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What does it mean to be connected in a spiritual sense? When we are involved in life personally, i.e., why does it always rain on my day off?, we are using the dial-up connection to the universal – we may get a few bits of intelligence, but mostly we see the spinning icon. When we understand that we are a part of, and play a part in, the process of the universal unfolding we can connect to the universal, which supports all things that support It. This is the fastest connection, and it’s always downloading more intelligence data. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So the meditation dream, that sets the tone of this, might be interesting in terms of pulling it together because what you dreamt was how this applies, and works, and comes through you. And what I dreamt in my sleep is how something applies or comes to me. 

But then that something that comes, or applies, or catches up is introduced or invoked inside oneself, the process by which that takes place – in other words, the schematic for something like that – is what the meditation dream was about. And it was short, and I could have written up a lot more about it, but it was so understandable at the time that I had to force myself to keep writing more, or try to write more, because I really understood what it meant. 

My meditation dream had a repeat quality to it. And, in the dream, there is a deep-seated part of myself that is correlated to all there is. Now it’s not noticeable, this deep-seated part that’s correlated to all there is, if you’re off on your own tangents. In other words, I do not have an access to all there is because the need to know dictates. In other words, the action and the stuff that you do gets in the way, in terms of how it is that I’m karmically intertwined. 

My access and need to do is confined. In other words, if it’s karmically intertwined, it’s confined, you have to get outside of your natural nature of how it is that you go about this way or that. Or to put this in another way, there are elements in life that are connected to me, but not karmically controlled. These aspects are free to break a connection and go their separate way from the greater whole. 

So I’m wondering if it should be made known that there are those who are factored into the world as being at the epicenter of change? If so, are such individuals born or made? Or if somehow or another there’s something about your nature that, instead of going off and trying to do this, that, or the other in terms of some sort of karmic unfoldment, or quality, like a Dharma or something that you catch up with, that you somehow hear a different drummer that takes you outside of the personal. And when you go outside of the personal you access a greater wholeness. 

In your particular case, it described how you may have probed out, that could be considered in maybe an outer-consequence way, but the result was that this led to a quality of letting go that enabled something to be given to you that caused you then to open up to so much more. 

And, in my particular case, I had to stop and be still. And then by stopping and being still I could see something dorment that was there to open up, to be there. And so that part, in other words, the part that is either born or made or whatever that’s at the epicenter of change, you know, that can shape things in the world or whatever, is something I need to observe more closely. 

And it seems that we all have this quality in us that enables us to be at the epicenter, but that doesn’t mean we can just do that, or hit this big show inside of ourself that has this overallness, whether we can do this automatically. We’re able to see ourselves there, in other words, in this place, when we are able to see that we can get out of our personal way, in other words, when we’re out of our personal way, and we are able to see how everything around us is included in the whole. 

You can’t do that if you’re always coming off in the personal motif. You can’t do this if you’re talking all the time, which is where it started off, that was deemed an embarrassment. We cannot say that, however, if we see a personal self-aggrandizement that is adamant at getting its way.

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There are so many interior chambers of a human life, how often do we visit them? Within the quietness of ourselves is a great intelligence, when we have let go of our personal involvements and ego impulses. Then we can begin to hear the intuition, and the higher faculties, that are able to read vibrations and ecologies, and can offer us elevated insights into what we are experiencing. It’s like they say, no two people in a room are having the same experience – and we can choose to elevate ourselves to a higher integration. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The theme of the dreaming had to do with a quality of letting go whereby you can catch up with something that is going on, or is happening, inside of you, that goes beyond your personal cognition or way of being

And so the meditation dream dealt with that, and then the sleep dream didn’t make sense because the sleep dream had me first of all involved in a situation in which there was something very exciting, and intriguing, that one could get caught up in. But somehow I knew that that was not what was important. 

And so I did the exact opposite. I retired away, like in a hotel scenario where there’s a lot of stuff going on. I retired away and went back and into and found that – this was kind of like a resort or something – but to my surprise, there were rooms that I went back to discover and to explore, that were very quiet, and seemed away from everything that was going on in a hubbub out front. 

And in the rooms, to my surprise, were babies. It was like a nursery, a quiet, quiet nursery. Now, I expected to go into the rooms and not find anything in there. But instead, I found babies, like a nursery, where something was cared for and set aside while everybody else took and was active with whatever they were active about, in terms of the environment.

And so the significance of this image was, given the theme of the dreaming was about letting go of the personal and discovering that there is a greater dimensionality of oneself that one can catch up with, that comes through. It’s something you incarnate access, you’re not born with it. When you let go of a certain quality of the personal, this other is able to be there. 

And this is a schematic in terms of being able to pull that through, as you go to a part of yourself that is still to where something like this engages, or comes through, from somewhere else. 

An example of this was the other day I was listening. I never said anything for basically the whole time I was there. And it’s amazing what I saw, sitting back and being still, not biting on anything, just listening and observing what was taking place – in terms of what this was really about somewhere else. 

When you take the personal out of it, what it’s really about somewhere else opens up so so so much more. This was like a flowchart inside of myself almost as, first of all, when I see how something can go and access something where you can catch up with a way of an unfoldment to something way outside of yourself. 

The sleep dream I had was like a format, in terms of how you do that, you don’t get engaged in stuff that’s exciting and interesting and fascinating. Instead, you pull back and recognize how that whole sort of thing, what is lying dormant inside of yourself that you can just kind of access in a stillness, in a quality that goes way, way back.

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We all have psychologies and defense mechanisms, created in our past, that are triggered by current circumstances and events. What do we do with them? It’s often best not to bury them, but to expose them to the light of our consciousness and bring them out into the open. This alone will drain away much of their potency. Then we can acknowledge the service they provided to us – at an earlier point in our life – and state they they are no longer required. Then we put them in the expansiveness of our heart and let them go. This may require many steps and repetitions, yet each time their hold will loosen its grip. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The way I dreamt that at the very end was I did it with sacred math. So the solution is in the following image. And to understand it, first you have to do it the wrong way. But in terms of using it in a math way, the wrong way is you take something that’s going on in the outer, which is small number, and you divide it into matter, which is a big number in the physical, and you come up with yet another outer reflection. 

What this does is it continues the matter in traumatic issue by creating another physical image to deal with. Maybe it’s better, maybe it’s worse, maybe it is spinning. Technically, it’s wrong though. It’s the wrong use of energy. The solution is to switch the divisor numbers around and take the matter not to the head, but to the heart. 

The heart is where the flow sources. Consequences that serve the head and further create ongoing bifurcations have to be absorbed in a heart that is empty. And, in this emptiness, heartful. 

By traveling back, you figured out how it’s meant to be somewhere so that when you come back then instead of you just reacting over every little flinch of things that go on that continue to augment a vibration that’s off, that causes you to just not be able to throw the joy of things out there like you want to, you went back, you portaled back, and you saw how it is that you’re trapped in an energetic mannerism; attitude, mood, tone that you have to let go of. 

Now, in the teaching of things by various spiritual paths, the attempt is to try to augment the understanding of a heartfulness so that you just drown everything into it, or let go that way. But from another way of putting it in terms of a way of burning it through, and how that actually works when you include everything and accept everything and you bring in the shamanistic zone as a consequence of that, this is what it looks like. 

It’s where you take and you go back into the depths of oneself and you bring everything forward into the present, which means that there never was a back and forth. It’s an illusion. So you portal, you break all of that. That’s why in Don Juan, Carlos Castenada it was said that you had to figure out or do – this is Don Juan’s advice to Carlos Castenada – that he had to go back and he had to look at every little thing in his life. He had to relive every event in his life in order to heal himself, to absolve himself. 

And, of course, how could that be possible because no one can remember every little event in their life? But that’s what Don Juan told Carlos Castenada he had to do. Well, what that really means is what you did, you know of something that’s meant to be better in terms of how you’re supposed to be now, but you can’t quite throw a party to that. And, instead, you are overwhelmed by the stuff around you that is haunting you, and tormenting you, and keeping you in some sort of dire straits. 

Unfortunately, to get to the bottom of where all that came, you had to portal back. And that the solution to that, to be able to handle all of that, to keep and maintain a greater wholeness, what came from this one quality trait person who could be in both places simultaneously.

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