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DualismHere is another good example of how we are all the characters in our dreams. In this image, John sees himself as helping an older man down some steps, and the man seems to have more energy than sense in terms of the risk he is taking. So there is a balance that needs to be struck, between eagerness and vulnerabilty on one hand, and being stable and grounded on the other. In this territory is the idea that, at some point in our lives, we need to take responsibility, and have care, for what is around us – rather than always needing the universe to help us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Now, apparently this is a big subject because this thing just popped in as soon as I finished that. I wrote this other up and then this popped in, and then I wrote this up. Then I went back and wrote the interpretation.

In this dream I am challenged to conduct myself in a way that is stable and grounded so that I am able to facilitate a transition that lies before me. After being told by others that I needed to slow down and to be more of a presence, and a presence that is then able and directed to be able to affect things around me.

To see if I can do this, I am presented with the following challenge, which is like a way of living this truth. So as soon as I hear this from a couple of people, I suddenly find myself, now, having to hold the hand of an old man who has a lot of energy – and he’s now put under my care.

And so, in other words, he’s going down some steps. He’s raring to go and, as I’m holding my hand, he’s lurching out, pushing out in front, but I’m holding him. He’s leaning forward and I’m trying to control his pushing out pace because he could fall, and that could affect us both.

So as I hold his hand, as we go down some steps, I’m stabilizing him from falling. He leans forward. He’s stretching out in front of me. I’m holding his hand and I’m being a stabilizing force. I try to tell him not to lean forward so much. We will get there in one piece if we proceed in a balanced way.

It’s a strange image, right?

This is a dream which portrays the two parts to my nature. I can be the epitome of balance; this important trait is offset by the image of myself in which I’m not taking into account the conditions and I’m pushing out in an out of control way. That’s like controlling, or catatonic, as I described it in the other dream.

I need to appreciate both qualities because, depending upon the circumstances, they are both important. The part of me functioning as a stabilizing force knows the situation and is careful, is prudent, is balanced.

The part of me that is too vulnerable to be going down the steps as if I am invincible needs to have this out-of-control energy reigned in so that the focus is internalized to facilitate that which is truly important. That which is truly important is something I need to step back from, the momentum, in order to catch up with, internally, as an aspect of overall life.

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John: This dream is a reflection of something I carry as an affliction in my outer life. We all carry so many afflictions, mostly unconsciously, but they dictate actions and reactions in our daily lives.

By not being attentive in recognizing them when they arise, we basically allow them free reign. Or, if we ignore or deny them, we leave them in a state of semi-consciousness and never get beyond them.

Dreams can be very instructive for us in that they can reflect these inner limitations by showing us how they look through a series of images. In this particular dream, I’m shown a condition that affects me, in another person. That makes it a bit easier to see and accept, because it doesn’t feel so personal.

We’re all so used to expressing our anger or psychologies into the world, and we rationalize them by thinking “that’s who I am,” as if that makes it okay. But, ultimately, these patterns and psychologies aren’t really us, they’re just behaviors and traits we have adopted from earlier points in our life playing out in repetitive ways.

When we can begin to recognize them – meaning to become consciously aware of them – we can develop understanding and find acceptance and forgiveness in ourselves. Otherwise we’ll just continue to let them be the leader of us, and we’ll make light of them, lie about them, and never face up to them. We don’t have to overcome them, we just have to let go of them and allow something new to come in that transcends them.

In this dream, the condition I’m looking at involves a dialogue with another person. I can see nervousness, even neurosis, in what this person is doing. I can see that it’s keeping them from facing what’s directly in front of them. This is causing them deep anxiety and it’s having a negative effect.

It seems obvious in this scenario that it would be better if this person could absorb it (recognize it) so that it no longer affects who they are. To absorb it is to release the energy that is blocked up and veiled because of this habit. Allowing it to continue is a form of acceptance, allowing the pattern to be lived out again. If we live the repetitive, personal traits we have developed, it prevents us from living something deeper.

In waking life, I tend to rationalize these aspects; I seem to let my defensiveness and personal biases dictate. However, when I’m kind and considerate toward others who share the same trait or affliction, I can gain the same healing for myself.

The image in the dream was rather trivial. However, it is such trivial conditions, when accepted as is, when embraced graciously in others so we can embrace them in ourselves that lead to a healing both in the inner and in the outer.

I see the person in the dream chewing on their finger, in the same way I do. Because I understand this trait, I’m able to talk to them directly about what they’re doing, even though I never quite acknowledge it in myself.

What would be the waking life scenario that could trigger a dream like this? Well, yesterday the woman who is selling us her Vegas condo had broken up with her boyfriend. She was carrying a wound that she was trying to handle more heartfully, but this emotional state showed its effect outwardly – her sensitivity wouldn’t allow her to hide it.

Because I understood this and accepted it in her, she was able to shed and absorb the effect of the pain more readily, which meant she was able to quickly return to her natural bright way of being. Seeing her do this was uplifting for me. To touch it or to recognize it is to cause it to shift.

So, when we develop a way of recognizing and identifying certain little vibratory energetics within us, we’re better able to stay in the flow, without being commandeered by them. Then, our greater overallness is able to reach out and touch things that need to be touched, or appreciated, or awakened, or shaped in some fashion – in terms of the energetic embedded therein.

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John: There’s more to say about this dream with the serene dog and the mountain crabs (see the first two parts: The Order of Things and The New Normal).

There are two aspects of me at play in this imagery: one aspect is able to relax into the issue (shown by the calming effect of the dog), and a second aspect that is vying for recognition (shown by the man who recognizes that whoever is going after the crabs before the official season is causing an early run-off from the mountain streams).

So this dichotomy reflects back to your dream (see The Level of Design and The Intangibles), where an act of discernment is required.

In your imagery, a woman is trying to make a decision between two energetic qualities (two items of clothing). In order for her to do that effectively, both energies have to be quieted so that they are able to move closer together.

What is surprising is that when this point is reached, the differences go away (the single, shiny glass vase replaces the two items). So everything has blended together as one.

It is the same for me. It’s inappropriate for me to carry the disturbance of an issue around in my nature anymore. When the dog is able to calm that disturbance, a shift is made and I’m shown the next awareness that I need: my probing is causing negative energy (the crabs) to be revealed.

Somewhere I still feel tension within, but it is deep enough that it doesn’t emanate out into the surroundings. Thus, my choice is simplified because what needs to be heard becomes part of a natural flow (the early run-off). In other words, there isn’t an intrusion upon, or contamination of, what’s meant to occur. The disturbance in me isn’t interfering with what can occur.

So my dream has two parts. The first has the dog that calms me, in which things can come together and there can be a blending or letting go. That enables something new to rise up – a new potential, as shown by the early run-off.

But we can also see that this new potential is still somewhat compromised by the initial disturbance because its arising doesn’t flow smoothly into its surroundings (me), but causes flooding that is unexpected (too early).

Something new is able to unfold through this conscious development, but it has consequences in the environment, which shows that it’s not completely free of my personal limitations. In other words, my baggage is still having a limiting effect on what is possible.

What rises up and is part of the flow should naturally be accommodated; yet here it’s not quite fully natural, so there is some fall-out. Parts of the ego-identity don’t just fall away completely even after letting go. There can still be traces that can negatively impact the way things naturally unfold.

At a deeper level of understanding, this dream shows that when we shake off our accepted limitations (patterns, biases, judgments) and probe the inner unknown, we challenge our accepted behavior and crab-like limitations and we force them from our inner depths closer to the surface. Where they used to affect us in a hidden way, now their effect can be seen more directly.

This is a dream that’s a precursor to events. In other words, changes are afoot and those changes affect all of life; everyone can look around and can notice how things are breaking down or changing, but they don’t realize that it’s the result of consciousness waking up.

The quality and the trait that is most prone to do this is the feminine. And it can often cause a fearful backlash, as seen throughout history with women being burned at the stake or barred from participation in certain areas of life.

Finally, this dream is showing that those who undertake a spiritual journey can, by opening up new aspects, cause disturbances in the equilibrium of life. First of all, they disturb within themselves as a cleaning up process and it can be difficult – it can make them feel depressed or sick as it causes stuff to melt early and come racing to the forefront and expose all their crabby conditions.

And then as they work with this “premature” melting of things, they are actually creating a quickening effect in terms of raising consciousness, which is a service into life, but not always welcomed by everyone.

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