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The universe, and the planet, always cleans up after itself. Things may explode, but, in time, what has been becomes part of something new, by going through a black hole, or by being exposed to other inexorable laws and pressures that change its form. Our inner life is similar, in that we create inner explosions caused by our responses to experience. Eventually, we must refashion and reform these into our current self, with all the untidiness swept away. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So the sleep dream that I had, that I can barely remember, it’ll become clear in the meditation dream what I’m talking about, but the sleep dream adds an interesting point in that there are things that we do in the outer, that if we take and let go of those properly, in other words, don’t hold on to some sort of reservation vibration, then we actually don’t have to repeat them. 

But if we hold out for some sort of reservation vibration that is pent up even deeper within, then we don’t obliterate that, that quality, that trait. And that mannerism that exists deeper inside of ourselves as kind of a precursor thought vibration will have to impel itself to come more into manifestation to be lived out. 

So it’s important to properly contend with things here, to properly deal with things here, or, otherwise, the pattern will have to repeat. Because the reason why something exists here, the reason why we go through something here, is because deep inside of ourselves this vibration that we’re contending with here, this projection we’re contending with here, comes from a latent pent-upism inside of ourselves that when we appear to deal with something in the outer and then notice that yet inside of ourselves at a deeper level. Because if we haven’t fully absolved the projection, then that will come back and haunt us in that it will still have a vibration there dormant from within that has come out of the stillness of that – that will then reignite as a projection into the outer in yet another way that will have to be lived out. 

So that’s very interesting. So it shows how my dream was a platform upon which my sleep dream points out how it is that patterns repeat and repeat and repeat. And that even though you may have something kind of ingrained in your nature, unconsciously ingrained in your nature, in terms of something that you haven’t yet addressed, but is deep, deep inside of yourself as kind of like a dharmic unfoldment part of yourself, that can become a projection, a need to have to live out, that if what currently leaks through and comes out is in the outer that causes us to experience issues with this on the breath. 

And that if we learn to let go of that, and step aside from that, because we trust in the importance and recognition of how the heart is as a proper mirror, then if you come to a first precursor thought that hasn’t yet hurt the heart because it is coming from a deeper, deeper in-depthness out of the stillness, and hasn’t yet gotten into manifestation to have to be lived out. If you haven’t properly absolved yourself from something in the outer, then, when you go back and you see the vestiges of this pent up vibration there it will have a certain kind of excitement to it in terms of how your attention tends to gravitate, then you will find yourself having to again get whiplashed by this as it feeds and comes through yet as another energetic thought vibration mixed with things in the collective, that then are bifurcated from the whole of one’s being and have to be lived out again through the whole mechanism of reconciling oneself back to the heart. 

So it’s interesting that my meditation dream actually showed the yo-yo effect of how things repeat and repeat and repeat. And it dealt with, the word that I use is, subrogation. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, but you can have something built up inside of yourself that comes out, almost as if it’s caught in the synapses or molecular of your nature. However it’s there, it’s coming out of a stillness and then finds its means, so to speak, has its correspondence or something like that, in terms of trying to alter matter in the outer, and that then becomes the repetition of, and the acting out upon, a projective level that doesn’t ever go anywhere – because the heart, the whole time, always knows the true mirror of everything being in an all-encompassing essence. The heart always knows that. 

So any kind of acting out, or playing out, or doing always strikes the heart – that is attentive to the big picture, the intertwinement of everything – always strikes the heart in a way in which the heart is saying, no, that doesn’t cut it. And then that can lead you to dropping something. 

So that’s the cycle and the pattern: a projection comes out, we go through it, we relegate it back upon the heart, it either gets absorbed or taken completely back into the heart so that the heart let’s go and doesn’t have to suffer in terms of any grief, or impingement, or exhaustion, or anything like that because it can’t make something out of nothing. Because a projection is just a projection. And yet, the human being has, at a depth inside of themselves, something that goes all the way back then to seeing if there are some little tiny holdouts inside of yourself, where there is an initial thought or something, and the initial thought coming out of the essence has tremendous, tremendous energy behind it because it’s so close to the stillness that there is a certain excitement to wanting to somehow make something out of that. 

Because, deep down, you’re trying to make something out of the stillness. You get yourself a little lost in terms of that thought actually being a deviation. And you don’t note that yet because you haven’t yet used the heart as a mirror to point out that it’s just a bifurcation; it’s just subrogating the essence energy into something that is deviant. 

And if you haven’t really fully caught up with the ripples and eddies of the heart – that knows only one thing and that is the total stillness – if you haven’t caught up with it in that capacity, the total stillness, then the heart will always act as a mirror, pointing out the deviation, so that one can change, and grow, and come closer to the essence of oneness.

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The urge to take responsibility for things is a good one. But, as with all of our intentions, we can elevate our reasoning. We can take responsibility because we know no one else will, or we’ve developed a pattern to do so, or many other reasons. But an elevated view of responsibility is to always seek to improve the world, or situation, we find, because that’s what the universe is also trying to do in all situations. When we pattern ourselves after universal laws and logic, we move closer to the flow of life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So, for some reason, I only remember the last scene of my last dream. And, in that scene, it’s like I’ve gone downstairs where I’m living. And even though I have to go out somewhere soon, because I think it’s time for an evening meal or something, I realize that there’s this row of laundry machines, and there’s all this laundry I have to do. 

And that I must have even come down and started something because there’s some wet clothes on the floor. And so even though my time may be limited, I’m suddenly picking up those wet clothes and putting them into one of the machines and trying to get organized, because I realized that if I want to get things done that I really do have to get the laundry done. 

Even if no one thinks I have any time, I just have to start picking up that room and getting the laundry taken care of. That’s the only scene I remember.

John: So the whole thing was the idea of having to do something, and just the compelled vibration of having to do that. So, well, it gives you a chance to accentuate the vibration of all of that, so that you can see to what degree it influences your ability to be at rest, or at peace.

Anything that hits our nature too loudly, in terms of what has to be done, or thoughts of this, that or the other, puts pressure on how it is that we’re able to let go. The deeper the involvement, the greater, you might say, the illusion of it all, in terms of how one finds themselves having to indulge.

Like the movie we saw, American Sniper, it can get to such an indulgence that you can’t even free-flow naturally, in the ordinary environment, because your synapses get affected by grooves or something that get carved into your makeup, and you can’t free-flow; that you’re on some channel and you just can’t shake it. 

So the reason for dreaming like that is to give yourself a chance to experience the degree to which you get caught up in having to carry some sort of responsibility mannerism or intensity. The idea being to note what that does to a quality of the stillness of heart that just kind of sits there somewhere. 

And you have to look at the pros and cons of the satisfaction of that. There’s a degree of satisfaction for getting something done, versus the degree to which one is intensified to having to contend to do that. You just have to look at that whole thing because somehow you sort from that to a way of doing things in a way that lets go of the driven propensity.

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How can energy protect us? Energies operate on different frequencies, and higher energies can reject lower, coarser energies. This is how our aura works: the edge of our aura, about three feet out from our body, burns off coarser energy in the same way that the Earth’s atmosphere burns up asteroids as they enter the planet. When we are susceptible to illness it is often because our aura is not strong energetically. And, of course, the energies in our aura are comprised of our intentions, and thoughts, and our state of mind. We can be more conscious of how we keep ourselves energetically clean and safe. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So then this is a drill down, you might say, in terms of the meditation dream, in that, first of all, I have to acknowledge that from prior meditation dreams, behind everything that I can look at I can just sense that there is some stillness somewhere. But something is out of that stillness, some unfoldment is there, too, outside of the stillness, that has my attention. 

And that stillness is, therefore, hidden, but it is sensed. And from those dreams, I notice that I am able to recognize the mannerism of hiding, and the underlying deception. You’re hiding yourself when you’re in a deception, when you’re perpetrating some sort of engagement. 

So, in this dream, not only do I read the energetic nuance of something that’s in front of me, but I am engaging the revealed energetic. This is possible because I am able to react, spontaneously, to maintain the stillness that lies therein. 

How is that possible? How is that done? I have senses, and this is kind of like the input of how a oneness works, in terms of the next step. Which, you might say, in terms of how is this done? I have senses in my beingness that are programmed to offset disturbances; the stillness is meant to offset the bifurcation; you can go back to it. But in order to go back to the stillness, you have to go back to the stillness, you can’t go back in some sort of negotiated, compromised way, where you still hold on to a piece of this, or a piece of that. 

So the way this worked, in the dream, is that an imbalance and deviation got too close to the important stillness that is embodied in a human being. In other words, that means there was something that had my attention, so I could be manipulated by the attention. 

So another way of saying it this way is that the senses respond in a split second, flipping an errant behavior. It doesn’t have something that is strung out. What I saw, to my surprise, is that without hesitation, and at split-second lightning speed, such a sense, that was just kind of me naturally, could take whatever there is, and shift it, can change it. 

Normally, ordinarily, in the past, when you talked about trying to do this, that, or the other to noodle something around, you were doing this in some sort of other aspect of yourself for some verve or weaponization. Here, you’re doing it only with a pure stillness, in which, if you’re in a pure stillness, the pure stillness has its protection. 

This is a big deal in that altering and affecting a misguided energetic, with a response that is at the speed of light, is to be able to shift and redesign what is unfolding energetically. And you’re doing it with what? You’re doing it with the stillness. 

In prior dreams such conduct had a limitation built into the response. In other words, there was some projection or another, or some piece of involvement or another, that remained. In this dream, the sensors were already completely intertwined. In other words, they were activated and intertwined. The sensors being the wholeness, and the oneness, and the stillness, already intertwined and attuned. 

Thus, they automatically had an all-pervading triggering response; there’s no room for error, in other words. It just doesn’t let any of this bifurcation come in. It holds a space that is way beyond like that. And it’s possible because there is no positioning that is in the way. When the stillness is not compromised, it has a natural sense of protection about it that repulses malarkey, or misalignments. 

This sensor-like naturalness, from the oneness of stillness is like an innocence that is all-pervasive, and all-powerful, in that it can shift manifestation. An example from this stillness on the plane of manifestation, occurs if their orientation is upon, instead of outer distinctions, a soul-to-soul level, which is an intertwined connecting. And when it’s like that it’s automatic. 

So that is a type of protection, we all have these inflections. That is what makes a oneness all-pervasive and all-inclusive, and there is no room then when that happens, and you can catch up with it, and adhere to it, for the physical mind senses to get all strung out projectively. 

So you’re in a wholeness, then, that is energetically protected. Because that’s where your attention is at, not in some flippancy. To a lesser degree, when I check out from a projection that is designed to put me in a trance-like spell, by going to a deeper place within that is when you notice, basically, that there is nothing going on. 

This is how you can actually feel it, too. If you can’t quite catch up with the soul-to-soul inflection, that is a sensor kind of quality, simultaneously, you can slowly note that really, basically, where can this go? What can really unfold – in the schematic of however and however? It’s really as if there’s nothing going on. 

So you can imagine it to the degree that you could imagine it and still, in the end, there is nothing really going on. You can come back at it that way to denote that the stillness is still the stillness. And for the stillness to be that stillness, there cannot be any compromising or conditioning.

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