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How can energy protect us? Energies operate on different frequencies, and higher energies can reject lower, coarser energies. This is how our aura works: the edge of our aura, about three feet out from our body, burns off coarser energy in the same way that the Earth’s atmosphere burns up asteroids as they enter the planet. When we are susceptible to illness it is often because our aura is not strong energetically. And, of course, the energies in our aura are comprised of our intentions, and thoughts, and our state of mind. We can be more conscious of how we keep ourselves energetically clean and safe. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So then this is a drill down, you might say, in terms of the meditation dream, in that, first of all, I have to acknowledge that from prior meditation dreams, behind everything that I can look at I can just sense that there is some stillness somewhere. But something is out of that stillness, some unfoldment is there, too, outside of the stillness, that has my attention. 

And that stillness is, therefore, hidden, but it is sensed. And from those dreams, I notice that I am able to recognize the mannerism of hiding, and the underlying deception. You’re hiding yourself when you’re in a deception, when you’re perpetrating some sort of engagement. 

So, in this dream, not only do I read the energetic nuance of something that’s in front of me, but I am engaging the revealed energetic. This is possible because I am able to react, spontaneously, to maintain the stillness that lies therein. 

How is that possible? How is that done? I have senses, and this is kind of like the input of how a oneness works, in terms of the next step. Which, you might say, in terms of how is this done? I have senses in my beingness that are programmed to offset disturbances; the stillness is meant to offset the bifurcation; you can go back to it. But in order to go back to the stillness, you have to go back to the stillness, you can’t go back in some sort of negotiated, compromised way, where you still hold on to a piece of this, or a piece of that. 

So the way this worked, in the dream, is that an imbalance and deviation got too close to the important stillness that is embodied in a human being. In other words, that means there was something that had my attention, so I could be manipulated by the attention. 

So another way of saying it this way is that the senses respond in a split second, flipping an errant behavior. It doesn’t have something that is strung out. What I saw, to my surprise, is that without hesitation, and at split-second lightning speed, such a sense, that was just kind of me naturally, could take whatever there is, and shift it, can change it. 

Normally, ordinarily, in the past, when you talked about trying to do this, that, or the other to noodle something around, you were doing this in some sort of other aspect of yourself for some verve or weaponization. Here, you’re doing it only with a pure stillness, in which, if you’re in a pure stillness, the pure stillness has its protection. 

This is a big deal in that altering and affecting a misguided energetic, with a response that is at the speed of light, is to be able to shift and redesign what is unfolding energetically. And you’re doing it with what? You’re doing it with the stillness. 

In prior dreams such conduct had a limitation built into the response. In other words, there was some projection or another, or some piece of involvement or another, that remained. In this dream, the sensors were already completely intertwined. In other words, they were activated and intertwined. The sensors being the wholeness, and the oneness, and the stillness, already intertwined and attuned. 

Thus, they automatically had an all-pervading triggering response; there’s no room for error, in other words. It just doesn’t let any of this bifurcation come in. It holds a space that is way beyond like that. And it’s possible because there is no positioning that is in the way. When the stillness is not compromised, it has a natural sense of protection about it that repulses malarkey, or misalignments. 

This sensor-like naturalness, from the oneness of stillness is like an innocence that is all-pervasive, and all-powerful, in that it can shift manifestation. An example from this stillness on the plane of manifestation, occurs if their orientation is upon, instead of outer distinctions, a soul-to-soul level, which is an intertwined connecting. And when it’s like that it’s automatic. 

So that is a type of protection, we all have these inflections. That is what makes a oneness all-pervasive and all-inclusive, and there is no room then when that happens, and you can catch up with it, and adhere to it, for the physical mind senses to get all strung out projectively. 

So you’re in a wholeness, then, that is energetically protected. Because that’s where your attention is at, not in some flippancy. To a lesser degree, when I check out from a projection that is designed to put me in a trance-like spell, by going to a deeper place within that is when you notice, basically, that there is nothing going on. 

This is how you can actually feel it, too. If you can’t quite catch up with the soul-to-soul inflection, that is a sensor kind of quality, simultaneously, you can slowly note that really, basically, where can this go? What can really unfold – in the schematic of however and however? It’s really as if there’s nothing going on. 

So you can imagine it to the degree that you could imagine it and still, in the end, there is nothing really going on. You can come back at it that way to denote that the stillness is still the stillness. And for the stillness to be that stillness, there cannot be any compromising or conditioning.

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Regret, and guilt, are powerful energies that we should learn to process – consciously. It’s natural to experience these feelings, but when they arise it is a signal that we must process an energetic through our system – to let it go. If we instead dwell upon them, we are actually feeding them, allowing them to stay with us longer and, ultimately, cause collateral effects. Humans must process all energies, just like our digestive system does, separating the nutrients from the expendable, and being conscious of this process can make us more efficient at it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, in the meditation dream, I was unable to reach a stillness because the reaction that I had during the day was so intense that it left a scar upon my molecular nature. In other words, I can feel it as a vibration that tingles yet, which means that because I’m a wholeness with everything that this also, then, affected the molecular structure of life. 

And it was such a spell, that I’m still carrying the vibratory projection, tingling with me as a poison to the overallness. The doing of something like this, the price of having done something like that, is not worth it, even though you might say that it’s sacrificial, and maybe shakes things, and tries to cause something to catch up or whatever, because the reaction does the opposite of what you might think you want it to do, it instead imposes this spell-like reflectiveness that misses the point. It keeps things in a trance. 

So, as a result, the stillness is veiled from doing something like this, which is counterproductive to why one may have done it, which was the idea that this could fix or heal something. But it never works that way. 

So what am I seeing? My reaction has set off a negative effect, which is permeating into life. I still feel this as a loudness. In other words, it’s not on a subtle channel, it’s on an overtness in my nature, and, in order for me to be in a more appropriate spaciousness of myself, it needs to fall away. 

So to redeem myself from the spell I imposed, if I’m able to do that, I would access the stillness. That is, the stillness is mirroring. Because I caused a reaction upon the psyche of myself, and everything around me in the outer, and the condition is something that isn’t yet absorbable, the result from something like that is a pattern laid in place to have to be repeated again and again, with perhaps other forms or conditions in the outer that reflect the conditionality reaction.

In other words, until one gets it, that this isn’t how it works. This isn’t how you solve something like this. Well, the problem with continually being bantered about like this, and still not getting it, is that there is a greater danger in that continuing off on this motif, staying off on on a motif like this can lead to a breakdown, an even greater breakdown, in terms of the outer fabric because instead of it getting it, it goes in the other direction, which would be a type of long-term effect that destroys for a longer period of time and creates a extenuation of a veil from the stillness, which means it will take a long time for such a deviation spell to run its course; that’s the danger. 

It sometimes is interesting to have something that’s really this intense, that really stirs things up, including oneself and everything around, because sometimes, if you’re lucky enough to be redeemed a little bit within, and able to drop a little bit of righteousness, you can come to notice that you carry all kinds of subtler levels that you just pass the buck on. So even when my conduct is quieter, and my actions seemingly harmless, because I still see myself in a particular way, or still have conduct that I play with, my agitation and stuff, I’m still imposing a spell every time I take such a mannerism or pattern on.

I’m not here to do anything that is projectively meant to be spiritual, or that’s to try to shift or change that way. You just mirror. I’m here as an essence to all there is. Thusly, I am removed from the this and the that of things – because the real realness, or aliveness, is just an empty space.

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vibrationsIn life there is the environment we are in, the land and the flora, fauna, and people that live there, and we have our relationship with it. These two aspects are always interacting: the environment is affected by our energy, and we are affected by the energies of what else is in our local ecology. Yet the physical aspects are the results of the energies that are there – what is occurring in the moment is more energetic than physical, so we try to let go of the manifested world and connect into what is really happening in the unseen world. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So I just remember my last dream. And, in that dream, it feels like I go into a building that reminds me of an old-fashioned post office. So there’s one section with the people that are working with the mail. And another section, kind of an old wooden building that has like a table in the middle that you can walk around. And there’s some people that do things in that room, too, where people come and sort things out. 

Well, that’s a public room. It feels like there’s been a man around that was assaulting girls, or women, and I’m keeping my eye out for him. But then there’s a man that comes and I’m embracing that man. It’s not the same man. It’s like we want to make love, and it was almost time to close, so I thought everybody in the post office would be leaving. 

So this man that I know comes and we’re embracing. It’s like we want to make love on the table where they sort the mail, the public table, but there’s still some people around. And then I notice that someone’s come into the building that I think is the man that’s assaulting women or girls, so it’s like I want to do something about that. Or stop that. Plus, I have to wait till people leave the building to be with the man that I want to be with. 

So I’ve separated from him for a minute to caution somebody. Then it feels like everybody’s gone, but he’s gone, too, now. But I have an energy that was left with me. Then I realize that I have to figure out what to do with this energy. And I realize that people get this energy and they think it’s personal, or they think it’s for people. And I’m not so sure that’s the case. I realize it’s not for me, or maybe what I would think it was for with other people, but now I need to sort out what it is for. It feels like I even talk to somebody else who I see wants to take an energy and use it personally – and I realize it’s not personal. And it’s not necessarily even always for people.

And what I begin to associate it with is that maybe I’ll figure this out if I go on a real steep street that you can keep going up street after street, until you come to a forest area, that then goes down. And that if I go up that hill, that there might be some answers for me there – what I was supposed to do with this energy. And that was when I woke up. 

John: So what you’re doing is you’re looking at variables like trying to develop a skill set, vibrational skill set, upon which to be able to distinguish things as they are around you. And so, the first approach, or the kind of the beginner or introductory approach, that occurs, or is used for trying to distinguish something, is to look at it in a mix of something in which an after-the-fact, or post-vibrational, quality is noticeable.

By that you are looking at how something is, in an after-the-fact way, in the midst of life, the after effect impact. When you look at something in the after-the-fact impact and are able to see that it is something that you don’t embrace, that you let go of. To let go of things is to be in a position in which you have access to unspent energy, because when you take and you are just in a doingness, you aren’t very aware of the scope of things that exist in an overall capacity way. 

So what you’re doing is you’re trying to distinguish how to go about catching up with the depth, and meaningfulness, and almost like trying to find guidance from the way things are in the environment that you’re able to access. You notice that everything that occurs is reflective. In other words, it kind of has an after-the-fact sense to it, and that you can read this after-the-fact effect. That’s like going into the post office: it’s an after-the-fact effect. 

When you’re able to read that you’re able to kind of, like I say, set it aside. Well, when you set something aside, that means you didn’t use the energy. And when you don’t use the energy, it’s still there, have you really let go, can you truly just let the energy go? Because if you could truly just let the energy go you’ll be in a stillness. 

And so, because you couldn’t quite totally just let the energy go, you ended up looking at how this energy could be used in another regard. And so, somehow or another, using energy in some other regard doesn’t quite work out, either, because it’s not all that different from having recognized that everything about you that you go into, and look at, has a sense of something else, which means as an essence, which means that the projection has an after-the-fact aspect to it, and that there is something more latent deeper within.

And so you’re able to say, then, that if you take and try to do, or make, distinctions on your own, that that, too, has a kind of quality about it that implies, or still hints, of something more. Which leads you, then, to kind of like realizing that there is nothing to do. That what exists and is going on around you is part of an after-the-fact vibrational setup. 

And that what you can do in relationship to being in an environment in which there is just this plane of manifestation about things, that’s in an after-the-fact note, by taking and noticing, by being able to be a watcher to yourself, and in-depth watcher to yourself, you notice that there is something in common with both of those two situations, and that is there seems to be something, at a depth underneath, that you haven’t caught up with. 

And so the third approach, then, where you take and climb the mountain, you find yourself going into an unknown, virgin area, upon having climbed the mountain, is a form of letting go – mountains represent obstacles and such – and an area that is like a wilderness, or a national forest or something, that opens up as a consequence of something that is there, when you let go, implies and suggests then, that in the stillness of doing something like that, in other words the focus of one’s attention to something on a deeper inner level trying to come out, you’re able to reach a discernment, and a stillness, not otherwise possible, that’s always been echoing. 

Echoed in the first where things surround you, in the midst of everything in life, has an after-the-fact quality to it because there is the stillness behind it. And it echoes in anything that you do because you’re able to recognize that whatever it is that you do is always about trying to act in a way that reaches this something else. And then there’s the third way of just kind of a type of letting go, and letting yourself rise to the top of an overallness, and be in a spaciality that is virgin, and original, and new and innocent. 

What’s going on is you’re given information in terms of how it is that you’re meant to be able to abide in the environment called life.

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