The Accumulator

216947-fullIt is part of our culture and society that we have been trained to believe that fulfillment lies somewhere outside of us. So everywhere we look are the trappings of something new we need to have to make us happy. But what if our urge for such external fulfillment is just our way of compensating for the fundamental truth: we are all searching for the “more” of life, but it can only be satisfied through our inner development and spiritual connections? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in this next dream, I now talk about a type of bifurcation that I do myself, that I go round and round in, that keeps me out of a certain kind of stillness.

So, in this dream, of course, I do it by way of an example, in this dream, I overhear two travelers talking. They’re staying in the same place as myself, it’s like even in the same room; two guys. And one says to the other, “Let’s go back for more.”

And the other says, “What about what we have?” And the first guy says, “It will be okay where it was left.”

And so I’m in this room, and this gets me curious, what in the heck are they talking about? What have they got going on here? So, when they leave, I decide to follow after them. And, in the stairwell, I notice a bunch of things they have shoplifted; they’ve accumulated. Most of the items are mechanical and are things one doesn’t really need. You know, they may help a feature here, and help a feature there, but they’re not that big of a deal, you can easily deal without them. They’re over the top.

The one thing that stands out is a miniature toilet. Now, what’s this miniature toilet all about? And, in my dream, I actually had a sense of how that was different, and unique, and signified something. Well, toilet is an aspect of the transformative and removal of things.

So, I contemplate turning them in. But, in the dream, decide to not go out of the way and make an effort to disturb, because what they’re doing will catch up with them in due time. Who am I to be the one that decides how to police things?

So the meaning is, the theme of the dream has to do with the nature of where we hold on to a nuance, or mannerism, which causes our unfoldment in manifestation to be on a tangent. In other words, this is an aspect, now, that comes down from what had been a type of poisoning, or infection.

And so, to truly let go of nuances is to mirror a deeper inner beingness that is clear, free and still. These guys are availing themselves from this with their personal waywardness. I don’t do anything because, in the meditation dream, I realized my role as a co-creator is to mirror the deep inner potentiality of a letting-go stillness – and not to try and change manifestation.

If manifestation weren’t here for a purpose, and was meant to be different, the will of God would have brought this about long ago. Who am I to disturb anything? What happens as veils, and veiling, in the outer, is a process that goes beyond righteousness.

So, as an aside to the theme and nature of the dreaming, I went over again and again the vibrations in my sleep that self-impose and cause the world around me to be re-oriented according to the nuances. This is a fascinating idea I didn’t realize has so much potency.

In the sleep dream above, what I did was delve into an aspect of waywardness that I am carrying. This is an accumulator trait that I am stroking myself with. The meditation dream has already portrayed how this causes my co-creator nature to be bifurcated from its stillness. And that this is being allowed to see where it goes, in terms of how I work this out. Very interesting.

So, the scenario is, I am considering how I need to take a responsibility over things around me that I have brought into my frame of reference, and can do so based upon a type of letting go of my wayward bifurcation – that I don’t necessarily absolutely need – and let go of it in a productive capacity that opens up the inner stillness of the higher self. See, that’s the deeper theme of it all.

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Drunken Energy

cubism-3Very few who have experienced a night of drinking would not admit that drinking can lead to bad decisions. And vibrations can have a similar effect, in that, as the energy lives itself out inside us, we fall under its influence. And, when we are under its influence, we don’t always realize that that vibrational energy might be detrimental to us (think: how do we justify our extreme emotions?). This is why, if we can be conscious, we can remember that all energies are to be processed through us, happy and sad alike; they are not us, we are just experiencing them because that’s the energetic ecology we find ourselves in. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And then when I fell asleep I had a very intense dream that I kept trying to solve in some way. Now what I was trying to do in this dream, was I was trying to take a particular kind of vibrational reaction, or mannerism, and I was trying to take the perfect picture of it, or to create the image of it, that explains the vibration so that it would make sense.

So, in the dream, I am taking a picture of an image. The image I’m taking a picture of, or trying to point out, corresponds as something that is supposed to make sense, is like there are all these characters and they’re standing around and they’re pissing on the floor. And this flow goes under a wall and then gets captured into something that is supposed to make some sense; in other words, that’s their delusional mannerism.

And so there’s that vibration, which is taking place, and instead of judging it my approach is to take the picture that is able to take into account, that is able to portray, the energetic focus and flow in terms where it’s going. I seem to spend hours in my sleep seeking to capture the image in a way that constellates what I’m seeing in the outer – or in the dream inner, however you want to say it – and I am of the opinion that the picture will fully portray the energetic vibrational flow for what it is.

For anyone who looks at this picture, they will see that this picture speaks 1000 words in terms of the vibration. So, the vibrations exude, and, in the dream, exuding is captured by, and represented by, a pissing on a floor to such a degree that it flows, and to take a picture of this fact of an intentionality of flow, that has a purported purpose, is what I am trying to do. And I seem to have the concept that a vibrational flow is a movie worth seeing.

So I am attempting to visually script this into a manifested destiny. My intention is to take a natural expression, that others believe is real, to a sensefullness. I’m looking for a storyline that can be written about this. I mean, from an image standpoint that is, and to do that is like an imaginative created.

Well, the observation is, an imaginative world is not real. In the dream I see a lot of people getting caught up in what, as a vibration, I am struggling with as being a bit of a foolish thing, but if I can formulate it into a picture it’ll make sense. I can’t see where this can go, though, that is meaningful. And if it weren’t for the projections that are intense, I have just have a sense that no one would pay any attention, so I’m trying to figure out how to sell this with a picture.

Because in this dream, there is this intense vibrational drunken energy supporting the idea that this makes sense, and because so many believe this to be so, a whole sport is made out of this as the projections spiral outwardly – and there I am trying to make a go of it.

So, the meaning is, is to picture that reflectively points to a vibration in the outer seeking to be seen. A seeking to be seen violates a deep stillness within. The active visualization makes a mockery of an overall stillness.

The reason for the dream is for me to experience the letting go behind what creates. The scope of an overall oneness of beingness is to leave projections and their images behind.

In this dream I am able to see the senselessness of vibrations that take on a life of their own, and I kind of know that this isn’t possible, or real, because I kind of know that what is real is captured by the saying, “God is a stillness.”

So, my problem is I am not able to let go of images that set the stage for imaginative vibrations. The meaningfulness behind this dream, that I see as an unfoldment, is that images correspond to vibrations. I cannot reach a stillness if I am constantly looking around for something to see that I can energetically take in. To do so is exhausting because there is nothing to see.

The dream is showing that images support reflectively vibrations that arise from the stillness. And I am in this dream experiencing such an askew. As an image I created, I must let go of that in order to be in an overall one-beingness of stillness. Without the vibrations there are no images.

So, epilogue: writing up this intense dream was difficult because to make any sense out of the vibrational intensity, I needed to back away and let go of its effect upon my natural beingness. It took a long time to realize that to be still, in this scenario, was not easy because letting go of the vibration was not what was in the environment that I was sitting in, or felt I needed to do.

I wanted to find an image that made sense, and I struggled and struggled to do so until I basically let go, exhausted from within. And, when I let go, that is when I was relieved from my plight.

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Nothing Tangible

tunnebImagine what we might be like, as people, if we had never been hurt, or mistreated, or told we were not good enough, or if we had been given every positive opportunity, and an ideal education, without fears. We would have developed no psychologies that limit our freedom to express ourselves, purely, cleanly, as a life responding to life. We could just unfold like the flower of possibility we are. That is something like the sense we can reach if we let go, in our spiritual processes, and open ourselves up to the energetic wholeness of the universe. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Like I say, the whole dreaming last night was process oriented, and what I did was all process oriented, too, in that it starts off in which, in the meditation dream, everything is presented before me, for all to see, is in physical manifestation. In other words, it’s like I start with everything, everything as manifestation, and yet I also know that there is more.

So to try to understand the roots of it all, the greater moreness of things, I even become like a type of genealogist. And suddenly I come to know that everything, that moreness, that which is more, that everything is light. And, for some reason, even though this should be apparent, in the dream, I hadn’t expected everything to be light. For some reason that blew a concept within, in terms of what I believed needed to unfold or correspond.

So as a result, a part of me was even rejecting, then, what I was seeing. And so to reject what I see when everything turned to light, now what? Well, I didn’t know what, what. It just wasn’t quite… you know, it just had to be something more, so I gave up. I gave up because everything that exists in the essence somewhere as light and, if that’s it, then there isn’t anything that remains which is tenable.

In other words, somehow part of me still wants to hold onto something tenable, or something more. I have no idea what that something more is that I’m anticipating, in other words, caught on this anticipation upon anticipation, but whatever it was, it wasn’t in keeping with whatever this conceptualization that I had in terms of how things unfold because it just went from manifestation to boom: all light. Nothing left. So with everything being light it became demoralized, in a way, and at a loss, in terms of where or how to turn to find what I still was seeking.

So what is going on is I wouldn’t know the truth if it was right in front of me, as plain as day. The reason is because I carry a context, somewhere deep within, of how this must be that I am not letting go of. In other words, something yet that I’m still sensing. I am veiling myself from seeing the essence right in front of me, which, in this case, is presenting itself as being light.

And the meaning is that, in my dream, in physical existence, everything reduces, everything becomes light, everything goes, and there’s nothing else but light. And so I’m not able to handle this because I am caught up in some sort of conceptual questing.

To be like that is to be caught in a yes, but, kind of demeanor. Or to put the sensation I am still carrying in another way, I don’t know how to stop. And I don’t know how to let go. As a result of that, the meditation dream then is indicating that if I were to be at a point where there was nothing tangible to hold onto, as a beingness, I would still be at a loss because I am constantly expecting something else. Isn’t that an odd meditation dream?

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