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echoes_previewJohn’s meditation dream triggers a sense of a deep inner stillness within him, as an echo of the greater stillness of everything. And if we think about it, how does anything connect to anything else? It has a receptor for it. We hear because we have ears to catch the sound waves. So how could a human recognize God, or hear the urge to reconnect to the universe without having those very things in him? He couldn’t, yet such instincts and urges exist within us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well, we know what the theme is right? This came off, in terms of me, as having to look at what is involved with making that step.

In other words, in the meditation dream, I’m able to observe that there are two parts of myself. There is a part that exists in a natural, still, meditative state. It just naturally is there. In other words, it’s not part of creation, per se. It’s in a higher, inner-self quality that I do not readily see because it is a natural letting go that is there, and a natural emptiness.

And then there’s a second part of me that’s more unsettled, where there’s an effort that’s needed just to slow down because you’re thrown around by the tangents of things around you. And as I turn my attention, in this part of myself, to an inner sound that you’re always able to hear because it is part of creation that, when you do that, you can surprise yourself and find yourself suddenly in a flow of inner images.

And I have come to recognize that those inner streaming images tend to be what we call an inner dream. So by letting go of whatever it is that has taken my being on a tangent, in other words, that’s by stopping and listening to the sound that echoes, or that is, naturally there in creation.

But also in creation you’re caught up in the waywardness of everything around you, so if you take this part of your being and drop it into a quality upon which everything has been created, and it’s all created out of sound, if you go into this sound, you listen to this sound, you lose yourself in the sound, you’re able to make a subtle shift, and the tangent kind of falls away, and you’re able to suddenly find yourself in the language of the soul. Or, in other words, a place inside where inner images can come through you.

It is as if you have suddenly merged the part of yourself that is in a natural stillness with the part of yourself that can listen to the inner sound of the universe as a stilled relevance – because how else do we explain what took place?

This is like taking a meditative part of one’s self that is just there in an empty stillness, so I guess you could call it a meditative part of yourself because it’s not noodled around by manifestation, so you take this to another part of yourself that has the tendency to immerse itself into conditions in the outer, but has this inner listening center to work with that corresponds in a kind of octave way to the stillness. And, if you do that, all of a sudden you can see yourself awaken to streaming inner images.

So this is what I saw was happening in my meditative dream. So the question is, what happened? In other words, how do you explain this? I believe part of me that is still and, apparently, at rest from within is in an unseen state, like a type of light that you can’t see, and this is able to touch the part of me that has been projected, or transformed, or subrogated or however you want to use the word, to itself into creation and, when it is as a manifestation, as a creation, there is still the sound that echoes from it.

Because you have essentially taken something that is light. It’s been converted to sound and then creation is made out of the sound, but because creation is made out of sound, that sound is still something you can hear. You can still put your attention and hear it ringing in your ears. And when you do that, viola, the inner image language of the soul is suddenly able to be seen and heard from within.

Or to say this in yet another way, it is as if a part of myself that resides as a stillness is able to relate to the part of myself that listens. To denote the communion there is the inner dream flow. I have come to know the inner dream flow to be the language of the soul. Or, to describe this as a meditative process, first you start with a natural stillness that is just simply there even though we might not be aware of it, I might not be able to see it, which is the soul.

The stillness and the inner sound of the universe, which emanate in creation, are correlated. So when the two come together, viola, you have the language of the soul.

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Eternity_in_the_Clouds_by_ArasirielThis series of dreams takes us through the stages of letting go – first of our ego identity, and then whatever we latch onto as a replacement to the ego identity. This constant stripping away is the path and the process of reconnecting with what is important – the oneness of everything. As we’ve noted before, we can either live a life separate from all that exists (through our ego dominance), or we can seek to connect to everything else; the two states are mutually exclusive. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So the theme of the dreaming seemed to be a kind of thing where you progressed where you would take and catch up with the recognition of a certain way that something unfolds, only to find out that that’s a precursor to yet something more. And that it’s important to catch up with that aspect of a recognition, which is important at one stage of your life, but then at the next step or stage that you go through that even that has to go away.

Then I take it one more step further and I note that even though it is important for me to do that, that doesn’t mean that I reflect all of that outwardly, that would be too much for people, that things have to progress with a certain stage. That we go through somethings that are important now to get and to reach, but then stand in our path, or in our way, to an even deeper awareness inside of ourself. 

And the same thing is true in terms of how we relate to others. We have to give them the space, these other parts of ourself which is founded in the outer as others, we have to give them the space to catch up, first of all to a certain kind of vibration, or energetic, or whatever that is that might be something that they have to catch up with as part of the path. And then find out for themselves that they have to set that aside, or let that go, because then it gets in the way if they get to the end of that kind of awareness.

So the template is set in terms of a certain octave or mannerism, the mannerism that I later have to set aside, in the meditation. And in the meditation I experience an energetic state which isn’t able to correlate with creation.

In the meditation dream I’m required to take on a very specific challenge. The challenge is to stay in sync with the energy that is passing through the situation. To do this means that I must embody the Wholeness that exists behind that expression. The need is to hold the attunement in such a pristine way such that the outer unfolds in accordance with the vibration of an overriding focus and attention.

In other words, you’re trying to hold something in a way so that something more can come out. I hold the attunement in order to be true to myself. I have come to know that if I waver I will have to grapple with the outer conditions. When an outer condition predominates, the focus and attention I need to unwaveringly hold the attunement will get scattered. When this occurs my access to the embodied energy is lost. In other words, you’re talking about how you can crack or split.

So in the dream, there’s no time to think. I’m challenged to maintain the focus and attention unwaveringly. This is necessary for the vibration to come down into life where it can affect manifestation directly. This is how the inner is able to shape and affect the outer. 

So basically what I’m describing is a particular kind of quality that functions as an energetic vibration that is faster and quicker, more as an aspect of an inner effect that I’m realizing – as opposed to outer conditions. So that’s the template that I’m placed in.

And then I’m shown in the next dream that I have to let that go. I mean, it’s important, but at some point in time even that has to be let go. You don’t hold onto that vibration. That’s unwieldy, too.

And so in the next dream I dream that I go for a walk with the vibration (that I’ve experienced above) as if it’s a kind of a crutch that I’m with, that I like being with, and feel that I need to be with, but I’m not free to be on my own by myself. And I realize that that vibe means that it too must go. 

Well the way I see this is, as I’m walking and I’m of the belief that this is the energy I need, I suddenly reach a point where I can’t find this presence around me anymore. In other words, I turn my attention away and it disappeared or something. So I look around and it is nowhere to be found. 

To begin with I’m concerned, like I lost something. And it’s something that I need to lean on or depend upon, and this energetic was with me when I started, obviously. I’ve been walking with it. 

As I settle back, I realize that I’m unable to establish its whereabouts, and that’s when I realize that I’d been leaning upon it. And when you realize you’re leaning upon anything, that’s when you realize that you have been doing something that has a weight to it yet, and everything, everything that has a mannerism must go.

In other words, no one’s allowed some sort of conceptual, absolute truth that they can project in life, as if that is what will make things tick. With this gone, at first I’m lost, but then I get it that what I was doing was also a crutch.

And the dream is reaffirming the deep inner truth behind the expression: there is nothing but nothingness. Whenever I think I have got the answer to something, as I examine it more closely, or feel it in terms of what it’s doing to a demeanor I take on, I’m able to see how there are circumstances that are possible in which whatever it is that I am leaning upon, that that can fall apart or go away. And anything that can go away isn’t real. 

Another way to say it, this dream corrects the vibration that I got all caught up in from the first dream by revealing that this isn’t it, either. The fact that I dreamed it in the first dream, about this energetic, it’s meaningful. I feel it’s meaningful as a step on the spiritual path. But this step only goes so far and then there is the realization about how this, too, must go.

In other words, this step is important as a step in that one’s attention in the outer is pretty much still with the senses and the mind in a denseness, but then there’s the step where you realize that there’s something that flows from the inner into the outer, and you can get caught up in that as a way of adhering, and that too must go.

So in the dream I saw myself taking a walk with this energetic presence, thinking I was content because I was with what I felt was needed, and then suddenly looking around and finding myself all alone, having lost this companion, and that is when I realized that this too is something to be dropped and life goes on without it.

So that looks like, okay, you’ve taken the first dream, which had an important effect in terms of shifting the flow – instead of clockwise in terms of outer ideas and actions and whatnot manifesting on their own as they tend to do when you’re indulging in that as if that’s all there is.

You start to go in kind of a counterclockwise recognition that the outer is nothing more than a reflection of something that comes in from the inner, but even that has to do with a process or has to do with some impulse behind it. And so then you have to get outside of that impulse, which is what the second dream is about, and find out that it too must drop.

So now you have the two contrasts, and now you have to deal with the cadence of things.

So in the final dream I see myself supporting the energetic of the first dream when it comes to others, because this is an important stage that one must go through or reach. And because I am able to denote within that this too must go, for myself, I abide in the empty space. 

I know that this nothing but nothingness is where there is an overallness of the One Being. By adhering to the empty space, which sorts itself out before a mirror that reflects nothing back, I am at home. The analogy of being a blank sheet of paper, so something can be from time to time written upon, also comes to mind. 

A deeper meaning is that I am being put to the paces in the first dream of holding onto the inner into the outer as a flow, and as a step that is designed to take me away from an ego which claims two identifications.

Taking this step to recognizing how to step aside from the ego is important, as an aspect of the path, but then there comes a point when the step that I took, again adhering to something happening from deeper within – the leaning on that – that that must go. And the second dream portrays that.

But then this third dream indicates that even though the letting go is an important step for me on the path, which I must take, but for others I can’t just impose that they do that. They still may need to go through that first step in which they recognize the flow of inner into outer.

In other words, what is important at one stage of the journey is a barrier, when it comes to taking an even deeper step of letting go at another aspect, or part, of the process of unfoldment – or a waking up.

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John: In your dream Breaking Free, you saw the image of the dancer in high heels, and that portrayed a freer vibration in you that was trying to come across. That vibration, that mannerism, was a way of flowing with one’s self so that you can stand above the burdens of the day.

It’s not that the dancing was exactly the right expression, but what was behind it was an aspect of inner focus. It requires attention to hold that note, that freedom, in the midst of the outer world, and most people aren’t able to do that.
But then we saw that in your next dream (An Uneasy Feeling), you lost that vibration – you couldn’t hold it – so you were unable to flow with life or be open to various expressions. The result is that you experienced a crash, which is a type of depression.

And then in my dream (see The Dark Side), we saw how carrying, or feeding, the negative in oneself can alter the course of events in undesirable ways. The state of being negative in one’s viewpoint is a state of being even further removed from the flow and the freedom that is natural to a human life. It’s a disconnection that can have disastrous consequences.

We see people on the Vegas Strip walk around behaving in ways they never would in their home town. That’s because the local mores, would, in most cases, be too prejudicial against them. People would cast such negative energy towards them that they would become self-conscious and, ultimately, it would cause them to shrink back into the “normal” way of things.

But here in Vegas, everything is carefree and nothing really seems to matter. Everyone lets their hair down. That desire for freedom is actually a very positive impulse trait.  

We see the same freedom in young people, but as they get older they take on a more conservative presence. Even though we were all young once, as a group, older people frown on the behavior of the young. Such constant negative judgment slowly takes its toll and the young begin to fall in line with the “ways of the world.”

Or take an even younger child, who explores the world with such an innocence. There’s something about that that’s really refreshing for an adult to see. But all the while, the focus of the adults is placed on trying to shape the child to be more predictable and controllable.

It’s often said that a young child is close to the angelic realms, but then they’re taught about “the boogie man,” or are told that invisible friends aren’t real, and they lose those levels inside themselves where other realities have play. They lose their connections and end up anchored in the denser outer world with everyone else. It’s a negative pressure that eventually snuffs out the innocence of the child.

The idea here is that when we, as individuals, as a group, or as a society, radiate negativity towards others – in terms of judgment, anger, and all the rest – we impact the course of events in a negative way. We affect our own lives, and the lives of those around us.

In the example of our friend (see An Uneasy Feeling), he walks around in a negative vibration. To spend a lot of time with him can be very draining energetically. Any effort to change his perspective becomes a battle. He’s intent on making his vibration stick as if he’s right, and he’s good at doing that. He’s learned to fight the entire world.

But that’s not a natural state for humans. Life comes at us in various ways, and we are designed to go with the flow of it. Our only resistance should be in saying “no” to the aspects of life that are not in line with our deeper connections. When we consciously choose in favor of our universal connections, we confirm them, and we strengthen them.

But most of us do the opposite. We let go of our universal connections in favor of personal indulgences, such as old patterns, defense mechanisms, and psychologies that separate us from others and the world around us. We may do it as a “survival” mechanism, but in truth it becomes a self-destructive process that feeds the negative and severs our connection to inner guidance and flow.

That’s what the work of most spiritual endeavors really entails: making the journey back (letting go) from our ego-based perspective that supports our feelings of separation, toward a universal-based perception that includes us in, and is connected to, everything.

It’s every person’s choice whether or not to be a part of the whole we find ourselves born into. Whether we accept that notion or reject it doesn’t change the truth of it. But our decision changes completely our relationship to it and, ultimately, our human possibility.

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