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261adWe may think that the only way that we communicate is through words, but there are many forms of communication: sound, touch, light, color, temperature, etc. Usually we translate these sensations into words – so that we can organize them within ourselves. But our brain is not our fastest system. Our instinct tells us information, in the way of a “gut” feeling, far quicker than our brain will. And this information is being relayed to us constantly, but we usually ignore it to listen to the brain instead. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then the dream switches, instead of like in the first part of the dream when I’m looking at these two almost like diving masks, I would say, that I think of as like glasses that go over the face, we’re here in this bed. And then the dream switches, and I’m sitting on a bed up in Latham, with you, you’re in bed. But I’m kind of sitting up and you’re laying down.

And you’ve set your glasses on the floor, and I have picked up my glasses, which look more like regular glasses now, and I’m cleaning them. And then I pick your glasses up off the floor, too, to clean them, and mine are shaped somewhat differently than yours. And I seem to be talking to you about the differences, and wanting to clean both of the glasses.

John: So this is information, in terms of how you actually speed up. So if, for example, you only look at things in one way, in terms of one pitch, or motion, and that could be like, for example, the expression of Las Vegas, you’re going to see things under that motif. You cannot help but to see it under that motif because your senses, in the outer, are going to be bringing the information in a particular streamlined way.

And so then, when you go up to Latham, it is a little different. But then the dream repeats, almost like another layer of all of that, by pointing out that there are glasses, and then there are glasses on the floor. And what it is trying to say by that is you have to be able to go both directions, simultaneously. You can’t be biased in one and not the other.

If you’re a person that’s caught in having to distinguish the differentiation of things, then that slows down the flow and you fail to keep up with the speed of something else that is trying to move, and you find yourself, then, victimized, so to speak, by the physical, denser, reality of things – buying into the reflections, rather than into the essence of the flow, that, as I described before, is like a stillness because the way it comes across is at a speed that the mind can’t grasp.

And when the mind can’t grasp and lets go, it lets go into kind of like a shadow, or amnesia, quality. I don’t know how else you would say it, in that it doesn’t quite grasp it; it can’t quite see the pure light. And so, it’s a stillness.

In other words, it’s like the Star Trek show where they had this buzzing sound that was heard. And there were these little flickers of light. And when you slowed that down, it actually turned into a language, and a beingness, as opposed to flickers of light and a buzzing sound. It’s just that they were going at such speed that they didn’t quite register in a slowed-down way. You could have speeded it up even more, it wouldn’t even have existed. And it would have been nothing but a stillness. The whole intent was very peaceful.

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IMG_2749The only pathway to making a spiritual journey is through the varied terrain of oneself. Spirituality is closely associated with consciousness, and to become more conscious means to shine a surveillant light on our inner workings, our mannerisms, our biases, and our fears. Then we have to re-determine whether any of those aspects belong in the person we are trying to become. That is the work of becoming what we are meant to be in this life time. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well in the beginning part of the dream, I seem to be visiting a couple of people in the hospital and going between one room and the other. And that just took kind of a gentle, flowy feeling to it. I don’t remember the details of it much, other than I go into one room to see one person and then I’d have to leave and go to another room to see another person.

And then I’ve left the hospital and it feels like I’ve met a guy that I really like. It’s like I want to go make out in the car with him, but he also tends to hang out with two or three other buddies. And then I find out that it was all just kind of a prank or a joke to them.

And so my feelings are really hurt. You know, and I kind of go off because I thought he really liked me or I really liked him. Well, then it turns out one of his buddies lets me know he really does like me, but it was all kind of a prank that got out of control, that they were kind of making fun of me or whatever.

But my feelings are pretty hurt, so I’ve distanced. And then a little time goes by and I’ve gone—again I’m visiting a building and some of his buddies from that prank, come in the building and everybody assumes I’m over all of this, but I really am still kind of pining for this guy.

And so my interactions with him in the building, when they’re there visiting, whatever’s going on, it’s a shop of some kind, are kind of evasive, or they’re on the level of my acting like everything’s okay when I’m actually not feeling okay. And I’m sad about it all, and I’m kind of longing for him.

And so, then, I want to leave and go find him without being obvious about it, and yet on another level I feel like maybe he’s moved on; I’m not sure. So I’ve gone outside and I’m looking to see if he is still in a car like he was before. One of his friends is trying to catch up with me to find out what’s going on and that’s about all I remember of the dream.

John: And this was after the crash, right?

Jeane: It’s all after the crash.

John: The first part was the wispy part, where you’re in kind of a hospital scenario?

Jeane: No, visiting some people in the hospital.

John: You’re visiting some people in the hospital. This dream all incorporates the crash. It all incorporates what I just said earlier, even.

In other words, this part that you said was real wispy—you visiting people in the hospital and it’s all kind of la-la-la—that’s what’s really important. That’s where you’re helping something. That’s where you’re extending outside of your personal, that’s where you’re being real, that’s what it’s all about.

But then you get jarred out of that. In other words, instead of holding that space, which is important, you get all concerned about your self-image. In other words, the closeness and the depth of that gets somehow or another twisted for you. That is the whole thing where you’re helping and working in a way that’s fixing things because this is a hospital-type setting and whatnot.

And you’re doing it in the whole and it’s really wispy according to you, as an aspect of the dreaming, because it doesn’t have that tremendous dynamic that you get when you have got all kinds of commotion going on that’s real loud. And, apparently, a part of you kind of likes all of that commotion because the rest of your dream took that into account, and ran that up the flagpole as if that was important in terms of whether you’re appreciated, or respected, or liked.

And so you’re getting into this negative side of the prostitute-archetype quality of your nature that you have to go through, or figure out, in which you feel deprived in some fashion and, as a consequence, you keep rolling this window or door over and over and over again in terms of trying to sort your way through that.

And last night you did a very interesting job in that you spent 90% of your time feeling sorry for yourself, and pondering this, and being righteous, and feeling rejected, and still at the same time having these extended feelings that go out and whatnot, all to the exclusion of the part of yourself in the dream that was functioning in a way that was most real: that was helping people, that was working in the hospital dynamic, and the whole bit.

So you did an excellent job of incorporating the shock of the crash, and what that does, into the dream. And, you know, had you held the note properly, it would have been like I mentioned at the very beginning, you would have looked at what was important as the work, or the process, of yourself being something that is in the whole, in which you are everything, and you wouldn’t have let the personification get the better of you – aspect of waywardness – and you would have continued on with what you call wispy dreaming.

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Inner-Focus-Maryanna-Bock1John’s dreams challenge him to not procrastinate in his pursuit of deeper inner levels. Reaching new levels of inner connection requires a person to push beyond the personal resistances that limit, or veil, access to greater knowing. A consistent inner focus can merge consciousness with what is important in a process. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my dream I deal with instead of an overallness, I have to look at it in detail of how something unfolds, in other words, the particularities. If I can abide by the particularities I might be able to be involved, or work with, a greater Wholeness.

And those particularities have to do with seed thoughts and images that come down on many levels, and that I have to be comfortable with all of those different levels. For the feminine there’s a way of just letting go, and all of those levels can just be there. The masculine impact, or effect, in all of that has it taking and looking at how those various levels have to be included, or recognized, or taken in simultaneously for something to unfold in a bigger way.

In the first dream, I’m compelled to prove that I can still answer assignment questions for a class that’s going to happen tomorrow. In other words, it’s in the evening, and I think I had better things to do so I could put this off, but I’m out of time because this is apt to happen tomorrow and if I don’t deal with it now, it won’t get done.

The hardest part is getting started, or addressing the first issue right at the beginning. And so, whenever something is pent up like that, you’re never sure that you can take it on or get through that challenge. It’s almost as if it becomes a force that, by not facing it, becomes an even larger barrier.

When I did do this, however, and I got through it, which was the first part of a three-part thing in front of me, I feel I am entitled to a rest or a break. And so in trying to convince myself that I’m entitled to this, I act as if the rest can wait, and so it’s time for a break before I tackle the rest.

I had the resolve that was pent up at the beginning, and after expending that resolve, I could have easily justified or rationalized a break, but somehow I keep persevering. And to my surprise, I get through with the rest of this stuff far more quickly than I would have expected.

It’s like the hardest part was just getting going at the start. I found the last question to actually kind of be the easiest in that to answer that I had to look at it from the perspective of three different levels. And so on each level there was a one word answer, and it required that I take in each level’s energetic and, in doing so, could feel that, could merge with what that was about, and respond accordingly.

Now each level of course has a different frame of reference, or vibration, that makes up an aspect of the environment. So the answer to the last challenge, to prove that I have it in me to face this issue straight up, or vibrationally, as necessary, the first thing I do is I write down one, two, and three, just like first grade, second grade, and third grade. I then provide one word answers for each level and, in doing this, I prove to myself that I had this access.

Meaning the hardest part is confronting a problem that lies directly in my path. Putting it off weakens me, and I remain unready for what is to come. It isn’t enough to prove that I can get through the first phase of a task, I must keep on persevering or I will not pull it all the way through as needed.

In other words, if I push through, and prove that I can make it happen in a timely manner, in doing that I’m able to see how something actually is, energetically, and I’ll add or reach to distinct levels of consciousness as opposed to just sitting on a given particular level of happy-go-lucky easy goingness, and pressing on because this needs to be done before tomorrow’s class because something is apt to come up in which this will now have to be included as part of a process.

I surprise myself at being able to see what lies on these other levels of conscious existence, which is now actually also a part of the process that I’m in.

And then in another dream, I have something before me that has value and meaning. What I do not know is from what point in time it is, and who was king back then, who was leader of the country back then?

To know this is to access a barrier that stands in the way of appreciation and acceptance, which is a type of merging. At first I am at a loss and then someone gives me a hint by providing what turned out to be a good guess about who it was, and what era of time this is from, because I have no way of knowing if this is right.

Once I have the hint that it’s not necessarily what I think, to get to the bottom of it I have to take a look. To do that I have to shift into the point of inner reference that corresponds with the object’s place and time. I determine that Pendragon was indeed the king or ruler when the gold was coined and in so determining awaken that awareness and bring it through.

So in this dream and the prior dream, I am compelled to find a focus that is from an inner depth. In doing so I penetrate veils, which have a way of keeping me from reaching other inner levels of awareness.

In the first dream it would be easy to stop to take a rest, or in the second dream to make a best guess. I can identify the issue or questions required to reach, as a focus, something on the inner, but before I can access the answers I have to merge with that inner space, and in doing so, shift to a knowingness that comes from these different levels. It’s automatic. It’s actually very simple. The hard part is breaking through whatever stands in the way of making that shift.

The meaning is I need a consistent focus, which merges my consciousness with what is important in a process. I can’t get wayward or complacent or I will stifle the process, and I must be focused even when the timing is off. If I get scattered or self conscious, the energetic connection also can shatter. Whenever I get like that I must reconnect to an inner composure and, when necessary, start again. Only in this way can I help in the facilitation of a process.

I can’t have an opinion about the flow, or that will get in the way. I have to be surrendered to be fully attentive and inner connected with the system and, of course, I can’t be indulgent in the system either.

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