The Checklist

We all have set patterns and ways of doing things, but we don’t always understand that those repetitions can help us generate into a specific alignment and intention. But it is always the idea and the intention that comes first, so as one becomes a skilled practitioner of life, the need for the repetition diminishes and the intention can create the desired effect. This is what development enables. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I just remember one dream, and, in that dream I seem to be trying to figure out how to get one acupuncture treatment. And I feel like there’s even a way to do it energetically. 

But I feel like when I go to consult with the person that I would want to get the treatment from, that I know that my problem is that everybody’s used to doing acupuncture treatments in series of tens. And they’re all used to doing it with needles. And I just can’t figure out how to convince someone that actually one treatment is going to work. And then maybe you can even do this treatment without needles. 

And there is at least one person I talked to, but I realize that people just don’t get that if you try to do something differently than how they’re used to doing, they don’t think it can be done. And I can’t quite figure out how to get it done. I’m talking to somebody about how it can be done energetically, but I realize that I can’t seem to break through people’s concepts of how something is done, or has to be done. And so I just get frustrated with that; how am I going to do that?

John: So the key to understanding this dream is to understand what the theme was meant to be last night. And the theme that existed last night had to do with being able to be in life, in all of its different multiplicity ways, without having to be set in any particular way. 

You looked at it in terms of how to let go of things, as a type of letting go in terms of a presence. And you’re finding that, in life, everyone has a tendency to have adopted a particular pattern that they maintain over and over again. And, because of this pattern, they fail to see what is obvious in front of them.

They’ve gotten into this pattern, and so this pattern becomes the dictum to how something is, and you have a sense that there’s something more, much more, behind it all. And that this is something that is not in any kind of specific defined way, that you don’t have to go through some sort of set, over and over, defined protocol – that you can just let go and experience it energetically. 

In other words, it’s as if everyone else feels that there is some sort of defined outer way that something is done in order to create an invisible effect. And you are of the recognition and view that it’s not the act itself that does it, it’s the energetic behind the act, behind it all, that does it. And if you hit that energetic, that’s all that’s needed. 

The activities in the outer, where everyone has 10 steps or something like that that they think of as a checklist will get them to what they desire as a solution. And that’s something that you realize will never lead to a solution because it just solidifies into some other aspected way of being. 

And you know that what has to be done has to take place in a sense that is invisible, energetically invisible. That’s a statement of the feminine, in terms of her presence in existence. She knows how to not let things stick in a way that creates a discombobulation from our standpoint of attitude or judgment or mannerism. And so it’s a quality of not leaving traces, in terms of being able to hold oneself in an overallness. 

So this quality of being able to be invisible, a feminine trait, is offset by a masculine trait, which is the quality of a natural catching up with a knowingness, where you just have a sense of what is and you’re not continually having to figure out how to peel back to figure out what is. You just have a natural sense in which you know things. 

So the feminine trait is to let go of the mannerisms of a checklisted unfoldment, and know how to invisiblize oneself. The whole idea was, how do you go about when you move through life? What is the way? What is the right adab or mannerism for doing so? And so you dreamt what that is like in the accentuated feminine, and I dreamt what it was like in the accentuated masculine.

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Another Step

We may think that our inner processes mirror what happens in the outer world, but really it’s the opposite: our outer world reflects our inner processes. We know when we move or make changes in our outer life, we can’t take everything with us, we have to winnow our belongings and attachments down to a manageable amount – and that’s because that is exactly the process required by our inner lives. Letting go could also be understood as making space for what is new that wants to join us. When we are conscious of our natural inner processes, we move ourselves closer to the flow of things. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I just remember my last dream. In it I seem to be getting ready to move, and I’ve been living in a one or two room place that I rented. And one of the things I’ve done is I’ve moved everything out into the yard, so that the only thing in the whole unit is the carpet. Because I seem to feel that the place really needs to be cleaned out, almost like fumigated. 

So when I go outside I see some furniture and things out there, but there’s nothing inside. And I’m going to move things back in after I’ve cleared the whole place in some way. And then I realize that one of the reasons I did that is that there were some wasps, because I see the wasps around and so I wanted to get rid of them and the only way I knew to do that was to clear everything out.

And then once I’m out, I realize that I’m going to be moving on somewhere, but I’m not sure where yet. And someone else seems to have come with me, someone that’s kind of shadowy, I don’t see really clearly. And when I’m looking at our starting out, I’m realizing that I’m hardly taking anything with me.

I have two or three pieces of chicken, but I’ve set these down, and I end up giving this to the other person; I think in my mind maybe the chicken just attracts the wasps or something. But then I realize that because I don’t have anything left, I’ll either have to join a group of people that just wander, or I may have to take a temporary job for a while. 

And so I’m looking at that issue. Do I have some contacts, someplace, where I think I can walk down and get work? And maybe work temporarily to kind of fund whatever journey I’m going on next.

John: Well this dream has given you information in regards to a type of letting go that you need to do, that enables you to get rid of peculiar nuances by making yourself more empty. And when you do that, I guess it enables you to not only develop a clarity about yourself, but enables you to take another step in life, or some other step in life, that you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to do, or that wouldn’t normally be possible in terms of you catching up with such a flow. 

The theme of the dreaming had to do with kind of a subject matter of what we need to do in order to establish a better access to what needs to unfold in our lives. And you did this in a way that’s opposite the way I did it. The way I did it indicated that one needed to come to grips with an understanding in a more grounded way.

The way you did it is you indicated that you needed to let go of things, clear something out of its effect in your space, and environment, in order to be able to grasp the movement inside of yourself of something more. 

And so, as you were telling this dream, I’m pondering if they both aren’t somewhat the same. In other words, what is in your house that’s grabbing your frame of attention is like an overindulgent presence of things that one eclectically accumulates, or holds in their nature, that is in the way of an emptiness. And that there is a greater freedom in recognizing what a more vibrant flow is, when one is able to release all of that. 

So that’s in the direction of how one is an earthy way, but maybe in an over earthy way. And my dream is more about something in which there is a rising up, almost like a pulling together of something from the farthest point of oneself, the very base part of oneself, in order to tune in and use that as a means and a basis to recognizing what is going on. 

And so, again, I think that the deeper meaning is this has to do with soul and matter. And it’s said that soul and matter are correlated. The matter in the physical correlates to the soul of the macrocosm. That way macro and micro become the same. 

And so it’s almost as if you’re letting go of a material overindulgence in order to grasp something so much more, which is a movement that’s more in-breath and like a feminine breath. In other words, it looks like a rising up to something more. But it really works with the base of things as its foundational point, and the letting go enables the revealing to what is a greater flow to be caught up with.

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Outside the Personal

What does it mean to be connected in a spiritual sense? When we are involved in life personally, i.e., why does it always rain on my day off?, we are using the dial-up connection to the universal – we may get a few bits of intelligence, but mostly we see the spinning icon. When we understand that we are a part of, and play a part in, the process of the universal unfolding we can connect to the universal, which supports all things that support It. This is the fastest connection, and it’s always downloading more intelligence data. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So the meditation dream, that sets the tone of this, might be interesting in terms of pulling it together because what you dreamt was how this applies, and works, and comes through you. And what I dreamt in my sleep is how something applies or comes to me. 

But then that something that comes, or applies, or catches up is introduced or invoked inside oneself, the process by which that takes place – in other words, the schematic for something like that – is what the meditation dream was about. And it was short, and I could have written up a lot more about it, but it was so understandable at the time that I had to force myself to keep writing more, or try to write more, because I really understood what it meant. 

My meditation dream had a repeat quality to it. And, in the dream, there is a deep-seated part of myself that is correlated to all there is. Now it’s not noticeable, this deep-seated part that’s correlated to all there is, if you’re off on your own tangents. In other words, I do not have an access to all there is because the need to know dictates. In other words, the action and the stuff that you do gets in the way, in terms of how it is that I’m karmically intertwined. 

My access and need to do is confined. In other words, if it’s karmically intertwined, it’s confined, you have to get outside of your natural nature of how it is that you go about this way or that. Or to put this in another way, there are elements in life that are connected to me, but not karmically controlled. These aspects are free to break a connection and go their separate way from the greater whole. 

So I’m wondering if it should be made known that there are those who are factored into the world as being at the epicenter of change? If so, are such individuals born or made? Or if somehow or another there’s something about your nature that, instead of going off and trying to do this, that, or the other in terms of some sort of karmic unfoldment, or quality, like a Dharma or something that you catch up with, that you somehow hear a different drummer that takes you outside of the personal. And when you go outside of the personal you access a greater wholeness. 

In your particular case, it described how you may have probed out, that could be considered in maybe an outer-consequence way, but the result was that this led to a quality of letting go that enabled something to be given to you that caused you then to open up to so much more. 

And, in my particular case, I had to stop and be still. And then by stopping and being still I could see something dorment that was there to open up, to be there. And so that part, in other words, the part that is either born or made or whatever that’s at the epicenter of change, you know, that can shape things in the world or whatever, is something I need to observe more closely. 

And it seems that we all have this quality in us that enables us to be at the epicenter, but that doesn’t mean we can just do that, or hit this big show inside of ourself that has this overallness, whether we can do this automatically. We’re able to see ourselves there, in other words, in this place, when we are able to see that we can get out of our personal way, in other words, when we’re out of our personal way, and we are able to see how everything around us is included in the whole. 

You can’t do that if you’re always coming off in the personal motif. You can’t do this if you’re talking all the time, which is where it started off, that was deemed an embarrassment. We cannot say that, however, if we see a personal self-aggrandizement that is adamant at getting its way.

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