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John: In yesterday’s post (see The Surrender Process) we got a great window into how a dream sequence can portray an opening to deeper levels inside.

The imagery first showed you receiving something (a car and a house) and then showed your desire to give it away. When you realized that there might be real value in the house, you felt a momentary urge to keep it. Instead, you reconfirmed your desire to give it away to a young man – representing an innocent masculine aspect of you. By letting go you opened up to greater depth and knowing, which appeared in the dream in the form of an old Chinese man.

At one point you became interested in “what will happen next,” because the old man had made an offer to purchase the house from the boy and, even though it’s a low price, the boy may not be able to afford all the renovation the house will require.

Your concern is that the boy will be overwhelmed. This speaks of the innocent masculine aspect recognizing that what had been lying dormant, until you started letting go (and giving away), is just enormous, in terms of creation. This process is grounding the masculine inside you.

So you embark on this process, which causes even more to come to your attention. You’re wondering how it’s going to work because it’s a little overwhelming and then you somehow seem to reconcile or merge with the young boy and the old man because now the greater wholeness of you is able to look at this as an actionable aspect of your being.

You’re trying to sort it out in few ways. One, it’s shiny (the floor). That’s interesting. It’s been polished. But two, it’s tacky, which means it can overwhelm you. If you’re not careful, you could get stuck in some way. Three, there seem to be spots where you can move in this room where it’s neither tacky nor shiny, but at least you can stand there.

What you’re describing is a dream that is taking you up to a point where, depending on how you respond, something further can be revealed or open up. So you have made the journey to the house and confirmed your intention to give it away. Then you have to contend with a part of yourself that’s still a little sticky, and yet shiny, and how does that work?

In other words, how do you move about in this greater depth? You’re still trying to sort that out. There are places you can stand where it’s not so sticky while you take in the greater revealing that you’ve made available.

What you’re not talking about is the house and car that you already have as a wholeness inside you. Part of your process now involves Creation, but Creation from the standpoint of facilitating something that comes down. And that which comes down is of the masculine seed energy.

So you’re accepting of that. You’re giving something to that, so that more can happen. And you’re realizing that you have to let go as the young boy is now seen with a lot of treasure around him and upon letting go you come to the more ancient part of yourself, the greater depth inside.

When you bring those two together (the young masculine and the ancient masculine), it’s not quite right yet. You’re a bit stunned to see all that had been held hidden in your unconscious. You’re at a point where what you had given away, or forgiven, in you, in order to drop some inhibition, leads to the awareness that this new shift is all a part of you.

Said another way, you’re not too far from taking this and seeing that it’s actually part of the original house and car you already have. It seems at first like something outside of yourself (on this inner energetic level), but now you’re seeing a memory that’s pulling this back together into the wholeness of your being. It’s still got a few sticky spots, which shows that there’s more work to do before you can take full responsibility for this true wholeness, a wholeness where the masculine and feminine come together.

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John: Last night, because of my fever, I didn’t think I was going to have any dreams. All my attention was on the fact that no matter how I bundled up I was cold and, as a consequence, I consumed myself with trying every sleeping position so I wouldn’t create any additional aches and pains.

It wasn’t until 1:00am that I had this image. I was trying to figure out how to carry the image back to what was going on before, but I was blocked by the fact that my attention was also on my fever, aches and pains.

So, in this glimpse, or image, I see a woman who shows up from time to time at the dream group. She is accepted as part of the group; it’s as if she lives in the area.

Somehow I come to know (no one else seems to know, they just accept her), that she doesn’t really live any place in particular. She just flows freely and with ease. 

If I didn’t know that information, nothing about her demeanor would cause me to think she didn’t live locally. The image of this woman, the quality that she carried, had a great freedom and elegance to it. She would just show up.

There was no way I could draw any conclusions, or quite put my finger on what it was about her. All I knew is that she seemed to be around at important meetings or events from time to time.

So this image is creating an energetic space, and freedom, to move about at will. It’s an expression of composure and elegance that feels natural wherever it is. It’s an image that shows that there is more meaning and freedom available to us when we are not limited by a need for definition. This woman defied definition.

We see this in waking life, and it has been a theme in our dreams since we went to Las Vegas, that when we find ourselves in situations that are completely out of the ordinary, completely different from what we are accustomed to, it stirs things up inside us. From an inner (dream) world perspective we are shown, and can experience, that if we’re able to just flow freely and with ease, we’re much more alive.

Flowing freely allows for more amazing images and states to open up, which also gives us a greater understanding of all that’s going on. Whether waking or dreaming, this free-flow state is almost impossible when we see ourselves in terms of how others might see us, whether friend or stranger. That ego-perspective isn’t good because it defines us – it limits us – and therefore shuts down the magic.

A dream like this causes me to wonder, how does one do this in relationship to the home community? In going to Las Vegas, we were far from our usual dream group (meetings) and unlikely to find similar ones there. Maybe this is a dream with a hint to show a state, or a value, that exists when we’re not in any place in particular?

The dreaming has been showing that there’s a much greater dimensionality to things when we’re able to be at peace with, and accepting of, all situations. Whenever we (humans) find ourselves in an uncomfortable predicament, we quickly begin to put limits on our senses and we adopt old patterns – we focus on the particulars and details, and lose the bigger picture.

When we do that – begin to limit things by defining them – it causes hurt to the heart, because it’s a disconnection from what really is. If we can keep things outside of the specific, or not view them so personally, we can actually have a greater perspective of what’s transpiring.

We’ve been dreaming that, and noticing that. It’s might seem like human nature to want to define everything, but that narrows our experience into the predictable, when our real safety, and joy, is in the spontaneous, or in the aliveness and uncomfortability of the unknown.

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John: I have a couple little dreams and the first is: I’m in a situation in which the way to make something happen is to press down on a device. Maybe I have to press down three, four, or five times, but if I don’t press down on the device, nothing changes.

It’s like that. When you firmly press down on it you change the flow but, if you don’t, what exists goes on as usual.

I wake up somewhat surprised that nothing has changed and that the current situation continues. But I see that nothing will change unless I take an action to change the way things can unfold. Somehow I’m surprised that it actually works that way. 

This is what I’m being shown in the dream – that things work that way. At first it makes no sense to me – it requires deeper understanding. It’s suggesting that I have an effect upon what unfolds, even though I’m not inclined to believe this as being literally true.

That’s the first dream.

In the second dream I wake up at the end of it when a person makes the following statement to me, “You have a call from all sources of what is going on, and a minute amount of awareness about it.” The person who says this seems to make the statement at a most unusual moment in the dream.

It begins with me sitting around with a number of other guys. I have a Bud Light that I have apparently ordered and I’m drinking it separately, by myself. As I’m drinking it I find myself, out of the blue, ordering a case of Miller Lite to go all around the table.

I take a bottle of Miller Lite and pour it into a glass. As I drink it, I find it’s really good. Another guy asks if the beer can be put into a glass and I kind of nod in the affirmative because that’s what I’ve done: why not put it in a glass?  

But then I go off on a rampage. I had been drinking the Bud out of a bottle and I’m announcing that it’s just absolutely horrible. Who ordered this stuff? I say, never let me order this ever again. It’s nearly undrinkable.

My demonstrative, reactionary behavior causes a scene. I’m so loud it’s obvious to everyone, and they can see that I’m serious. I’m so over-the-top about this beer being bad that everyone just starts laughing and laughing. 

I sell them completely on the idea that it’s bad because I really believe it. They find it funny that I’m drinking something that’s that horrible. Then one guy, who had been laughing with everyone else, looks at me in a strange, somewhat serious way, and makes the statement that jars me awake: “You have a call from all sources of what is going on, and a minute amount of awareness about it. “

What does this show me? These two dreams are a continuation of the ideas expressed in the dream earlier that night (see A Touch of Mink).

Next time we’ll look at how all three play off the same central themes.

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