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image002As we take our steps on our spiritual journey, it’s good to remember that we are not here to save the world. The concept of that is wonderful, and the compassion in that is noble, but it implies that we, personally, are going to do something. And that is the opposite of letting go. We let go of the idea that we are doing anything, and instead connect to the energies that actually cause everything. And by being with those energies, we actually are doing something: supporting those energies in the world for others to connect to, and benefit from – in their own way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So then, in the next sleep dream, I see one black car after another turning off, in other words, it’s like making a left hand turn from a main roadway, and exiting to the left.

And the significance of this dream is, this is an image of aspect after aspect of restrictive nature that is pent up in my being falling away. In other words, if you put it in context with the other dreams, sometimes you just have to let things be, let it fall away.

Or, another way of saying it is, in this dream I’m looking at the mannerisms and pent up behavior I am interested in letting go of that poisons the heart, that causes you to react to this and react to that.

In the prior dream this had to do with accessing myself unconditionally, because this guy is me, you know, you take it into a context. You don’t take and noodle about. And, in the meditation theme, the unfoldment and flow is taken in, in stride, appreciatively. It actually isn’t hopeless. I mean if something goes on and on and on forever, in a way there can be a hopelessness to it, in terms of that vibe, or the thinking that it’s like that.

In this next dream, I learned a lot on a trip into life. It’s like this is a story now, it’s like a big unfoldment, in other words. I’ve gone out, almost like with the out-breath energy of things, I’ve gone out and I’ve done a whole bunch of things, and I’ve gotten pretty much coped out on how things kind of unfold, you know an understanding, a wised up, in other words.

So in returning home, kind of like now I’m coming back, occasions come up in which I am able to come across situations that could be done differently, or something is just not quite according to Hoyle. I have a bigger, better insight. And what I learn from this that sharing such an insight, unasked for, even when one sees that something is haywire, causes a problem. Others have to go through things in their own way.

So by knowing to leave things be that are other people’s business, I have been able to access, and gather up, the footwear of things that I’ve scattered all over the place along the path, and not have to take such excursions anymore along the way.

Thus, drive straightaway, in other words, not having to be distracted in terms of this or that, or basically the side adventures that I’m used to going on to work this out, or that out, in terms of my outer involvement, on behalf of others in manifestation, I’m now able to leave alone because there’s a bigger picture unfolding. It doesn’t all happen simultaneously.

Every little step I take doesn’t mean someone else has to automatically take the same step right behind me immediately. What has to happen is I have to hold the space, and that things that unfold in the environments around me glean off of that, in their own way, in kind of an invisible capacity. But if I am out there going up and down, and up and down, like a yo-yo with them, then we just stay stupid and I throw away my magnetism of a consciousness.

So when I was caught up in this and that, as being on the road of intention, I was constantly sorting things out – including the karma of others. This pulled me down; to let go and adhere to an unspoken and quietly composed presence is what it is about now for me.

And then there’s the final image in that there is a more accommodated process when I do not have to do this or that, and that there’s this whole inner level that takes and sweeps and encompasses more because things are more at ease. You don’t have the needling of things. And an image that facilitates that is the image of seeing rice that has been softened to an interesting absorbent food, not that one has to eat that, but that’s the nature of rice as a process. In other words, rice is a type of food that absorbs toxins, as opposed to maybe something like bread that actually makes you toxic, turns to sugar.

Now, as kind of an addendum that doesn’t mean that this is telling me that I have to eat rice. It’s just using that as a symbolic image as a way of observing myself, in terms of how to be, or as being. You have to let the dynamic do whatever that dynamic is meant to do as an unfoldment process, or design.

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5Funny thing about a spiritual journey: we are both the problem and the solution. We are the problem because the psychologies and identity issues we have developed – by being born into a world detached from human purpose – prevent us from being our natural selves. And we are the solution because the totality of our design wants us to respond to our purpose. There are many paths and ways to do this, but those are just pointers along a path that each person will have to pioneer for themselves, because we all have different hurdles to overcome. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In my meditation dream I went through a process in which the effect of that process within causes one to reach this kind of letting go, or inability to indulge, like I am accustomed, or had been accustomed, to doing in the past. And, as a result, my time is more freed up because I am not so construed to contending with outer features and factors – as if they have some sort of control, or ownership, or effect over my state of being.

They’re there, but I’m not sure just what to make out of them anymore, especially in relationship to the fact, in a certain confusing way, where once upon a time that sort of thing would have held me in its grip, or in a kind of trance. And so I have a dream in which it portrays things like what you were doing in terms of a demeanor that I have towards what there is, that is somehow or another a demeanor of a type of letting go that has me somewhat surprised.

But before having this dream I had the meditation dream and, in the process of the meditation dream, it was as if I was catching up with the whole idea of what it’s like to let go, and how the letting go opens something up and is what is important in terms of awakening.

So there’s a number of steps that I seem to go through in order to kind of fall into this space, this inner expansive, or letting go, space.

So in the meditation dream I start with an image of being able to look, from above, down upon a playing field; and there’s a game going on. It’s like a football game or something. Two sides are going at it, and each side has to factor in the presence of something that is holding its attention or, in other words, an obstructive aspect.

So that’s the dynamic. It starts off not yet coming fully down into life, able to look down at something and see that there’s this whole thing going on, all having to do with something, and of course, if you were to ponder what it’s all having to do with, you’d ponder it from the standpoint of, well, I guess it’s the football and they’re going at it this way and that way in order to move this obstructive object around, or aspect, which is the football.

And then the image shifts, and there is a progressing to a state of being in which the free flow comes real close. And to come real close, then I come into the dynamic of being the obstructive object that is used as the principle object of the game. So now I am the football.

And then the whole thing shifts, the access shifts, again and what I do is with the slightest little affect, in other words, in this shift I have to be careful of the slightest little effect because it can throw things out of a balance, and could cause an indulgence.

And so I find myself having to transform that somehow or another in the outer, so that as the football is in relationship to the whole playing field, and I have this closeness, that you don’t have this whole intensity there that causes misconstruances of attention that go this way, or that way, and break up a continuity.

So what is going on is I am seeing what it is like to be in manifestation, having to live under set rules of engagement, that must be put off. They have to be set aside in order for the players of the game of manifestation to get over some outer effect that would predominate over their attention.

And so then in the next aspect of awakening, it’s as if whatever that was that had one indulgence, there’s a letting go and I am deemed to be the aspect itself, that is in play on the field, causing a back and forth dynamic. And then finally a suspense is able to be lifted, and the challenge transcended, as I am able to shift from that inner effect with ease, and affect, in the outer, an unfoldment process.

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Zoe HS

It is a law of the universe that everything is either feeding us energy, or it is draining energy away from us. We know that some people lift us up, and other people bring us down. Some spaces let us expand, other spaces make us feel trapped. Part of becoming conscious is to become more aware of the energy exchanges we have with the world around us – even to the point of the possessions we hold onto, like the past we stuff in boxes and drag with us everywhere we go. The best type of “spring cleaning” minimizes energy drains, and focuses on what feeds us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well I’m still working under the theme that everything in the environment affects one because one is connected to everything, And that whatever you hold onto, or whatever you take on, has some sort of general overall effect on you. As Ellyn says, be careful of your possessions and stuff because they weigh you down.

And so I actually I had kind of a dream like this and, in the meditation dream, I’m finding myself kind of in a lobby area. I shouldn’t say it’s a lobby area anyway, it’s a lower area of a big, large building and there’s no one else around. And it’s kind of like being back in the 1950s or something like that, you know, an old, kind of grayish, big, large building like maybe even in New York City or something, in a big city, and it’s got those big, long columns that go up and whatnot.

And I’m off the street on the ground floor, and I have a whole bunch of belongings that would take a huge cart just to push along. Apparently those are all my accumulations or something, and I’m pondering where to go, you know, and how do I move around with all these things?

And then this guy comes by and he is apparently from up above, and he walks through and he pauses, or at least he slows his gait down just a tiny bit as he glances at everything, and you can see he’s kind of sizing the whole thing up, feeling it vibe-wise, as to whether this should be a concern or something with all of this stuff hanging out. And it must be kind of a poor period of time because I see some other stuff hanging out in the area that belongs to maybe someone else that’s not around.

And the whole sensation of a dream like this is that you’re weighed down by all of this stuff. You can’t move around. You don’t have your freedom. You don’t have your flexibility. You’re caught in the environment of things. It’s very, very contracted, which is the same thing as saying that because everything is vibrationally intertwined that you have a sense of that vibration that permeates or runs through everything.

And so when you hold all of that around you it tends to keep you from being able to have a greater overall sense of the whole. It’s as if all of that stuff, in its density, is now your identity, or has you vibrationally caught in that kind of dementia or something – as opposed to letting go and just being able to flow through life in a way that’s not separate.

In other words, I describe the purpose of the dream was to cause me to feel what it’s like to have to contend with the energetic of so much that it weighs your being down, and defines how it is that you’re able to be. And also the dream causes me to note the heaviness of the heart, in other words when you’re like that, which restricts me from moving around so much that I’m unable to sort things out, or find the inner peace that one needs in the whole.

In other words, you’re kind of sitting there in a type of bewilderment when you’re like that, you know, because your options are really cut down because you’re held by all of the stuff that you have and you’re pondering how to move it about.

The overall theme is one of trying to denote energetically how it is that I am meant to be in the overall expansiveness of life. I’m meant to look at life in terms of an inner connected way, a connected way, though, that’s not holding onto things but is intertwined, so that you flow, so that there’s a oneness.

The one brief glance of a person passing by on his way home, this being a person that doesn’t have the energetic weight to keep himself stunted, in just glancing at him you can see he’s taking in the surroundings in a way in which it shocks him a little bit because he’s not encumbered by the outer denseness. In other words, he has a greater overallness and that reflects back to me how it is that my overall beingness needs to be. By that what I mean is that, what reflects to me is who and how I am meant to be in life. In other words, I’m not meant to be all burdened like that, because when you’re burdened like that you’re energetically defined, and confined, which means your heart then is dysfunctional; it’s heavy, or sad.

So the meditation dream, kind of then to repeat it, is that of an image of a person who is all alone, separate from the world around them, which is not how you’re meant to be. Which causes the saying to come to mind about what a tangled web you create when you conduct yourself in a way as if you can hold onto things, which is a type of deceiving of yourself, in which when you’re like that you think you’re caught in a conception as if you’re affected, or defined, by the environment around you. Instead you’re connected to a space within, which takes your beingness into everything there is in life.

And when it’s like that I mean you’re like an empty space. You’re just in whatever it is and everything in life, you’re not one way or another, you’re just embracing an intertwinement and you’re everything, you’re just a part of everything going on. You’re not somehow or another pulled off to one side where you have to contend and suffer – which is an illusion.

So it’s a very strange condition that a human being is in, it’s put into a position where it’s like they appear to be elevated, and yet they’re really just part of the overall, and uphold and support the overall. The overall, of course, is when they fight and struggle and whatnot they maintain the density which keeps their greater beingness from being expansive.

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