The Sense of Things

mqYgd9It’s quite difficult to forget what we know, or what we think we know. Are we ever really able to put “new eyes” on familiar situations? On our spiritual journey we will reach a point where the ways and means we have used to get us to that point won’t be valid for the next phase we are ready to enter. This shift will require a willingness to let go of our linear, brain processes, and listen instead to the intelligence our higher connections seek to give us, every moment, as guidance. This is the way we are designed to work. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The thing that’s becoming difficult is, it might help in terms of pushing something more, but as far as hearing that stuff, it’s all spoken generally within the context of having to contend with, and be in, manifestation in a way that is in-breath and out-breath.

And the sense of a moment being somewhere on the breath. And, thus, in a variability that continues to vary and vary, and that even listening to it kind of puts things into a different vibratory – that’s almost like a type of stigmatization – in which you draw from that an orientation. And when you draw an orientation, it tends to be an orientation in relationship to having to be in some aspect of the in-breath and the out-breath.

That doesn’t necessarily have to be so. And when you take and you are oriented to looking at it that way, then all of that seems really significant, and really interesting, in bits and pieces. And, as you listen to it that way, you hold a particular focus in that motif, in that way. And that’s okay to do that, and it’s okay to understand that because it all adds to one’s ability maybe to help explain things, but, on an energetic level, that is an energetic in and of itself, in terms of the nuances of things in the outer.

And it’s almost better to not know anything, in that regard. When you start to experience things in a subtler format, it’s just like, even in the investment world, it is now getting to the point where those who take and look at things the way they are, are going to get caught in the breakdown. It’s better to not know anything now, and to be able to have a sense of things. And then, can you respond from your sense of things?

The chances are that you’re not going to be able to do it because you’re going to, at some degree, put it into some sort of aspect of breath. And every little aspect breath, then, becomes a limitation. And that’s the dilemma. Can you listen to this stuff without doing that?

And behind what is said, is what is important. And it’s interesting, from the top-down kind of thing, one can still pick up inflections of that, but from the bottom-up way of talking about things, that energy isn’t going through. A top-down coming down, is coming from a source of an emptiness, but the bottom-up isn’t actually going through. There is something that has developed a quality of sight up to a point, but doesn’t actually recognize that there is so, so, so much more. It has to see that it shifts into that so much more.

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Making Things Happen

finalspiralThis dream image finds Jeane observing a person who is a celebrity in real life sweeping a room with energy. When people we know appear in our dreams, it is not because we are having a dream about that person, whether friend or family member, or anyone else, but it is usually because they represent something and our dreams are using that representation to get across a point. In this case, Jeane’s higher self is showing her the attitude of bringing an energy through into life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So last night, the dream I had it’s as though I’m observing a nightclub, and in that nightclub there’s a man who is a lot like Dana White, who runs the UFC, and he’s wearing a yellow shirt. 

He’s on the floor of the nightclub and the impression I have is that he’s overseeing things there, and he’s sweeping the energy, but he’s sweeping the energy of the club in a way that he’s participating in a contest. The best I could figure it out is the contest is like between him and others who may sweep that club, or another club, with a certain energy and you see who did it best, I guess. 

One of the interesting things I note is that with a Dana White-type personality, he’s usually the head of whatever he’s doing. He micromanages and is very dynamic. However, in this dream, I know there’s another man, kind of behind the scenes, the one who is evaluating how everybody’s doing in the contest. That person’s really in charge.

John: Yeah, that’s a higher, higher self, or the secret of the secret part inside, or behind, the scenes of it all.  

But basically what Dana White is, is he’s a person that’s bringing through something as an energetic that he feels and he knows inside of himself and, of course, that seeing and the knowing inside of itself at the very end goes all the way back to something that’s a trickle-down, or lineage effect, or secret of the secrets at a depth even deeper in his heart.

But what he is caught up with is he has this whole sense, he has this whole knowingness in the way something is to unfold, and he’s bringing it through. And he just sees the image, he just sees the way that it needs to be, and then he takes his being and he throws it behind that and then that vibration then follows through as his focus and strength of being carries it across.

And so what you’re depicting is how something is breaking through. In other words, you’re working and you’re playing with this dynamic where there’s a way of being in a state, inside of yourself, that is connected to a natural knowingness that just makes things happen based upon your trust, your feeling.

And it’s almost more than a trust. In other words, it’s almost a sight. With Dana White he can feel so loudly, positively, or however you would say that, inside of himself, as to what he wants to bring about, that there’s never a doubt that this isn’t going to happen.

And yet very few people realize that when he started this whole thing it was like cockfighting and such. It was considered repulsive and he knew that there was a market for it, there was an interest in it, there was a fascination for it, in spite of the mores that existed, in terms of this sort of thing. And he defiantly wouldn’t stop in terms of his understanding of what was kind of needed as an aspect and expression that people tried to pretend, or hide from, as if it was too much and too bloody, or too this or too that.

He realized that this could be brought through, and would have an appeal, and would add something in its way. And he had to hold this belief in the face of the attitude towards this sort of thing, which went out of its way to make it more difficult, even to snuff it out.

And so he had roadblocks thrown in his path that you wouldn’t ordinarily have in a lot of things that are brought into life, because he stood in the way defiantly of that which was deemed acceptable behavior. And so the fact that you used Dana White means that as part of what is breaking through, as part of what is taking place, there is that quality and that note to it that it isn’t something mainstream and yet it’s coming through.

And you feel it, you know it, you recognize it as a type of knowingness, and that that is backed up within a deeper depth of yourself of even more in support of it all. Isn’t that interesting? It is a very deep dream.

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You Can’t Get There From Here

Jeane: In another dream, I’ve gone to work and I’m obviously the new person there. It’s an office setting and I have a male boss. A man and woman also work there.

I have two kittens in my apartment that are my responsibility. Sometimes my boss interferes, making it hard for me to take care of the kittens, so I’m usually under pressure to make time to be home for them, too.

Now and then my boss and I have some dialogue about this situation. At one point I have somewhere to go, so I leave the office and I head down a hill. But something is blocking access to the highway.

I then go into a cave that cuts through the mountain. It’s a detour and someone tells me that the cave is blocked at the other end. Then a woman comes and tells me that we can still make it through the cave.

She guides us, telling us exactly what we have to do: further into the cave there will be cones that have been put out and as we go by them we have to keep count until we reach a certain number. If we follow these instructions we’ll be able to get through and head to our destinations.

That’s all I remember.

John: On the surface, there’s a sense of confusion in this dream and yet, bewildering as it is, through this awkwardness a fundamental dilemma is portrayed.

In this image you are affected by an influence that keeps you from taking care of something that you carry as a responsibility. That influence is masculine, appearing in the form of your boss. What you carry as a responsibility has something to do with your home base (where the kittens are), but it’s pointing to a responsibility within yourself.

The theme here is about determining how one can hold an inner space. The problem with holding the space is that you’re divided between having to contend with or work within the requirements of your boss, who’s in one place (the office), and then there’s your responsibility at home (as in Creation), which is another place.

You haven’t figured out how to get the boss to take into account the fact that you have responsibilities at home. In order for this to work, in order for you to be settled in terms of what’s happening, you need to link these two together in terms of your beingness.

Because of this dichotomy, you’re not able to see how to proceed, i.e., the blocked road and the blocked tunnel. This shows that you’re running out of options in how to resolve this. It’s like being at one’s wits’ end.

It’s clear that the approaches you’re taking, which are solutions in the outer, aren’t going to cut it. You have to rely upon some inner help or guidance to make things work out.

And what is that guidance? What’s missing in all this is some vibratory, auric note that’s able to sweep through and pull it all together. You’re disconnected from your ability to resolve this dichotomy.

The only hope you have is for something to come help you. Whatever it is, it has to put you back in touch with a way of feeling the overall – that’s healing, that’s complete. As it is, you’re not able to bring the inner into the outer.

Jeane: But a woman does come with directions on how to navigate it.

John: That’s an inner guidance, or an inner knowingness that can help you. But your dream is portraying the outer dichotomy, in which there’s a gap and you’re unable to pull the two issues together. A tunnel cuts through a mountainside and mountains symbolically represent obstacles. You can’t solve it because you’re not reconciling the vibration.

In the second half of the dream you do get very specific directions and guidance, which comes from an even deeper inner level. And that’s how you’re meant to relate to what’s important. The closest that we can come to being able to hear that is to be able to nurture the sense of balance and knowingness that’s imbedded in our nature.

In other words, to know when something is awry by being able to hear that inside of us. Of course, on an outer level you’re not hearing it very well. You’re not reconciling the difference between your boss and your responsibilities, but on a deep inner level you are. This note, or linkage, or connection to a depth inside, can make the difference.