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1192This dream shows a device that could prove very useful: a fan that blows problem situations away. Yet we already do have such a device, and it’s known as the human design. Yes, there will always be things to deal with in a physical life, but if we understand that we are here to become part of the universe, rather than to make ourselves, and our lives, a solely planetary thing, what we become entangled with will be much less important in the long run. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I remember being in the mountains in my dream. It seems like I’m talking to a friend of mine, a man who spends a lot of time outdoors, and hiking, and skiing, and doing things in the mountains.

And part of what I’m talking about in a way is the device I have that, it looks like a round, circular fan, that’s in some kind of a special case, that can roll out. And when the fan rolls out, whatever it blows away, it’s not a fan that really works on air as much as it works on a situation.

That’s all I really remember of the dream.

John: So you’re in the mountains here, in a situation in which you’re challenged by something as a setting. In other words, to be in a mountain, or climb a mountain, you’re relating to something that is an obstacle, in terms of your development, in terms of yourself.

And, generally, the idea of having to contend with the mountain is the idea of having to take on some definition, or challenge, or something about yourself that you’re still identifying with, or buying into. And what your dream is showing you is that – it’s not explaining how this works, or why this works – but it’s just saying that whatever is there, that you normally would be all caught up in and having to contend with, is not having its usual, in terms of obstacle-like nature, it’s not having its usual way with you, because you know that the way to deal with this is to just hook up a fan and blow it all away.

In other words, blow away whatever it is that you’re having to contend with there, which is an interesting way of portraying that you let go, and that you are able to be at ease, or at peace, or in a type of stillness, as opposed to constantly contending with something. So what is it that we constantly contend with?

You’re just presenting something as an overall image, and you’re being shown that in this overall image that you need to have a particular kind of mood, or tone, or demeanor. In other words, you’re seeing yourself what you’re doing, without looking at the issues or the circumstances, you find yourself knowing how to let go of something around you, in other words, to blow something away, as opposed to sitting there contending with it.

To blow something away, to use the fan and blow something away, is what you’re really blowing away is your personal story, a story that would be looking at what you were doing and trying to see it as being this, that, or the other in some aspect. But you know that it limits you in some fashion and, therefore, you have to let go of it.

Now, it’s a simple dream, but it’s a statement, and it’s an image that points to the general motif of how it is in terms of everything. Whatever it is that you take on as an involvement, that you’re telling yourself you’re intrigued at having to do as a responsibility or whatever, you are actually taking and going from an overall naturalness into something specific, and you are telling yourself that this is something that’s fun and wonderful to do, and it can be if you can do it in a free letting go way, but to the degree to which you become obsessive, or go to an extreme about it, you find out that even though it makes sense to you when you were doing this that this was going to create some sort of better situation or overall balance, what ends up happening is that this consumes you, that this actually, as an activity, can be most exhausting when you would have expected it to be kind of liberating because it was intriguing to you.

Well, this is the nature of obsession. And everything that we do is an obsession when we take on an action that goes into the outer world. That’s why the shaman who realizes that when they journey into the outer world they have to kind of be in a state of reverence, or almost ask a permission, because what they’re doing is they’re stepping out of the overallness that they are, that is all of life, in order to do an excursion. And if they don’t hold a particular kind of attunement they’re going to get lost in their diversion. They’re going to take it too literally, and it’s going to become something that they think is real, and that they approach then obsessively.

And that’s kind of how it is for everybody, you know, that you see out there. You see people doing all of these activities and, in terms of yourself, you can look at it, you can kind of understand what’s involved there, you could see how time consuming it is, you could see how distractive it is, and you don’t have to do it. You can tell that that’s going to hurt the heart. And so you have to let go of that. You don’t identify with that. That’s the fan that blows things away.

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magnetic_egg_the_dance_of_life_giohorusWhat does it mean when simple, everyday actions become complicated or impossible in a dream scenario? Here’s a perfect example: Jeane is trying to buy bread, a deep symbolic image in her spiritual journey, but she can’t get help, and then it even becomes difficult to exit the market she is in. It shows the inner struggle, because even though she has found in the store what she truly wants, part of her is unwilling to help her get it. That’s why we need to choose our journey constantly, to convince all the inner parts of us that it’s truly what we want. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this next little scenario it feels like I’ve gone to… it’s almost like some kind of a fair, or a market going on. It’s somewhat established because there are like semi-buildings as well as stalls, and I know I bought some little thing because I have a very small little sack I have in one hand, and then what I want to buy before I go is some fresh bread.

And I go over to this store that’s selling bread – well they bake it there so it’s nice – and they have all different sized loaves which I like. I go in there and I see some of the really fresh, big loaves and they’re sliced so you can make sandwiches and stuff, and I just want to buy one of those loaves of bread to take.

But I can’t get anybody to wait on me because they seem to be standing in a semicircle kind of having a meeting, even though this is the middle of the business day, which I don’t quite understand. So I try to see is there any way I can get bread there and I can’t. I just feel like I can’t quite, so I’m about to leave but then a lady on the end of the line notices this so she comes over and then says, no, she’ll get some bread for me.

But she can’t get me the big loaves, but she does find me a loaf that’s sliced that will fit into a little bag that will be enough to make sandwiches with, so I’m okay with that, although I still think it’s strange they’re standing around in a semicircle when they should be waiting on customers.

And now I seem to be a little disoriented when I leave, because if I’m going to leave near the back of this area, then I realize that if I don’t have a receipt from the place where I just bought the bread and this one other little thing that maybe I have to go back and exit through where I bought something.

I can exit through this other place, but then they’ll want me to go into one of the other stores there, and exit through that store, and I don’t really want to go into anymore stores. It’s like I have what I need, which was the bread, and I don’t know what’s in the other little sack, so when this gal tries to direct me to exit through this larger store it’s like, no, it’s like I’m going to turn around, maybe I’ll go back out the way I came.

John: So it’s a kind of a complicated little dream in that you’re using in the dream a symbolism that isn’t generally used in a Sufi dream, at least I haven’t heard it before. And the symbolism is the bread, and what the bread symbolizes is your need, the bread symbolizes your need. You’ve caught up to your need.

Now, when you catch up to your need, you have a kind of maybe threaded way that you did that, and when you reach that you have to be careful because you can easily lose the recognition that you’ve caught up with your need – based upon the fact that you still look at things as having an imbalanced focus or mannerism.

In other words, the masculine, in this particular case, is supposedly in the arena of the place, but is not necessarily serving the need and, therefore, this recognition of that can cause you to feel bothered, and can cause you to be even reactive, and can cause you to do other things out of reaction instead of letting go, instead of adhering to having reached to the need and be able to let it be at that.

In other words, if you were able to just come in, get the bread, and leave, and hold a clear space, that would do more to changing what needed to be changed there in one’s being because you would be reflecting the validity, the essence, of what it is that you’re seeking.

But if you come in and get the bread and go through all these nuances because you have issues with the space yet, in relationship to the ideas, and the mannerisms, and the projections, and the attitudes, in other words, you still carry bits and pieces of all of that part, then you still have this long circuitous dance yet to make, which deludes and keeps you from owning, living, and maintaining the need that you have accessed.

It’s a complicated dream from the standpoint that you had to know what the bread was, and once you know what the bread was, then the second thing you had to know is, what are those guys standing around not attendant to satisfying the need, what is that about? And then you recognized that that is about a part of yourself that still has its questions, that is still not sure, that’s still, even though it can be right in front of you, can still carry on as if there’s something missing.

And the idea that something is amiss, or something isn’t right, can cause you then to become tangential yet.

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baHere John has an image of the soul leaving the body, and what he realizes is that the soul doesn’t hold the karma of physical life in itself, but that we are instead only limited by the veils of our personal experience. What this seems to say is, that whatever we think is us, as an identity, is an illusion of the physical plane. The burdens we carry here can be let go of, and the lessons of karma will go with them. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: When I sat down to meditate, it was like I was feeling pretty good. I mean, most of yesterday felt pretty good by and large in terms of things. However, when you’re kind of floating like that, there can be the sensation that maybe that’s hard to meditate, or at least that’s not the time when you tend to meditate because I guess I still incorporate other things conceptually in the meditation, like a way of trying to feel the heart or something.

Anyway, when I sat down it didn’t seem like I sat there that long, and all of a sudden it felt like I needed to lay down on my side for a bit, almost to catch up with something. And, as I did that, this whole thing came over me, immediately.

And what came over me is, I was suddenly able to observe what happens when the soul leaves the body – because all of a sudden the soul left the body. And I seem to notice it. The first thing is, I notice that there’s this huge sense of relief. And the soul just suddenly leaves the density of the body and it’s kind of like it’s just like that, and it’s just suddenly relieved. 

The second, the physical pressure that I had been carrying is just left behind, and this surprised me because I guess I must have carried another conceptual belief about it. I expected that somehow or another when something like this happens that there’s your condition in the outer, and then there’s some condition when the soul leaves, and that somehow or another they have to split this condition up in some fashion.

By that I mean that some sense of the heaviness that I carry here doesn’t just all get left here, and that some portion of that has to be taken into the inner world because it’s like I guess that’s just somehow a belief I have, but that is not how it works.

In the dream, where I am of the opinion that in the plane of physical manifestation, I have as a weight the fact that I’m $28 million in debt, so when the soul leaves the body I simply leave this whole vibratory sensation of that problem behind completely.

So then there’s a side image that puts it in this way. Even if I was a super heavyweight fighter, all of that means nothing when the soul leaves the body. By that I mean, there is no malingering presence that carries on with the soul, in terms of this level, when it leaves the body. 

And of course the object where you can get kind of confused and draw conceptions, is you know the way the breath works is the in-breath the soul technically is going home, and in the out-breath it’s coming back in the body, and it’s going back and forth and back and forth like that. So I guess I’m recognizing the completeness of the in-breath in this thing, and maybe this is like a dream of the in-breath.

Then when the soul does return, it comes back as if everything is anew. The mental conditioning, which has the heaviness of how things are in manifestation, well, it takes a split second or so for it to suck all of that back in, to take that on. Or to say this another way, with the second aspect I had expected that the soul would return and know straightaway in manifestation it had to contend with this untenable bet, in other words the mood, the vibration, whatever it is of that energy – and money is power.

I was surprised to denote that the vibration of this had been left behind. In other words, it’s like when the soul comes back, it comes back anew. Yet when the soul came back there was a split second… it did come back anew and there was that split second when none of that other existed, and then the conditioning kicked in as a consequences of the senses and the mind reemerging, and that’s when you are veiled all over again in creation.

So the importance of this experience is I can now see how it is possible for a person to have a conscious moment, or conscious moments, of a dream experience which, so to speak, takes away years of karma in manifestation. If a person is able to truly delve to the inner depths of themselves, they can die before they die.

By that I mean the person can take the essence of the soul, and the place it swims in, and work over the burdens of physical manifestation, and work through or, in other words, just let go of the burdens of physical manifestation. You’re left in that vibe. You don’t necessarily have to pick up that vibe and go back into that world. It’s like a forgiveness or emptiness or something, a complete letting go, anyway.

Or to say it in the usual way that it is expressed, a point is reached where the mind gets hammered into the heart, in other words you don’t continue to hold on and stay in a particular vibration and reverb with it, and reverb with it, in the outer because somehow you know better.

So in summation, my experience of the freedom of the soul took me by surprise. I didn’t realize that the nightmare we know in manifestation totally goes, or is totally left behind, when the soul goes home.

Or to say this another way, the soul on the other side is not privy to the concerns of this world, and when the soul is having to contend with the plane of manifestation, this shocks it, it’s a shock. But the shock, or delirium, that is created when the denser mind/senses grab center stage – when that happens the veils between inner and outer are put into place, or prevail. 

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