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M. C. Escher

Have you ever been all dreamy and in love, and then, one day, you saw the other person clearly, and it was over? That dreamy phase is the relationship we have with the outer world. We’re so enamored that it doesn’t matter what it does to us, or how it treats us, we keep doing everything for it. A spiritual journey is the moment of clarity when we say to the outer world: “Enough! I’m not getting what I need in this relationship.”  And “what I need” really translates to being connected to, and in service to, something much greater than the outer, which is the inner, which is where we can create the relationship that we were designed to find. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: My sleep dream, meditation dream, was quite a bit like that, and then I had to understand really what it was saying through the sleep dreams, because in the meditation dream I find myself unable to experience myself from an outer flow.

In other words, I can’t do it in the outer flow, from the outer flow. In other words, it’s not like it is the outer flow. So, as a result, I’m unable to break the effect of projections. In other words, the outer flow and the projections are just there. I’m not going to break that, I’m not going to change that, and they impose an effect that is part of a waking up, I guess, or however you’d say that. I come to know that that’s not actually real, but, nevertheless, there’s still nothing I can do about it.

So, in the meditation dream, I am aware that what is being imposed upon me is not real, and is, you might say from one way of looking at it, therefore kind of basically unacceptable. Nevertheless, even though I know that I am supposed to be able to get away from the projections, try as I might, I’m not able to do it.

So in the meditation dream I’m appalled. You know, in other words, when you look at things you’re appalled, and the sensation is that of being continuously abused because things are just always in flux, which is frustrating because one is trapped by that, which you know isn’t right. You know that there is something else.

I know that I am not meant to be a person helpless to the momentum of outer projections. That’s like the dream, and within this meditation dream there was this whole sense of the other all the time – even though this was my condition.

And the meaning is, if you look at it really closely, this is a dream that’s exemplifying the bewilderment associated with being caught in the momentous intensity of the out-breath. Because it’s the out-breath; it’s in the chaos of things. It’s away from the stillness. And I know that the out-breath, per se, projects illusory thoughts.

In the meditation dream, over and over again I am compelled to accept the fate of the projected thoughts. So this is my condition in manifestation, even though I know the projections are imposed. I cannot free myself from such outer projections. I know that I am being victimized against free will; a deeper will.

In spite of being thwarted to having to contend with this plight, I know better. I never lose the sense that I have that there is a primordial stillness which makes everything right. I know this to be so, so much so, that I am shocked when the projections keep predominating. I know the projections are powerless from the echo of a stillness I am not reaching.

So what I am really talking about is a wonderful sensation that comes from the in-breath to out-breath interval where all is as it is meant to be, which is peaceful and still, and yet that has to be experienced, and is experienced, and caught up with in the chaos. The in-breath and the out-breath is the chaos. So that’s the meditation dream.

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67umlThroughout the universe there is only one way for something to attract what it wants more of, or what it wants to be with, and that is to become more like it. It is an energetic law that says that like is attracted to like. In the physical world we understand this in terms of appearance, or environment: we learn to look a certain way, or we can create a space for something specific to happen. Energetically, we want the whole of our being to be an attraction to something higher, and so our development is to let go of all the things in us that might be too coarse for what we are trying to attract. Little by little we can shed things like judgment, or ego, and replace them with qualities such as compassion or kindness, and then see what happens next. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: We are at a point where the schematic of this is repeating, and it’s got a fairly close parallel, and I’ve been dreaming this part over, and over, and over again for quite some time. And last night it was almost like I needed to see a greater, bigger picture again, and then from that greater, bigger picture I then needed to be told that what I’m doing is creating a problem in relationship to the way I need to be in a letting go state, and that, then, was my sleep dream.

So my meditation dream portrayed something that’s impossible to be, in existence, in that it portrayed the inner, the deep, deep depth inner.

So, in the meditation dream, I’ve gone to an inner dimension in which the spaciousness is so extensive I can’t put my finger on anything. In this place I don’t have to know because I am intertwined with all that exists. My interconnectivity is to a oneness of beingness. I can settle back in my all-pervasive knowingness.

In other words, on the inner you can see the intertwinement, and so in the intertwinement you’re not stopped, you’re not blocked, you can just go, and go, and go. I mean you’re accommodated in that expanse. Or, you could say that I traveled, in my meditation dream, deeper and deeper within and, at no time, did I find myself in a place where separation existed. The intertwinement made what I was doing acceptable.

But, when I opened my eyes, and I found myself having to contend with the outer, the sensation was that of having to contend with the illusory belief that in everything there is a quality of a separateness – in some capacity. Such a veiled belief system estranges me from a heart that embraces the essence of everything as being me.

So what does this imply as a result? When I am unable to accept who I am, and struggle to see myself in a separate capacity way, such bewilderment blinds me from a connection to what is going on. To be like this is to deny an all-pervasiveness. Another way of saying it is, I am talking about the soul that is the only thing there is – when we’re talking about an all-pervasiveness – and then we’re kind of estranging ourselves from that when we are looking at things as having a distinction.

A shutting down illusion occurs when I open my eyes and am shocked at trying to sort things out, because that is a sorting out that fails to include the intertwinement, just the separate capacity aspects. To be like that is to veil. A veil is a lie to one’s self, because, when such a veiling is removed, there is nothing going on. You can say, okay, now you’re talking about something in such a capacity that that isn’t how it is when you’re in the planes of manifestation. So how do you somehow cope?

So, to try to cope, I start off then by going and I shift into a more expansive scenario, from a limited scenario that I had been confined to. In other words, there’s still the rub off of knowing that there’s something greater. So even though I’m confined to something more limited, a bit of a grasp of this greater beingness of myself causes me to be able to shift a bit into a greater wholeness. Or, in other words, having a sense of the higher self. And what I see is that I am not actually grounded enough for this bigger picture.

I am told to observe that which is positive, in other words, because I’m not really grounded, by positive it means look at that which is a quality of something that is okay in the flow of the outer, because there are things that are running into resistances, and other things are naturally unfolding. Try to see that which is naturally unfolding because that is an energetic that is at least supported and activated at this time. It doesn’t mean it will stay activated, because I don’t see the full picture. I am in a more openness, but only deemed to be in a position of aspect in relationship to the overall beingness that has a bit of revelation to it – and I have to see that like reading the tea leaves of something.

The reason I am so handicapped is because I’m blocked from seeing. I just see the top part. I just see kind of an upper part. It’s as if there’s a wall, and I could see something that bobs just above the wall, just a small, small portion, whether that’s a third of it, or a quarter of it or whatever it is, I don’t see it in terms of how it’s standing on the ground.

So when it’s like that apparently I’m meant to make due with where I am at by taking the flow that is anew, and identifying it correctly as something that is a flow, or an unfoldment, and thus facilitate it into the overall in and through me.

Well, if you think about it that is going to be a challenge because I am not seeing the all-pervasiveness that is me, and the allness that is me. That is what the meditation dream indicated me to be in the overallness of myself. I am only getting glimpses from what rises up as a kind of above, yet not in the below, kind of, so to speak, off the ground unfoldment.

Whether that is a flow with the required groundedness it needs is not something I can tell yet. It’s left for me to somehow determine, because I am only able to see this very subtle inflection.

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3333nloadWhat is a spiritual journey? Before one makes it, it can seem that it’s just living life with a deeper consciousness – which is true. But it also entails continual change and letting go, so that all the aspects of a life that are not in alignment with the universal purpose are set aside. This is how a life connects to the whole, and also how it gains the intelligence to proceed because the process is incremental and we need inner guidance all along the way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: My last two dreams dealt with what you dreamt with, but the precursor dream to all of that, the meditation dream, is quite interesting in terms of the journey of the human being.

The meditation dream kind of sets the table of it all, or the consequence of it all, in that I was shown last night in the meditation dream the way the underlying essence dynamic, how this underlying essence affects manifestation – kind of how it works, in other words.

The process refines a human being into intertwining with manifestation. The inner essence vibration goes into physical existence, in other words, that’s how the intertwined essence comes to pass is it goes from inner into outer, eventually. The more a human being is consciously aware of his role as the Crown of Creation, the more readily and succinctly this works. But that’s not how it is to begin with.

To begin with in life, a human being sees everything as separate. Chance and nature are deemed to be in control. What happens is deemed to be unpredictable and generally disconcerting, so you’re always on guard, because a human being who is unconscious sees himself as separate from his environment, and sees himself to be kind of a victim of circumstances.

Slowly this changes. To begin with, the effect seems more coincidental, that you get a break or something, that something happens that seems to go along with how you are, or something. In other words, little by little a human being begins to see themselves intertwined with life in some mysterious way.

And then, eventually, you come to recognize and learn that this connection seems to stem from the heart, not from the mind, because a heart that is awakened is able to touch life, while the mind, which is a function of understanding, is based upon input such as the five senses that interact with manifestation. That way of being is seen to be a shallow, lower-self awareness.

The higher self opens up as the heart center intertwines, and, to begin with, that intertwining is seen as something that has kind of a type of natural and instinctual quality, much like animals, to it, and over time this awareness deepens and is able to touch and affect even dense outer objects.

And as man becomes more aware of how the principle of oneness exists, the alignment through the heart deepens. When the heart opens up the brain, a knowingness from deep within awakens simultaneously. The insights flash automatically. There is a sense of being able to operate outside of time.

This occurs initially as a split second, in a split second kind of thing, in which you are both inside and outside of time. In such a moment a person is able to see vibrational outcomes. You have a sense of what’s going to unfold for the future, bringing the future to the present, in other words. This insight happens so quickly that, to begin with, the human being calls it a flash of intuition. Until a human being is able to realize that they are able to affect manifestation continuously, they explain the instantaneous inflective knowingness as an accident, or as a type of intuition, or as something that varies and sometimes comes together as a meaningful coincidence or synchronicity.

As the separateness caused by the mind ego is even further set aside, or let go of, in terms of the need to control the physical environment, and the need of seeing manifestation as being separate from them, the inner into outer relationship awakens. I believe that the veil that separates mankind from arriving at this conclusion is getting thinner and thinner. I believe that there are souls born into this world who, at a very young age, already understand the principle of life deep within. For such a person who is born this way, the awakening process is just a matter of alignment.

In the dream, I saw myself affect an outer event. What happened took me by surprise. I also noticed that the effect could arrest the flow, just from the way an inner presence was able to emanate. What I saw is that I have a huge responsibility in that the changes that are effectuated need to be positive or, in other words, the effect is to an overall well being consciousness.

I also notice that the intertwined simultaneous effect arose from another level of my being, in other words, not the one that’s associated with the mind, and the senses, and the ego. For lack of a better word, I am caught in this connection to the world soul and, as a human being caught up with a Crown of Creation flow, the transformation comes from deep within into life. When this is possible, the outer is seen as being an extension of the inner. When this is natural, the differences between inner and outer fall away.

As this further evolves consciously, time and space fall away as the essence for all there is opens up. It is hard to believe, from our mind ego senses that keep pointing out separation, that when the separation goes away, time and space dissolves, and it is as if nothing is going on. The closer we come to this consciously, the more we are able to see that everything that our mind perceives to be separate is but an illusion.

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