Separate or Together?

John: In my dream, I’m confronted with two different energetics. I’m of the opinion that I can’t let the two energetics come too close to one another, so I put one in a separate container, away from the vibration of the other. This way I can handle each one distinctly; I don’t know how to carry both of them as part of an overall whole.

At first I do try to figure out how to put them in the same container, but I realize that I’m just creating confusion for myself. Somehow being together lowers the clarity for both of them, to the point where I’m not sure if I can handle either one.

I see that each of the energies is having some sort of effect on me. That effect, of course, means that I still have some sort of personal involvement, or mannerism, with each one, and perhaps more with one than the other. I have to keep them separate.

Then I realize that to truly disassociate myself, I need to farm it out, which means I delegate the responsibility of one energetic to another person. I’ll handle one and someone else can handle the other. This way I don’t have to go back and forth energetically with these two distinct issues.

If I still have the idea that I have to be a certain way with the container over here, and I have to be a different way with that container over there, then all I’m doing is confusing myself. Yet as I do this, I suddenly realize that it’s not just two energetic issues, it’s three issues. So maybe I have to take one on and delegate two out.

Then I realize that, in a world of inner connectivity, they all come together. It’s just that I don’t really know that yet. The degree to which I’m feeling that I have to disassociate and cut myself up into components or parts, has to do with the fact that I’m not able to take in the entire big picture.

Even though I know that what’s going on is all correlated in terms of an overall energy, I’m not there yet and I’m feeling overwhelmed. The overwhelmed feeling has to do with the need to jockey back and forth in terms of the vibrational mannerism of one energetic versus the vibrational mannerism of the other.

In doing that, I’m effecting the heart, in terms of how the heart is able to hold in its container capacity. If my heart is able to take and recognize each energetic for how it is, yet still understand it as part of an overall, then I won’t be afflicted the way that I am.

But I don’t have such a heart, so I’m caught up in how to not be overwhelmed or confused because there’s this tendency to cut myself to ribbons.

What is the scenario that creates such a conundrum? Well, the scenario is multifaceted, with bigger levels and lesser levels.

On a bigger level I feel I’m somehow responsible, in an overall way, for trying to find a cadence in terms of the energy, which could cause everything to let go of its separateness and come together as a wholeness.

But that seems too big a gulp to take on, so that leaves breaking it down to something smaller.

In the dream, you could say one container was my sore shoulder, another was something that’s been bugging me a little bit that has to be dealt with differently; it requires a different focus and attention. Then that opened up to where there was a third thing.

Perhaps energetics are like thoughts, and they each vie for a part of the heart. The degree to which we allow ourselves to be pulled in all these directions, is the degree to which we’re eventually whittled down to a nub.

Something in outer life triggered this imagery, and it’s that I’m being torn between a number of work projects that are in critical stages. And I’m having to rely on other people, some of whom have personal agendas and aren’t proving completely reliable. So it feels like I have a number of very separate issues going on that I have to keep track of, and each one has its own personal intrigues because of the people involved.

So it would be very easy for me to become just as scattered as these issues, and be a different way, in me, for each of them, and to get sucked in to the politics of every situation, which would just drain everything from me.

Of course what I seek is to see the Oneness of everything, and to hold the same inner location no matter what I’m involved with, or interacting with. I aim at being able to carry and hold an energy so that whatever circumstance I’m in in the outer, that energy is able to remain in its nothingness, its inner essence, and in its emptiness.

But if I can’t carry this inner state in the small ways, then I can’t do it in the big ways. If I get thrown around like I was describing, how can I hope to carry an energetic in a wholeness such that it permeates out, and infuses itself, into a bigger picture answer?

If I can’t find it for myself, then it can’t be connected to in what’s going on in the larger context. Therein lies the real problem, and I don’t necessarily have good answers for it. The purpose of the dream is to see if I’m able to multitask various vibratory reflections, while holding an inner connection through it all.

If I’m unable to do it, then there’ll be cross contamination. If I’m able to do it, I’ll find the thread of interconnectivity and be able to flow, holding onto the inner note that’s at the essence of it all (even though I don’t realize this yet).

Compromising the Heart

John: In this continuing look at your earlier dream (see Separation Anxiety), the imagery is showing a disconnection between different levels of you and your attempts to remedy that.

The first part – out in the orchard, not allowed to go “home,” a possible divorce – has to do with different inner levels that are trying to make themselves known or visible to you, but they are not succeeding. You carry these elements as part your nature, and the imagery is implying that changes are needed. You don’t yet know how, or why, or what – all you’ve been able to catch up to is the sense that something is amiss or incomplete.

So, the images show everyone disconnected – the daughter and mother, husband and wife, the inability to get together for a meal, a natural disaster, and then the lost boy. Nothing is really going as planned or coming together in a way that is productive or useful.

These events show that things are changing, but you are unable to bring them together. In these shifts you are meant to let in or through information that will show you how everything comes together in a new way, but you are not open or connecting to that information. That’s why things get more and more confused.

When you don’t allow for the new information, your only option is to turn to old patterns or ideas about what to do. So you don’t have the open quality to your heart nature. In other words, you’re not able to take in the wholeness of the situation – you just end up with fragments.

The best you can manage is to formulate ideas that you think address the problems to some degree; you formulate these from your perceptions, your mind, and from how you see yourself. The problem is, that’s not deep enough. Something else needs to be done so that you can catch up with all of the levels and all of the components that are trying to be made known to you.

When we don’t connect to the flow of things, we become separated and then must rely on our fallback position, which is a self-reliant, “I have all the answers,” ego-based view of life. The dream is showing this pattern or mannerism in you. The scary thing about this mannerism is, it’s just a knee-jerk reaction in terms of finding a solution. You’re doing the “best-you-can,” but you are acting from an imbalanced state. To your inner heart, this feels like you’re lying to yourself.

Whenever we do something that is “the best we can possibly conjure up,” in terms of making sense of a dilemma, what we are really doing is re-ordering the pieces according to our limited perception. There’s no way we’re going to get it right.

We then begin to formulate a rationalization to explain it, or to convince others or ourselves. Basically, we have abandoned all the levels of information available to us, and acted from the narrowest (personal) possible understanding. It’s really a defense mechanism that takes us away from a heartfulness inside that those other levels give us.

The other levels can often leave us feeling unsettled – as if it’s all too much – so it’s a common human response to come up with an easier way, which is to shut off the flow, rationalizing that it makes everything better or makes us feel safer. Of course, it does just the opposite.

It’s a lie to ourselves because deep down we know that it doesn’t make sense, but we don’t let that part of ourselves get the memo. That’s how we proceed.

This dream is significant because this is a process that we all use all the time, but we tend to not notice it. Life offers us situations that can help open us up to more, but if we feel that that territory is too frightening or too different, we make a determination on how things “should” be. That determination is a compromise.

And such compromises will affect the way life will unfold afterwards, with perhaps the same issues coming around again, at some point, to give us another opportunity to make a breakthrough. We have turned a very natural process into an unnatural outcome.

No Limitations

John: I’m doing something similar to you in my dream, where I need to clear a threshold, or limitation, in order to live life in a noble way (see Missing Pieces). I bring this knowledge back to recognize how the heart guides one in this process – if one has the courage and strength to follow the heart and not the meaningless peculiarities that can hold our attention and knock us off track.

In the first dream, I’m in a condo building that has a number of units that have limited-use rights. Certain units just naturally have access to all the amenities, and other units don’t.

I’m trying to resolve this situation because it just doesn’t make sense to me. I figure out that the square footage is the same for all the units, so it could be that certain units are just not utilizing the common elements that are available to everyone.

If they all utilized the common elements, then they all would carry the same (increased) freedom. There’s no excuse for not appreciating and enjoying what is common to all, because everything in the building is actually the same; no unit has rights over another. 

In trying to comprehend this issue, I realize it has something to do with a type of presence. In other words, certain units don’t have a presence in this greater open area and that’s why something seems limited, or constrained.

Then I have a brief glimpse that this presence is represented by a man who is in the nearby area, but not in the building itself. This man should be in the building; that’s a link that needs to exist. 

So, my attention goes to trying to figure out how to make these two ends come together (as you were doing in your dream). My attention is upon normalizing the relations so that everything is same/same in terms of the energetic flow therein. I know that this issue can’t be fixed as long as I remain off to one side, or “gone” so to speak, instead of as part of the whole.

What I find most disturbing is that these limitations are self-imposed, and they take away from the feeling and flow that I consider important to create an atmosphere that permeates equally throughout. 

The energetic is that I look and look for a rational explanation for a limitation that must be transcended. I’m realizing that it needs to be transcended and, based upon my understanding, such limitations will fall away with a certain presence, a certain natural presence – that’s the energetic.

This dream is showing me that a coming together needs to happen for appreciative purposes. This is what is missing in terms of what I am reviewing energetically. I seek to change this oddity. I do this with my heart.

I connect my heart to what is called for and in doing so the limitations fall away. I’m compelled to do this because if I don’t I’ll remain confused, my heart will ache, and the joy that needs to come out will remain suppressed.

By approaching it as if this is a kind of guidance and hearing that one follows that comes from the heart, the building becomes evenly “cooked” – which is what is currently missing because there’s an irregularity there.

To say it another way, there is a barrier, or a gap, or there are veils between the two, which makes no sense because there’s nothing in life that requires it to be like that. It’s just that we often adopt limitations, thinking they are “us,” when really we have limited ourselves for no good reason.