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We know that we have accumulated many psychologies and patterns in our process of living. So much of what we do when we seek to let go is to whittle ourselves back down to our true spiritual nature and essence. It is a never-ending process, but with each small victory of letting go we liberate more of who we truly are, and then can better sense what we can become. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this dream, I seem to be about 18 or so, but I’m married, but I seem to live on something like an Indian Reservation. And because we’ve reached that age where you’ve graduated, then we get sent on to the next place. By we, I mean I have a husband already, or a partner of some kind, and the tribe gives us some kind of a test that decides where we go.

And we’re actually two of the brightest people in the school, so we’re going to be sent to a special place. So it’s almost like we go from that tribe to another tribe. When we get to the new tribe, it’s like I’m trying to find out how things work there because we’re not registering for school yet, or anything. 

And, initially, the new people show me where the bathroom is, and I’m kind of surprised because it’s kind of a unisex bathroom and it makes me a little nervous to go there on my own because there’s this kind of a giant of a guy that seems to go into the building the same time I do. But even though you feel like he’s someone that could be a little crazy or dangerous, it feels like the women in the tribe nodded to him or something, and he just knows to behave himself. 

Then I realize that they’re going to be looking at the test to assign us classes so that we know we’ll go from there. So, meanwhile, I’m just trying to figure out how things work in this new place. 

And then the dream seems to shift a little because it feels like we’ve left there, and we’ve gone someplace in the mountains – feels almost more European now. And we’re checking out a place I think where we will be living when we go to school. But when we get there, there are actually three or four of us that are going there, it feels like in order to look at the rooms where we’ll be staying, which feel almost like they’re on a castle-type building with an elevator that goes up, the entrance to those rooms is separate for the men from the women. 

So we have to separate and take different elevators, you go up kind of a curved stairway and then you take an elevator up. And at first I started to go with them, but then I realize that that’s the men’s side so then I go back and go up the other elevator. When I get up there, I see that these rooms are actually like very large rectangular rooms, and there do seem to be both men and women in them. The first one looks pretty messy and somebody’s sleeping, so then I go to look at the second one and there’s a guy there that’s totally willing to show me around. But I see that they have to kind of put the beds around this large rectangular room, and that’s what that’s like.

 And then I seem to shift a little and I seem to be almost in the closet-type area, looking at anything that could be a desk to an altar and trying to decide what you’d place upon it. There’s something already there to the left, and maybe something in the middle, but on the right there are two little carved jade things, they might even be ducks or something, but they’re turned upside down. And I’m thinking about whether I turn them right side up or not, and that we’ll be using this more as a desk, you know, and that was when I woke up. 

John: So the theme of the dreaming had to do with being able to let go of all kinds of aspects that you carry around, in terms of your nature, and we all carry around as if we’re possessed. It’s like we walk around, you might say possessed, or having a spirit energy, or spirit energies, that, so to speak, live or conduct themselves through us. 

And that these energetics kind of depict and determine how it is that we move about and make decisions in terms of how it is that we feel ourselves. And that progresses to the point where instead of it being individualistic and from the standpoint of a quality of how you’re seeing yourself, so to speak, because these characteristics and traits dictate how you see yourself, you’re now trying to get from seeing yourself to feeling yourself. 

So, initially, when it was something that was of a physical nature of yourself, you’re now going to a physical nature of the surroundings. So you’re looking at how it is that you feel about this being in the world, and that being in your world, and you’re orchestrating your ordination of things that way. 

This way of trying to feel oneself is the maintaining of a state that doesn’t quite know how yet, or is ready, to let go. Because the theme of the dreaming had to do with the fact that a person needs to let go of everything. And we’ve heard it said that way and don’t realize what that means. 

And so it’s interesting you started off like in a tribal setting because from a standpoint of relatability, in terms of the Indians, they have kind of a more earthy raw energy quality of themselves, in which they try to use, you might say, nature in order to expose the spells and the spirits that they carry. And so they go out and they actually have a very well-named word for what they’re doing: it’s called spirit questing. They still are, by and large, caught in a kind of learning to let go, or learning to have something finish up a flowing through them kind of dharma. So that’s the nature of the spirit questing.

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There are so many interior chambers of a human life, how often do we visit them? Within the quietness of ourselves is a great intelligence, when we have let go of our personal involvements and ego impulses. Then we can begin to hear the intuition, and the higher faculties, that are able to read vibrations and ecologies, and can offer us elevated insights into what we are experiencing. It’s like they say, no two people in a room are having the same experience – and we can choose to elevate ourselves to a higher integration. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The theme of the dreaming had to do with a quality of letting go whereby you can catch up with something that is going on, or is happening, inside of you, that goes beyond your personal cognition or way of being

And so the meditation dream dealt with that, and then the sleep dream didn’t make sense because the sleep dream had me first of all involved in a situation in which there was something very exciting, and intriguing, that one could get caught up in. But somehow I knew that that was not what was important. 

And so I did the exact opposite. I retired away, like in a hotel scenario where there’s a lot of stuff going on. I retired away and went back and into and found that – this was kind of like a resort or something – but to my surprise, there were rooms that I went back to discover and to explore, that were very quiet, and seemed away from everything that was going on in a hubbub out front. 

And in the rooms, to my surprise, were babies. It was like a nursery, a quiet, quiet nursery. Now, I expected to go into the rooms and not find anything in there. But instead, I found babies, like a nursery, where something was cared for and set aside while everybody else took and was active with whatever they were active about, in terms of the environment.

And so the significance of this image was, given the theme of the dreaming was about letting go of the personal and discovering that there is a greater dimensionality of oneself that one can catch up with, that comes through. It’s something you incarnate access, you’re not born with it. When you let go of a certain quality of the personal, this other is able to be there. 

And this is a schematic in terms of being able to pull that through, as you go to a part of yourself that is still to where something like this engages, or comes through, from somewhere else. 

An example of this was the other day I was listening. I never said anything for basically the whole time I was there. And it’s amazing what I saw, sitting back and being still, not biting on anything, just listening and observing what was taking place – in terms of what this was really about somewhere else. 

When you take the personal out of it, what it’s really about somewhere else opens up so so so much more. This was like a flowchart inside of myself almost as, first of all, when I see how something can go and access something where you can catch up with a way of an unfoldment to something way outside of yourself. 

The sleep dream I had was like a format, in terms of how you do that, you don’t get engaged in stuff that’s exciting and interesting and fascinating. Instead, you pull back and recognize how that whole sort of thing, what is lying dormant inside of yourself that you can just kind of access in a stillness, in a quality that goes way, way back.

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The universe, and the planet, always cleans up after itself. Things may explode, but, in time, what has been becomes part of something new, by going through a black hole, or by being exposed to other inexorable laws and pressures that change its form. Our inner life is similar, in that we create inner explosions caused by our responses to experience. Eventually, we must refashion and reform these into our current self, with all the untidiness swept away. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So the sleep dream that I had, that I can barely remember, it’ll become clear in the meditation dream what I’m talking about, but the sleep dream adds an interesting point in that there are things that we do in the outer, that if we take and let go of those properly, in other words, don’t hold on to some sort of reservation vibration, then we actually don’t have to repeat them. 

But if we hold out for some sort of reservation vibration that is pent up even deeper within, then we don’t obliterate that, that quality, that trait. And that mannerism that exists deeper inside of ourselves as kind of a precursor thought vibration will have to impel itself to come more into manifestation to be lived out. 

So it’s important to properly contend with things here, to properly deal with things here, or, otherwise, the pattern will have to repeat. Because the reason why something exists here, the reason why we go through something here, is because deep inside of ourselves this vibration that we’re contending with here, this projection we’re contending with here, comes from a latent pent-upism inside of ourselves that when we appear to deal with something in the outer and then notice that yet inside of ourselves at a deeper level. Because if we haven’t fully absolved the projection, then that will come back and haunt us in that it will still have a vibration there dormant from within that has come out of the stillness of that – that will then reignite as a projection into the outer in yet another way that will have to be lived out. 

So that’s very interesting. So it shows how my dream was a platform upon which my sleep dream points out how it is that patterns repeat and repeat and repeat. And that even though you may have something kind of ingrained in your nature, unconsciously ingrained in your nature, in terms of something that you haven’t yet addressed, but is deep, deep inside of yourself as kind of like a dharmic unfoldment part of yourself, that can become a projection, a need to have to live out, that if what currently leaks through and comes out is in the outer that causes us to experience issues with this on the breath. 

And that if we learn to let go of that, and step aside from that, because we trust in the importance and recognition of how the heart is as a proper mirror, then if you come to a first precursor thought that hasn’t yet hurt the heart because it is coming from a deeper, deeper in-depthness out of the stillness, and hasn’t yet gotten into manifestation to have to be lived out. If you haven’t properly absolved yourself from something in the outer, then, when you go back and you see the vestiges of this pent up vibration there it will have a certain kind of excitement to it in terms of how your attention tends to gravitate, then you will find yourself having to again get whiplashed by this as it feeds and comes through yet as another energetic thought vibration mixed with things in the collective, that then are bifurcated from the whole of one’s being and have to be lived out again through the whole mechanism of reconciling oneself back to the heart. 

So it’s interesting that my meditation dream actually showed the yo-yo effect of how things repeat and repeat and repeat. And it dealt with, the word that I use is, subrogation. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, but you can have something built up inside of yourself that comes out, almost as if it’s caught in the synapses or molecular of your nature. However it’s there, it’s coming out of a stillness and then finds its means, so to speak, has its correspondence or something like that, in terms of trying to alter matter in the outer, and that then becomes the repetition of, and the acting out upon, a projective level that doesn’t ever go anywhere – because the heart, the whole time, always knows the true mirror of everything being in an all-encompassing essence. The heart always knows that. 

So any kind of acting out, or playing out, or doing always strikes the heart – that is attentive to the big picture, the intertwinement of everything – always strikes the heart in a way in which the heart is saying, no, that doesn’t cut it. And then that can lead you to dropping something. 

So that’s the cycle and the pattern: a projection comes out, we go through it, we relegate it back upon the heart, it either gets absorbed or taken completely back into the heart so that the heart let’s go and doesn’t have to suffer in terms of any grief, or impingement, or exhaustion, or anything like that because it can’t make something out of nothing. Because a projection is just a projection. And yet, the human being has, at a depth inside of themselves, something that goes all the way back then to seeing if there are some little tiny holdouts inside of yourself, where there is an initial thought or something, and the initial thought coming out of the essence has tremendous, tremendous energy behind it because it’s so close to the stillness that there is a certain excitement to wanting to somehow make something out of that. 

Because, deep down, you’re trying to make something out of the stillness. You get yourself a little lost in terms of that thought actually being a deviation. And you don’t note that yet because you haven’t yet used the heart as a mirror to point out that it’s just a bifurcation; it’s just subrogating the essence energy into something that is deviant. 

And if you haven’t really fully caught up with the ripples and eddies of the heart – that knows only one thing and that is the total stillness – if you haven’t caught up with it in that capacity, the total stillness, then the heart will always act as a mirror, pointing out the deviation, so that one can change, and grow, and come closer to the essence of oneness.

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