In the Flickers

65720Before learning about the energetic causes of things, it is easy to assume all human knowledge has been accrued through the centuries by trial and error, i.e., if you make tea with this plant, it heals you, and making tea with that plant can kill you. But that’s not the way of it. Every form of life is an energetic intelligence, and, if you connect to those intelligences, you can know, intuitively, the properties of anything. This is the way of the human design; trial and error is the method of the uninitiated. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, first from the meditation dream, on the inner, in other words, from my meditation dreams on the inner, on the inner side of self, and the veils of a reflective outer, in other words, I have the sense of the reflective outer, and I’m dreaming on the inner, in other words, accommodating the reflective outer, and what has happened is I’ve reached a familiarity with life’s unfoldment process.

In other words, I don’t fight it. It all makes sense to me. In other words, I come to know, for example, that even though I am veiled, and cannot directly see things, in terms of what’s really going on, I am able to know when change is occurring in life.

It is as if I see flickers of light on the other side of a door, and this causes me, little by little, to know what is afoot. These little bitty inflections, I suppose if you were to put it into kind of Sufi terms where they talk about states and stations, those would be states, being able to catch inflections from the flickers.

You go through little things, then, like little epiphanies. And it is little by little those sort of things that cause you to know, and recognize, to realize, to answer the question of what’s going on.

And then, in another dream, a bomb goes off, in a phone booth, and scatters debris from the phone book everywhere.

And the meaning of these dreams is that even though that which goes on in the outer is reflective, and not physically connected to the stillness essence behind it all, there is a way, from what is not revealed, to see what is going on in terms of the inner plane.

The process of going through life, with its veils, is to get closer to who we really are. And we notice this as possible when we are able to perceive beyond, and through, outer appearances, veils and all, the essence from which it all begins and/or arises.

So I’m on the cusp of this other that you dreamt. This dream is on the cusp of it. It’s close, but on the cusp of it. It’s talking about it, then it goes into it in the sleep dream.

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