of kundalini racing.

The stillness is to stop, or go through, to let go to hit the stillness of this outer condition, that’s reflective, where there is that zone in-between. And that, to do so, is a letting go that is naturally quiet and still. For me to meditate is to be able to come to an inner stillness. That’s transcendent energy.

So, as a raciness inside that is just there, which was the scenario when I sat down to meditate, is to be caught up by an energetic, and from the perspective of focus, thus, unable to be quiet, unable to be still, unable to dream.

So it’s interesting, the idea of letting go leads to the quietness and the stillness because you you take in, or you absorb, something comes together there instead of repelling and creating this peculiar thing –  and that condition is kundalini, it’s a power there and you pull it together. It’s pulled together as the masculine is trying to come down, and it’s pulling together as the feminine pulls something in.

To be swept up energetically, yet unable to bring the energy into a reflective dream, is a condition the masculine complains about it when it knows it dreamt but isn’t able to pull out the dream when it opens its eyes. This is the want, and the need therein is to be grounded. And the feminine is to pull it to a closeness, i.e., to bring the transcendent vibration into an immanence.

So you have the subjective, embedded knowingness that isn’t quite accessible, because getting it to come out requires almost like an objective something occurring. And the objective something has to occur in order in order to see the subjective embedded knowingness.

And, to repeat, the energetic out-of-reachness is the condition more prominently experienced by a masculine trying to come down in an attempt to be complete. And the mood and subjective rootedness is the condition more prominently aspected by the feminine unable to break free – so she longs to be free.

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233gesWe process energy, every moment of our lives. Some of it is for maintenance, like food, and air. Some of it is just in the dealing with other people’s energies, which we also need to process and let go of. And some of it is our own energies in reaction to, or relation to, what is occurring in our life. But the higher aspect of a human processing energy is to take a higher energy and bring it into the physical world. We see this when musicians connect to something and make beautiful music, or when a writer captures a universal moment in a poem. And, as humans, we can make ourselves available to manifest such energies in many forms, as compassion or kindness, or just a better way to resolve a conflict. In these ways, we manifest the higher into the lower, which allows everything to benefit from it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The way I experienced it, first from the meditation dream, is I realized that I am able to denote, vibrationally, inner forces in life before there is an interconnected intertwining.

So what is it that I’m trying to say? I could tell when in the state of oneness, or inner state, or however you want to call it, if the ethers, that are an overall vibrational atmosphere, in other words just like there are ethers that are an overall vibrational atmosphere…

In other words, you have the outer, you have the inner, and yet then there is something more, and if the outer configuration of a dense quality nature is able to let go, so that what is going on in the overall atmosphere is able to touch, can come in, it’s like an inner coming into the outer. I’m talking about an aliveness from within that is at home; that can find itself at home in the outer.

In other words, it can touch the outer, and thus able to bring about change from within, or bring about change, in that it makes the outer which is in a bewilderment make sense, in terms of what it’s floundering about, how it’s floundering about, it pulls it together. If it doesn’t, then the vibration that one can note, or denote, inside themselves, will just kind of eventually shut down. It’ll have to go bye-bye. It can’t just keep doing what it’s doing to a person, if the person can’t handle it, or accept it, or focalize it.

In other words, then, that means that the way we take it in, in terms of our outer collective, is as if there is this part of ourselves that’s out of place, or inappropriate, in some manner, and like too speeded up or whatever, or not holding a direction conducive in manifestation – in relationship to this – because we can’t pull the two together, the subtleness from within, discernable somehow in its subtleness, as making sense in terms of our outer capacity.

I can tell if an inner intertwined aliveness of my innerness is embracing the outer. You can tell, in other words, if it is, because all of a sudden you get it. All of a sudden it’s like a light bulb moment as to what’s going on – and everything feels and makes sense. Otherwise there’s always something noodling. It’s almost as if there is no place in an outer substance way for an inner substance unfoldment to go, when you first notice this, and so it’s almost like this is an imagination, or craziness, or a kundalini thing; it’s too great a speeding up,

It can be the launching of things that are really jarring, and yet there is a way that one can assimilate that, and has to learn to assimilate that, because it’s what’s behind the denseness. It was out of an aspect of light, converted to a type of sound, that manifestation was created, and it is this substance, it is this quality, that is firing up trying to come into a manifested form.

So vibrations are an aliveness. The outer is this aliveness made manifest, in other words, to whatever degree that one is able to catch up with. Of course, it’s an aliveness made manifest on a sense level, and yet you need to have an aliveness made manifest on a level of light.

A human being is able to denote an inner aliveness trying to find the outer manifest and place to abide. You can do this, but you have to stop approaching things in this motif of senses only, outer senses only. In other words, if not embraced in this fashion, the vibrational inner aliveness remains veiled from the outer consciousness, and thus an inner/outer intertwinement in this shaping way, it gets missed.

Consciousness evokes accessing vibrations that seek recognition in an outer manifested modality. If denied entry, the vibration will go away, or float around, in the ethers. In other words eventually subsides. You might be kundalini crazy for a while, or speeded up crazy, floats around not yet born into manifestation. A human being is a conduit in which unmanifested vibrations are made manifest, and thus take on a way of being.

And so, in my sleep, I’m trying to explain this. I’m trying to figure out another way to explain something that can’t be said, that can’t be literally put down. And so in my sleep there was a whole other way that came about to explain this. And so these vibrations that have to come through and find themselves in the outer, that ground into the outer, are called the terrible 13 vibrations, just like teenage hormones, and they throw you around. That was interesting. I had the terrible 13s as they were called. How do you contend with the terrible 13s?

As I found myself writing all this up, they’re like the teenage years where one is afflicted by hormones that they have to learn how to handle in a non-crazed way. In this case, it is the kundalini energy coming through into creation, finding its home in creation. It is where the inner comes into the outer and, in this case, we are talking about a kind of secret substance. It is a vibration, the secret substance is, that needs to come home. A home, however, that is in the outer, not just in the innerness that’s intangible and unreachable, unassailable, in its expanse or something.

So to try and say this more clearly is to talk about something the senses don’t really perceive, but the higher self of one’s nature does. This is when you look at a vibration and realize that it can be made tangible, even though it’s intangible, and it’s intangible when it’s not able to be grounded in the outer.

From the kundalini energy standard, or standing out, it seems like it is something that’s just out of control, and intangible. When it gets grounded in the physical it causes the shift, because in the outer a slower denseness is kind of like in a different state of orientation, as if it’s just of a sound correlation, slowed and densed down, not quite light, in other words, or the memo is not there in a way that it needs to be, or in a way that can be seen.

Thus the challenge, how do you handle that which you can’t see? Or this inner kundalini energy that flares up, and can drive a person crazy, causing them not to be able to let go, or sleep, as this churns away trying to ground itself in the greater substance of manifestation.

When the kundalini energy is blasting the beingness, there is no reprieve in the denseness of the outer. Typically a person just endures this, and notices it, and notices how it throws them around, initially speaking, into imaginative warpage and just fit-to-be-tied conditions. Eventually you notice that the outer, and the condition that you’re in, is something that has a pain upon the heart. It hurts the heart because you’re meant to be a more inclusive, not just of a separate exclusive nature.

So this energetic innerness comes more and more into focus, and it does this in a way in which the higher-self way of being touches the heart in a way of making the one-to-one inner/outer correspondence, which has the sense of a relief. It’s as if the denser outerness notices the heart, so to speak, as this vibrational inner energetic makes sense in coming into the denser outer that is in its abstracted sort of way.

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32wufpWhen things come together, it always feels like an uplifting moment. And that’s because, energetically, there is a rush of energy coming into an alignment, and in the aligning of things comes a new sense of flow, and it is the new sense of flow that makes us have that feeling of being up-lifted. In this dream, we see the dreamer literally lifted above the crowd, and it begins with being an observer. Or, said another way, it begins with being part of the scene, but not personally involved in its outcome. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in the dream, last night, I felt like I was either observing, or I was a man, and went down the road. It’s almost like they were all together, and if you got it right you could actually ride on top of the group, the man that I was, could.

But, if something went off slightly, then you kind of fell to the side of the ground, or had to walk. And it felt like there was a time period there where there was this ability to ride on top of the group, as it was going down the street, and then something shifted, couldn’t quite keep it, and got off, or fell off. And I was observing how that worked, like what were the energetics of the group, and how did that work?

And then it felt like I was observing him, that he was traveling somewhere and going across a bridge. And I knew he had to go by an orchard. When he went by the side of that orchard, then he would be going down into a town. So it was like he knew how to get there. And that’s all I really remember.

John: What you’re actually doing is you’re merging. You’re doing a type of merging. And the Tai Chi is like a way of taking kundalini energy, or you could say a kind of an energetic, that sits there in between things, but isn’t meant to sit in between things. It’s meant to be able to be part of the substance of matter – but a part of the substance of matter as a flow that comes together.

And so you were taking and attempting to notice, or you were realizing, that the higher octave of getting it was the ability to see, and recognize, how it kind of becomes you, in some fashion. Or, in other words, there isn’t any gap, or barrier; that it has a tangible presence over your beingness, in some sort of intangible way.

In other words, normally a person goes through life and the way they feel their body, and the way they feel things, in the denseness of the outer, is correlated to how their senses work, and how they draw from that set stimuli impressions, that they then sort out in kind of an outer capacity way.

And what the theme of the dreaming is, that there is like a secret substance that’s vibrational. The reason why I call it a substance is because it comes into an aliveness. It has an aliveness to it that adds something to the outer denseness, when you take it in. And, if you don’t take it in, it can be like kind of a bit of a crazed state, if it opens up in a way in which it is really loud, instead of something that can be worked with in a subtle capacity.

If it opens up really loud, and it’s something that just kind of causes your imagination to run rampant, and you just can’t sit in a still capacity, then it can be like a kundalini energy that is an outer control quality of your nature, in which case it can be perceived as a form of craziness or something, a craziness of your being that you aren’t able to ground.

But the assimilation, and the bringing of that, into the denseness from the inner, causes a type of shift in that it makes how it is that you are make more sense. Otherwise, you don’t quite make sense when you’re observations, and mannerisms, are conditional, in relationship to the density of things alone.

So it’s like a secret substance in that it can come into matter, as if it has a substance nature about it, and I guess it does. It’s a vibrational substance nature, and it causes you, as matter, as physical, it causes you to perceive things in a slightly different modality, a more inclusive kind of way, a way that takes into account this aspect that is an awakening.

And I guess you would call it a higher-self experientiality, and it’s not something that you experience through your senses, but I guess you could say that that isn’t quite so, either, because apparently you have higher self senses that can grasp this energetic in a way that is like a flow into life, that is in a way like something that quickens the outer.

Ordinary senses do not quicken the outer, and so you go around in a kind of bewilderment. When the kundalini energy first hits, it can be a type of craze. When it kind of comes into a point where the inner and the outer are touching in some fashion, which is what you were doing in your dream where you were learning to ride over the engulfment of a procession, or a vibration of something, when it gets like that, then there is a sense of making the intangible, being a vibration, tangible in something that is a denseness, in a way that can cause you to have an appreciation in a way that shifts you.

But what does it shift? You can always say it shifts you, but what does it shift? What it does is it causes you to touch the heart. In other words, when you’re going around and you’re affected by the senses and whatnot, you’re developing kind of a blandness, an understanding, a copability, a way of sorting and sifting, in terms of an outer separate capacity way. And when there is the catching up of a vibration, that comes from wherever, that opens up within, that enables you to let go again, that enables you to assimilate something more, which is something that you’re kind of always reaching to but don’t necessarily realize it, when you get it, when it smoothes out, when it’s suddenly natural, the heart is touched. It’s exquisite.

You could say well, okay, one of the reciprocal aspects of it is you have more energy. Okay, that’s like the word shift. Something shifts well, you have more energy. Again, how do you have more energy? You have more energy because if you look more closely your breath is fuller. When it’s not there, your breath is shallower, and your breath is shallower because you’re in a state of ping-ponging about in a way of having to sift and sort in a separate capacity mannerism. But, when this comes in, it tends to take the echo shadow of the outer, it tends to cause that to make sense in a higher-self way, a higher-self sense, and when that occurs it’s like your appreciation of life is enhanced. Again, that’s how the higher-self sense works, and when that appreciation of life is enhanced – instead of a type of suffering in a denseness that is in a state of bewilderment, yo-yoing about – you kind of glean to a more full breath.

And you don’t necessarily notice you’re gleaning to a more full breath. You notice things, like in your dream, where you’re sitting in a kind of overall presence about that which you are in, and just like this Tai Chi teacher is something that you merge with in terms of a quality of what he is causing you to recognize, that is what you want, or need, to have happen, it is almost as if you get the sense that as you’re listening, and as you’re figuring things out, that there is a sense of that going on, too.

Well, you’re not merging with the personality, or the mannerism, of the person, you’re catching up with something in which he is tweaking this quality that is there, and has always been there, and has this other way, means, or capacity for doing so. Doing so what? Of touching this inner substance quality that is always permeating, and, when it comes into manifestation, when it touches manifestation, then it is evoking and creative.

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