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safe_imageHere is another good example of how our system is always working for us – in our best interests – if we are quiet enough inside to listen. Whether we are speaking of instincts and intuition while awake, or the inner guidance of dreams at night, the full complex of our being is always trying to help us awaken to greater depths of understanding. We miss out on this when we only use our rational brain, or only act from old patterns. In a world where very little seems trustworthy, we hold the truth we have been waiting for. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And the scenario is, yesterday, I went to the shaman workshop. I didn’t plug in very well to the tools for accessing pent-up, earth plane energies in my nature. I let go to the process and, in doing so, broke my inner magnetic means of awakening.

The disruption veiled me from my connection, but as I came out of this effect I am able to reawaken where I had been to see it in a new way. Consequently, this interlude shouldn’t hurt me because I’m able to take this in and reconcile that with what it is that I am doing.

I also believe that this is an aspect of my process, with the difference being that I am aware that the awakening is from the inner depths of my being to that of an access to oneness. This other is probably just training wheels, and it may get there and go there, too, because most paths lead to the same source. It’s just that at the training-wheel level – this being different from what I’m used to – it can create a discombobulation.

So, in this dream I get more information about how what occurred yesterday affected me. My access was disturbed in the dream in terms of its effect upon me. And, as a consequence, in this dream, I’m seeing myself outside of a tall building, with my feet standing on a ledge that sticks out six inches or something, and I can reach up from there and touch the ledge underneath a window. If I were to pull myself up, I could crawl back in the window.

But the fact that I’m standing there, the window’s open, you know, for me to crawl back in or to get back in in some fashion, I know that the disturbance then is temporary. Because I know that I can wait for inner guidance, or take the chance of trying to pull myself back up and into the house. Waiting makes more sense. I could slip if I tried to do this on my own. I’m not sure if I’m strong enough. I need to let the inner strength build within, or wait for help.

So, in summary, what I did was good because I stirred up the connective forces from within and they communicated to me through all these dreams. It is good because I didn’t get thrown away from my access to this level of consciousness within.

I was given information in terms of how it was that this was affecting me at the time. Because I was aware of the effect from the inner connective dialogue with the soul, via my symbolic dreams, I know from experience that, given time, I will integrate all of this as part of my unfoldment in the whole.

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cloud-light-breakthroughIn the outer world, we have teacher and student. In the inner world of dreams, we have one aspect of us trying to teach another aspect of us. And the process is the same. We often forget that we are many things and operate on many levels. Certain aspects of us are much smarter and more knowledgeable than others – and I don’t speak of the brain here. Part of what we strive to do is to get all these parts to understand, and get aligned with, what the best of us already knows. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I didn’t want to write this one up because it came before these other two and it didn’t make any sense to me at the time.

The image was that you were standing—you were off in another area that I could see. And you had kind of a wrap around you that denoted that you were holding a space. And you were holding the space regardless of how I was.

Apparently, in other words, what this image was, you had shown me something, and I hadn’t accepted it. And what you had shown me was true and I still hadn’t accepted it. I was doing some sort of pout, or righteousness, or who knows what tangent I was on.

Well, because what you had shown me was right, was true, if I’m going to be that way, then you have to hold the space. You’re not going to go into my derivation of weirdness—density—I can see you off in a distance maintaining that, holding that, keeping the purity of that.

And just seeing you holding that space of something that is here to be made known, as a realness, that somehow or another affects or touches me and I slowly am able to let go of whatever tangent I’ve gone off on. I’m able to let go of that and come to recognize that you’re right.

Now this is the same principle that works between a teacher and a student. The teacher holds that purity, or that state, and the student goes through all these antics and the teacher continues to maintain that note.

If the teacher bought into any of these antics, then that would just intensify the density of confusion for the student. But because the teacher holds the subtle note of what is true, and the student, somewhere inside of themselves, hears the echo of that, then the student is able to grow by that process.

That presence is called a type of darshan and the need seems to exist in life, because a person can’t extricate themselves on their own, the need exists where there has to be something as a principle, as a manner, or process, upon which a person vibes off of, like a type of tuning fork—a tuning fork of purity, a tuning fork that stays in the overall in spite of the antics of other things that are constantly dancing around in their prerogatives, and ego, and self-image, and all of that.

That is what a teacher is in relationship to a student, holds that so that it functions as a go-between. So that the student then sees that and then from that, is able to, so to speak, be transported to what is real.

But they see it by way of—I hate to use the word example because examples and stuff like that are used in terms of trying to work on the principle of increasing one’s understanding in terms of mind/sense/ego reality, but no, you see that in relationship to heart-to-heart, or soul-to-soul, and that deeper knowingness comes through and that’s what effectuates the change.

So, the dreaming last night had to do with the process, the ways, in which you access what is important. Now, I’ve heard it said that if you could naturally do this, you wouldn’t even need to meditate. But we can’t naturally do this and that’s why we meditate.

That’s like a tool, and that’s why we hold onto the dhikr, that’s why we have prayers of protection, in some instances. That’s why there are all of these avenues to try to break through the rust, to get us so that there is this flow that comes through.

So, you might say that what took place last night, took one into kind of a world that is hard to report in terms of dreams anymore, but one is more directly getting information out of the sound and you can’t prove it, that you’re doing that, because you can’t bring that into the ego mind outer, to where it makes any sense, other than how I tried right now.

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go-with-the-flow-t-tIn this dream scenario, we can see that events are heading in the wrong direction, i.e., things and people are not coming together. In fact, things are getting worse, or devolving, as the scenes unfold. That trend is indicative of an inability to connect to the deeper levels in oneself. In dreams and in life, our journey should be eased by a connection to the flow. And, in both cases, that requires letting go of personalized mannerisms. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well my dreams last night were really hard to pull out because they were kind of flaky.

The earliest dream I remember, it’s like I had gone over and I’d gone in to the cabin where a couple and a friend of mine were living, maybe they were his parents. And I feel like I have another cabin nearby, too, but for some reason I’m staying at their cabin right now.

And I want to fix some popcorn or something, but I go over and the pan has things piled on top of it so I start taking what’s on top of the pan and putting it on the counter, which is crowded with lots of things.

And it feels like what I’m taking off of it are little marble-sized objects, different shapes. Some of them almost look like marbles, and some of them look like they have carvings on them, and I’m carefully putting them on the counter. But I realize that everything is so crowded and the pan would still have to be washed that, if I wanted to do that, I’d have to go over to my cabin.

But then I feel like they’d be bothered by that, so I don’t do anything. I’m just kind of caught up a little bit with what the odd shapes look like that I’m putting on the counter.

Then the dream just kind of drifts into another segment, except it’s more daylight because that was taking place at night time. And in the next segment it’s outdoors and I feel like a number of us have traveled somewhere. And I’m looking forward to seeing a friend of mine, but this friend has maybe been a little sick, or off, and she hasn’t arrived.

And so I’m wandering around doing other things. At one point I even go looking for some clothes and I wander through an old-fashioned building that has like marble, like it’s more like a kind of building you’d see that would be a courthouse, but in this case it has little shops in it. And I’ll look at clothes on one floor and before I know it I’ve wandered all the way up near the top floor into a kind of a fancy dining room.

And then I go off to the sides of that, rooms that go off the side of that, and maybe I’ll see some clothes, but I never really see any clothes that feel right for me. Then I’ve gone back and my friend has arrived, but she’s not really having anything to do with me.

And I see that she’s actually on a cart, or like a sleigh almost, and covering her is this big mask that represents some, it’s almost like something shamanistic like those big masks they have that represent Chinese Gods or other people.

It’s kind of ferocious. It’s kind of the face you’d see painted on Chinese kites and things. She’s talking a little to another friend of ours, but not really relating to me much, even though I’d looked forward to seeing her. And I find out she’s living more towards California now and I’m not quite able to make a connection.

And she seems to go off and be staying in a room with some other people. Then I find out, from wandering into a room by mistake, that it’s almost like they’ve gotten mixed up with the mob in some way, and there’s a lawyer for the mob that is with them.

And I get kind of tied up into that because I don’t know if somebody approaches me to make a phone call to him, and the phone call will be wired, and then I make a phone call to their group. It’s like I try to make a connection with her again, but I’m also making the phone call just to show that it doesn’t go all the way through anymore, and that I know there’s a wiretap on it.

And the dream just kind of meanders around like that, I really couldn’t get much out of it.

John: The dreams are meandering around in a way which portrays that there is an inner access that you’re meant to come closer to from which an awareness, in terms of how it is that you’re meant to intertwine in life, is possible, as a potentiality – if you catch up with it.

In the very first one, which has to do with being in this cabin scenario in which you have an adjacent cabin which has a different depth, that’s cleaner, that’s more straightforward in terms of how something can project, or go into, a mannerism of flow, you find that instead what you’re looking at is something that’s kind of a chaos or collective, all over the place, kind of state.

And that you’re not able to succinctly link in a way that you need to link when it is like that, as you’re in this more collective overall part of yourself. And you know that you can do this if you go back and reacquaint yourself to that need-to-know mannerism inside of yourself, if you have the focus to do that, if that is what is your frame of reference.

Because the dreaming theme had to do with an energetic that becomes clear to a person as they come into a need for it to flow for them, through them, in terms of how it is that they really are. The problem we have is we go around as if in an amnesia and don’t relate to, or realize, how it is that we are.

And so you proceeded to describe some other scenarios that also indicated that back-dooring behind each of those scenarios is something sitting there that could be accessed. It would bring through you a closer understanding proximity of energy that is meant to work with life in a more intertwined way.

Before this can happen you have to be able to see the situation that may be reflective in nature. You have to see the situation from a deeper meaningfulness, in terms of what is called for, or needed, or waking up in terms of a greater wholeness or overall that lies outside of yourself.

If you only see the situation in terms of what is the seeming appearance, and make decisions that correspond to the seeming appearance, that are done rather casually, and on the spot so to speak, based upon your appearances, you stay weakened, you stay shallow, you do not probe to what is really meant to be in terms of who you are as a force, or power, of energy at the essence of yourself.

I guess we’ve called that the quality of which you’re kind of like a thought of God or something, that has to live out and own what it is here in the outer, because that essence that is you is perfectly intertwined into all of life. And that intertwining is not something that you take and judge, or question, or try to qualify because it already suits and fits the whole as it is meant to suit and fit the whole.

If you go off on something from within in a way that has a personal aspect added to it, it can be kind of putrefying, especially if you are designed to be let’s say a kind of thief, but a thief has a higher octave in which what a thief is can also serve the whole. But if it goes off into a personal where you’re able to take advantage of situations because you have those natural inclinations in your nature, then that can be a putrefication.

So you have to have the connection, the intertwined mannerism, that is outside of the lower self and the personification in order to catch up with how that is meant to be, in terms of the big picture, or the essence and presence vibrationally of an energetic like a thought of God in you that is meant to be owned, and lived as a focus of power and potentiality.

So you went through this three or four times with little things where you came up to where you were at a threshold, so to speak, but would have to go into a deeper depth of yourself in order for it to flow, or otherwise you just noodled around on the surface.

And in noodling around on the surface there is something nauseating about it, very confusing in that it goes nowhere, and it also is a kind of rising up to the lowest common denominator of what is triculating inside of you, so on a vibrational level very dumbed down and confused.

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