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We don’t always realize how small changes play out in our lives. For instance, one day we added a second spoon of sugar to our coffee, and then we did that every day for decades. Or we started a new social media account, and suddenly we were spending 15 hours a week for years on it. So, we make a choice, and whatever that choice is has an energy to it – an energy that must be, and will be, played out, or played through us. And that energetic frequency will continue to play out through us as long as we continue to feed it, by loving that extra sugar, or by putting our constant attention on our media account. Sometimes it’s worth understanding the ramifications of our choices before we begin. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So I took what took place into an interesting meditation dream. And then I thought that I had resolved everything in the meditation dream and then I came and I had a dream that wasn’t all that dissimilar from your dream, with the difference being that it had a whole timing issue haywireness. 

My timing was scattered, so that I was fractured, and frittered, in terms of being able to have a sense of well being. But my meditation dream was there to show me something, to teach me something, in terms of how to be careful in a particular way because of the way the consequences and unfoldments of incarnate energy of what you have to look at and contend with. 

Because, when you take on a particular kind of nuance, or modality, you don’t play around like that, as if you can play act in that, because even when you see others that are like that you’ve got to be very careful. Because if you go acting like you can empathically inflect like that, you get consumed by that, you take it in – and then good luck trying to shake it. And it actually changes the way the world around you is able to relate to you. 

In other words, we have no idea the degree to which, when we take on a particular mannerism, the degree to which it changes the options for ourselves in terms of the feed loop, incarnated vibrational feed loop that we have access to, in terms of our unfolding process. 

So my meditation dream was very inflective to how one alters, or changes, and writes their world, based upon how it is that they carry themselves, or experience themselves, in some sort of in-vibed way. 

So it’s like I’m functioning with flashcards, in which on a flashcard, like in the dream, there are three choices. And I can take any of those three choices on the flashcard, each choice being a number that is assigned in terms of how it vibrates; it has a number that’s assigned.

So, for example, I’m looking at a flashcard on which the choices are like 3, 7, and 11. And if I take, say, 3, then this means that the next flashcard of choices will be 8, 14, or 20. It’s going to increase, or multiply. 

But what if I, instead of taking 3, I took 7? Well, in that case, the choices are going to be multiplied even more: 12, 17, and 24. What I’m saying is the choices that you make determine the path that can unfold in terms of your environment around you. Choices that you select, or take in, set off the unfoldment, or the karma, that just has a life of its own. 

Or, as you can see from the example, if I select the lesser of the three numbers, in the next scenario I will have more choices than before, but not as bad if I would have selected a higher option initially. In other words, more flip-flopping.

The hint being it is better to, 1, to not get on the cycle wheel, because, in doing so, things become defined, or set in motion, which makes it then hard to cut off. Of course it can be a question of degrees. 

So, what this also implies is, 2, every choice shapes the solution, or direction, or directive unfoldment that we have to contend with, or go through in life, that I have to live based upon having incarnated a demeanor that disturbs the moment in time. 

And 3, if I define myself based on the way the world opens for me, I am taking on these particular vibrations, which means they come to own me, in some sense, I don’t shake them. I then function through that. 

So what’s the object lesson to be learned from this? Be careful what you wish for, for one thing, or in-vibe, or take as a choice of demeanor, thinking that you can do this or act it out harmlessly, because sometimes it, more than likely to some degree, it gets under the skin – or has consequences. 

So the most interesting thing about this is choices result in demeanors, and a demeanor invokes vibrations to incarnate that reflect more of a given demeanor, which means a person veils themselves from a stillness and witnessing when they stir the juices of life in the outer in any given way. What this means is a person who witnesses their heart, and notices afflictive options, doesn’t take afflictiveness on, and is thus able to let go to the greater whole, which is a quieter beingness.

A person who carries stillness as a lightbody beingness doesn’t go off in this way, or that way, of being, thereby they are not only are healing themselves, but this mirrors the healing into life, changing not only the shape of things to come about that are unfolding, but also enables the witnessing to spread.

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Somehow we have come to believe that we have to “work through” everything. That the way we solve things is to bang away at them until they surrender. But that’s not the way of it. Energetically, when we direct energy at something we strengthen it – no matter whether we want to or not (it’s the law!). So, the way to rid ourselves of something we no longer support is to let it go – consciously, having an awareness that we are letting it go. We want to starve these things energetically, that is how they shrink and disappear in time. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So this next one kind of adds a little color to the thing in terms of delusionality; it’s still delusionality. In the next dream, I am repressed and need to speed up. I see myself as being at an octave of 50, which is now like something that is condensed, but is condensed to the point that it knows it can shift into the overallness more. 

So I need to access that which is at 60 in order to come more out of a stifled condition. But because I’ve been back and forth a few times, I don’t see the 60 as sustainable, meaning it isn’t the answer, either. You know, it’s just what is going to happen: first it condenses, then it contracts. Things ebb and flow, kind of thing. 

So, I see the 60 as something I need to reach in order to be more at ease with how I am which will settle out in a way I do not know – perhaps, over time, back to 50. But this time, more okay with it.

And the meaning is, that in order to let go of a psyche limitation I have to live out, there is this, you know, when the breath is doing what it’s doing and connects to the dharmic effect of things, you kind of have to probe or live it out. And, as you do, you come to see life in a slightly different way by this going back and forth you do. Otherwise you get caught in things. 

And currently I am not accepting – at the speed of 50 – I’m not accepting the modality I am at, thinking that there is something more. So I think I must go through some outer emotions to get through and experience a letting go to the projections. 

You could say the scenario is I am seeing myself as if in condition and I would have an illusionary imagination that acted out like this as part of outer identification. None of this is going to be the answer. You can’t tell that. There’s something limiting about myself. And it’s a type of letting go. It’s an interesting type of catching up with the stillness. You don’t know how far that is. Could be eons away.

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Messages don’t usually come to us like a frying pan over the head, which is good in most cases, but unfortunate in others. It is this way in our dreams, as well, where the idea of reviewing the business for necessary checks and balances points to a need to reassess what has been going along on a kind of automatic pilot. The messages begin subtly, it is when we keep ignoring them that we risk getting the back of the pan. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I remember two of my dreams. In one dream, I seem to have this man that I go over to his house; we’re in a relationship. And I’ve gone in, it’s on the ground level, and he has like French doors that open out to the yard. 

And he also has a business that he runs somewhere, and I’m starting to get involved in that, too. Before we leave the house this boy comes up, he looks like a teenager, his mother’s in the background, I realize that this is a son of this man that he hasn’t had anything to do with. And he would just send him away. 

But I tell him, no, we’re going to take the son into the house, that he obviously needs some direction, or a place. And it’s his son, so we need to take him in. And then I leave the house, and I’m looking at the way his business has been run. And I realize that the people that have been there have been running it in a certain way for a long time, and there’s no real examination or checks and balances. 

So I hire the mother of the boy, I want her to kind of go into the business undercover, and start examining and double checking how things have been done. And I can see that some of the women that work in the business, that have just always run it one way, are going to be somewhat upset about this. But I also realize that there’s no one that’s really looked at it. 

And, in that same dream, I know there’s one point that I have to go out into a river, it feels like, to deal with a situation like maybe somebody comes to the house who’s somewhat of a threat, and one of my ways of dealing with that is to go out into the river. So that was the first dream. 

John: The only thing I can make out of this is it sounds like what you’re doing is attempting to reveal, or cause to be revealed, or cause to be shown, or doing something in a reactive way, like going out into the river or something, all of it is designed to try to portray something that is meant to be seen in a different way. 

In other words, the existing way in which something had been seen, or dealt with, or looked at, or portrayed or taken in is no longer the motif that needs to be done at length in a continuous way anymore – and that there is a shift that has to be made; a new way of taking and looking at things. 

And the theme of the dreaming had to do with the recognition that there is something else going on inside that hasn’t been recognized or acknowledged. Because there is some manner, pattern, mood, aspect that has predominated and stands in the way of this recognition, or shift, from happening. 

That thing, of course, which has stood in the way, which is hard to describe and portray in terms of your dream, I see it as the breath. And it is something that is needed at some point to create the reflection to where one needs to recognize that there is something more. And it functions as a medium by which there’s the identification for the longest time of which the identification is important to get to the point where there is the letting go. 

And the idea of sitting in stillness, which causes you to truly let go, is what the meditation is about, that does not take the breath and hold on to an aspect to the breath. Your dream, I would say, is approaching this subject matter by recognizing, in kind of a letting-go way, that something anew has to emerge. So you’re having a dream that has much to do with just dropping things.

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